MBA Agri Business Management

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Mar 13, 2023 19:31PM IST

MBA Agri Business Management Overview

Master of Business Administration in Agriculture Business Management is a two-year postgraduate programme offering a degree in business management of agricultural organisations or ventures. Its acronym, MBA Agri Business Management is more popularised as one of the specialisations of the MBA degree. All those who wish to understand how the unique sector of agriculture is handled in the face of market forces can apply for the course after completing their graduation with a bachelor’s degree. Though before application, they shall have to attempt entrance examination(s), such as CAT, MAT, GMAT, XAT, SNAP, AIMA GAT, etc., according to their chosen institution’s eligibility requirements. Cut-off clearance, group discussions, and personal interviews are used by the colleges to eliminate the students they consider unfit for the MBA specialisation, and the ones who successfully make it to the end can apply for varying programmes offered by the institution, such as full-time, part-time, or online distance learning courses.

Agriculture in India is a dominant sector, even in the market, and contributes to a major part of the GDP. However, the population involved in the sector is such that the relevant market requires special schemes, laws, policies, and rules of market forces application. Candidates who apply for the MBA Agri Business Management shall learn about how to deal with these factors, how to establish an organisation that is more dedicated to agriculture but, manages to make a profit, and how to ensure its smooth operation in the relevant market. The best colleges for applying for the said course study are the Indian Institute of Management, Symbiosis Institute of International Business, National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management, and Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture Technology and Science.

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MBA Agri Business Management Highlights

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Why Study MBA Agri Business Management?

Students can pursue the MBA Agri Business Management programmes for the following reasons:

  • Unique Market Structure: Agricultural market is among the most unique market structures. It is directly connected to basic necessities and income sources of a vast number of dependents of a country, hence, while market forces remain intact their impact is strictly controlled by the government. Students can learn a lot through the course about how is the market maintained.
  • Global and Perpetual Relevance: Agriculture produces and fuels one of the basic necessities of human beings, which is food. It can never be irrelevant, irrespective of the country, economy, political alignments, etc. Hence, MBA Agri Business Management can also be understood as a perpetually relevant course study.
  • Strong Networking: The higher authorities of a country and learned economists are actively involved with the agriculture market. Wherever the graduate is placed, they have a chance to connect and network with them due to the controlled scope of business. They can strengthen their connections and network through these people.
  • Contribution to National Growth: If the agriculture market of the country flourishes, so does the national GDP, overall growth rate, income, and other aspects of living. Hence, students can use the opportunity to contribute specifically to the economic progression of their country.
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Types of MBA Agri Business

The Agri Business is one of the major income generators in India. To make MBA Agri Business accessible to students, it is offered in various modes which are known for their flexibility and convenience. Candidates can enrol themselves in courses that satisfy their requirements. Here are the four main types of MBA Agri Business: 

MBA Agri Business: Full-time

The MBA Agri Business is a full-time course of two years that is conducted over regular weekday classes, classroom lectures, projects, seminars and internships. It is convenient for those who can devote their full time to pursuing the course. Emphasis is given to case analysis, rural immersion module and multi-disciplinary presentation to bring out the managerial skills required to manage businesses related to agriculture and allied activities

MBA Agri Business: Part-time

Though part-time MBA Agri Business provides flexibility to candidates to attend classes in the evening or in the weekends, it takes longer to complete than the traditional MBA programme. It may take up to three years to complete. They are prepared to become qualified and competent Agri Business Management professionals.

MBA Agri Business: Distance/Online

Working professionals who cannot devote time to attending classes throughout the week can take up distance MBA Agri Business or online MBA Agri Business. These courses help in academics without needing to take a break from professional commitments. They turn into specialists who understand production technology and business management of the Agricultural sector.

Executive MBA Agri Business

Those job holders who wish to upscale their career with a postgraduate degree in business administration can opt for Executive MBA Agri Business. The main requirement for this specialised MBA course is that aspirants need to hold five to ten years of working experience in relevant fields. 

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MBA Agri Business Management Entrance Exams

MBA Agri Business Management programme offering colleges in India require students to submit their entrance test scores, along with their admission application. It is only if their scores satisfy the cut-off criteria of the colleges that the students are invited to the next round of the admissions process. 

The entrance examinations for admission to postgraduate management and MBA programmes are quite many in India. While some are conducted by an accrediting authority, others are conducted on national, state, or institutional levels. Students need to submit the exam scores which are accepted by the college they are applying for, which is commonly the one conducted by the institution itself. Alternatively, institutions might accept exam scores from reputed and highly competitive examinations.

