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Air Hostess Course Overview

Air Hostess, also known as Cabin Crew, Steward, or Flight Attendant, is an important job role in the Aviation industry. After completing rigorous training during their air hostess course, they hold responsibility for keeping passengers safe and comfortable during the flight. Popular Air Hostess or Cabin Crew diploma/certificate programs include BBA/MBA Aviation and MBA Aviation Management, among others. There are Cabin Crew entrance exams such as AME CET. For admission to air hostess courses, certain educational institutions hold interviews with the shortest candidates based on a merit list. In India, the average Cabin Crew course fee is between INR 50,000 and INR 2,00,000. 

The basic air hostess courses can last anywhere from a few months or weeks to a year. To become a Flight Attendant, one can also enrol in a three-year degree programme in aviation, hospitality, management, air hostess training, airport ground service, etc. Air Hostess course syllabus and subjects are particular and cover different topics such as Personality and Mental ability, General Aptitude, Reasoning, and Service Aptitude among others. Among the top Air Hostess institutes in India are the Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, CCAT, and Spicejet. Candidates interested in becoming an Air Hostess can select from various Aviation courses. The salary of Cabin Crew is around INR 4-6 LPA in domestic airlines. The Indian Aviation industry has seen tremendous growth in the last few decades.

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Air Hostess Course Highlights

The air hostess course highlights have been tabulated below:

Air Hostess Course Highlights

Course nameAir Hostess/ Cabin Crew Training 
Types of coursesCertificate, Diploma, BBA, MBA
Minimum qualification Passing class 12 with distinction, meeting initial physical and medical requirements, clearing the aptitude test, and group discussion followed by interview in person
Course feesINR 45,000 - INR 2,50,000
Top Air Hostess training institutesFrankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Bombay Flying Club College of Aviation, Air Hostess Training Academy, Mumbai, Spicejet Aviation Academy Gurgaon, Jet Airways Training Academy, etc. 

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Why Choose an Air Hostess Course?

One of the most sought-after careers after graduating from high school and passing the class of 12 is being an Air Hostess. Many young individuals desire to work as Air hostesses so they can earn a comfortable living and travel the world. For those who enjoy everyday interaction and meeting new people, it is the ideal employment. The following infographic highlights some good reasons to choose an air hostess programme:

Why Choose an Air Hostess Course?

Since there is a growing need for professionals who can work as flight crew for various airlines and serve the public, Air Hostesses have strong career prospects. Depending on the skill set and prior work experience, an Air Hostess can apply for a variety of domestic and international Airlines. One needs a charming attitude and the right training to succeed as an Air Hostess. The field has a huge scope and is anticipated to expand steadily as time goes on. With the introduction of new carriers and significant investments, the airline industry is thriving.

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What is an Online Air Hostess Course?

By completing this training course, you will obtain an in-depth comprehension of all the responsibilities of an air hostess and insightful knowledge about your field. It will provide you with the specialised skills required for this role, preparing you to become an air hostess.

The Air Hostessing course is delivered using an online learning platform that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. There are no time limits or scheduled dates for the course, so you can finish it at your leisure. The following are some of the highlights of the online training for cabin crew and air hostesses:

  • Acknowledge the responsibilities and functions of flight hostesses.
  • Learn the terms of employment and the jargon used in the airline industry.
  • Discover all there is to know about the health and safety of air hostesses and cabin staff.
  • Acquire the knowledge and commitment required to work in the aviation industry.
  • Learn about safety regulations and the handling of dangerous products.
  • Develop the ability to be patient with difficult passengers and during emergencies.
  • Discover what skills and traits are necessary to be a cabin crew member or air hostess.
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What is the Difference Between Air Hostess and Ground Attendant?

