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CLAT 2024 Syllabus: PDF Download for UG and PG

Updated By Debanjalee Sen on 01 Dec, 2023 15:13

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CLAT 2024 Syllabus (PDF Download for UG & PG)

CLAT 2024 Syllabus: The CLAT 2024 syllabus includes a list of all topics that law candidates must study for CLAT preparation. The exam is a national-level examination that grants admission in 5-year Integrated LL.B and LLM programmes offered by the 22 NLUs and other Law Schools accepting CLAT Scores. The CLAT 2024 syllabus is different for BA LLB and LLM programmes. 

CLAT syllabus 2024 covers the major sections and the sub-topics associated with them that the aspirants need to prepare for the law admission test. Once the aspirants know the complete syllabus of CLAT 2024, then it becomes ideal for them to start their CLAT 2024 exam preparation. Besides knowing the CLAT syllabus 2024, the candidates must also know the CLAT 2024 exam pattern to score well in the entrance test.

Daily Vocabulary for CLAT 2024 English

    Latest Updates About CLAT 2024

    CLAT Exam Syllabus 2024 PDF

    CLAT aspirants can check out the syllabus from the official website or from the CLAT Exam Syllabus 2024 PDF provided by CollegeDekho. The CLAT exam syllabus 2024 PDF is one of the most important tools to begin CLAT preparation. Without following the syllabus for CLAT UG 2024, candidates cannot proceed with the exam preparation strategy.

    CLAT Syllabus 2024 Download Link

    The Consortium on the official website does not give any separate CLAT Syllabus 2024 Download Link for the candidates to access the syllabus. The aspirants can retrieve the CLAT syllabus 2024 for UG by visiting the official webpage, moving to the UG section on the menu, and scrolling down to open the “Syllabus and Guide” link. Once the applicants are on the “Syllabus and Guide” subpage, they can find the list of sections given, what sub-topics are important for the test, and how can the aspirants prepare for the entrance exam.

    CLAT Syllabus 2024 PDF Download 

    CLAT Syllabus 2024 PDF download link is provided in the table below. We have given the overall view as well as presented the section-wise topics and key points in the CLAT Exam Syllabus 2024 PDF attached here.

    Section-wise CLAT 2024 Syllabus

    Given below is the section-wise CLAT syllabus 2024. The CLAT question paper will have 150 questions which will be divided into 5 sections as follows. 

                         UG Syllabus For CLAT                                      PG Syllabus For CLAT   
    English LanguageConstitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Administrative Law
    General Knowledge and Current AffairsLaw of Contract, Family Law, Torts, and Criminal Law
    Logical ReasoningProperty Law and Company Law
    Legal ReasoningPublic International Law, Tax Law
    Quantitative TechniquesLabour & Industrial Law, and Environmental Law

    CLAT Syllabus 2021

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    CLAT 2024 Syllabus for English Language

    The CLAT 2024 syllabus for the English language comprises passages worth 450 words each. These texts are taken up from present or historically important fiction or non-fiction writings of the 12th standard level. Candidates may need up to 5 - 7 minutes to read the passages. These passages are followed by questions that demand that the candidates demonstrate their language and comprehension abilities.

    Here is the CLAT syllabus 2024 for the English Language segment that needs to be covered for acing this section.

    Reading Comprehension

    Vocabulary Based Questions

    Figures of Speech- Personification, Irony etc.




    Active & Passive Voice


    Concord (Subject-Verb Agreement)

    Spotting Grammatical Errors

    Verbs formation

    Verbs Usage

    Tips to Prepare for the English Language Section of CLAT

    Provided below are more details of CLAT Syllabus 2023 for the English Language -

    • Reading and understanding the main point of the question including the viewpoints and arguments mentioned in the passage.
    • Summarising the passages
    • Drawing inferences and conclusions based on the passage
    • Comparing various arguments or viewpoints mentioned in the passage.
    • Comprehending the meaning of various phrases and words mentioned in the passage.

    CLAT 2024 Syllabus for Current Affairs and General Knowledge

    CLAT 2024 syllabus for Current Affairs and General Knowledge includes several events of the national and international levels. This section will also contain passages of 450 words each which will be derived from journalistic sources, news and non-fiction writing. The designed questions will examine the candidate's awareness, legal information or knowledge related to the given passage. The table given below provides the detailed CLAT syllabus 2024 for GK and Current Affairs.

