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Graphic Design: Course Details, Admission, Fees, Eligibility, Syllabus, Jobs & Salary

Updated By Sakunth Kumar on 08 Apr, 2022
Average Duration
4 months
Average Fee
6 K-2 L INR semester
Exams Accepted
UCEED, NID DAT, NIFT Entrance Exam ...
Study Mode

About Graphic Designing

Graphic design course is designed in such a way that it familiarizes a student with the graphic design industry while focusing on the basic principles of design including movement, balance, rhythm, contrast, typography, etc. Apart from that, candidates are also trained to create images for web and print, editing images, and leadership skills. In graphic designing programs, you will learn to convey ideas and messages using images, animation, and graphics. To achieve in this field, you will also have to gain knowledge of electronic media packages and marketing skills. 

Graphic Design Course is one of the highly pursued academic and professional courses which intends to depict a particular message related to social issues and other versatile objectives. Candidates who wish to pursue this course in the future must be aware of a very important principle about design "form follows a specific function".

Graphic Designing Course Highlights

Graphic Design course has its applications in various areas such as Advertising, Space aviation, online art, T-shirt and clothing design, etc. For many decades, Graphic Designing has been linked with sketches and drawing while ignoring the other interesting and important applications of this course. Visual representation is just one aspect of Graphic Design course which curtails another huge number of prospective courses. Given below is the table comprising all the important facts related to Graphic Designing Course. 



Course Name

Graphic Design Course/ Graphic Designing Course

Popular Course Name

B.Des Graphic Design, B.Sc Graphic Design, Diploma in Graphic Design, M.Des in Graphic Design, etc.

Course Level

Graduate, Postgraduate & Diploma/ Certificate



Course Duration

2 Months to 4 Years

Minimum Qualification Required

Depends on the type of course

Minimum Aggregate

At least 45% to 50%

Selection Process

Merit or Entrance Exam Based

Course Fee (Annual)

Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 3,00,000

Why Study Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is an interdisciplinary branch of Design itself. The main objective and foundation of this course is that it revolves around creatively and innovatively projecting a certain issue, trend, or anything else prevailing in society. Graphic Design is also called by various other names such as Visual Communication Design, Visual Design, or Editorial Design.

Graphic design deals with visual representation where information is depicted in a creative way. This technique helps in attracting more audiences to any message through visualization. People who follow Graphic Designing as their career are called Graphic Designers. Given below is some of the important factual information about the course and why students should consider it as a career option.

  • Graphic Designing is in demand right now. With the development of advanced technologies, the industry requires plenty of skilled professionals in Graphic Design.
  • The course has boundless possibilities. The stream is extremely popular and lucrative. Candidates can find numerous career opportunities and high-earning jobs after the course.
  • The courses are offered through distance and full-time mode. Students can opt for either one of the two as per their convenience.
  • Graphic Design addresses the creative as well as the analytical mind. Students get to learn new trends and technologies. They also get to use their imagination and visualization and create something new from the scratch.
  • The syllabus of Graphic Designing is a mix of creativity and technology. Candidates do not get bored and can think about pursuing a long-term career in it.
  • Graphic Designing is used almost in every phenomenon related to marketing and advertising. Its heavy use in all kinds of media, magazines, articles, posters, etc makes it a highly demanding career in today’s advertisement-driven world. 
  • By pursuing Graphic Designer course, students also have an opportunity to become an art director, graphic designer, entry-level production artist, and also animator.