The duties of an Air Hostess and those of a ground attendant differ in several ways. However, the main distinction between the two is listed below:

Parameters Air Hostess Ground Attendants 

Location of work


A flight attendant operates at high altitudes and serves the needs of passengers. They ensure that the flight is smooth by coordinating with the cabin crew, passengers and pilots. A ground attendant is responsible for working at altitudes that are below sea level at various places. They work at the check-in, at the gate during the boarding, terminal and in the business class lounges as well. 

Type of work


Flight attendants count passengers inside on the basis of the list provided by the ground attendant. They are also responsible for explaining the safety instructions and providing people with everything they need during the flight.When passengers check in, they are assisted by ground attendants. They check all the travel documents and weigh the baggage. They also are stationed at the gate to let passengers on board. When the onboarding process is completed, they hand over a list of all the passengers who have checked in with flight attendants.
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Types of Air Hostess Courses

Air Hostess courses can be exciting in their prospects with the chances of jetting off to far-off destinations in no time. However, it is a job of huge responsibility related to the security of passengers. There are various formats of course available to suit the needs of aspiring air hostesses and cabin crews. Here are the different types of air hostess programmes offered:

  • Full-Time Cabin Crew Course: A full-time Cabin Crew course is designed for individuals who are seeking a comprehensive training experience to enter the aviation industry. Aviation academies or training institutes offer these courses over several weeks or months, depending on the course curriculum.
  • Part-Time Cabin Crew Course: A part-time Cabin Crew course is tailored for individuals who either study or work and do not have time for full-time training. These courses are flexible, with classes conducted during evenings or weekends.
  • Online Cabin Crew Courses: These courses do not require a physical presence in a training school. There are pre-recorded lectures, interactive modules, virtual simulations and assessments. The exam is conducted with remote supervision. However, before enrolling into online Cabin Crew courses, students must research well about the job opportunities and placements with online courses.
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Air Hostess Course Eligibility Criteria

Some eligibility criteria must be met to apply for Air Hostess training. The criteria for applying for any type of Air Hostess course after the 12th are listed below:

  • Academic qualification: Candidates must have a 10+2 or a graduation degree from a recognised university/institute, depending on the course they are applying for.
  • Minimum age requirement: The minimum age to apply for the course is 17 years, and the maximum age is 26 years.
  • Physical standards requirement: Applicant must be having the following height 
    Minimum Height - 155 cm (female) 
    Maximum Height - 170 cm (male)
  • Medical requirements include normal eyesight or corrected vision to 6/6 in both eyes, as well as the absence of any chronic illness or allergies.
  • The candidate must have a valid Indian passport with no visa restrictions.
  • At the time of registration, the candidate must be unmarried.
  • The drug screening test must be passed by the candidate.

Required Skill Set for Cabin Crew/Air Hostess Courses

The following are the skill sets required to pursue a career as a cabin crew member after completing the Air Hostess courses:

Communication Skills: The ability to interact with others effectively is one of the most crucial abilities for an air hostess to have since informing and directing passengers on board is a big part of the job. To meet the needs of their customers, air hostesses must also be aware of their requirements.

Teamwork: Collaboration is required of cabin crew members; as there are numerous jobs to complete, one cannot function as a lone player. Instead, they must cooperate in teams of four or more. Thus, it is important to understand how to work well with others and as a team member.

Customer service: Serving food and drinks to passengers and assisting them with any questions they may have during their flight is the third most crucial ability that any crew member should have. The goal of passenger comfort is where customer service abilities come in handy.

Geniality: Approachability is a key component in providing excellent customer service. Only when cabin crew members do not appear threatening can passengers feel at ease asking for goods. This is important in case any passengers have questions about safety.

Cultural Awareness: Understanding various cultures and customs is yet another crucial ability that flight attendants need to have. This is mostly because passengers board planes from all over the world, and each has its traditions and customs. Certain behaviours that are seen as normal in one culture may offend others in another.

Assertiveness: Several safety inspections must be carried out, and several safety measures must be adopted. As a flight attendant, you will inevitably encounter rowdy customers who think they are more knowledgeable than the experts. Members of the crew should know when to be aggressive and explain the regulations to resolve such stressful circumstances. It is important to keep in mind that being assertive and aggressive can have different meanings.

