LSAT India Exam Pattern 2020

Deepika Narwal Updated On: 18 Sep, 2019 10:46 IST

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LSAT India 2020 Exam Pattern

The LSAT India 2020 is a standardised examination of Verbal Reasoning and Reading Skills prepared by the LSAC for candidates seeking admission in law schools/institute/colleges of India. LSAT India has been introduced after the world famous LSAT. Testing professionals with advanced degrees in English, linguistics, psychometrics, and logic have developed the test. LSAT India Exam Pattern strictly adheres to the recommended specifications, which are basically the same every year. Each paper question has been subjected to several levels of review and pretesting so the candidates can be ensured that there is only one correct answer to each question. LSAT India 2020 will be conducted in offline (Pen & Paper Based) mode.

The LSAT India 2020 has three sections: Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Logical Reasoning. There is no negative marking in the LSAT India examination. Only the right answers contribute to a candidate's score. Therefore, candidates should not leave any question unanswered and should guess the responses to questions for which they do not have the right answers.

Highlights of LSAT India 2020 Exam Pattern

The LSAT India 2020 examination pattern is divided into three parts: one is Reading Comprehension, second is the Analytical Reasoning section and Logical Reasoning section is further divided into 2 parts. All questions in LSAT India examinations are in MCQs format, some of which are four answer options and others with five answer options. The answers to these questions are collected on the scanned answer sheet.


Total No. of Questions


Analytical Reasoning

24 questions approximately

35 min.

Reading Comprehension

24 questions approximately

35 min.

1st Logical Reasoning

24 questions approximately

35 min.

2nd Logical Reasoning

24 questions approximately

35 min.


92-100 questions

2:20 min.

  • There will be no breaks given during the LSAT India Examination.
  • Examiner provides a 5-minute warning period time before calling for a section.
  • There is no negative marking for wrong or unanswered questions.
  • Each question has equal marks.

LSAT India 2020 Subject-Wise Distribution of Questions

LSAT India 2020 is divided into three sections, i.e Reading Comprehensions, Analytical Reasonings and Logical Reasonings which is meant to test the critical thinking capability of the students appearing for LSAT India 2019. The LSAT India 2020 subject-wise distribution of questions will help the candidates understand which section of LSAT India 2020 exam paper carries what type of questions which will help them prepare well for the LSAT India 2020 exam.

The following section contains the LSAT India 2020 subject-wise distribution of questions:

LSAT India 2020 Reading Comprehensions Question Distribution

Following below is the distribution of questions in LSAT India 2020 Reading Comprehension section:

  • This section will contain 4 sets of reading questions followed by five to eight questions

  • The passages are generally single reading passages and shorter passages

  • The questions are usually based on Social Sciences, Humanities, Biological & Physical Sciences and Law related issues.

  • The candidates may encounter reading selections which they are not familiar with

LSAT India 2020 Analytical Reasoning Question Distribution

The distribution of questions in the LSAT India 2020 Analytical Reasoning has been provided below

  • This section will analyse the capability of a student to understand a structure of relationships and to draw logical conclusions about the structures

  • The section will also consist of questions that will analyse the legal problem-solving capacity required for law students

LSAT India 2020 Logical Reasoning Question Distribution

The distribution of Logical Reasoning Questions in LSAT India 2020 paper is given below:

  • This section will evaluate the candidate’s ability to analyze, understand, criticize and complete a variety of arguments

  • The questions will be based on speeches, letter to the editor, newspaper articles, advertisements, informal discussions etc

Take a look at the LSAT India 2019 OMR Answer Sheet!

LSAT India 2020 Marking Scheme

LSAT India 2020 marking scheme is regulated by Pearson VUE where the candidates will be awarded 1 mark for every single correct entry. According to the marking scheme of LSAT India 2020, the candidates will not be penalised for any wrong attempt or answer. Take a look at the detailed section-wise marking scheme to be followed in LSAT India 2020 along with the time allotment.


Total No. Of Questions

Time Alloted

Analytical Reasoning


35 minutes

Logical Reasoning Part-I


35 Minutes

Logical Reasoning Part-II


35 minutes

Reading Comprehension


35 Minutes

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