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AILET Sample Paper

AILETB.A LLB Sample Paper 1


AILET B.A LLB Sample Paper 2


AILET Sample Paper 1


AILET Sample Papers

AILET Sample Papers: The aspirants must include AILET sample papers in their AILET preparation. With the exam approaching, in addition to revising the concepts, candidates must solve as many sample questions as possible from the sample papers.

The sample papers help them familiarise themselves with the AILET exam pattern and provide them with a grasp of the type of questions they may face in the actual examination. It is recommended that the candidates finish the AILET syllabus first and then start solving sample papers to improve their speed and accuracy. 

Solving sample papers is effective for preparation and gives the candidates ample time to identify and work on weak areas. Below are a few sample papers of AILET that they can utilise for study -

Download AILET 2024 Question Paper for LLM

Download AILET 2024 Question Paper for BA LLB

Download AILET 2023 Question Paper for LLM

Download AILET 2023 Question Paper for BA LLB

Download AILET 2022 Question Paper for LLM

Download AILET 2022 Question Paper for BA LLB

Download AILET 2020 Question Paper for LLM

Download AILET 2020 Question Paper for BA LLB

Download AILET 2019 Question Paper for BA LLB

Download AILET 2018 Question Paper for BA LLB

Download AILET 2016 Question Paper for BA LLB

Download AILET 2018 Question Paper for LLM

Advantages of Solving the AILET Sample Papers

The importance of the AILET Sample Papers can be determined by the pointers specified below.

  • Sample papers are the best way to analyze the preparation of the candidate. It defines the weak and the strong areas and by referring to the result, aspirants can prepare a strategy to enhance their final performance.
  • Solving AILET Sample Papers gives the candidate an opportunity to understand the AILET 2024 Exam Pattern completely. It is essential to be well aware of the exam pattern beforehand in order to perform well in it. By solving AILET Sample Papers, aspirants get the hang of the question paper format and the allotted marks to every section. They also get to understand the nature of the questions.
  • By keeping a timer set to the exam time and solving the sample paper simultaneously, an individual develops the exam temperament. It also helps in managing the time accordingly so that no questions are left unanswered. Time management, speed, and accuracy can be achieved and strengthened only by giving more and more sample papers of AILET. They help candidates in allocating time to each section as per their requirements and proceed with the exam accordingly.
  • Sample papers instill confidence in the candidate. They get motivated to perform better due to their familiarity with the exam pattern, syllabus and marking scheme.
  • Through the sample papers, the speed of an aspirant naturally increases and so does the accuracy. The thinking ability also gains momentum.
  • Solving sample papers are the best way to identify silly mistakes and blunders.
  • Solving the AILET Sample Papers will make the candidates quite familiar with the kind of questions that are asked in the exam. They will be able to exercise their brain much more and this will enhance their performance in the exam. An individual gets a better overview of not only the exam but also of their own knowledge base.
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FAQs about AILET

What are the AILET Sample Papers?

The AILET Sample Papers are mock papers that are based on the actual question paper format.

Are AILET Sample Papers and Model Papers the same?

Yes, AILET Sample Papers and Model Papers are the same thing.

Where can I get the AILET Sample Papers?

Candidates can easily find the AILET Sample Papers online, on the exam page of CollegeDekho.

Why should I solve the AILET Sample Papers?

Solving AILET Sample Papers increases speed, efficiency and speed of a candidate. It also provides an overview of the paper pattern and the nature of questions.

Should I keep a timer while solving the AILET Sample Papers?

Yes, a candidate must always keep a timer while solving the AILET Sample Papers. It helps them in understanding their level of performance and managing the exam time.

Is it necessary to solve the Sample Papers of AILET?

Solving the Sample Papers of AILET is not a necessity. However, doing so provides a candidate with confidence and enhances their performance in the actual exam.

Can I skip solving AILET Sample Papers?

Solving the AILET Sample Papers can be skipped if an aspirant has solved the AILET Previous Year's Question Papers. However, it is a vital step of exam preparation and candidates must try not to skip it.

How much time should I take to solve each AILET Sample Paper?

Candidates must set a timer before solving the AILET Sample paper which must be equal to the exam duration of the actual exam.

Does the quantity of AILET Sample Papers matter?

Solving as many sample papers as possible definitely lends better speed and accuracy. It also provides them with a reality check of where their exam preparation stands.

Is solving AILET Sample Papers sufficient while revising for the exam?

No, solving the AILET Sample Papers is a part of the revision. Aspirants must go through all the important pointers and must take the mock tests too while revising for the exam.

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Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

Dear Student,

Since the syllabus of AILET and CLAT are almost the same, you can study from the same books for both exams. However, while preparing make sure to solve the last year's question papers, sample papers and mock tests for both the exams separately. It would strengthen your preparation and make you understand both the exams better. Go through the link below to make your preparation easy.



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