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Air Hostess Course Entrance Exams

Students aspiring to do a BBA or MBA in Aviation Management have to take entrance tests as per the university requirements. However, some Air Hostess training institutes organise their own air hostess course entrance exams to find suitable candidates. Here are the top exams that are conducted for Cabin Crews:

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List of Popular Air Hostess Course Specialisations

In India, there are 3 major categories of Air Hostess training programmes: Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programmes. The Management, Emergency, and Hospitality Management courses cover these topics as well as Navigation, Basic Aviation Knowledge, and Culinary Training. Multiple choices are available to future air hostesses such as certificate and diploma courses along with bachelor's and master's programs. However, the eligibility criteria for each of these courses vary. Here is a tabular list of training programmes available under air hostess courses:

Course NameDuration (in months)Course Type
Professional Ground Staff Service12UG Diploma
PG Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service3PG Diploma `
PG Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Services 3PG Diploma
PG Diploma in Airport Ground Services 12PG Diploma 
MBA in Aviation Management24PG Degree
International Airlines and Travel Management4 to 6Certificate 
Hospitality, travel and customer service12UG Diploma 
Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training 6 to 12UG Diploma
Certificate in Aviation Security and Safety5 daysCertificate
BBA in Aviation24UG Degree
Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management10Certificate 
Airport Ground Staff Training with On-Job Training7UG Diploma
Airport Ground Management6 to 12Certificate
Air ticketing and Tourism 6Certificate 
Air Hostess/Flight Pursuer8Certificate
Air Hostess Diploma12UG Diploma
Air Cargo Practises and Documentation 12UG Diploma 
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Air Hostess Course Admission Process in India

The general air hostess course admission process for applying to and being accepted into popular institutes is listed in the following infographic and explained further below:

Air Hostess Course Admission Process in India
  • Air Hostess admission is primarily based on merit. Colleges/institutions determine candidates' previous qualifying examination marks. Some colleges, however, hold their written examinations to assess candidates' aptitude levels.
  • Candidates are subjected to physical and medical screening to ensure that they meet physical (height, weight, and eyesight) and medical requirements.
  • Written aptitude test to assess the candidate's reasoning and analytical skills.
  • A group discussion will be held to assess the candidate's communication and leadership abilities.
  • As the final stage of the selection process, personal interviews will be held. 

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Air Hostess Course Fees in India

The Air Hostess course fee is heavily dependent on the location of the training institute, the mode of instruction (full-time, part-time and online modes), the duration of the course, reputation, value of certification and job placement opportunities. Before enrolling, students should research the tuition fees well and choose a college that fits their budget. The online courses are comparatively cheaper on budget. Here is the course fee for Cabin Crew at popular aviation training colleges:

Top Cabin Crew InstitutesTotal Course Fees (in INR)
Aviation Institute of Advanced Technology1,00,000
Aptech Aviation and Hospitality Academy10,500-20,000
AeroEngineers Vidyapeeth Private Limited3,50,000
Asia Pacific Institute of Management45,000-90,000
Maharishi Markandeshwar University45,000-60,000
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Air Hostess Course Syllabus/Subjects

Candidates interested in pursuing a career in the aviation industry can find the brief overview of the Air Hostess course syllabus and subjects below.

  • Workshop on Global Distribution System
  • Management Practices and Organisational Behaviour
  • Introduction to the Travel and Tourism Industry
  • Housekeeping Operations in Hospitality Sector-laboratory
  • Fundamentals of Front Office-laboratory
  • Fundamentals of Front Office
  • Fundamentals of Food and Beverage Service
  • Front Office Operations
  • Food and Beverage Service Operations
  • Environmental Studies
  • Airlines Service Operations
  • Accounting for Hospitality
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Career Options After an Air Hostess Course

As an air hostess, you will have numerous chances to advance in your career. Candidates who complete the course and training will be able to work for domestic airlines. With more experience, you can also work for a variety of international airlines. Opportunities for post-retirement employment include working in the ticketing department, operations, customer service, training Air Hostesses, and so on. The following is a discussion of the air hostess course career opportunities including job profiles, salary, recruiters, etc.

