Air Hostess Courses after 12th: Eligibility Criteria, Admission Process and Colleges

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Air Hostess courses after 12th will help candidates flourish in their careers in the Aviation industry. Check the top courses, eligibility criteria, admission process and top colleges for Air Hostess courses after 12th.

Air Hostess Courses after 12th

Air Hostess Courses after 12th: If you have completed your class 12 and looking for Air hostess courses, then this article you need to know all about air hostess courses after 12th. In India, air hostess courses are offered at diploma and certificate level only. However, you may choose to study a relevant bachelor's degree first and then opt for these add-on courses to begin your air hostess journey. The certificate courses are usually of 3 to 12 months duration while diploma courses may go up to 2 years in duration. These courses provide training in various aspects of the aviation industry such as passenger handling, safety and security, and in-flight services. Some students may also prefer to complete a bachelor's degree before taking formal training as an air hostess or flight attendant. Courses such as Bachelor of Hospitality and Travel Management, a Bachelor of Science in Aviation, a Bachelor of Science in Air Hostess Training and many more are some of the options if you choose this path.

Demand for Air Hostess courses (professional training) is increasing because of the requirement for competent air hostesses to serve consumers across different airlines in the country. The advantage of travelling and a competitive salary package is something candidates look up to while searching for employment. Air Hostess is one such profession that allows you to do both of these. So, if you are seeking a highly-paid job and the chance to travel, this is the call for you to pursue your dream career. Check detailed information about studying air hostess courses after 12th below, such as eligibility, admissions process, list of courses, and more.

List of Top Air Hostess Courses After 12th

Most others rely on a candidate selection based solely on the previous qualification criteria. Many Air Hostess Courses After 12th that can be taken immediately after intermediate are as follows:

Course NameDurationLevel
Diploma in Cabin Crew2 yearsDiploma
Diploma in Airlines Management2 to 3 yearsDiploma
Diploma in Travel, Hospitality and Tourism Management.1 to 2 yearsDiploma
Diploma in Aviation Management1 to 2 yearsDiploma
Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management1 YearDiploma
Diploma in Flight Attendant Training1 YearDiploma
Diploma in Air Hostess Training1 YearDiploma
Diploma in Aviation Customer Service.1 YearDiploma
Certificate in Flight Pursuer/Air Hostess6 months to 1 yearCertificate
Certificate in Aviation Security and Safety6 months to 1 yearCertificate
Certificate in Flight Pursuer/Air Hostess6 months to 1 yearCertificate
Certificate in Aviation Security and Safety6 months to 1 yearCertificate

Air Hostess Courses after 12th: Certificate Courses

The duration of the certification program is between 6 months to 1 year. Candidates will get some certificates after completing the training for just 3-4 months. They can check some of the certificate courses given below.

  • Aviation Management and Hospitality: The Aviation Management and Hospitality course is bonded to hospitality management in the Aviation field. Candidates after this course can work at airlines, airports, or other businesses within the aviation or aerospace industry, like aircraft manufacturers which demands them to take care of consumer needs. 
  • Aviation Customer Service: The Aviation Customer Service course enables candidates to understand the operation of airlines and airports and the role of customers.
  • Air Hostess Management: The Air Hostess Management course consists of Air Hostess training. Candidates will learn management skills along with all other important skills to become a trained Air Hostess.
  • Air Hostess Training: Candidates who are interested in beginning their career as Air Hostesses have to pursue training courses to get specialized training and skills.
  • Airlines Hospitality: The Airlines Hospitality course will train candidates to take charge of customer greetings, security checks and other things.
  • Air Hostess or Cabin Crew: Candidates are trained in different roles and responsibilities of flight attendants.

Air Hostess Courses after 12th: Diploma Courses

Candidates can also check out some of the diploma courses to become an air hostess. The duration of the program is generally the same as the certificate program.

  • Diploma in Air Hostess Training: This diploma programme is short compared to undergraduate programmes, however it skills and helps the candidate get ready for the competitive aviation industry.
  • Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management: The Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management will make the candidates understand the base of the course along with training them with the main ground of the hospitality and tourism field.
  • Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management: This diploma course is a mixture of both aviation and hospitality to contribute to the management in the airlines or airports or other management.
  • Diploma in Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant Training: Training in cabin crew or flight attendant diploma course is shorter than the usual courses but it provides the skills and knowledge to kick start a career in this field.