Graphic Designing Vs Web Designing

Graphic Designing Vs Jewellery Designing

Graphic Design Eligibility Criteria

In this section of Graphic Design eligibility criteria for various degrees such as Diploma/Certificate course, Undergraduate course, and Postgraduate course is provided. Here are the eligibility criteria for Graphic Designing:

  • Graphic Design course can be pursued by any student who has passed his/her 12th class or equivalent from any of the recognized boards. 
  • Students who wish to pursue a Master’s degree in Graphic Design must have completed their Bachelor's degree in a graphic design course.
  • Any student who has completed his/her 10+2 in any stream of Arts, Science, or Commerce is eligible to pursue a UG course in Graphic Design.
  • It is important to note that for applying to the UG course for Graphic Design, it is mandatory that a student must have scored 50% or higher marks in the 12th class from any recognized board.
  • Students having a valid score in NATA are also exempted from an entrance exam for UG courses for Graphic Design.
  • Candidates who are interested in completing a Master’s course in Graphic Designing must have completed their Bachelor's degree programme in Graphic Designing. 
  • Students who possess artistic expression and have an eye for creativity are well suited for Graphic Design courses where they can use their prior knowledge in order to produce creative and innovative work. 

Graphic Design Admission Process

Graphic Design course can be pursued by any candidate who fulfills all the eligibility criteria mentioned above. Graphic Design admission can be taken in Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. It must also be noted that Graphic Design admission can be done both online and offline through various institutes. Given below are some facts and information mentioned in the context of Graphic Design admission process.

  • Candidates are selected for admission to a graphic design course either through merit or as per the marks acquired in the entrance exam conducted by the colleges in Graphic design admission process. 
  • The entrance test for Graphic Design admission may include selection rounds such as a written aptitude test, personal interview, and portfolio evaluation. The better the performance of an individual, the higher are his/her chances of getting selected for the desired institute. 
  • Some top entrance exams for Graphic Design admission to Graphic Designing course are AIEED, NID DAT, PID DAT, UPES DAT, etc.
  • Different colleges have different Graphic Design admission processes for Graphic Designing course. Candidates who wish to pursue a degree in Graphic Design must consult the colleges during the Graphic Design admission process. 
  • Candidates can also pursue Graphic Design course online through various mediums such as Udemy, Coursera, Linkedin, etc and take Graphic Design admission online as well.
  • Students must also note that many institutes conduct entrance exams in order to provide GRaphic Design admission. Although there are also other institutes that do not conduct an entrance exam and Graphic Design admission is given on the basis of the Class 12th score and the aggregate list of the respective institutes.

How to Crack Interviews for Design Admissions in India

Importance of Portfolio for Admission in Design Courses

Graphic Design Skills

In order to successfully pursue a career in Graphic design, candidates need to possess some of important skills. Graphic Design career path comprises all varieties of the creative spectrum which at times also seem to overlap with each other. Graphic Design utilizes various different kinds of knowledge, skills, learning, and techniques in order to produce appropriate content for the customers. Below are some of the prerequisite skills required in a student in order to pursue Graphic designing as a career.

  • Students must be creative and should be full of new innovative ideas.
  • Students having knowledge about software and programming language can do magnificently in graphic designing.
  • Visualization is the main factor in Graphic Designing. Students must have an interest in this skill and keep developing it with more practice and research.
  • Along with Visualization, students must also have a skill in visual design which will help them to do better both academically and professionally.
  • It is also of paramount importance for the candidates to have the ability to work in a team also for long hours professionally.
  • Candidates also need to have good interpersonal and communication skills along with suitable time management skills.
  • It is also required for the candidates to have knowledge about color theory and typography which will help them in the graphic designing course. 

Graphic Design Syllabus

Graphic Design syllabus for different courses is different. In the below section, Graphic Design syllabus for Undergraduate and Diploma Course has been discussed: 

Graphic Design Syllabus for Undergraduate Course 

Graphic Design Course and Graphic Design syllabus is a very versatile and creative course in which students are taught technicalities about the Graphic designing course process. The course comprises both theoretical as well as practical parts. In the theoretical part, students are taught about the details related to graphic designing syllabus and its further applications. The practical part on the other side includes training, in which students get to learn about the peculiar techniques and skills essential for becoming a good graphic designer. Given below are some of the topics included in the undergraduate course syllabus for Graphic Design course which is followed by most renowned institutes worldwide. 

