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Event Management

Updated By Dinesh Dahiya on 15 Jun, 2022
Average Duration
1 years-2 years
Average Fee
1 L-3 L INR annual
Exams Accepted
Study Mode

Event Management Courses Overview

Event Management refers to an act of planning, coordinating, running and organizing an event for people, teams, communities etc. The main aim of the program is to train students in analyzing, marketing, planning and in successfully running a business. Though there’s no special or certified qualification required to excel in event management, there are various institutes that offer short-term diploma courses in event management.

An event manager should have good communication and proficiency skills with the right amount of confidence and courage to carry out events in an efficient manner along with organizational skills. Event management requires good creative skills as event managers are in charge of creating various models for events such as wedding set-ups, conferences, college fests, concerts etc.

Event Management Course Highlights

Event management course sets you up with various transferable skills like handling budgets, running market campaigns, and managing people and logistics. While these skills are extremely crucial for a successful event planning, the course helps the students to develop their social skills as well. The entire course and its specialization aims at developing the students knowledge about events and their planning - what goes on behind the scenes of an event, from vendors, caterers, performers, decoration, event management courses help develop these skills for smooth planning of events.


Level Of Program

UG, PG, PGDM, Diploma

Duration of Program

1-3 years


50% in 12th boards, 60% in UG

Course Fee

2-3 Lakhs; 23 Lakhs for advanced studies


MAT, CAT, NMAT for advanced studies

Job Profile

Event Planner

Event Manager


Business Development Executive

Starting Salary

2-4 Lakhs per annum

When To Do an Event Management Course?

Event Management courses offer a variety of eligibility. There is a diploma certificate course for Event Management for which the candidates will need to pass their 12th from a recognized board. The colleges will give admission based on the merit of their 12th scores followed by an interview. 

Candidates can opt for a graduate degree course in Event Management after their completion of 12th. Although there are no specific entrance requirements, some colleges or universities may conduct exams for admission depending on the number of applicants. 

Students can also opt for a postgraduate degree or postgraduate diploma depending on their choices post the completion of their graduate degree.

Who Should Do Event Management?

Event Management is a very on the foot, practical field with little to no room for error. Events, as we know, and see it, require a lot of backend planning and organization. Event Management as a course rigorously prepares students to be able to handle these situations. People who like the workings of events, the planning, the rush and the paced environment can opt for Event Management as their area of expertise.

Why Choose Event Management?

Event Management courses train you to amass knowledge about various events- corporate gatherings, weddings, informal gatherings no name a few. The course instills in you an array of skills to handle the planning and execution of these events. But apart from its specifications to events, the course also sets you up with transferable skills like budget handling, management, hustle culture and many more which are crucial to a lot of other career paths and profitable in your daily lives as well. Event Management has the scope to set up the candidates with good annual packages and opens up an array of posiyions in various fields.

How Many Courses Are There in Event Management?

There are different types of Event Management courses depending on the level of education received prior to the event management course, duration or specialization.  There are graduate and postgraduate degree courses, diploma and postgraduate diploma courses and advanced studies as well. Depending on the level of the event management course, there are scopes of higher education in the course as well. The details of the same are tabulated below.

Name of the Course

Type of Course


PGP in Event Management and Public Relations

PG Diploma Course

1 year

PGDM in Event Management

PG Diploma Course

2 years

MBA in Event Management

Postgraduate Degree Course

2 years

MBA in Event Management and Public Relations

Postgraduate Degree Course

2 years

MA in PR and Event Management

Postgraduate Degree Course

2 years

BBA In Event Management & PR

Graduate Degree Course

3 years

BBA in Event Management

Graduate Degree Course

3 years

BA in Events Management

Graduate Degree Course

3 years

Diploma in Event Management

Diploma Course

1 year

PG Diploma in Event Management

PG Diploma Course

1 year

PG Diploma in Media, Marketing and Event Management

PG Diploma Course

1 year

Certificate in Event Management

Certificate Course

3 months

Graduate Degree Courses:

You can opt for an Event Management course after completion of your 12th standard for an undergraduate degree.

