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CMAT Syllabus 2024 - PDF Download Section-wise Syllabus

Updated By Tiyasa Khanra on 09 Oct, 2023 19:11

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CMAT Syllabus 2024 (PDF Available)

CMAT syllabus 2024 comprises subjects and sub-topics from five sections, namely General Awareness, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, Language Comprehension, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The CMAT 2024 syllabus is prescribed by National Testing Agency (NTA), the conducting body of the exam. Candidates appearing for the exam must be aware of the CMAT syllabus for MBA to score well and get admission into a top B-School.

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CMAT 2024 Admit Card Released

In 2021, NTA introduced Innovation & Entrepreneurship as an optional CMAT section with 25 questions and an additional 30 minutes for completing the section. However, in 2022 this section was made compulsory for all test takers and the same shall be followed in 2024. This section contains 20 questions and no extra time will be given for this section separately.

The Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) is held for admission into over 1300 MBA colleges in India. This year, CMAT will be conducted on May 4, 2024, in online mode at various centres finalized by the National Testing Agency (NTA). CMAT Admit Card 2024 has been released by NTA on May 1, 2024. Candidates interested in appearing in the CMAT 2024 exam must know the complete CMAT exam syllabus 2024 provided here to score good marks.

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CMAT Syllabus 2024 PDF Download

Since NTA does not release any official CMAT exam syllabus, we have provided a detailed CMAT 2024 syllabus PDF based on the previous year question papers. Click on the link below to download the CMAT syllabus PDF file.

CMAT 2024 Syllabus PDF Download

Important Topics in CMAT 2024 Syllabus

The section-wise important topics in CMAT 2024 syllabus can be found in the following table and video:

youtube image


CMAT 2024 Important Topics

General Awareness

Sports, Economics, Business, Personalities, World Affairs, Science, Literature, Politics, and Trade Awareness

Logical Reasoning

Blood Relationship, Coding-Decoding, Analytical Reasoning, Linear Arrangements, Number Series, Matrix Arrangements, and Ranking Tests

Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation

Time-Speed-Distance, Algebra, Profit & Loss, Mensuration, Graph, Quadratic and Linear Equations, Fraction and Decimals, Alligation & Mixtures, Averages, and Partnership

Language Comprehension

Paragraph Completion, English Usage Errors, Parajumbles, Synonyms and Antonyms, English Grammar, and Reading Comprehension

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Topics and Concepts related to Business, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Business & Entrepreneurial Innovation, etc.

CMAT Syllabus 2024 for Language Comprehension

Check out the CMAT 2024 syllabus for Language Comprehension from the table given below: 

English Grammar

Jumbled Para

Sentence Correction

English Usage Errors

Paragraph Completion

One-word Substitution

Idioms & Phrases

Synonyms & Antonyms

Sentence Improvement

Reading Comprehension

There are no particular rules or guidelines available for the candidates related to what kind of RC passages are asked in CMAT 2024. However, from past exams, we have seen that the passages are usually around 500 to 600 words in length and Moderate in difficulty. Candidates with good reading skills can go through the passages with relative ease. The topics on which the RC passages are based can also vary. When it comes to questions based on RC Passages in CMAT 2024, they can be related to the contextual or literal meaning of a word, the meaning of a phrase or idiom used in the passages, the central idea of the passages, what does the author want to convey, etc.

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CMAT 2024 Syllabus for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Test takers must look at the topics included in the CMAT exam syllabus 2024 for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the table prescribed below.

Concepts of Entrepreneurship

Theories and Models of Entrepreneurship

Overview of Entrepreneurship

Framework of Entrepreneurship Theories

Evolution of Entrepreneurship in India

Models of Entrepreneurship

Emerging Trends in Social Entrepreneurship

Dimensions of Entrepreneurship

Principles of Business Organisation

Entrepreneurial Society

Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development

Entrepreneurial Culture

Motivation, Communication and Leadership

Rural Entrepreneurship

Emerging Models of Corporate Entrepreneurship

Women Entrepreneurship

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CMAT Syllabus 2024 for Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation

Here is the CMAT syllabus 2024 for Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation to assist the aspirants in their preparation strategy: 


Pie Chart


Bar Chart


Pipes and Cisterns

Simple Interest and Compound Interest



Allegation & Mixtures

Profit & Loss

Permutations & Combinations


Quadratic and Linear Equations




Fraction and Decimals


Number Systems

Ratios and Proportion of Line

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CMAT 2024 Syllabus for Logical Reasoning

Scroll through the CMAT 2024 syllabus for Logical Reasoning provided below in a tabular form: 

Analytical Reasoning

Linear Arrangements

Statements Arguments


Matrix Arrangements

Number Series

Cause and Effects

Analogy Test

Blood Relationship Tests

Coding and Decoding


Statements and Conclusion

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Symbol Based Problems

Direction and Distance Test

Ranking Tests

Statements Assumptions

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CMAT 2024 Syllabus for General Awareness

Presented below is the CMAT syllabus 2024 for General Awareness: 


Indian Constitution

National and International Economy








Trade Awareness


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How to Cover Complete CMAT Syllabus 2024

Covering the complete CMAT 2024 syllabus is essential for any candidate who wishes to get a good score in the exam. Since NTA does not provide any official CMAT exam syllabus, experts rely on the previous year's exams to compile a list of topics that are covered in the CMAT syllabus 2024. Hence, candidates can simply go through the topics listed on this page to get an idea of the same.

Furthermore, covering the complete CMAT syllabus 2024 requires you to have a strategy in place. It is important to plan out your day-wise preparation in terms of the number of topics to be covered and divide your time between various sections to ensure that you are making progress in each of them. Regular practice is also crucial for success and hence, candidates must take the help of question banks and mock tests and solve questions every day to ensure success in the exam.