    Current Affairs

    Economy, Science


    International events

    Major developments in the areas of sports

    Geopolitics and Important Environmental Agreements

    Awards and honours

    Eminent personalities

    Static GK

    Contemporary events of significance from India and the world

    International Affairs

    Arts and Culture

    Tips to Prepare for Current Affairs Section of CLAT

    CLAT 2024 Syllabus for Legal Reasoning

    Passages in this section of the CLAT 2024 syllabus for Legal Reasoning will also have 450 words each. These may relate to scenarios or fact situations based on public policy questions, legal matters or moral philosophical enquiries. No prior knowledge of the law is required to answer questions / passages in this section. Captured below are a few important topics of the CLAT syllabus 2024 for Legal Reasoning that can help in getting a good score in this section.

    Legal Maxims

    Legal Terms

    Indian Constitution


    Criminal Law


    Landmark Judgements

    Current Affairs Related to Law (Judgements/Bills/Acts etc.)

    Preparation Tips for CLAT Legal Reasoning Section

    The candidates must only have a general awareness of the latest legal and moral issues in order to apply general principles or propositions to the given scenarios. The passages will ask the aspirants to:

    • Identify and infer rules and principles given in the passage.
    • Understand how changing the rules and principles can change their application to different fact situations.
    • Apply the rules and principles to different fact situations.

    CLAT 2024 Syllabus for Logical Reasoning

    This section of the CLAT 2024 syllabus shall include short passages of 300 words each. Check out the important topics of the CLAT syllabus 2024 for the Logical Reasoning syllabus below.

    Basic of Logic


    Forcefulness of Arguments


    Premises & Conclusion

    Strengthening & Weakening Arguments


    Cause & Effect

    Courses of Action


    Preparation Tips for CLAT Logical Reasoning 2024

    Other important points about the CLAT 2024 syllabus for Logical Reasoning are as follows.

    • Read and identify the arguments given in the passage.
    • Recognise the argument along with its premises and conclusions.
    • Analyse the patterns of reasoning and assess the conclusions depending on the particular premises or evidence.
    • Draw relationships and analogies, identify equivalence and contradictions and identify the effectiveness of arguments. 
    • Infer what follows from the passage. 
    • Apply the inference to new situations.

    CLAT 2024 Syllabus for Quantitative Techniques

    The CLAT 2024 syllabus for the Quantitative Techniques section will include short sets of facts or propositions, textual or diagrammatic or pictorial, and graphical representations of numerical information. The same shall be followed by a series of questions. Here are a few important topics from the CLAT syllabus 2024 of the Quantitative Techniques segment -

    Volume & Surface Area


    Basic Algebra



    Ration & Proportion

    Time & Distance

    Data Interpretation

    Tips to Prepare for CLAT 2024 Quantitative Techniques Section

    Candidates shall be able to derive information from the given passages, representations, and graphs and apply mathematical operations to the provided information. The questions will be based on:

    • Deriving and inferring along with manipulating information given in such passages, graphs or other representations.
    • Applying different Class X mathematical operations on the given information such as ratios, proportions, mensuration, basic algebra and statistical estimation. 

    CLAT 2024 Syllabus Important Topics

    Apart from being acquainted with the CLAT syllabus 2024, candidates must explore the previous year question paper trends to observe the question paper trends and find out the CLAT 2024 syllabus’s important topics. We have covered below the important topics for CLAT syllabus 2024 section-wise

    CLAT 2024 Syllabus Important Topics for English Section

    Figures of Speech, Spotting Grammatical Errors, Active and Passive Voice, Vocabulary Based Questions, Reading Comprehension etc., are some of the important topics for the CLAT 2024 syllabus English section.

    CLAT 2024 Syllabus Important Topics for Current Affairs and General Knowledge

    Current Affairs, International events, Awards and honours, Contemporary events of significance from India and the world, Space and ISRO, Green Technology etc., are some of the topics from where the candidates can expect questions for the CLAT 2024 syllabus Current Affairs and General Knowledge section.

    CLAT 2024 Syllabus Important Topics for Legal Reasoning Section

    Legal Maxims, Legal Terms, the Indian Constitution, Current Affairs Related to Law, and Major Judgements can be considered vital for the CLAT 2024 syllabus Legal Reasoning  Knowledge section.

    CLAT 2024 Syllabus Important Topics for Logical Reasoning Section

    Basics of Logic, Inferences, Syllogisms, and Assumptions can be counted as a few of the crucial topics for the CLAT 2024 syllabus Logical Reasoning Section.

    CLAT 2024 Syllabus Important Topics for Quantitative Techniques Section

    Ratios and proportions, basic algebra, mensuration and statistical estimation, deriving numerical information etc., are notable topics for the CLAT 2024 syllabus Quantitative Techniques Section

    CLAT 2024 Exam Pattern

    Here are the major pointers related to the CLAT 2024 UG exam pattern -

    • The maximum mark for CLAT UG 2024 is 120, which will have 120 questions of one mark each.
    • Negative marking is applicable in CLAT 2024 and it will lead to a deduction of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.

