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LSAT-India-2018 Exam Pattern & Syllabus

Accepted For : LLM , LLB

Exam Mode : Offline

Registrations Date

04 Oct, 2017


Exam Date

20 May, 2018

124 days to go

LSAT India 2018 Exam Pattern

The LSAT India 2018 is a standardised examination of verbal reasoning and reading skills prepared by the LSAC for candidates seeking admission in law schools/institute/colleges of India. LSAT India has been introduced after the world famous LSAT. Testing professionals with advanced degrees in English, linguistics, psychometrics, and logic have developed the test. LSAT India Exam Pattern strictly adheres to the recommended specifications, which are basically the same every year. Each paper question has been subjected to several levels of review and pretesting, so the candidates can be ensured that there is only one correct answer to each question. LSAT India 2018 will be conducted in offline (Pen & Paper Based) mode.

The LSAT India 2018 has three sections: Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Logical Reasoning. There is no negative marking in the LSAT India examination. Only right answers contribute to a candidate's score. Therefore, candidates should not leave any question unanswered and should guess the responses to questions for which they do not have the right answers.

LSAT India 2018 Exam Pattern :

The LSAT India 2018 examination pattern will be divided into three parts: one is Reading Comprehension, second is Analytical Reasoning section and Logical Reasoning section is further divided into 2 parts. All questions in LSAT India examinations are in MCQs format, some of which are four answer options and others with five answer options. The answers to these questions are collected on the scanned answer sheet.


Total No. of Questions


Analytical Reasoning

24 questions approximately

35 min.

Reading Comprehension

24 questions approximately

35 min.

1st Logical Reasoning

24 questions approximately

35 min.

2nd Logical Reasoning

24 questions approximately

35 min.


92-100 questions

2:20 min.

  • There will be no breaks given during the LSAT India Examination.
  • Examiner provides a 5-minute warning period time before calling for a section.
  • There is no negative marking for wrong or unanswered questions.
  • Each question has equal marks.

LSAT India 2018 Syllabus

To know more about the LSAT India 2018 examination, candidates should go through the LSAT India syllabus listed below and prepare their strategy accordingly.

Analytical Reasoning Section: In this section, the question will be asked in the rules or principles that describe relationships b/w things, events, person and set of statements.These questions measure the ability to understand the structure of relationships, and logical conclusions are drawn about that structure. The questions of analytical reasoning illustrate complex types of analysis that a law candidate works during a legal problem-solving.

Reading Comprehension Section: In this section, the ability to read questions, with understanding and insight, are generally prepared for examples of complex and lengthy materials, which usually comes to law schools. There are four sets of Comprehension section, each has a selection of reading material, then there are four to nine questions which can be from reasoning and reading.

Logical Reasoning Questions :

In this section, questions will be asked from general language. These questions assess the critically evaluate, complete arguments and the ability to analyze. For each logical reasoning question, the candidates need to read and understand a short passage, then answer a question about it. These skills including :

  • Applying principles or rules,
  • Drawing well-supported conclusions,
  • Determining how additional evidence affects an argument,
  • Reasoning by analogy,
  • Identifying argument flaws.