Here are some of the most common entrance exam scores that students might have to submit for admission to MBA Agri Business Management programmes:

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MBA Agri Business Management Eligibility Criteria

MBA Agri Business Management programmes have certain basic eligibility criteria, which students need to satisfy to even apply for them. These eligibility criteria come before the onset of the admissions process, and students need to check them out before even registering for entrance exams. Moreover, every college has different eligibility criteria as well. 

Overall, students can expect the following to be included among the requirements of all colleges’ eligibility criteria for admission to MBA Agri Business Management:

  • They need to have a graduate degree, with a bachelor’s degree, from a recognised university or equivalent.
  • They need to have an aggregate score of at least 50% in their bachelor’s degree.
  • They need to attempt an entrance exam as required for admission to their respective colleges.
  • The cut-off score for the entrance examination mentioned by the college needs to be satisfied as well.
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How to Get Admission for MBA Agri Business?

The MBA Agri Business admissions depend on academic results or scores of the entrance tests. The scores of any management aptitude test determine the admission of students to renowned business colleges in India. Here are a few steps which students should keep in mind to get an MBA Agri Business admission:

  • Candidates must meet the eligibility requirements of the course.
  • They must appear for the entrance tests like CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, CMAT etc.
  • Filling up the application forms is an important step in this regard. Also, submission of previous mark sheets, certificates and work experience certificates is mandatory. 
  • After the scores of entrance tests are out, students are shortlisted for a personal interview, group discussions and writing ability tests.
  • When the final selection list is out, students can enrol themselves in their preferred colleges for MBA Agri Business. 
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Popular MBA Agri Business Colleges in India

Students who wish to participate in the management the agro-businesses can opt for MBA Agri Business from reputed colleges in India. There are several top-ranking institutions that offer this course. Candidates must weigh the benefits and disadvantages of Agri Business specialisation and then opt for it. Here are some of the most popular MBA Agri Business colleges in India: 

Name of MBA Agri Business College


School of Agri-Business and Rural Management

New Delhi

Swami Vivekananda University


Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology


ASBM University


Shobhit University


Rourkee Institute of Technology


Xavier Institute of Management


IIM Ahmedabad


Amity University


MIMA Institute of Management 


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Study MBA Agri Business Abroad

The MBA Agri Business programmes abroad exposes the reality of business challenges in the food and agri-business sectors and focus on the management skills required for agri-business and promote practical innovation. The programme overseas improves peer-to-peer learning, and networking opportunities, and bridges the gap between agricultural science, agro-business, agricultural policy and practices. Students can opt for any college from the list of MBA Agri Business colleges abroad: 

MBA Agri Business Colleges Abroad


Massey University

New Zealand

University of Queensland


Wageningen University & Research


Purdue University

United States

University of California, Davis

United States

University of Athens

United States

Royal Agricultural University

United Kingdom

University of Nicosia


Southern Arkansas University

United States

Kazan Federal University


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MBA Agri Business Fees

One thing that worries students is the tuition fees of MBA courses. Tuition fees vary across specialisations and colleges and are mostly based on the facilities provided by them. For MBA Agri Business, the IIMs are the costliest in India however there are several other institutes that offer competitive and cheaper rates to students. Here is an approximate estimation of the tuition fees at various MBA Agri Business colleges across the Indian subcontinent:

MBA Agri Business College

Average Tuition Fees (in INR)

School of Agri-Business and Rural Management

3.4 lakhs

Swami Vivekananda University

2.5 lakhs

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology

7.2 lakhs

ASBM University

6.86 lakhs

Shobhit University

1.6 lakhs

Roorkee Institute of Technology

2 lakhs

Xavier Institute of Management

18.3 lakhs

IIM Ahmedabad

23 lakhs

Amity University

4.8 lakhs

MIMA Institute of Management 

5.8 lakhs 

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MBA - Agri Business Management Syllabus

First Year:

Management Principles & Values

Agribusiness and Rural Marketing

Financial management for Agri-Business

Production and Operations Management

Managerial Economics

Quantitative Techniques

Agri-Business Management Marketing

Research Methods in Agri-Business

Organizational Behaviour and Ethos

Second Year:

Business Law and Ethics

Strategic Management

Practical Training (8 weeks)


Seminar in Agribusiness Management

Entrepreneurship and Project Management

Viva Voice

Computer Application and MIS

Feed business Management

Food Technology and Processing Management

Agro-chemicals and Technology Management

Fertilizer Technology and Management

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MBA Agri Business Course Curriculum

The MBA in Agri Business course curriculum aims to deliver a unique business management education with an emphasis on reflective and innovative leadership and business decision-making to combat challenging situations in the agriculture-based industries. The programme modules will encourage students to reflect upon the discipline content of MBA Agri business and apply them to real situations within the agri-business sector. 

