Preparation Tips for NIFT CAT 2024

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Updated On: January 09, 2024 03:34 pm IST | NIFT Entrance Exam

Preparation tips for NIFT CAT 2024 include preparing a productive study plan to choosing authentic books. Scroll through to find important topics for NIFT CAT 2024 preparation.

NIFT CAT Preparation Tips

Looking for NIFT CAT 2024 preparation tips? Then, check out this article to ace your NIFT CAT test. The NIFT entrance test is divided into two sections tailored to BDes and MDes programmes. The first phase of NIFT 2024 consists of written assessments called the General Ability Test (GAT) and the Creative Ability Test (CAT) for admission to these programmes. The second phase, which comprises a Situation Test for BDes programmes and a GD/PI for MDes programmes, is open to candidates who were selected during the first phase.

An applicant's ability to conceive ideas, observe effectively, draw illustrations, and have an intuitive sense of design is evaluated using the NIFT CAT. The purpose of producing and including this component in the written test is to assess an applicant's creativity, inventiveness, and ability to tackle challenges in an inventive and distinctive manner. NIFT CAT section primarily consists of questions about design, art, and crafts that are meant to assess your critical thinking and ability to come up with original ideas. You can score higher in this phase by presenting your response more diplomatically and originally.

To be eligible to take part in the next round of admissions, you need to pass the NIFT CAT phase. If you fail to do so, you will not be admitted to NIFT. It is essential to stay informed of the NIFT 2024 syllabus, exam structure, and other pertinent details as you prepare for your big day. Along with multiple important topics that are commonly questioned in the exam, we will go over some best preparation tips for NIFT CAT 2024 in this article.

Important Topics for NIFT CAT 2024

One of the best tips to prepare for NIFT CAT 2024 is that a candidate must go through all the important topics before appearing for the exam. They must try not to be left with any topic that is previously asked in the exam or is considered important. The following table highlights a list of topics that an aspirant must study while simultaneously following the best preparation tips for NIFT CAT 2024.

Design Theory

Drawing Fundamentals

Elements & Principles Of Design

Inspiration & Creativity

Colour Psychology & Optical Illusions

Colour Terminology

Natural & Geometrical Form

Creative thinking & writing

Innovation in Design

Inspiration & Design Development

Visual Logic

Theme Development

Use of Measurements, Scale & proportions

Memory Drawing

Form & Function

Principles of Composition

Mood, Theme & Colour Inter-Relationship

Understanding Light & Shade

Foreshortening & Perspective

Imagination & Doodling

Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion

Picture Analysis

Developing Themes & Colour Associations

Colour, Pattern & Texture

Usage of Colour in Compositions

Ornaments & motifs

Presentation Techniques

Expression & Emotion

Innovation & Creation

Lateral Thinking

3D Visualisation

Graphics & Pictograms

Story Pictures

Design Awareness

Exercises on imagination

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Preparation Tips for NIFT CAT 2024

Candidates appearing for the NIFT CAT 2024 often find it hard to keep up with the diverse syllabus as well as the NIFT 2024 exam pattern. Students are advised to follow the tips to prepare for NIFT CAT 2024 as discussed below to achieve fruitful NIFT 2024 results.

Tip #1 Prepare a Flexible Study Plan: Before anything else, the aspirant is required to be ready with the plan of action. Without any set plan for NIFT CAT 2024 preparation, implementation becomes difficult. It is essential to chalk out the plan so that the thought process gets solidified and the candidate gets a clear picture of the objective.

Tip #2 Pick the Correct Study Material: Before starting with the preparation of NIFT CAT 2024, the candidate is advised to do the research and pick up the best books for NIFT. Studying from unauthorised books will eat up too much of the candidate’s unnecessary time that otherwise could be invested. It is required to choose books that contain sufficient and trustworthy content updated with the latest syllabus. Also, the candidate must make sure that the book is as per the new guidelines and syllabus of NIFT 2024.