Top Job Profiles for Air Hostess Course Graduates

Mentioned below are some top job profiles for air hostess training course graduates:

Air Hostess: Throughout the flight, the Air Hostess is responsible for the passengers' safety and comfort. They perform a variety of duties, such as welcoming guests and assisting them to their seats, serving meals and refreshments, etc.

Ground Staff Agent: The passenger's comfort and safety are guaranteed by the ground staff or ground crew. They do a variety of tasks, including selling and confirming tickets, checking in baggage, and helping travellers with disabilities.

Cabin Crew: The work description of an Air Hostess & Cabin Crew is quite similar. Also, they perform several duties, such as welcoming guests and assisting them to their seats, serving meals and refreshments, etc.

Top Recruiters for Air Hostess Course Graduates

Some of the top recruiters for cabin crew and air hostesses are:

  • Indian Airlines
  • Alliance Air
  • Air India
  • Sahara India
  • Go Air
  • Jet Airways
  • British Airways 
  • Indigo
  • Gulf Air
  • Delta Airlines
  • Vistara
  • Singapore Airlines

Salary for Air Hostess Course Graduates in India

The average salary for an Air Hostess ranges between INR 2-4 LPA. The salary range, however, varies from company to firm for the same work or job profile. The lowest starting salary for an air hostess is INR 2 LPA and the highest is INR 12.5 LPA. The table below includes the salary for an air hostess as well as the pay scales offered by various airlines.

Airline NameAverage Salary (in INR)
Air Asia3-7 LPA
Spice Jet3.5-6.5 LPA
Air India3-10 LPA
Indigo4-5 LPA
Emirates2-30 LPA
Etihad Airways5-20 LPA
Vistara4.6-8 LPA
Qatar Airways2.5-24 LPA

Note: The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.

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FAQs about Air Hostess/ Cabin Crew Courses

What are the job responsibilities of an air hostess?

The job responsibilities of an air hostess depend on the requirements of the flight. Some basic responsibilities are categorised as follows:

  • On-ground responsibilities which are for the time before the flight takes off.
  • In-flight responsibilities are to be carried out during the flight.
  • Landing responsibilities are to be carried out after the flight lands.

How long is the air hostess course training?

The duration of air hostess course training can vary between six months and three years based on the type and level of programme a student has opted for. The duration of diploma/ certification courses is usually less than a year, while the UG and PG degree courses last for three years and two years, respectively.

Is the air hostess course easy?

Yes, the air hostess course is easy for candidates who know how to communicate effectively, behave and dress professionally, have the ability to handle difficult situations and challenges, etc. Upon passing the class 12 exams, students should select the appropriate courses and get ready to graduate, after which they must enrol in an air hostess training diploma programme.

Can I study air hostess after 12th grade?

Yes, students can study air hostess after 12th grade depending on the different types of aviation programmes they are interested in. For this, they must have completed 10+2 education in English medium with at least 50% aggregate marks. Furthermore, a test and interview may be required for admission to the certification programme to assess your eligibility for the position and your ability to communicate.

What is the qualification for an air hostess?

The qualification for an air hostess or cabin crew eligibility criteria is that students must have completed their 10+2 in any academic (Commerce/ Science/ Arts) discipline or a bachelor’s degree in Aviation. Additionally, the sole required subject for them in class 10+2 is English. The applicant must be between the ages of 17 and 26 to be considered for the course. The minimum height requirement for an applicant is five feet and two inches.

Which course is best for air hostesses?

