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CAT Sample Paper

CAT Sample Paper 1


CAT Sample Paper 1 Answer key


CAT Sample Papers

CAT sample papers play a very important role in the CAT exam preparation. Solving last year's CAT question papers, mock tests, and sample papers of the CAT exam not only helps enhance the final exam performance but also boosts the confidence of the test takers. Plenty of toppers also summarize their CAT 2024 preparation strategy in three words - 'CAT Sample Papers'. They highly recommend solving CAT sample papers to crack the exam and get admission into top IIMs.

The CAT exam was held on November 24, 2024. Practising plenty of sample papers will be helpful in understanding how to approach CAT 2024 question paper. Download CAT practice papers PDFs on this page and check ahead all the important information related to it.

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CAT Sample Papers PDF Download

Practicing the CAT sample papers will help candidates get familiar with the CAT exam pattern 2024, the marking scheme, the CAT syllabus 2024, and the types of questions that may be asked in CAT 2024. Solving CAT sample papers 2024 will help the candidates know the number of questions and the time each section takes. Candidates can download the sample papers for the CAT exam 2024 given below and incorporate them into their CAT 2024 preparation.

CAT Sample Paper 1

Download PDF

CAT Sample Paper 2

Download PDF

CAT Sample Paper 3

Download PDF
CAT Sample Paper 4

Download PDF

CAT Sample Paper 5

Download PDF

CAT Sample Paper 6

Download PDF

CAT Sample Paper 7

Download PDF

CAT Sample Paper 8

Download PDF

CAT Sample Paper Answer Key

Download Answer Key PDF

Importance of CAT Sample Papers

CAT Sample Papers are an incredible way to improve your preparedness for the exam and move towards getting a good score in the exam. Check some of the advantages of solving CAT sample papers given below.

  • They help in improving speed, accuracy, and time management. Students will be able to know the time they have to devote to each section by solving the sample papers of CAT. Also, they will know what questions to solve first without losing any marks.

  • They help the students in identifying their strong and weak areas in CAT preparation. Aspirants can devote their time and adjust their preparation strategies accordingly.

  • Solving CAT sample papers 2024 will help the candidates get familiar with the nature and type of questions that will be asked in the CAT exam 2024. It will help them be better prepared and get to the answers quicker.

  • Students can also evaluate their performance against the candidates who were shortlisted for IIMs in that particular year. It would help them in enhancing their preparation and exam performance.

  • Aspirants can get their hands on the sample papers of CAT as many times as they want. They can come back and solve practice problems and analyse their progress.

  • CAT sample papers are often free of cost which means students would not have to spend a single penny on them.

  • Candidates can practice and utilize new tips and tricks, such as these Vedic Maths Tricks for CAT when solving sample papers. It is a good way to find out what works and what doesn't work.

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Tips to Solve CAT Sample Papers

When solving CAT 2024 sample papers, candidates must ensure that they are following the tips given below for the best results.

Tips to Solve CAT Sample Papers

  1. Time Yourself - It is important to keep a timer running when solving sample papers of the CAT exam. It will help you get an idea of your speed vs. accuracy when solving CAT questions. Note the time you take to solve a practice set and try to reduce it as much as possible till the time it does not affect your accuracy.
  2. Solve in One Go - Solving the sample paper in a single stretch is a good strategy to find out how many questions you can solve within the stipulated time limit for CAT 2024. It will also help build stamina to sit through the entire exam.
  3. Do Not Use Gadgets - Stay away from smartphones or any other form of gadgets to avoid distraction. Treat the test like the real CAT exam as it is the only way of enhancing performance and getting a reality check. 
  4. Self-Assess - Self-assessment is the key to making the best use of CAT sample papers. Note down the areas where you are taking more time or making mistakes and work on them.
  5. Come up With a Better Strategy - Check whether you are making careless mistakes and need to pay more attention or whether you need to use a different strategy for a particular type of question. Circle out the eros and blunders and come up with a better strategy to rectify them.
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CAT Sample Papers - Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme

When tackling the CAT 2024 sample papers, it's crucial to understand the exam's pattern, structure, and marking system. This knowledge is instrumental in accurately calculating scores and assessing performance. Candidates should pay special attention to the key details regarding the CAT 2024 exam pattern and marking scheme outlined below to ensure precise score calculations.

  • No. of Sections: The CAT 2024 exam comprises three sections: Quantitative Ability (QA), Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC), and Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR).
  • No. of Questions: There are a total of 66 questions in the exam, distributed as follows: 22 questions in VARC, 20 in DILR, and 24 in QA.
  • Marks Distribution: Each question is worth 3 marks, and there is a deduction of 1 mark for each incorrect answer. No marks are deducted for unattempted questions or non-MCQs.
  • Sequential Section Attempt Only: Candidates are required to tackle the questions in the CAT 2024 exam sequentially, without the option to switch between sections in the middle of the question paper.