  • You can apply for BBA in Event Management and BA courses in event management once you have completed class 12.
  • The requirement for admission as an undergraduate in BBA is that you have to pass your 12th standard exams with at least 50% marks. It is the minimum aggregate which can be different in different colleges.
  • Admissions are done through the merit list prepared on the basis of class 12 board exam results. However, some universities may take a basic aptitude test as part of the selection process.

Certificate, Diploma and PG Diploma Courses:

There are several Certificate, Diploma and PG Diploma courses in event management. The eligibility to pursue any of them is listed below.

  • Although the eligibility for diploma in event management courses is capped at 45% to 50% marks in class 12, these courses tend to add value to your CV if you pursue them after completing graduation.
  • You can apply for PG Diploma courses after pursuing graduation (any field) with a minimum of 50% marks, which is the minimum requirement but is subject to change depending on the colleges.
  • Admission to PGDM and PGPM programmes is done on the basis of exams like CAT entrance, MAT entrance, CMAT entrance, etc.

Postgraduate Degree Course:

The postgraduate courses in event management are more like specialization courses and require a higher merit than the rest of the courses offered for event management.

  • In order to apply for these courses, you must have scored at least 60% aggregate marks in graduation.
  • There is no specific specialization required at graduate level in order to apply for these courses. However, an experience in the industry can help you get better colleges as well as jobs.
  • Admission is done on the basis of management entrance exams accepted by the institute in question i.e. CAT, MAH-CET, CMAT, SNAP, MAT, etc.

List Of Popular Event Management Courses:

Although the curriculum for Event Management and its specialization comes up to a bulk and covers a wide range of subjects, a few among them are popular choices for the higher demand and coverage. These subjects are preferred over a large array of subjects for the variety they cover and the skills they help develop.


Principles of Event Management

Event Risk Management

Business Communication

Financial Accounting

Event Accounting

Negotiation Skills

Consumer Behaviour and Brand Management

Event Advertising

Marketing Management

Cross-Cultural Management

Event Production & Catering

IT for Event Management

Special Event Topics


Project Work

Event Management Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for Event Management courses depends on the course of choice. 

  • There are undergraduate courses for which the candidates must have passed their 12th with a minimum aggregate of 50%. 
  • For postgraduate Event Management course the eligibility cut-off is scoring 60% aggregate in the undergraduate course. 
  • For advanced studies like MBA, good percentile in entrances like CAT, MAT, NMAT is required.

Types of Event Management

There are an array of events in the world and to match up to it there are various event management courses to specialize in. Listed are some of the event specializations. 

Corporate Events:

Most events requested on behalf of a company fall under the category of “Corporate Events.” These events may be specifically for a company’s employees or its customers or, they can be larger-scale affairs in which multiple companies and their employees are in attendance. Business events can be both formal and informal, depending on the nature and overall goal of the event. Some types of corporate events include:

  • Team Building Events
  • Conferences
  • Recruitment Drives
  • Product Launches
  • Networking Events

Trade Shows/ Expositions:

These types of events are large-scale showcases of products, services or art in a professional, visually appealing setting. Trade shows and expositions can run for single or multiple days and often attract a wide array of people. Most of these events have multiple company booths, interactive activities and product demonstration areas. These events aim to allow businesses or individuals to publicly promote their products, ideas and work to a large number of people in a concentrated amount of time.

Personal Events and Parties:

All personal, social events fall under this category. Most event managers who work on these types of projects are hired on by a specific individual who’s hosting the said event. Examples include:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Engagement Parties
  • Themed Celebrations
  • Baby showers

Award Ceremonies:

Award ceremonies are not just the glamorous Hollywood affairs we all know. There are many local and national award ceremonies throughout New Zealand that require extensive event management. Examples include:

  • National Music Awards
  • National Film Awards
  • Local and National Business Awards

Time management is a huge part of managing these events, as well as security and guest discretion if celebrities are in attendance.