The best course for air hostesses that is usually taken by aspirants is BBA in Aviation provided a student is looking for employment after graduation. However, depending on a student’s requirements, they may choose to opt for a diploma in Cabin Crew, an MBA in Aviation, or an MBA in Aviation Management.

How can I become an air hostess after 12th grade?

Students can become an air hostess after 12th grade by following the steps outlined below.

  • Step 1: Obtain certifications after class 12 by enrolling in air hostess-related courses.

  • Step 2: Try to opt for a diploma while preparing for entrance exams.

  • Step 3: Consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

  • Step 4: Earn some relevant experience and skills that are required by the employers.

  • Step 5: Apply for a job at your preferred airline by submitting a resume and cover letter.

What are air hostess courses?

Air hostess courses are training programs designed to prepare individuals for a flight attendant or air hostess career. They are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge that ensure the best experience for passengers during their flights. They are taught various safety measures and ways to deal with customers professionally.

Is it easy to be a Cabin Crew?

It is not easy to be a Cabin Crew given the challenging situations and the irregular working hours. Students must be adaptable to different circumstances and must hone their responsibilities towards customers and passengers.

What is the percentage required in 12th for air hostess courses?

The percentage required in 12th for air hostess courses varies depending on the institutes. A minimum of 50%-60% is required to be considered eligible for the courses. The requirements may differ and it is important to check with the institute for the requirements.

What are the taught courses available for air hostesses?

The courses available for air hostesses teach them all aspects of passenger safety, passenger care, aviation training, soft skills and communication skills and personal grooming to enhance their presentation and confidence to serve the customers.

What is the starting salary for an air hostess course graduate?

The starting salary for an air hostess course graduate in India is around INR 4-4.5 LPA. It depends on the airlines, institute, country and experience level. For example, the average monthly compensation for Air India cabin crew is INR 40,000. At Air India, the monthly salary for cabin crew members can vary from INR 15,000 to INR 1,31,250.

What is the air hostess course curriculum all about?

The air hostess course curriculum is all about providing aspiring air hostesses and stewards with the skills, training and knowledge to excel in their roles. They are given guidelines about Aviation Safety and Security, Customer Service and Communication Skills, In-flight Services and Hospitality, Aircraft Regulations, Aircraft Operations and Procedures and practical training in real-life scenarios.

What are the types of courses available for air hostess or flight attendant training?

Different types of courses available for air hostess or flight attendant training include degrees (UG & PG), diplomas and certificate-level programmes after candidates complete their 10+2. To apply, prospective students must be between the ages of 17 and 26, while their status at the time of registration should be unmarried.

What are the top government institutes that offer air hostess courses in India?

The top government institutes that offer air hostess courses in India are Periyar University, Aditi Mahavidyalaya (University of Delhi), YWCA Women’s Training Institute, YWCA Vocational Training Institute, Gujarat University, and more.

What are the top private institutes that offer air hostess courses in India?

The top private institutes that offer air hostess courses in India are Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Silver Oak University, Indus University, Rayat Bahra University, Parul University, Lovely Professional University (LPU), SAGE University, NIMS University, Aptech Aviation Academy, etc.

What course is suitable for an air hostess?

The best course that is suitable for an air hostess or flight attendant includes the following:

  • BSc in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality
  • BSc in Aviation
  • BBA in Airport Management and Cabin Crew Training
  • BBA in Travel Management

Who can pursue air hostess courses?

Anyone with the following qualifications can pursue air hostess courses:

  • To be eligible to apply, they must have passed their class 12 exams or have a bachelor's degree.
  • A minimum height of 157.5 cm and weight proportionate to height is required for female candidates. Similarly, male counterparts or flight stewards must be under the age of 26 and at least 163 cm tall.
  • Candidates must also be unmarried and have 6/6 uncorrected vision in each eye.

Can I opt for air hostess courses after 12th grade?

Yes, students can opt for air hostess courses after 12th grade if they want to work in the aviation sector. Following high school, you can enrol in a certificate or diploma programme to learn skills specific to your industry, such as personality development and communication skills, from any airline or training facility that provides training for cabin crew.