Composing/Shooting on Film

Project-I + Case Study I

Multimedia Authoring

Music & Effects Film

Breakdown: Voice

Web Campaign Implementation

Sound Recording

Industrial Training

Flash & Scripting for the Web

Live Project

Animation the Production Process

Language Career planning and guidance

Introduction to Computer Animation

Digital Portfolio Development & Presentation

Team Management


Background & Concept

Modeling Using CAD

Web Design

Digital Publishing

Drawing as Basis for 2D and 3D Animation

Design: Character

Computer Studies

Basic Information

Visual Communication

Typographic Design

Principles of Management

Sound Principles

Generic Skills

Colour Theory for Computer

Graphics Principle and Method of Design Introduction to Multimedia

Graphic Design Syllabus for Diploma/Certificate Course 

Graphic Design syllabus for Diploma/Certificate courses is a bit different from the undergraduate courses. Given below is the list of the semester-wise Graphic Design syllabus for Diploma courses in Graphic Designing. 

Graphic Designing Diploma Semester-1: 

Graphic Design syllabus for the first semester are as follows: 

  • Computer Studies
  • Basic Information
  • Generic Skills
  • Visual Communication
  • Team Management
  • Background and Concept
  • Design: Character
  • Principles of Management
  • Drawing as Basis for 2D and 3D Animation
  • Language Career Planning and Guidance
  • Typographic Design
  • Method of Design Introduction to Multimedia

Graphic Design syllabus for Graphic Design syllabus Diploma Semester-2

Graphic Design syllabus for Diploma Course syllabi for the second semester is as follows: 

  • Introduction to Computer Animation
  • Breakdown: Voice
  • Animation the Production Process
  • Web Design
  • Digital Portfolio Presentation
  • Modeling Using CAD
  • Composing and Shooting on Film
  • Web Campaign Implementation
  • Scripting for the Web
  • Digital Portfolio Development
  • Industrial Training
  • Music and Effects Film
  • Multimedia Authoring

Best Graphic Design Courses

Graphic Designing course is a creative work that deals with depicting substantial work with the utilization of different visualization techniques. In a growing world of technology, Graphic Designing course prominence has also accelerated. Various Multi-National Companies across the globe are using these innovative techniques in order to sell their products online to customers. Graphic Designing course enhances to produce user-friendly content while using techniques like Visual Graphics, Topography, and various other creative tools. Graphic Designer acts as an interpreter or middle man whose main work is to depict the messages into creative work through visual effects. 

Any candidate with exceptional analytical skills and a deeper understanding of consumer behavior through insights can grow well in the industry. As long as he/she is able to cater to the design needs of consumers and maintain a brand image, they are well sought after. With digitization at its peak, the demand for graphic designers is at an all-time high. A knack for creativity and being comfortable working on computer design software is definitely a plus.

In this section, List of Graphic Design Courses in India such as Undergraduate, Post Graduate, and Diploma/Certificate have been discussed. 

Undergraduate Graphic Design Course

Candidates who aspire to pursue a career in Graphic Designing course must have completed Class 12 in any stream(Arts, Commerce, or Science)  from any recognized board such as CBSE, ICSE, or any other state board in India. Along with that, it is also mandatory to have at least a 45%-50% aggregate score in class 12. Different institutes have set different eligibility criteria for admission. Given below are some of the undergraduate courses in Graphic Design that students can pursue after Class 12. 

  • BDes Graphic Design
  • B.A. Graphic Design
  • B.Sc Graphic Design
  • BSc in Graphic, Advertising & Digital Design
  • BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design
  • BA (Hons) Graphic Design: Advertising and Branding
  • BA Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Postgraduate Graphic Design Course

Candidates who have completed their Bachelor’s in Graphic Design degree can further pursue Postgraduate Graphic Designing course in Graphic Designing Degree offered by various institutes worldwide such as St. Joseph College of Communication (SJCC), etc. Different eligibility criteria are followed by distinct institutions in order to provide admission in Graphic Design course. Candidates are required to pass the entrance examination followed by a scree test and interview round. Given below are some of the postgraduate courses that one can do in Graphic Design Degree. 