Festivals are large scale events that draw people nation and (sometimes) world-wide for their exciting, creative atmospheres. Festivals can be single-day or multi-day extravaganzas, are often outdoor events, and require extensive management. Festivals can be for:

  • Music
  • Film
  • Art
  • Community celebrations

Festivals are generally run by an event management firm with multiple leading event managers, due to their size. 


Wedding-planning is a career in itself as this type of event is in demand all year round and requires extensive client communication and collaboration. Event managers who focus on wedding-planning can work for wedding-planning firms or as sole traders. They help guide their clients every step of the way when it comes to designing, planning, and executing their dream wedding.

Fundraising and Charity Events:

Large scale, social events that aim to raise money for whatever reason fall under this category. Events such as charity events and silent auctions fall in this category. These events see to it that all profits from ticket-sales or sold auction items are donated to an organization of choice. Sometimes event managers help organizers write the guest list for higher-profile events. Fundraising events for organizations, schools or individuals can also fall under this category; however, these tend to be more informal in comparison to galas.

How To Get Admission in Event Management?

Admission in Event Management is done by the respective colleges offering the courses. The admission in graduate degree or diploma is capped at 50% aggregate in 12th boards examination. The admission will be done on merit basis. The students will have to fill the separate admission forms for their desired colleges and enter the admission procedure.

For Postgraduate admission in an Event Management course, colleges may seek the scores of entrances like MAT, CAT and NMAT along with a minimum of 60% aggregate in the undergraduate course from any field. The admission process, much like the undergraduate admission, varies from college to college and students are required to fill the admission forms separately for each college. For admission in IIMs, the procedure takes place through MAT.

Event Management Entrance Exams

There are no specific entrance examinations for event management; colleges offering event management courses conduct their admission through merit lists or at some times, basic aptitude tests conducted by the college or university on their own. 

However, for postgraduate courses or advanced studies like MBA, colleges and universities conduct their admission based on the scores of exams like CAT, MAT, NMAT among others.


Common Admission Test is an entrance examination conducted online to grant admission into IIMs and other prestigious business schools in the country. It is conducted annually by a combined body of the IIMs.


Management Aptitude Test is a national level entrance examination conducted quarterly by All India Management Association (AIMA) for admission in MBA and Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in colleges and universities.


NMAT is a national level entrance examination conducted for admission in MBA courses in NMIMS and other top business schools in the country.

Event Management Top Colleges in India

Event Management in India is a fairly new concept and is gradually catching up with the other mainstream courses over a short amount of time. Despite its fairly newer popularity, there are multiple colleges and universities offering the various courses of Event Management- some of which ranks in the top for Event Management in the world.

Some of the well known event management colleges in India are provided below. Candidates who are interested in admission to any of these colleges may fill our  Common Application Form.

Study Event Management Abroad

One can also opt to study Event Management courses abroad. They can choose from the array of colleges and universities offering the course or its specialization. The perks of opting to study Event Management abroad comes down to exposure. Compared to the Indian market, Event Management as a course and profession, has been prevalent for a much longer time there which increases the subject matter and field exposure. There are no entrances for admission in these colleges; one can opt to fill the application forms for separate colleges or universities as per university guidelines.


Course Type


Course Duration

2 years

Average Tuition

30k- 45k USD

Starting Salary

3-4 Lakhs per annum

Event Management Abroad Top Colleges

There are several colleges offering Event Management courses abroad. The courses offered in the universities range from certificate courses, diploma, graduate and postgraduate courses. Top few amongst the universities abroad offering Event Management courses are tabulated below:


University Of Lincoln  

University of Hertfordshire de Havilland Campus

University of Bristol

University of Salford

University of Greenwich

Oxford Brookes University

State Wise Event Management Admission

There is no specification for admission for Event Management courses. The admissions take place for colleges and universities according to their rules and regulations for the admission process. The rules and regulations change from college to college instead of state wise. Candidates will be required to select their desired college and check the eligibility criteria for admission into their desired course.

What Is Event Management Course Fees?

