B.Tech Biochemical Engineering - Course Overview

Duration: 4 yrs | Mode: Regular| Avg. Fees: 570000 / Year

9 colleges

About B.Tech Biochemical Engineering

B.Tech in Biochemical Engineering is a programme that covers various subjects related to chemical process, production and development of biochemical products. This branch of engineering comprises of various aspects of biology, technology and engineering in order to come up with groundbreaking research to help improve the quality of human lifestyle.

 Biochemical engineers learn about the development process of a variety of natural as well as artificial substances. These processes may include oil refining, ecological development, environmental changes, developing medicines, etc. B.Tech in Biochemical Engineering involves the study of various processes and technologies that can improve the quality of the healthcare sector, diagnostic processes, food processing, medicines, etc.

After pursuing this course, graduates generally pursue jobs under chemists and biologists. Individuals who pursue B.Tech in Biochemical Engineering often take up research and go on to pursue their masters and Ph.D. in this field.

B.Tech - Biochemical Engineering Syllabus

First Year:

Professional Communication

Environmental Studies

Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Mathematics – 1

Engineering Physics

Engineering Mathematics – 2

Engineering Chemistry

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

Technical Communication

Fundamentals of Electronics Engineering

Engineering Drawing

Fundamentals of Computer

Second Year:

Anatomy and Physiology

Biochemistry and Biophysics

Bio Transducers and Electrodes

Artificial Organs


Biomedical Signal Processing

Biomedical instrumentation

Basic Medical Instrumentation

Clinical Engineering

Biomaterials and Components

Biomedical Image Processing



Third Year:

Control Systems in Medicine

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers in Medical Applications

Speech Signal Processing


Pattern Recognition

Medical Imaging Techniques

Health Technology Management

Medical Physics

Digital Signal Processing

Management – 3

Management – 4

Complex Variables and Partial Differential Equations


Fourth Year:

Numerical Methods

Physiological System Modeling

Rehabilitation Engineering

Semiconductor Devices and Circuits

Probability and Statistics

Artificial Neural Networks

Computers in Medicine

Tissue Engineering

Psychology and Sociology

Medical Informatics

Laser in Fibre Optics in Medicine

Major Project

Career Options and Job Prospects

Numerous jobs are available for students who pursue this branch of engineering. Biochemical Engineers are offered job roles in Oil Refineries, Water Treatment Plants, Pharmaceutical Companies, environmental agencies, research institutions, etc. Following are some of the popular profiles offered to Biochemical engineers:

  • Chemical Administrator
  • Technical Consultant
  • Project Engineer
  • Biochemical Professor
  • Process Engineer
  • Research Analyst
  • Safety Advisor
  • Fuel Meter Calibration Technician
  • Environmental Manager
  • Quality Analyst
  • Product Technician

Salaries after pursuing B.Tech in Biochemical Engineering depend on the sector that students are applying for. Usually, core sector jobs offer greater salary packages and salaries vary from Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 11 lakh per annum. However, consultancies and other organisations pay packages ranging from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 3.5 lakh.

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