Air Hostess Courses after 12th: Degree Courses

These programs will offer a bachelor's degree to the candidate once they have completed the 3-4 years training. Candidates can apply to any of the bachelor's degree programs listed below.

  • Bachelor of Hospitality/Tourism and Travel ManagementBachelor of Hospitality/Tourism and Travel Management is a three-year course teaching candidates to face real-life problems in the hospitality industry.
  • B.Sc Aviation: A BSc in Aviation is a blend of the aviation industry, aerospace technology and various concepts such as air navigation, aircraft, engines, and others. 
  • BBA in Tourism ManagementBBA in Tourism Management is a three-year undergraduate programme for candidates who intend to flourish in the tourism and management industry. 
  • Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management: Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management is a course dealing with various tourism trends, hospitality, tourist behaviours, and the tourism business.
  • International Airline and Airport ManagementDegree in International Airline and Airport Management ranges from 1 to 2 years duration as per the programme type and institute.

Air Hostess Courses after 12th: Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who want to apply for admission to any of the air hostess training programs after 12th need to meet the minimum requirements given below.

  • Academic Requirements: Candidates must have cleared higher secondary education with a minimum aggregate of 50%. They also need to know English, Hindi or any other foreign language.
  • Age and marital status - The minimum age requirement will depend on the organization you are joining. The age of the candidate should be between 17 to 26 years. The marital status of a girl will also be taken into account as most aviation companies prefer to choose unmarried girls, but some companies also recruit married girls.
  • Physical Standards: The minimum height of the candidate should be 157 cm or 5’2 inch. The colour of the skin doesn't matter much, but the girls should be physically fit and attractive.
  • Medical Condition: The applicant should be mentally fit. The aviation team will conduct its test to check the mental health of the candidate. In addition, the candidate should not have any significant illnesses. The candidate also shouldn't have acrophobia (fear of heights).

Physical Fitness Requirement for Air Hostess Courses after 12th

Airlines frequently have height and weight requirements for air hostesses. A minimum height requirement of roughly 155-160 cm (5'1" to 5'3") is generally accepted, and weight should be comparable to height. It is normal to expect to maintain a healthy BMI within the specified range. This ensures that candidates have the right body type for the job. An air hostess must have good vision. Typically, normal or corrected eyesight (through glasses or contact lenses) is necessary. Specific visual acuity norms may differ across airlines. Air hostesses must be physically and mentally fit to withstand long flights, stand for extended periods, and execute jobs such as lifting and carrying bags.

Air Hostess Courses after 12th Admission Process

Candidates who want to get admission to the air hostess training program after 12th need to apply directly to the college/ institute. The college will conduct personal interviews and group discussions for admission. Candidates will have to appear for all the admission rounds conducted by the college. Selection will be done on the skills of the candidate. Besides this, the college will select the candidates based on their personality. Some of the major factors included in the selection criteria are confidence, good appearance, communication skills and a positive attitude.

Air Hostess Courses after 12th Admission Process

Top Colleges Offering Hostess Courses After 12th

There are many colleges available in India that offer a list of Air Hostess courses after 12th grade. Candidates may enrol at any of the colleges provided below:

Institution Name 

Fees (in INR)

Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training


Jet Airways Training Academy - Mumbai


Kasturi Institute of Management, Coimbatore


The Bombay Flying Club – College of Aviation - Mumbai


Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics


Jet Airways Training Academy - Gurugram


Avalon Academy


Sant Baba Bhag Singh University, Jalandhar


Universal Airhostess Academy


YMCA - New Delhi


Skills Required for Air Hostess Courses

When you join a top Aviation college, they will assist you in developing the skills essential to become a good Air Hostess. If you are wondering what skills are necessary to become a good Air Hostess, these are the ones you will need to be a good Air Hostess after 12th:

  • Customer Service Skills - Customer service skills will help candidates take care of the customers for a good journey. It includes greeting them, helping them with baggage check-in, making reservations and other responsibilities.
  • Teamwork - At airports or Airlines, teamwork contributes to the overall experience of the customer, so candidates are trained to work collaboratively with each other.
  • Communication skills - Communication skills are a must for Air Hostess courses, as they will need to communicate with the customers to solve their queries and others.
  • Positivity and friendliness - Being positive and friendly will help you better understand and communicate the problems of the customers.
  • Understanding and caring - The Air Hostess role requires them to be understanding and caring to be able to assist different types of customers.
  • Responsibility and professionalism - Being responsible and professional with work will help Air Hostess fulfil their responsibilities.
  • Empathy - Empathy skills will help take positive actions and shape the experience of customers.