The fee structure for Event Management Courses in India varies in the colleges and universities offering the course. On an average, the course fees come up to 1-2 Lakhs for the two year duration of the course. The advanced studies like MBA are costlier and the fees goes up to 23 Lakhs for the two year duration of the course from top universities. These fee structures are prone to abrupt and frequent changes as and when deemed necessary by the universities and colleges.

Skills Required for Event Management

Event Management is a skill driven career and is based on the practicality of the field and not much in the theoretical aspect. A successful event manager will have an array of skills that will help in carrying out the day to day work required in event management. With social skills, an event manager will also need good communication skills, leadership and decision making, organizational and time management skills, and have a keen eye for effectiveness and details.

  • Event management requires one to have constant interaction with stakeholders and clients, therefore, good communication skills come in handy.
  • Moreover, leadership and decision-making skills are also essential in this field as managers will be required to guide their teams in order to fulfill their responsibilities carefully.
  • One should also possess organizational and time management skills that are helpful in order to manage people, vendors, itinerary, etc.
  • Another skill that comes in handy is enthusiasm for effectiveness. This plays a very important role in keeping the team motivated in order to produce the best results.

Event Management Curriculum

The curriculum for event management is not regularized. It is a dynamic set of subjects focusing on the practical skill set required for field work. At the heart of the curriculum are the tabulated fields that this course covers. 



Business Modules


Knowledge of Different Types of Event

Sponsorship and Media Handling


Public Relations


Event Management Course Syllabus

The syllabus for the Event Management course is dynamic and varies from college to universities and across different formats of the course. Although the subjects and structure of the course is different in various colleges and universities as decided by them, there are certain subjects that remain at the core of the course. Even though the subjects change with the level of the program and its various specializations, these few among them are at the heart of the course. These subjects help an event management student harbor the core skills required to excel in the field along with the intricacies of the field in theory.



Management Process


Business Communication

Organizational Behavior

Marketing Management

Introduction to Event Management and PR

Event Management Planning

Event Production Process

Communication Skills

Event Cost Accounting and Finance Management

Event Marketing and Sponsorship

Special Events

Brand Management

Event team and Crew Management

Event Resource Management

Event Hospitality, Law and Management

Public Relations

Communication and Personality Development

Concept and Designing of Events

Event Risk Management

Budgeting and Costing of Events

Event Management Scope In India

The scope for Event Manager in India has grown significantly over the years. It started out being perceived as a part of Public Relations but is now accepted as a stand alone domain. Although the growth of the field is remarkable over the years, the scope of Event Management is still significantly lower in India. 

On an average, a fresher in this field earns upto 2 Lakhs per annum and an experienced professional can be numerated upto 4 Lakhs per annum. Event Managers in India are hired as wedding planners, event planners, PR experts, Human Resource executives and other such professionals. The average salary for these professions range from 3 Lakhs per annum to 6 Lakhs per annum. With that being said, Event Management as a stand alone profession has a great potential in the upcoming years in India, and as a course, it is highly profitable for the transferable skills one learns in the duration of the course.

What Is Event Management Salary?

The starting salary for freshers after completion of Event Management courses is capped at 2-3 lakhs per annum. Although that salary goes up with the years of experience and promotion, the annual salary post Event Management is capped at 4-5 lakhs per annum

The prospect of salary is higher with the completion of advanced studies like MBA where the starting salary is capped at 5-6 lakhs per annum. The salary offered also relies on the company- starting your career with a well established company will give you a higher starting salary package with higher increments over the years.

Skills That Make You The Best Event Manager

Event Managers are required to possess a plethora of skills on the social as well as business and management scale. An amalgamation of all these skills will aid them in carrying out their work effectively.