  • MDes Graphic Design
  • MA Graphic Design
  • MA Graphic Communication Design
  • MA in Graphic Design and visual experience
  • MA/MFA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Diploma/Certificate Graphic Design Course

Candidates can also do a diploma in Graphic design degree whose duration is 1 year and focuses on various aspects such as animation, visual designing, graphic design, etc. Any candidate with the required prior qualification can pursue this Graphic Design degree. Given below are some of the Diploma/Certificate courses in Graphic Designing course. 

  • Graphic Design Master Course
  • Diploma in Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design Advanced Diploma Online
  • Graphic Design and Interactive Media Diploma Online
  • Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design 
  • Executive Diploma in Graphics Design & Desktop Publishing
  • Diploma in Graphic Design and Media
  • Certificate in Graphic Design

Graphic Design Course Online

Candidates can also attain a degree in Graphic Design course through various reputed institutes only also. Graphic Design degree can provide different job opportunities in colleges/universities, Multinational Companies, the Fashion industry, animation studios, etc. Below are some of the courses offered by different platforms online. 


  • Graphic Design Specialization
  • Graphic Design Elements for Non-Designers
  • Google UX Design Professional Certificate


  • Graphic Design Master Class
  • Graphic Design Bootcamp

LinkedIn Learning

  • Color for Design and Art 
  • Become a Graphic Designer


  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Sessions College

  • Professional Certificate in Graphic Design

Top Graphic Design Colleges in India

Graphic Design courses are offered by various Graphic design colleges in India. Students can choose for Graphic Design Online course, Distant learning course or Classroom course as well. Graphic Design course comprises a variety of disciplines like Interior Design, Web Design, animation, and Fashion among other different courses. Each discipline has its own specialized area of study. Graphic Design course will certainly help students to establish a successful career while also providing better professional growth. Students who conspire to learn new skills, and dwell upon creativity and innovation can pursue Graphic Design course at the below-mentioned institutes. 

United World Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

United World Institute of Design(UID) is one of the topmost Graphic Design colleges for Graphic Design course in India. The institute comes under the KArnavati University and has been recognized by UGC and is also a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). UID also has linkings with various international institutes such as IFFTI, the World Design Organization (WDO), the Commonwealth Universities Association, and Cumulus. Students can find UG, PG, and Doctoral Development program in Graphic Design course in this Graphic Design college. Students who have scored 50% or above marks in class 12 can apply in the Graphic Design college. Along with that, a university entrance exam is also conducted for Graphic Design college to select eligible candidates. 

Pearl Academy, Delhi

The Pearl Academy of Fashion in Delhi was established by the Little People Education Society in 1993. It is also certified by the Societies Registration Act, 1861. Besides that, Pearl Academy has also been part of LIU worldwide networks since 2011. Students can pursue various courses such as graphic design course, animation, digital photography, topography, and other industry-driven Graphic Design course in this GRaphic Design college. Any student with a minimum 50% aggregate in Class 12 can apply for admission to Pearl Academy Graphic Design college. 

National Institution of Design(NID), Ahmedabad

NIID design school is situated in Ahmedabad and falls under the aegis of India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. Students who already completed their UG can apply for the Master’s in Graphic Design (M. Des.) in this Graphic Desgin college. The total duration of the course is two and a half years. Students who have completed their Class 12 from any recognized board with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks can apply for admission to NIID. Along with that, NIID also has various other qualifying exams such as the studio test, the All India Examination to get admission in good Graphic Design colleges in India. The final stage of the admission round comprises interview by the NIID respective authorities. Students who will successfully pass all the rounds will be offered admission to NIID Graphic Design College.