  • The use of examples and opportunities to discuss and debate theory and current issues with peers provides students with a deeper understanding of the course. 
  • The programme structure contains modules to inform students about the application of existing and innovative technologies. It also increases their ability to analyse situations and make decisions.
  • Leadership skills are developed by the use of group activities and assessments.
  • The use of industry internships to support students and acquaints them with real-life agricultural crises. 
  • The inclusion of elective programmes further develops students’ knowledge.
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FAQs about MBA ABM

What are the course fees for an MBA Agri Business Management study abroad?

The course fees for an MBA Agri Business Management study abroad range between INR 12,00,000-35,00,000 per annum. Apart from the course fee, you also need to take into account the living expenses, travelling expenses, and visa application fees of the country and city in which you have chosen your university to study for the programme.

Which is the best college for an online MBA Agri Business Management degree?

The best college for an online MBA Agri Business Management degree in India is Indira Gandhi National Open University, commonly known as IGNOU. The university has been specially established to offer distance education courses in postgraduate degrees to students who find it hard to allocate all their time and financial resources to higher education.

Is it possible to complete an MBA Agri Business Management degree in four years?

Yes, it is possible to complete an MBA Agri Business Management degree in four years. You can apply for a part-time course in an original two-year programme. Then you can get up to four years to earn all the credits of the program. In the case of the original programme being a full-time degree of one year, then you can take only up to two years to fully earn the course credits.

Are there any online courses available for an MBA Agri Business Management degree?

There are online courses available for an MBA Agri Business Management degree. Many universities and colleges, both in India and abroad, are offering full-time distance courses to ensure that the inconvenience and financial challenges of travelling to the campus do not hamper students’ ambitions of higher studies. These programmes are regarded just as qualifying as on-campus degree programmes.

What is the duration of the course MBA Agri Business Management?

MBA Agri Business Management is a two-year course. There are certain institutions that offer one-year programmes as well in relation to the course. Additionally, part-time programmes are also available for students who find it hard to allocate all their time to course study. They can opt for the said programmes while continuing their other ventures.

What is the average fee for the course MBA Agri Business Management?

The average fee for MBA Agri Business Management is INR 80,000 per year. The course fee can range up to INR 17,00,000 per year if the institution offering the programme is a private one. Many private institutions in India charge comparatively higher course fees than public universities or institutions. They have a lot of seats available in their programmes, and you may explore their discount and fee waiver rules.

What are the top colleges offering MBA Agri Business Management courses?

Following are some of the top colleges offering Management courses are Management Development Institute (Gurgaon), Xavier Labour Relations Institute (Jamshedpur), Vinod Gupta School of Management - IIT KGP (Kharagpur), Department of Management Studies - IITR (Roorkee), Indian Institute of Technology (Chennai). You can explore these colleges on our website to check out their offered MBA Agri Business Management programmes.

Can I study Economics after graduating with an MBA Agri Business Management degree?

Yes, you can study Economics after graduating with an MBA Agri Business Management degree. In fact, you can pursue a doctorate degree in Economics, which will help you better understand the market forces' involvement in the agriculture sector. You could eventually pursue a public sector-oriented career with the help of these degrees.

Which MBA specialisations are related to an MBA Agri Business Management degree?

The MBA specialisations related to an MBA Agri Business Management degree are financial management, supply chain management, distribution and marketing, accounting, cost management, product management, project management, etc. All these specialisations could be pursued after graduating with an MBA Agri Business Management degree to elevate your professional standing.

What are the job profiles relevant for MBA Agri Business Management graduates?

The job profiles relevant for MBA Agri Business Management graduates are Field Officer, Agricultural Economist, Agricultural Salesperson, Farm Manager, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Risk Manager, etc. The profiles are relevant to the responsibilities that might befall a graduate when working in the agricultural sector. These profiles may be available in both public and private sector establishments.

Are there any one-year programmes available for an MBA Agri Business Management degree?

