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    Diploma in Fashion Designing Syllabus & Subjects 2023

    Diploma in Fashion Designing Syllabus and Subjects Overview

    The Diploma in Fashion Designing course aims at providing a holistic understanding to the enthusiasts to make them competent professionals in the field of fashion. Diploma in Fashion Designing syllabus deals with subjects like Introduction to Fashion Designing, Principles of Fashion Designing, Textile Fibres, etc. Apart from the core courses, subjects like Marketing, Communication, Product Development, Retailing, etc. are also covered. The syllabus is prepared in such a way that within the duration of 1 year, students get familiarised with all the important Diploma in Fashion Designing subjects. 

    The Diploma in Fashion Designing course syllabus comprises adequate knowledge for basic-level learners. By studying the Diploma in Fashion Designing course subjects, students get a glimpse of the fashion designing industry and how it is operated. As this is a skill-based education, knowledge of technicalities is provided and students develop expertise in the domain.

    Diploma in Fashion Designing Year Wise Syllabus

    To earn the degree, students must cover the entire Diploma in Fashion Designing course syllabus. Students gain insight into fashion-related general knowledge through the Diploma in Fashion Designing subjects. The subjects included in the course curriculum meet the industry, institute’s, and students’ learning needs.

    Through the Diploma in Fashion Designing syllabus, the core subjects are taught and also students get engaged in different practical learning activities. Listed below is the general syllabus covered in the Diploma in Fashion Designing curriculum:

    1 Year Syllabus of Diploma in Fashion Designing

    Check out the Diploma in Fashion Designing syllabus for 1st year below:

    Fashion General KnowledgeBasic Designing and Sketching
    History of Fashion DesignTextile Fibres
    Design IdeasDrafting and Pattern Lay Out
    Costume Design and FabricationFabric Sourcing
    Garment Structure & Pre-ProductionMaking Clothing Brand
    Project Work & Assessment-



    Diploma in Fashion Designing Course Wise Syllabus

    Diploma in Fashion Designing have courses like Graduate Level Diploma in Fashion Designing, Advance Diploma in Fashion Designing etc. Check out the syllabus of a few important programs here:

    Graduate Level Diploma in Fashion Designing and Management Syllabus

    One of the interesting courses for a Diploma in Fashion Designing is Graduate Diploma in Fashion Designing and Management. This course is offered by the Vogue Institute of Art and Design and other popular design institutes. 

    Following the general semester-based syllabus pattern, the Diploma in Fashion Designing subjects of this course is offered over two semesters. Through the syllabus of this course, the knowledge of individual creativity and the fashion design market is provided to the students. The following table will provide an idea of the syllabus of the above-mentioned course:

    Semester 1Semester 2
    Fashion DesigningFashion Illustration
    Textile ScienceProduct Specification
    Pattern Making GarmentFashion Ornamentation
    Fashion AccessoryFashion Marketing and Management
    Fashion Merchandising and ManagementComputer-Aided Design









    Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing Syllabus

    The year-wise course curriculum of Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing is provided below:

    Year 1Year 2
    Introduction to Computers & Elementary MathematicsHistory of Costume
    Element of Textile Science - IFinishing and Care
    Element of Textile Science - IIProduct Development and Fashion Promotion
    Introduction to Computers & Elementary MathematicsFashion Marketing and Merchandising
    Basic of Fashion & Principles of DesignBasics of Quality Control
    Practical 1- Fashion Illustration - IPractical 1 – Pattern Making 1, Pattern Making 2

    Practical –II – Garment Construction - I


    Practical II- Computer-Aided Design

    Diploma in Fashion Designing Subjects

    A Diploma in Fashion Designing subjects provides fundamental knowledge of fashion-design-related concepts. A good range of subjects is taught under its course curriculum. Different universities teach different subjects. But, the concept almost remains the same. All the Diploma in Fashion Designing course subjects in the curriculum come under core papers. 

    The Diploma in Fashion Designing syllabus introduces the course topics under certain course codes and titles of papers. Listed below are the topics covered through the subjects and syllabus of the Diploma in Fashion Designing:

    Fashion General KnowledgeFashion Barriers, Identifying Fashion, The fashion Industry, Western Fashion, Ancient Indian Period Fashion, Post 16th Century Fashion
    Basic Designing and SketchingMaterial of drawing, Colour, Sketching, Basic Garment Drawing, Basics of Figure Garments, Basics of Garment Drawing etc.
    Surface OrnamentationIntroduction to Surface Ornamentation and Embroidery, Basics of Print Design, Different types of Stitches etc.
    History of Fashion Design19th, 20th, and 21st Century Fashion and their Influences
    Design IdeasFashion Influences, Design Inspiration, Design for Basics, Elements of Garment Design, Embroidery etc.
    Drafting and Pattern Lay OutAdvanced Pattern Lay Out
    Costume Design and FabricationBasic Stitching, Finishing, Classification of Fibres, Care of fabrics, Traditional fabrics.
    Fabric SourcingDifferent Styles of Pattern Making, Sizing, Grading and Measurements, Material and Contractors Sourcing
    Making a Clothing BrandFinancing a Clothing Brand, Making Business and Marketing Plans etc.
    Textile FibersUnderstanding Textile Fibres, Fibre groups, Fibre Properties, Basic Technique, Fabric Construction, and its Process, Yarns & Fabrics, Fibre Groups & their Properties
    Garment Structure & Pre-ProductionGarment Support, Garment Structure, Preparing to Produce Business Line
    Project WorkIndustry-Related topics

    Diploma in Fashion Designing Common Subjects for Different Syllabus

    In some universities, Diploma in Fashion Designing course syllabus is segregated into two semesters while in some other universities unit wise syllabus is covered in one year. However, whatever ways are followed, one can find numerous common subjects that are covered by the Diploma in Fashion Technology syllabus of all the institutes. 

    If we compare the Diploma in Fashion Designing syllabus of different institutes, we will understand the matter in a deeper way. Each of these subjects comes with some common learning objectives. Get a glimpse of the Diploma in Fashion Technology subjects commonly taught in various institutes in the table below:

    Fashion Design ConceptsIt concentrates on explaining the designs, basic requirements of materials, colour, design ideas etc. 
    SketchingThis subject deals with compositions, basics of garment drawing, still life, nature study, designs etc.
    Garment ConstructionIt talks about the principles of garment construction, elements of clothing, functions of clothing, understanding measurement/ size chart, etc.
    Pattern MakingIdeas on the basics of pattern making, pattern materials, tools for pattern makings, pattern making styles, etc. are taught through this subject.
    Costume DesignLearning of different aspects related to the pattern, knowledge of basic garment-making sewing machines and their classifications, etc. are imparted through this subject.
    FabricsThis subject focuses on teaching about different types of fabrics, fiber groups, fabric-making methodologies, etc.

    Diploma in Fashion Designing Lab Subjects

    Being a practical-oriented course, the Diploma in Fashion Designing syllabus includes different lab-based or practical-based subjects. These Diploma in Fashion Designing lab subjects are introduced along with the core papers. The purpose is to share the corresponding practical ideas on the theory papers. By gaining knowledge through the practical/ lab subjects students gain clear concepts of how the design works are executed in the real-world.

    In the practical classes of Diploma in Fashion Designing, students are guided in drafting the patterns, drawing of lines and strokes, designing sketches for men’s and women’s garments, portfolio making etc. Apart from that, hands-on learning on computer applications used in the field of fashion design is also taught through the related lab-based Diploma in Fashion Designing subjects. Listed below are a few of the commonly studied lab subjects included in the curriculum:

    ·   Fashion Designing and Illustration

    ·   Garment Construction

    ·   Computer Applications in Fashion Designing

    ·   Industry Project Works

    Diploma in Fashion Designing Project Works

    In the Diploma in Fashion Designing course, practical training is also covered through the project works. These subjects are introduced to provide extensive practical learning opportunities to the students. The learning from these projects forms a strong base for further studies.

    Apparel and Furnishings, Synthetic Textiles, and Local Artisans are a few of the project topics covered in the Diploma in Fashion Designing syllabus. The practical subjects and the project work altogether to build up the required ability in the students to produce excellent designs and garments.

    Diploma in Fashion Designing Entrance Exam Syllabus

    Most of the institutes take in students through direct admission for the Diploma in Fashion Designing course. A few organizations conduct institute-level examinations for the evaluation of potential candidates. Such an entrance examination for this course is LISAA CAT or LISAA’s Creative Aptitude Test. The purpose of this exam is to assess the innovation skills, observation power, quantitative aptitude, design ability etc. of the candidates to offer admission to the program. Multiple Choice Questions are asked in the exam. 

    Some of the subjects that the students need to cover to be prepared for the Diploma in Fashion Designing entrance Exams are Communication English, English Comprehension, General knowledge, Design Technology, Design Industry etc.

    Diploma in Fashion Designing Important Books

    There are numerous fashion design subjects that can be covered in the books of Diploma in Fashion Designing. A thorough understanding of the Diploma in Fashion Designing subjects is required to complete the course successfully. There are lots of concepts and ideas in the fashion industry that are not teachable. These concepts can be directly studied from Fashion Design Books. 