Delhi College of Arts, Delhi

Delhi College of Arts is an art institute for advanced studies in Creative Arts, Visual Arts, and Applied Arts founded in the year 1942. It comes under the Faculty of Music and Fine Art, University of Delhi, and is managed by the Government of NCT Delhi. Earlier, the College of Arts was called the art department inside Delhi College of Engineering (now DTU). The total time period for Graphic Design course is 4 years. Students who have completed class 12 from any recognized board can apply for admission in Graphic Design college. Students can also go through the admission prospectus available online in order to get a better idea about Graphic Design course and also about how to apply in Graphic Design college. 

MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design, Pune

Maharashtra Academy of Engineering & Education Research is located in Pune and was established in the year 2006. MAEER is famous for its research-based education on Graphic Design course and other related fields. Candidates who aspire to pursue academic life in Graphic Design can enroll in MAEER Graphic Design college where they will be provided guidance from world-renowned Graphic Design educators. Students who have class 12th degree with a minimum 50% score can apply in MAEER Graphic Design college for Graphic Design Course. 

Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai

Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts(SJIA) is a Maharashtra-government-owned institution located in Mumbai. SJIA was established as a sister institute of Sir J. J. School of Art, the Architecture and Applied Art Departments in the year 1958. Later, the institute was renamed, Sir J. J. College of Architecture and Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art. Students can pursue UG, PG, and Diploma/certificate in Graphic Design Course in this Graphic Design college. Any student who has completed Class 10+2 with 45% marks can apply for admission in Graphic Design course in Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts Graphic Design college..  

G.D. Goenka School of Fashion and Design, Mumbai

Another well renowned Graphic Design college located in Mumbai city is G.D. Goenka School of Fashion and Design. This Graphic Design colelge comes under the aegis of  the G.D. Goenka University which was established by the Government of Haryana in the year 2010. G.D. Goenka School of Fashion and Design (SOFD) also has an academic partnership with the world-renowned G.D. Goenka Institute for Fashion and Design (IGFID) which is situated in New York City. Students who have passed their Class 12 from any recognized board can apply for admission in this Graphic Design college. Along with that, students are also required to clear the Design Aptitude Test (DAT) and an interview round in order to secure admission to SOFD. GD Goenka school as a Graphic Design college is quite famous for its Graphic Designing course. 

Graphic Designing Top Courses & Colleges

Graphic Design course can be pursued by any student who has completed Class 12 with 50% minimum aggregate marks from any recognized board. It is a mandatory requirement to apply for an undergraduate course in Graphic Design degree. Besides the institutes mentioned above, students can also go through the table below comprising the list of other top-class institutes offering Graphic Designing course in India. 

Graphic Design course are available at undergraduate, postgraduate, and certificate/ diploma levels. Candidates can pursue the desired course in the distance and regular mode. Some of the popular entrance exams in Graphic Design areAIEED, NID DAT, PID DAT, and UPES DAT among others. Given below is the list of top graphic designing colleges in India below:

Course Name

Course Duration

Popular Colleges

B.Des Graphic Design

4 Years

B.Sc Graphic Design

3 Years

B.A. Graphic Design

3 Years

M.Des Graphic Design

2 Years

M.Sc Animation & Graphic Design

2 Years

Diploma in Graphic Design

6 Months to 2 Years

Certificate in Graphic Design

4 Months to 6 Months

List of Graphic Design Courses in India

Graphic Design Fees Structure

Graphic Design fees structure is different for different kinds of Graphic Designing courses. Graphic Design course is available both online and offline. Students can go for either one based on their interests and budget in order to choose the colleges or universities with feasible Graphic Design fees. In some of the top colleges as mentioned above, candidates are required to fulfill certain kinds of established criteria. Then only they can take admission and pay the Graphic Design fees. Along with that, they are also required to pass an entrance exam. Graphic Design fees depend on the course type, whether it's UG, PG, or Diploma/Certificate course. Graphic Design fees vary according to the institute. 