Yes, there are one-year programmes available for an MBA Agri Business Management degree. Many universities and colleges are offering the programme as a 15-month duration course. The first twelve months or one year are dedicated to theoretical study, and the remaining three months are set aside for internships and other types of practically simulated teaching.

What are the eligibility criteria to study MBA Agri Business Management in India?

The eligibility criteria to study MBA Agri Business Management in India are different for all the colleges offering the programmes. Though, students can find some commonality between the varying criteria, such as the need for a bachelor’s degree with an aggregate score of 50% or above, entrance exam scores, etc.

Can I apply for MBA Agri Business Management courses with IIM?

Yes, you can apply for MBA Agri Business Management courses with IIM. Indian Institutes of Management have been set up by the All India Management Association for business administration and management courses, which is the stream category of MBA Agri Business Management programmes. IIM Ahemdabad is the most popular and best choice among students applying for the course.

What is meant by MBA Agri Business Management?

MBA Agri Business Management is a specialisation available under the MBA degree courses. The course is closely related to the study of market forces that are relevant to the agriculture market, their impact control, and how an organisation can thrive and prosper within such an environment. The study explores how business management techniques can be applied in agreement with the market policies of agriculture.

What is the salary of an MBA Agri Business Management graduate in India?

The salary of an MBA Agri Business Management graduate in India ranges between INR 5,00,000-10,00,000. This is for the starting salary packages, which can be grown over time with experience and job rotation. It is preliminary to state that the agriculture sector will provide certain difficulties for you to succeed, as the competition is heavily controlled in this community.

What is the scope of my career after graduating with an MBA Agri Business Management degree?

The scope of your career after graduating MBA Agri Business Management degree depends on the direction you wish to take. You can thrive in both the public and private sectors of the agricultural market. While in the public sector the department shall be appointed to you, however, in the private sector, supply and distribution is the best way to serve and grow the agricultural sector.

How should I choose the college to study MBA Agri Business Management abroad?

To choose the college best to study MBA Agri Business Management abroad you must consider whether the economy and country backing the college is relevant or connected strongly with its agricultural sector. This means that they must export major crop produce or products or must have modernised practices, which they include in the course curriculum of agricultural studies.

Which countries are the best to study MBA Agri Business Management abroad?

The countries that are the best to study MBA Agri Business Management abroad are those which have a booming agricultural sector, which may be possible either as a major exporting country or one with heavily modernised agricultural practices. The countries which fall in this category are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, Lebanon, France, and Spain.

Are there any recruiters of MBA Agri Business Management graduates?

There are many recruiters of MBA Agri Business Management graduates. The highest rate of recruiting is recorded by the companies directly involved with the agriculture sector. The included companies supplying products, services, and equipment used for agricultural purposes, such as pesticides, tractors, seeds, etc.

Is there a scope for an MBA Agri Business Management study abroad?

Yes, there is a scope for an MBA Agri Business Management study abroad. The sector is relevant for every country and economy as it caters to one of the basic needs of human lives. Hence, agriculture and its varying allied courses are available all over the world, including MBA Agri Business Management.

How can I contribute to society after graduating with an MBA Agri Business Management degree?

You can contribute to society after graduating with an MBA Agri Business Management degree by using your entrepreneurial skills to support the sector. There are varying ways to contribute to the agricultural sector, and you may expect each to be a social contribution. Yet investing and helping research findings to reach a wider base by applying business management concepts could help revolutionalise the sector.

What is the scope of higher education after graduating with an MBA Agri Business Management degree?

The scope of higher education after graduating with an MBA Agri Business Management degree is wide. The postgraduate degree allows you to pursue all types of programmes on all levels of qualification, including a doctorate. You may choose to get a doctorate degree in agriculture business management, business administration, or economics.

Can I start my own business after completing MBA Agri Business Management?

Yes, you can start your own business after completing your MBA Agri Business Management. Supplying agricultural products and equipment, outsourcing agricultural services, distribution or delivery of produce, etc. are some of the major areas of agriculture in which you may initiate a venture.

Can I apply for government jobs after completing my MBA Agri Business Management?

Yes, you can apply for government jobs after completing MBA Agri Business Management. The impact and control of the resident government are huge over the market conditions and forces of the agriculture sector. You can expect plenty of job openings carrying a high cadre of responsibilities. You can apply for an appointment to these profiles, though you might have to clear certain standardised exams.

Is it worth doing MBA Agri Business Management?