What career options are available after completing air hostess courses?

A variety of career options are available for candidates after completing air hostess courses. There are numerous job opportunities available, ranging from Cabin Crew to Ground Staff, Sales Representatives, and Airport Managers. After graduation, students can find high-paying jobs as Air Hostesses, ground staff agents, cabin crew, and airport managers.

What are some top air hostess course training institutes in India?

Some top air hostess course training institutes in India are Wings Air Hostess and Hospitality Training, Universal Aviation Academy, Jet Airways Academy, Institute for Personality Etiquette and Grooming, Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics, Indigo Training Centre, Ifly Training Academy Indigo, Gurgaon, Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Centre for Civil Aviation Training, Bombay Flying club college of aviation, Air Hostess Academy (AHA), etc.

What are the job prospects and career scope for air hostesses?

The job prospects and career scope for air hostesses are expanding at a steady-fast pace in India. Employment options are abundant and include positions as sales representatives, airport managers, ground workers, and cabin crew. High-paying positions as flight hostesses, ground service cabin crew, agents, and airport managers are available to students upon graduation.

What are the basic eligibility criteria to pursue air hostess courses?

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue air hostess courses is that the applicant must complete at least their 10+2 from a recognised board and be fluent in English and Hindi. Knowledge of a foreign language is considered to be a plus point. Good eyesight, height and weight requirements vary from one airline to another. It is best to check with respective institutes before enrolling in the course.

What are the top recruiters for air hostess course graduates?

The top recruiters for air hostess course graduates are well-reputed airlines such as Air India, Go Air, Alliance Air, Jet Airways, British Airways, United Air, Gulf Airways, Delta Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and more.

What are the exams for air hostess courses?

Some popular exams for air hostess courses are LPU NEST, CUET, SSAT, etc. that are conducted nationwide. However, some training institutes offer admission to these courses without requiring aspirants to sit for an entrance exam, while others conduct their assessments for admission.

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ankita, Student / Alumni

-Answered on July-28-2023
For admission 2023 let me tell you the eligibility criteria here in LPU for admission the applicant need to pass with 50% aggregate marks in 10+2 (with English) or equivalent. For a candidate, who has not studied English as a subject, the condition of English may be waived off provided the candidate in his qualifying exam has studied in English medium. (5% relaxation to North-East states and Sikkim candidates or Defence Personnel and their Dependents or Wards of Kashmiri Migrants)

riya, Student / Alumni

-Answered on June-01-2023
A BBA in airline, airport, and hospitality management can offer a wide range of career opportunities in the aviation and hospitality industries. Graphic Era University provides degrees in the domains, with the courses namely BBA with a Specialization in Hospital Administration and BBA with a Specialization in Airport and Airline Management. The scope of these degree programs offered in GEU includes learning about airport and airline management, passenger handling, ground handling, hospitality management, customer service, marketing, and operations. The courses have six semesters divided into three years, where a holistic approach to knowledge is provided to students. Some of the career options that graduates can explore after these degrees include: 1. Airline Operations Manager: Responsible for managing airline operations, ensuring the efficient functioning of flights, managing schedules, and resolving issues related to flight delays or cancellations. 2. Airport Manager: Responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of an airport, ensuring efficient functioning of airport services, managing staff, and ensuring the safety of passengers and airport personnel. 3. Hospitality Manager: Responsible for managing the customer service, food and beverage, and accommodation services provided by airlines, airports, and hotels. 4. Ground Handling Manager: Responsible for managing the ground handling services provided to airlines, including baggage handling, cargo handling, and ramp services. 5. Travel and Tourism Manager: Responsible for managing travel and tourism operations, such as tour planning, package design, marketing, and sales.

Nagma Khanum, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Jan-11-2022
I have completed 11 what should I do to become ground staff or any post in airport

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