Graphic Design course and Graphic Design Degree is offered by both Government as well as private institutes. Hence, there is huge variability in the Graphic Design fees. Usually, the course fee for Graphic Design Course varies from 10,000-to 50,000 rupees per semester. In order to have detailed information about the Graphic Design fees structure, students must contact the institute directly to have a better understanding. 

Graphic Design Career Options and Job Prospects

Candidates with a degree or diploma in Graphic Designing course can find job opportunities in the government as well as the private sector. Government ministries, fashion houses, marketing companies, consulting firms, hotels, restaurants, etc. are among those employment areas that constantly look for qualified Graphic Designers. Candidates with Graphic Designing course can find plenty of Career Options Job profiles offered will depend on the experience and type of education. Following are the roles that you can apply for:

The entry entry-level jobs in this field will offer you a salary package of Rs. 2,50,000 to Rs. 8,00,000 per annum. It keeps increasing with time and experience. Salaries in some organizations depend on the experience and projects given to the employee. Packages for highly experienced individuals may vary from Rs. 62,000 to Rs. 3,00,000 per month.

Want to know more about

Graphic Designing?

Want to know more about

Graphic Designing?

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FAQs about Graphic Designing

Is it important to be good at drawing to pursue a Graphic Design course?

No, being good at drawing is not a compulsion for Graphic Design. Students are required to be creative and innovative. Also, having a good knowledge of technology, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and programming language are essential.

What job profiles can be explored after completing a Graphic Design course?

After completing a Graphic Design course, the job profiles that can be explored are Art Directors, Brand Identity Designer, Graphic Designer, Multimedia Designer, Logo Designer, Interaction Designer, Product Designer, Multimedia Artists and Animators etc.

What are the best certificate courses in Graphic Design?

The best certificate courses in Graphic Design are Certificate in Graphic & Communication Design, Professional Certificate in Advertising & Graphics, Certificate Course In Computer Animation and Graphics, Certificate course in Graphic Design and Animation etc.

What does Graphic Design syllabus contain?

The Graphic Design syllabus comprises important topics such as Fundamentals of Design, Visualisation Techniques, Craft Design Studies, Design Process & Thinking, Introduction to Graphic Design, Advanced Illustration Techniques, Visual Ergonomics, Design for Moving Images, Advertising Design and many more.

What are the names of the best 5 colleges that offer a Graphic Design course?

The best 5 colleges for Graphic Design course are National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, Arch Academy of Design, Jaipur, Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD New Delhi), Maeer's MIT Institute of Design (MITID), LISAA School of Design (LISAA), Bangalore and Vogue Institute of Art and Design (VIAD), Bangalore.

Can I pursue a Graphic Designing course through correspondence?

Yes, plenty of Certificate and Diploma Graphic Designing courses can be pursued through correspondence.

Is Animation Designing and Graphic Designing the same?

Graphic Designing and Animation Designing are creative fields but both of them are very different. Graphic Designing is used in advertising for clients and to communicate an idea through visuals. However, Animation Designing utilises computer technology to create effects and images for television, websites, movies and video games.

Which degree is the most popular in Graphic Designing?

The popular Graphic Designing courses are B.Des. in Graphic Design, M.Des. in Graphic Design, Certificate in Graphic Designing, B.Sc. in Graphic Design, M.Des. in Communication Design (Graphic Design), M.A. in Graphic Design etc.

How is Graphic Designing different from Web Designing?

Graphic Design is the art of using typography, graphics, visuals, graphs, and images to communicate a thought or an idea. While Web Designing only concerns websites that not only look good but load quickly.

What does Graphic Designing mean?

Graphic Designing is a medium through which professionals create visual content and data to communicate thoughts, ideas and messages.

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