    The Fashion Design education sector is flooded with books for Diploma in Fashion Designing. Now, it is the responsibility of the learners to select the books according to the context. Some of the popular reference books that can be studied are listed below:

    Textiles: Fiber to FabricBernard P. Corbman
    Textile ScienceE.P.G. Gohl & L.D.Vilensky
    Technology of Textile ProcessingShenai V.A.
    Design ConceptsJane Mills and Janet K.Smith
    Pattern Making for Fashion DesignH.G. Armstrong
    Apparel Manufacturers HandbookJacob Solinger
    Metric Pattern CuttingWinifred Aldrich
    Decorative Painting Techniques BookVal Holmes
    Patternmaking for FashionPearson
    Textbook of Fabric Science: Fundamentals to FinishingSeema Sekhri
    Start-Up Your Fashion LabelAarthi Gunnupuri
    5000 Designs and Motifs from IndiaAjit Mookerjee
    Fashion Sketch BookBina Abling
    Fashion Design IllustratorPatric John Ireland
    Draw like the MastersBerrington Barber

    Diploma in Fashion Designing Course Structure

    Diploma in Fashion Designing course structure is formulated in such a way that the students get maximum learning through it. The course structure of this program includes a syllabus that is a unique blend of core and practical Diploma in Fashion Designing course subjects. In some Fashion Design Institutes, the Diploma in Fashion Designing course syllabus also has internships as an integral part of the curriculum. While the Diploma in Fashion Designing course syllabus explains all the significant concepts, the internships ingrain the acquired learning by providing in-field training to the students. 

    The teaching methodology adopted by most of the educational institutes in Diploma in Fashion Designing course syllabus are course-friendly. Whatever structure is followed for the course, the institutes ensure it is time and age-appropriate. The general course structure of the Diploma in Fashion Designing is as follows:

    ·   Year Wise/Semester Wise Syllabus

    ·   Core Papers

    ·   Practical Training

    ·   Projects

    ·   Internships

    FAQs about Diploma in Fashion Designing Syllabus

    What type of skills are required for Diploma in Fashion Designing ?

    Skills like creative aptitude, visual imagination skills, communication skills, sketching skills etc. are required to absorb the course learning of Diploma in Fashion Designing properly.

    Can anyone get jobs after pursuing Diploma in Fashion Designing?

    Yes, after pursuing the course, candidates with apt skill sets can be a Fashion Designer, become a Retail Manager, Pattern Maker etc.

    Does the Diploma in Fashion Designing have good demand?

    Yes, as a course, Diploma in Fashion Designing is a demanding one that successfully leads the learners to the industry.

    Which group is easy in Diploma in Fashion Designing?

    All the groups are easy in Diploma in Fashion Designing.

    Is Diploma in Fashion Designing good for future?

    Yes, skill-based courses like Diploma in Fashion Designing are certainly good for future.
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    Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

    After completing a Diploma, an aspirant will get a bundle of placement opportunities at NLSIU Bangalore. Top recruiters such as L&L Partners, AZB & Partners and KPMG will hire the deserving candidates. Go through the Placements at NLSIU Bangalore to find out more about it.

    In case of admission related enquiry, do not hesitate to reach out to our admission experts by simply dialling the toll-free number 1800-572-9877 (toll-free) or filling-up the Common Application Form. For more questions, write back to us in the QnA zone.

    Thank You


    Navneet, Student / Alumni

    As an alumnus of LPU, I had many friends who did fashion designing and are own working with top brands. LPU has faculty from premier design institutes to sharpen design visualization and execution. Labs and equipment to simulate the industry environment with practical exposure to the fashion industry right from design to merchandising. Option of specialization in Design or Technology. Quality learning has created skilled professionals that are recruit-able much before they graduate.There are 15+ global brands for placement and training,16+ labs to stimulate industry environment and 20+ lifestyle products created every year. School of design alumni are working in best design houses like Anshul Rajwansh (Delhi), Archana Kochhar (Mumbai), Sabeena Bani Ahuja (singapore), Aslam Khan (Delhi), Pam Mehta (Delhi). Companies like H&M, Raymond’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Gini & Jony, Shahi export, Orient Craft selected LPU students. LPU is also a hot ground for fashion start ups Some names include Nidhi & Ankita brand name “Akhyan”, Sumandeep handa brand name “SumanHanda Design ”, Abhishek Harshbardhan brand name “Harshbardhan”, Aditi Brand name “Pankh”, Tanvi Bansal “Modian Designer House” In Academics students do experimental design and production. Students are exposed to fashion shows, craft fairs, industry internships and craft documentation. Intensive exposure to practical work in Pattern making, Draping, Weaving, Printing, Dyeing, Garment Construction labs. Students are given various Live-projects during the course of the program to create commercially viable designs.

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