Candidates can view the exam particulars of CAT 2024  in the following table



CAT Exam Sections

  • Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)
  • Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)
  • Quantitative Ability (QA)

Section-wise Division of Questions

  • VARC - 24
  • DILR - 20
  • QA - 22

Mode of Examination

Computer Based Test

Total Exam Duration

120 minutes or 2 hours

Sectional Time Limit

40 minutes

Total Marks


Question Paper Language


Type of Questions

MCQs and Non-MCQs (TITA)

Number of MCQ Choices


Marking Scheme

+3 marks for every correct answer

-1 for every incorrect MCQ answer

No negative marking for wrong non-MCQ answers

Where Can I Find CAT Sample Papers?

CAT 2024 sample papers are made available in both online as well as offline mediums. Provided below is the list of places where an individual can find the sample papers of CAT.

  • Best Books of CAT 2024: Aspirants buying the study materials for the exam, can find the sample papers in the CAT best books 2024. Most of the practice and preparation books come with model papers and sample questions for the candidates.

  • Coaching Centres of CAT 2024: Top CAT 2024 coaching institutes prepare an individual for the exam and also provide an individual with free and paid CAT sample papers mock tests and sample papers for practice and enhancing performance. Look for reputed coaching centers or reliable online platforms that provide CAT study material.

  • Online Sources: There are plenty of online resources such as where a candidate can get their hands on the sample papers of CAT 2024 free of cost. Conduct an online search using keywords like "CAT sample papers" or "CAT previous year's question papers." You will find numerous websites offering downloadable PDFs or online practice tests.

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FAQs about CAT

Is solving CAT Sample Papers enough for preparing for the CAT exam 2024?

No, completing CAT Sample Papers alone won't get you ready for the CAT test. You must study the entire CAT syllabus, as well as the previous year's practice exams and question papers. You can practice with these CAT sample papers if you still have time for better preparation.

How much time should one take to solve each CAT Sample Paper?

Each CAT sample paper must be completed in two hours by candidates, as this is the amount of time permitted for the entire exam. When practising the papers, they have to set a timer and attempt to finish them in the allotted amount of time. Students must to attempt to complete each portion of the CAT exam within the 40-minute time limit, as well.

How many CAT Sample Papers should I solve?

There is no restriction on how many CAT sample papers one can solve, but in order to do a comprehensive revision, one must solve at least ten CAT sample papers. Students can use this to forecast their scores and perform as well as possible on the actual test. Five CAT sample papers at the very least will be helpful if there is a time constraint.

Is it mandatory to solve CAT Sample Papers?

Solving CAT sample papers is not mandatory. Nevertheless, solving them will boost an applicant's self-assurance. Their performance will improve as they practice these sample papers more. As a result, one needs to begin practicing CAT sample papers as soon as revision is complete.

Will it be wise to skip solving CAT Sample Papers?

Students may choose to skip solving CAT Sample Papers, even though it is not a good idea, if they have already completed the CAT Mock Test and the previous year's CAT papers. It is recommended that students set aside some time to practice these example papers prior to taking the CAT exam in 2023, given its significance.

What is the purpose of solving CAT Sample Papers?

The purpose of solving CAT Sample Papers is to enable aspirants to gauge their degree of readiness for each of the three areas of the test. The accuracy and time management abilities will improve as candidates become more adept at identifying the areas that need attention.

What is the difficulty level of CAT Sample Papers?

The CAT sample papers range in difficulty from moderate to high. CAT question paper designers attempt to maintain consistency in the difficulty level to align with the requirements of the official CAT exam, even though the difficulty level typically varies with the question papers.

Are CAT Sample Papers also called CAT Model Papers?

Yes, CAT Model Papers are another name for CAT Sample Papers. These are comparable to the actual CAT question paper and assist students in evaluating and projecting their performance. Experts in management have created these papers to help applicants improve their readiness for the CAT.

Where can I find CAT Sample Papers?

Candidates can find CAT sample papers and CAT books on a number of internet portals. Students can go through the papers that are available and practice only those that are authentic and up to the CAT standards. Students should obtain the free CAT sample papers from this page to ensure high-quality preparation.

What are CAT Sample Papers?

CAT sample papers are simulated exam question papers that closely resemble the format and categories of questions on the real CAT examination. They are available online and as PDF downloads. Through practicing with CAT sample papers, students learn the relative importance of each topic and the degree of difficulty of the CAT questions.

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No, it's not possible. You have to sit for CAT if you wish to seek admission in IIM-A. 


How to calculate CAT percentile?

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Dear Student,

CAT percentile is calculated using the formula “( 1 - All India Rank(Total Candidates in the Exam) * 100%”. You can understand this by example. Suppose 100 students appeared in the exam and you ranked 2nd then there are 98 students who have ranked below you. In that case, your percentile will be calculated as (98/100)x100 = 98 %tile. You must note that the CAT scorecard will show the final percentile up to two decimal places only. Those who have scored more than 98 percentile in the exam will have higher chances of getting a call from IIMs …


How can I prepare for CAT 2020 on my own?

-AshishUpdated on July 14, 2023 01:38 PM
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Dear Student

You can start your preparation by checking all the important topics available in the syllabus of CAT exam. Since you are preparing for CAT exam, you have to prepare a schedule in such a way that you have enough time for the preparation of all the important sections of the exam. You can follow these strategies while preparing for CAT exam by own.


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