Yes, it is worth doing MBA Agri Business Management. The course is closely related to the general public’s needs and requirements. You will get a chance to explore the immense opportunities of the agricultural market and how it can be used for personal, organisational, and national development. You will also learn how to make the functions more organised, targeted, and strategic.

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Around 126 colleges are accepting XAT score 2024. Some of the top MBA colleges accepting XAT score 2024 include the following:

You can also check out the XAT score vs percentile 2024 to predict your chances of getting into the XAT participating colleges. 

For admission-related assistance, please fill out our Common Application Form or call on our toll-free number 1800-572-9877. 

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LPU NEST 2024 Application Form has been released via online mode. Exam Dates have been announced. It stands for Lovely Professional University National Eligibility and Scholarship Test. LPU NEST exam is conducted in different slots from January and April onwards. It is a university level entrance exam which is conducted for various courses including B.Tech, MBA etc. Candidates who want to get admission in Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes can enrol in the exam. No. of LPU graduates are working at various MNC’s at high paying packages across the globe. Mittal School of Business, which attracts students from various parts of the world, is one of India’s foremost ‘Business Schools’ recognized for its industry-oriented and technology focussed curriculum, interactive and hands-on pedagogy, accompanied by intensive industry interface which also involves training of national and international industry professionals. A multidisciplinary campus and multicultural environment suffused with student activity ensures all round development of its graduates, grooming them for successful entrepreneurship and global careers. LPUs Mittal School of Business exhibits a rich diversity among students and faculty who flock to this centre of excellence from all parts of the country and across the globe. We believe that innovation and excellence flourishes in an environment that embraces diverse perspectives and nurtures free expression which ultimately helps them to adjust to any work environment while celebrating divergence.

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MBA - Agri Business Management Career Options and Job Prospects

There are a number of options available to candidates with a master’s degree in Agri-Business. Candidates who are interested in further studies can go for research and Ph.D. Some of the top recruiting companies/industries that hire successful agri-business postgraduates are:

  • Marketing Industry
  • Retail Industry
  • Public and Private Enterprises
  • Food production companies
  • Farming industry
  • Import-Export Firms
  • Retail Firms
  • Government Boards - Fisheries, Diary

Here’s a list of popular job roles with the agri-business management degree:

  • Agribusiness Manager
  • Trader
  • Quality Controller
  • Marketing Head
  • Farm Appraiser
  • Agriculture Policy Analyst
  • Marketing Head
  • Bio-Compost Sales Head
  • Market Analyst

Agribusiness manager handles various roles in the organization and his concerns are related to analyzing the financial situation in the agri-business economic market and ensuring the right flow of management information. The annual entry-level salary of a postgraduate is between Rs. 4 lakh to Rs.8 lakh. 

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MBA Agri Business Salary

Agribusiness comprises crop production, food processing and marketing, agrichemicals, farm machinery, distribution, and retail sales. MBA Agri Business graduates assist the farming system to improve the productivity of Indian farmers by innovating products and services that sustainably increase crop and livestock yields. MBAs can find many opportunities to make high-paying, successful careers here. Here is a list of successful MBA Agri Business job roles along with their average salaries:

Job RoleDescriptionAverage Annual Salary (in INR)
Farming PlannerThe farming planner is responsible for guiding farmers to plant seeds, harvest produce and pack  the final product. 5.5 lakhs
Agricultural ManagerThey oversee the management of the farms, warehouses, irrigation, employees, accounts and other important aspects.8.90 lakhs
Marketing ManagerThey plan to market the produces and products. They help brands to gain recognition and influence overall sales of the product.5.6 lakhs
Bioterrorism ConsultantThese consultants conduct risk assessments, tackle threats, protect public health, and take preventive measures.6.8 lakh
Risk AnalystRisk analysts look for future risks and help the business plan to stop the risk factors, and develop future strategies.7.4 lakhs


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MBA Agri Business Skills

An MBA in Agribusiness Management programme provides golden opportunities in various areas of agriculture such as agri-finance, production and distribution, and land management. One needs to learn the principles of agricultural sciences, economics and business. They have to learn to manage farms and work with manufacturers to produce more food at lower costs while still being profitable. All these require immense skills. Here are some of the valuable skills that would help MBA Agri Business professionals:

  • Product knowledge 
  • The ability to identify problems and help customers
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Ability to solve agri-business problems
  • Must be detail oriented
  • Must have persuasion capabilities
  • Must have decision-making skills
  • Must be a good communicator
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