CMAT 2024 Mock Test

CMAT 2024 Sample Papers

CMAT Previous Year Question Papers

Difficulty Level of CMAT 2024 Syllabus

CMAT exam syllabus 2024 is mostly common to other MBA entrance exams in India but the difficulty level can vary between exams based on the type of questions asked. The difficulty level of questions in CMAT 2024 usually ranges from Easy to Moderate with the Reasoning and General Awareness sections proving to be a bit of a trouble to solve for the candidates. Check the following articles for more details.

CMAT 2024 Exam Analysis

What is a Good Score in CMAT 2024?

CMAT Syllabus 2024 - Important Pointers

Candidates who are planning to appear for the CMAT exam 2024 should go through the important pointers related to the CMAT syllabus 2024 given below:

  • The CMAT exam syllabus 2024 is set according to the rules and format of the entrance exam.

  • The CMAT exam conducting authority does not announce any specific structure or official topics/subjects for the CMAT syllabus.

  • Despite the fact that the CMAT's difficulty level primarily stays the same, the questions that are asked in the entrance exam are never repeated.

  • The CMAT syllabus 2024 is typically based on the topics and concepts that have already shown up in the CMAT previous year’s question papers.

  • The format, composition, and type of questions asked in the CMAT question paper vary from one year to the other.

Before looking at the CMAT syllabus PDF, it is advised by experts that candidates review the CMAT 2024 exam pattern. Candidates will benefit from the exam pattern by better understanding the format of the question paper The CMAT exam is divided into 5 sections, each containing 20 multiple-choice questions. There are a total of 100 questions on the exam, and each question is worth the same amount of points, which is 4 marks. Candidates can more easily relate to the CMAT syllabus 2024 once they are familiar with the CMAT exam pattern.

It is crucial for candidates to know how to prepare for CMAT 2024. One of the first steps towards effective CMAT preparation is to find out all the topics and sub-topics that need to be studied from the CMAT 2024 syllabus. Once candidates are done with understanding the CMAT syllabus for MBA, they will be able to easily start their exam preparation. They can seek help from experts regarding the preparation strategy and start with a full-fledged CMAT 2024 exam preparation.

To create a schedule that covers all the topics required for CMAT preparation, candidates must carefully review the CMAT syllabus before creating a plan of attack. The first step in exam preparation is to create a well-defined preparation schedule. However, the key to passing the exam is to adhere to the preparation routine religiously. The CMAT 2024 course outline is divided into five sections: Language Comprehension, Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, General Awareness, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

CMAT 2024 Exam Pattern

Check out the exam pattern for CMAT 2024.

Name of the Section

No. of Questions

Total MarksDuration

General Awareness


80180 minutes

Logical Reasoning



Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation


Language Comprehension



Innovation & Entrepreneurship




100400180 Minutes

Want to know more about CMAT

FAQs about CMAT Syllabus

What is the CMAT Syllabus?

The CMAT syllabus is a set of topics and sub-topics under four broad sections, viz. General Awareness, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation and Language Comprehension, from which questions can appear in the CMAT exam. When preparing for the CMAT, it is crucial to keep a note of all the subjects and topics that need to be covered in order to ace the test this year.

What are the subjects in the CMAT syllabus?

There are four main subjects that are part of the CMAT syllabus. These are English, Maths, Reasoning and General Awareness. Under these broad subjects, test takers will have to prepare a multitude of topics that are important to determine their eligibility for any number of MBA programmes offered by universities in the country.

Is the CMAT syllabus very difficult to study?

No, the topics included in the CMAT syllabus are mostly from the Class 10th level so the topics themselves are not that difficult to understand. However, the questions asked in CMAT can be deceptive at first look, thus, making the questions seem tough to crack. Nevertheless, a good preparation strategy and dedicated preparation will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to ace the tests.

Can the CMAT syllabus be changed?

Yes, the conducting body can change the syllabus of CMAT but the students will be notified of the same. It must be noted that the CMAT syllabus has not been changed over the years and there is very little chance of any major changes any time soon. However, be sure to keep a check on the official website to be updated on any changes that may have taken place.

How much time is needed to cover the complete syllabus of CMAT?

Ideally, a 3-6 month preparation time is good enough to cover the syllabus of CMAT completely. However, people who are already preparing for other MBA entrance exams as well should be able to prepare for the test in just 1 month. However, the amount of time needed to prepare for the test will be subjective to each candidate appearing for the test.

Which section has the most weightage in CMAT?

As per the official exam pattern for the test, all the sections of CMAT have an equal weightage with 25 questions worth 100 maximum marks in each section. Each question in the CMAT test will carry 4 marks each for every correct answer. In total, every section will carry 80 marks which will equal to 400 marks overall.

Which topics can I skip from the CMAT syllabus?

It is recommended to not skip any topics from the CMAT syllabus as questions can be asked from any part of the syllabus. If you do not have enough time to prepare, check the CMAT exam analysis of CollegeDekho to find out the topics which are the most asked in CMAT exam across all previous exams.

Which topics of the CMAT syllabus are important?

Each section of the CMAT exam will have various topics that every candidate should cover, some of which include Percentage, Ratio and Proportion, Blood Relationship, Arrangements, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation, Profit and Loss, Paragraph completion, Reading Comprehension, Coding-Deconding, Politics and Trade, Fractions and Decimals, Economics, Trade Awareness, Time-Speed-Distance and many more.

Is the CMAT syllabus same as the syllabus of CAT?

Yes, except for the General Awareness section which is missing in CAT, the CMAT syllabus will be similar to the syllabus of CAT. Since both the tests evaluate prospective candidates for MBA courses, the subjects and topics covered are often either the same or similar in context. The differences between the two tests will be seen in the exam pattern and the difficulty level of the questions.

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