Tip #3 Decisive Time Management: It is the key to any student's preparation for the NIFT entrance exam. While preparing for the NIFT CAT 2024, the candidate should keep in mind that time is the currency and it should be spent wisely. Wasting time on irrelevant study resources and taking too many breaks often lead to poor results.

Tip #4 Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers: Practice always makes an individual perfect. The aspirant appearing for NIFT CAT 2024 must practice the NIFT previous year’s question papers as well as NIFT sample papers. It is also advised to appear for the NIFT mock tests before appearing for the actual exam. Doing so makes the candidate familiar with the exam pattern while increasing their speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Also, through regular practice, a candidate becomes aware of the type of questions that might appear in the exam.

Tip #5 Constructive Revision: Candidates should make sure they complete the entire syllabus way before the exam so that enough room is left for revision. Revisiting difficult topics often leads to a better understanding thereby creating a concrete clear picture in the mind.

Tip #6 Winning Over Psychological Barriers: Aspirants are required to keep nervousness, under-confidence and over-confidence at bay. They must not lose their cool even in dire circumstances and should believe in their preparation and abilities.

Tip #7 Set a Regular Sleeping Pattern: Studying religiously and continuously tends to exhaust the mind, thus taking a 10-minute break in an hour is advisable. In addition, a regular sleeping pattern of the recommended eight hours increases the brain’s retention capacity, thus, applicants must sleep well while following these discussed preparation tips for NIFT CAT 2024.

Tip #8 Be Positive and Confident: It is crucial to have an optimistic state of mind during the exam preparation as it helps in performing better. Staying positive boosts confidence and the process of knowing how to prepare for NIFT CAT 2024 becomes easier.

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NIFT CAT 2024 Exam Pattern

The NIFT CAT 2024 includes three questions and together they consist of 100 marks. The question should be answered by the candidates in the time duration of three hours. After the CTA exam is done, the General Ability Test (GAT) is conducted, which students must clear to be eligible for further rounds of admission. Candidates can also check the preparation tips for NIFT GAT 2024 here.

The candidates are advised to stay confident and keep their artistic switch on before appearing for the NIFT CAT 2024. By staying calm and following the best preparation tips for NIFT CAT 2024 discussed above, anyone can score well in the NIFT CAT exam 2024.

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Which sections comprise the NIFT CAT syllabus?

Sections that comprise the NIFT CAT syllabus include Creative thinking & writing, Form and Function, Innovation in Design, Inspiration and Design Development, Memory Drawing, Mood, Theme and Colour Inter-Relationship, Natural and Geometrical Form, Principles of Composition, Theme Development, Understanding Light & Shade, Use of Measurements, Scale & proportions, Visual Logic, and more.

What are the best preparation tips for NIFT CAT 2024?

The best preparation tips for NIFT CAT 2024 include the following:

  • Tip #1 Prepare a Flexible Study Plan

  • Tip #2 Pick the Correct Study Material

  • Tip #3 Decisive Time Management

  • Tip #4 Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers

  • Tip #5 Constructive Revision

  • Tip #6 Winning Over Psychological Barriers

  • Tip #7 Set a Regular Sleeping Pattern

  • Tip #8 Be Positive and Confident

How to prepare for NIFT CAT 2024?

Students can prepare for NIFT CAT 2024 by improving their ability to confront challenges intriguingly and unconventionally. This section primarily consists of questions about design, art, and crafts that are meant to assess an applicant's critical thinking and ability to come up with creative concepts.

How can I start my NIFT CAT 2024 preparation?

Candidates can start their NIFT CAT 2024 preparation by first setting up a flexible schedule that improves their work ethic and fosters relaxation for both their bodies and minds. Following this, they need to consult study materials penned or issued by well-known authors and attempt numerous practice tests they can before beginning their revision.

How much time does it take to prepare for NIFT CAT?

The amount of time needed to prepare for the NIFT CAT varies from one student to another and is majorly based on their creative way of dealing with challenging problems. While a certain student can study for the test in a month or two, others might need up to four months.


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