  • People Skill: A successful event manager must have excellent people skills- they must be able to talk, sway and influence their clients for the benefit of both parties.
  • Management skills: Management is an event manager’s best friend. Be it be time management, accounts, vendor or team management- event management is a game of juggling through all forms of management.
  • Communication Skills: A successful event planning requires a lot of backend work and smooth functioning requires the best possible communication route there is. An event manager has to be on top of their communication game for an event to be successful.
  • Financially knowledgeable: Knowing one’s way around finance can put them ahead of others games easily. Having the knowledge of spending, saving, managing, allocating can be the ace for an event manager.
  • Well Behavioured: An event manager has to be smart about their behaviors and mannerisms. Knowing where to behave, how to behave can be really helpful for an event manager. It also makes them approachable and paves the path for better and meaningful relationships.

Career Options and Job Prospect After Event Management

Event management is one of the newest fields of management and is gaining popularity. Although the field is often considered a branch of the PR industry, it has been gaining the market and creating a lot of job opportunities for aspirants. Candidates can also foray into events management after pursuing Advertising, PR and Corporate Communication Courses.

There are various companies that hire professionals experienced in event management in order to create large scale as well as small-scale events. Be it the entertainment, marketing or advertising industry, there are various jobs that candidates can apply for. Following are some of the most popular companies that hire event managers.

  • Wizcraft
  • Percept
  • Tafcon
  • Cineyug
  • Pegasus
  • 70 EMG
  • Encompass Events
  • ProcamRunning
  • Showtime Group
  • Cox and Kings

The career prospects after event management are very limited due to the nature of the course. The average starting salary of a fresher is between Rs. 2 to Rs. 3 lakh. Some aspirants after gaining sufficient experience in the respective field can even start their own event management company that can get you better returns. Listed below are popular job roles for candidates with event management profile:

An Event Manager has various crucial roles to play as he/she is not only responsible for managing the staff but is also in charge of event coordination activities for events such as birthday parties, trade shows, weddings, sales meetings, business conferences and virtual events. Students can also go for higher studies in the same field like postgraduate diploma in event management.

FAQs about Event Management

What is the syllabus of Event Management courses?

Some of the topics covered in the Event Management courses are Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, Business Communication, Event Planning, Language, Types of Events, PR and Communication.

Can I know some Event Management courses?

Some of the Event Management courses are MBA in Event Management, BA in Events Management, BBA in Event Management, PR and Mass Communication and Diploma in Event Management

What skills are required to pursue Event management courses?

A successful event planner possesses excellent people skills and is well versed in communication, time management, organizational skills, people management and decision making.

What are some of the best Event Management colleges in India?

Institute of Hotel Management and Culinary Studies, Jaipur and Sage University, Indore, Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University, Jaipur are some of the best options for Event Management courses in India.

What job profiles are available after completing Event Management courses?

Various job profiles are available after completing Event Management courses. Some of them are:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Executive
  • Events Accounts Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Wedding Planner
  • PR

What is the eligibility criteria for Event Management courses?

For Undergraduate and certificate courses, a minimum of 50% aggregate in 12th boards is the minimum eligibility for admission in Event Management. For Postgraduate and PG Diploma courses, a minimum of 60% aggregate in the Undergraduation is required for admission in events management. There is no specification for passing fields.

What is the fee of bachelor’s degree in Event Management?

The fee of bachelor’s degree in Event Management will vary from college to college. A bachelor's degree in Event Management can cost anywhere from 2 Lakhs to 4 Lakhs for the entire duration of the course depending on the college.

Is there any certificate course in event management?

There are various certificate courses available in event management. Various colleges offer different certificate courses in event management that can be pursued anytime after the completion of 12th standards. The certificate courses, unlike the regular courses, focus on one specialization as opted by the student.

What exams are conducted for admission in event management courses?

There are no specific exams for event management course admission. The admissions are conducted independently by various universities and colleges. Some colleges or universities may choose to conduct a basic aptitude test. For admission in advanced studies like MBA, scores from CAT, MAT, NMAT are required. Scores from these entrances may also prove to be valuable for admission in some postgraduate courses.

What is the duration of the course Event Management ?

An event management course can last anywhere from a few months certificate course to a 1 year diploma course of 2 years of PG or PG diploma to 3 years of UG or specialization.

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