B.Tech Marine Engineering - Course Overview

Duration: 4.0 yrs | Mode: Regular| Avg. Fees: 1,00,000 / Year


About B.Tech Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering is one of the most popular course among engineering aspirants as it offers some of the brightest career opportunities. The course not only opens up your opportunities to work abroad but also ensures that you get a great starting salary.

The course comprises the study of various systems and controls used on a ship to control navigation and maintain safety of those on board. B.Tech in Marine engineering also covers various subjects of ship structure design, mechanical and electrical engineering for a dynamic approach.

A career in marine engineering is challenging as well as exciting. The job can be demanding for those who work onshore but is an exciting opportunity if you love seas and oceans. It is also possible for marine engineers to work offshore. Here’s all you need to know about a career in marine engineering.

B.Tech - Marine Engineering Syllabus

First Year:

Professional Communication

Environmental Studies

Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Mathematics – 1

Engineering Physics – 1

Engineering Mathematics – 2

Engineering Chemistry

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

Technical Communication

Fundamentals of Electronics Engineering

Engineering Drawing

Fundamentals of Computer


Second Year:

Applied Thermodynamics


Seamanship, Sociology and Political Science

Mechanics of Fluids

Engineering Mathematics – 3

Mechanics of Machines – 1

Electrical Machines – 1

Mechanics of Materials – 1

Machine and Machine Drawing





Third Year:

Solid Mechanics

Elementary Design

Computer Science

Marine IC Engineering – 1

Mechanics of Machines – 2

Marine Boiler and Steam Engineering

Electrical Machines – 2

Marine Auxiliary Machine – 1

Marine Electrical Technology

Ship Construction




Fourth Year:

Naval Architecture

Marine Auxiliary Machine – 2

Marine Machines and System Design

Power Plant operation

Marine IC Engineering – 2

STCW and Ship Fire Prevention

Gas Turbine

Marine Control Engineering and Automation

Marine Heat Engines and Air Conditioning

Commercial Geography, Ship Operation and Management



Popular Specializations of B.Tech - Marine Engineering

Career Options and Job Prospects

Jobs for marine engineers are available in both public and private sector. Shipping companies, shipbuilding and designing firms, engine production firms, navy and research organizations are the sectors where marine engineers can work. One can also apply for on-deck opportunities such as a third assistant engineer or fourth engineer. Following are some of the jobs available for Marine engineers:

  • Marine Surveyor
  • Marine Engineer
  • Coastal Marine Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Marine Engineering Officer
  • Nautical Engineer
  • Marine Sales Manager
  • Navigation Engineer

After pursuing a Marine Engineering Degree, graduates are eligible to work for domestic as well as international companies. The average starting salary of a Marine Engineer is Rs. 11 lakh per annum. Experience in the shipping industry is counted on the basis of a candidate's successful sails and those with 5 to 10 years of experience are offered salaries up to Rs. 30 lakh per annum.