​​​​Air Hostess Courses after 12th: Career Opportunities & Top Employers

Air hostesses are also known as flight attendants, stewards/ stewardesses, cabin crew and cabin attendants. After finishing the training course, students get into job roles across different available airlines. Once employed at a major airline, then candidates are on probation training period for the initial six months after which they are designated different roles based on their interests and skills. In domestic airlines, candidates grow in their professional roles with experience and skill expertise. So, if someone is employed as a Cabin Crew or Air Hostess, initially with decent years of experience, they are promoted to senior positions of Cabin Crew or other roles. Moreover, when a candidate is trained in passenger airlines, they are also eligible for jobs in private aircraft or jets. Candidates can check for vacancies in different profiles and can then proceed to apply. Some of the major recruiters who hire air hostesses worldwide are:

Air IndiaSpiceJetVistara
IndiGoLufthansaJet Airways
Cathay PacificVirgin AtlanticQatar Airways
Emirates AirlinesBritish AirwaysQantas

Air Hostess Salary

The salary of Air Hostess depends on different factors such as the type of airline, skills, experience, job role, position and the organisation from where the students has pursued their course. However, the salary also increases with experience in the professional world. 
Air Hostess Salary

The table below covers an Air Hostess' salaries depending on years of experience:


Experience in Years 

Average Annual Salary (in INR)

Entry Level


2,50,000 - 3,50,000

Mid Career Level


4,00,000 - 5,50,000

Senior Career Level


6,00,000 - 7,50,000

Late Career


8,00,000 - 8,50,000

It can be observed that an entry-level air hostess is paid less than a higher-level air hostess who has been in the profession for a few years. The salary of Air Hostess solely depends on factors like the airline, position, and years of experience.

The role of an air hostess is regarded as important as that’s the first greet a customer receives in the aeroplane.  So, if you have the zeal to set someone’s day with your positive smile and understanding nature, the call for Air Hostess roles is yours. With time, Air Hostess's roles stood different from the crowd, so candidates intending to become one must keep on enhancing their skills in any course they pursue. They are also advised to join the courses after completing their 12th as it will provide them with more career opportunities. Take your dream to the next level and be part of the most sought-after careers.

Candidates who have any doubt regarding their career as an Air Hostess may ask questions on the Collegedekho QnA zone. Besides this, those who want admission-related assistance may fill out our Common Application Form.


Which course is best after the 12th for Air Hostess?

There are different courses such as BSc in Aviation, Diploma in Cabin Crew, MBA in Aviation Management, BBA or MBA in Aviation and various others which are best after the 12th for Air Hostess.

What is the eligibility criteria of the Air Hostess courses available after the 12th?

The eligibility criteria of the Air Hostess courses available after the 12th will vary from program to program. You are advised to visit the official website of the selected college to know the detailed eligibility criteria.

What are the top colleges offering Air Hostess courses after 12th?

Some of the well known colleges offering Air Hostess courses after 12th are Jet Airways Training Academy, Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Remo International College of Aviation, Chennai and Bombay Flying Club College of Aviation.

What are the top recruiters for Air Hostess?

Some of the top recruiting companies for Air Hostess are Air India, SpiceJet, Jet Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates Airlines, British Airways and Lufthansa.

What is the duration of Air Hostess courses available after the 12th?

The duration of Air Hostess courses available after the 12th will vary between 6 months to 1 year. Some of the courses also include 3-4 months training period.

What is the age limit to become an air hostess?

Candidates must be between the age bar of 17-26 years for becoming an air hostess. Other specified eligibility requirements must also be met to be eligible for this role.

What is the average salary of an Air Hostess in India?

The average salary of Air Hostess in India is INR 7,00,000 LPA while the starting salary is INR 4,00,000 LPA. This salary bracket increases with experience in the field.

What is the salary of cabin crew and ground staff employees?

The average salary package of cabin crew is INR 5,00,000 - 7,00,000 per annum while for ground staff employees the package is INR 4,00,000 - 6,00,000 per annum.      

What skills are required for Air Hostess?

An Air Hostess must acquire communication skills, navigation skills, management skills, and customer service skills along with various others.

Does the 12th mark matter in Air Hostess?

Yes, the 12th mark matters in Air Hostess. Candidates must pass their class 12th with a minimum of 50% marks. Moreover, to get into specific colleges for pursuing Air Hostess courses, students have to appear and qualify for certain entrance exams.

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