CLAT Syllabus 2020

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CLAT Syllabus 2020

CLAT 2020 syllabus includes all the topics that law aspirants must cover in order to prepare for the exam. NLU will release the official CLAT 2020 Syllabus and there are no changes in the syllabus. The national-level exam grants admission in 3-year and 5-year Integrated LLB and LLM programmes offered by the 19 NLUs and other Law Schools accepting CLAT Scores. The syllabi for all the programmes are different.

The CLAT 2020 Syllabus clearly describes the subject and the sub-topics that the candidates need to prepare in order to face the examination. Once candidates are aware of the syllabus of CLAT 2020, they can start with their exam preparation. With the help of syllabus of CLAT 2020, candidates will get an overview of the CLAT 2020 Exam pattern in order to score well in the entrance exam.

The exam pattern will help candidates to understand the structure of the question paper. The exam pattern for the UG programme is divided into 5 sections while for PG programme, it is divided into 3 sections. The question paper for postgraduate courses will have a total of 150 multiple choice questions whereas undergraduate courses will have 200 questions to attempt. Once candidates are familiar with the CLAT exam pattern, they can then easily relate to the CLAT exam syllabus.

CLAT UG Exam Syllabus 2020

The syllabus of CLAT 2020 for UG courses can be checked below -

CLAT 2020 Syllabus for English with Comprehension

  • The English section analyses the student’s English proficiency based on grammar and comprehension passages. In the Comprehension section, students are given a passage and questions, and they have to answer the questions with their understanding of the passage and meanings of the words given in the passage, its central theme, etc.
  • The Grammar section involves correction of incorrect grammatical mistakes in the sentences, fill-ups in the sentences with suitable words, etc.

CLAT 2020 Syllabus for General Knowledge and Current Affairs

  • The General knowledge section evaluates students based on their awareness.
  • Questions based on the current affairs analyse students on the basis of their knowledge of international and national current affairs.

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CLAT 2020 Syllabus for Mathematics

This section analyses the student’s knowledge of Elementary Mathematics (10th Class/standard).

CLAT 2020 Syllabus for Legal Aptitude

  • This section analyses student’s knowledge of the study of law, research aptitude and problem-solving ability.
  • Questions may consist of legal propositions and a set of facts to which the said proposition has to be applied. Some propositions may not be 'true' in the real sense, students will have to guess the 'truth' of these propositions and answer the questions properly.

CLAT 2020 Syllabus for Logical Reasoning

  • The objective of the logical reasoning section is to analyse the students' ability to identify logical links, examine the patterns, and rectify illogical arguments. It may include a variety of logical reasoning questions such as logical sequences, syllogisms, analogies, etc.
  • Visual reasoning will not be tested.

CLAT 2020 PG Exam Syllabus

CLAT 2020 PG Syllabus for Jurisprudence:

  • It is the study of theoretical law to gain a deeper understanding of legal systems, legal reasoning, legal institutions and their role in society.

CLAT 2020 PG Syllabus for Law of Contracts:

  • A contract is able to make one service between two or more parties, provide a product or commit to an act and enforceable by law. There are many types of contracts, and each has specific terms and conditions.

CLAT 2020 PG Syllabus for Criminal Law

  • It is a body that deals with crimes. It involves threatening, harmful, or otherwise endangering the property, health, safety and the moral welfare of anyone's own inclusive people.

CLAT PG 2020 Syllabus for International Law :

  • It is the set of rules generally regarded and accepted as binding in relations between states and between nations. It serves as a framework for the practice of stable and organized international relations.

CLAT 2020 PG Syllabus for Law of Torts

  • It is comparatively a recent common law development in India based on codifying statutes including statutes related to damages.

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