    CLAT UG 2024 Subject-Wise Weightage



    English Language

    22 - 26 questions or 20% of the paper approximately

    Legal Reasoning

    28-32 questions or 25% of the paper approximately

    Current Affairs, including General Knowledge

    28-32 questions or 25% of the paper approximately

    Logical Reasoning

    22 - 26 questions or 20% of the paper approximately

    Quantitative Techniques

    10 - 14 questions or 10% of the paper approximately

    CLAT 2024 PG Syllabus

    CLAT PG 2024 is divided into two sections- Objective and Descriptive Sections

    In the Objective section, passages will be followed by a series of questions that will ask the candidate to:

    • Read and comprehend the issues mentioned in the given passage. This may also include arguments and viewpoints discussed in the passage.
    • Summarise the passage and apply the knowledge of the law to the passage.
    • Be aware of the issues mentioned in the passage along with legal issues and facts related to the passage and the statute or judgement from which it has been extracted.

    In the descriptive section, candidates would be required to write essays and answer 2 questions from the list of questions. Each essay must be of a maximum of 800 words. These questions would test - 

    • Ability to structure the answer and mention the arguments and perspective clearly and then draw the conclusion accordingly.
    • Awareness of the factual, legal and philosophical issues set out in the given question.

    The topics asked in the CLAT PG exam include Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Law of Torts, Family Law, Labour and Industrial Law, Company Law, Public International Law, Jurisprudence, Property Law, International Law, Law of Contracts, Tax Law, Intellectual Property Law, Environmental Law etc.

    Want to know more about CLAT

    FAQs about CLAT Syllabus

    What is the syllabus for CLAT 2024?

    The CLAT 2024 syllabus includes sections on the English language, Current Affairs with General Knowledge, Legal Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning sections, the syllabus will be of class 12 level and the questions in the Quantitative Techniques section will be based on class 10.

    What are the subjects of CLAT 2024?

    The subjects of CLAT 2024 include Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Techniques, Current Affairs and General Knowledge, and English Language.

    Has CLAT 2024 syllabus been changed?

    The syllabus of CLAT 2024 was revised in 2019 and the same will be followed from now onwards. Apart from that, no other changes have been made in the CLAT 2024 syllabus.

    Which topics are asked in CLAT 2024 Logical Reasoning section?

    The topics under the Logical Reasoning section of CLAT 2024 are Puzzles, Logical Sequences, Family/ Blood Relation, Coding/ Decoding, Seating Arrangement, Number Test, Ranking and Order, Verbal Reasoning, Pairing, Calendar, Jumbles, Questions on Inference, Statement Conclusion/ Assumption, Syllogisms, Directions, and Data Interpretation.

    How many questions of General Knowledge and Current Affairs are asked in CLAT 2024?

    Around 35-39 questions of CLAT 2024 are asked on General Knowledge and Current Affairs.

    How much weightage is given to Legal Reasoning in CLAT 2024?

    About 25% of the total questions of CLAT 2024 are asked on Legal Reasoning. This comprises about 35 to 39 questions.

    What should I prepare for CLAT 2024 English Language section?

    For the English Language section of CLAT 2024, you must prepare the following topics: Antonyms, Synonyms, Analogies, Idioms and Phrases, One Word Substitution, Sentence Improvement, Rearrangement of Sentence in Paragraph, Rearrangement of Words in Sentence, Fill in the Blanks, Common Errors, Spotting Errors, Inappropriate Usage of Words and Spelling Mistakes (English Usage), Use of Correct Word, and comprehension based questions.

    What is asked in the Legal Aptitude section of CLAT 2024?

    The Legal Aptitude or Legal Reasoning section of CLAT 2024comprises questions related to legal propositions and set of facts satisfying the propositions. The propositions may or may not be true but you will have to assume they are true and answer the asked questions accordingly.

    Which topics should I cover for CLAT General Knowledge and Current Affairs section?

    The General Knowledge and Current Affairs section of CLAT is wide and many topics are included in it. Events of National and international importance, current events in areas of Economics, Science, Technology, Sports, Persons and Places, Static GK and latest happenings, Books and Authors are some of the topics which should not be missed.

    Is the syllabus of CLAT 2024 vast?

    The syllabus of CLAT 2024 is not too vast and can be covered easily if sufficient time is given to it. The revised CLAT 2024 syllabus has been made more comprehensive for reducing the stress of students.

    In how much time can I complete the syllabus of CLAT 2024?

    In order to complete the syllabus of CLAT 2024 properly, a duration of at least 6 - 12 months is required. It also depends upon your learning speed and prior knowledge of subjects.

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