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XAT Previous Year Question Paper PDFs: Download Question Papers for Last 14 Years

Updated By Tiyasa Khanra on 22 Sep, 2023 11:29

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XAT Previous Year Question Papers

The XAT previous year question papers serve as indispensable resources for exam preparation. They provide invaluable insights into the exam's pattern, question types, and topics covered in each section. Solving these papers not only familiarizes you with the exam pattern but also helps gauge your preparedness. It's a litmus test that tells you exactly where you stand and what areas require additional preparation. The XAT question paper typically ranks from moderate to high in terms of difficulty, akin to the CAT exam. Moreover, they are your primary arsenal for mastering the Decision Making section of the XAT, making them an absolute must-have in your study toolkit.

Conducted by XLRI Jamshedpur on behalf of XAMI, the XAT 2024 Exam will take place on January 7, 2024, from 2 PM to 5:30 PM, in various XAT Exam Centres in 79 cities across India. And guess what? You can find these crucial XAT previous year papers on the official website ( Simply take a guided tour through the website to access this treasure trove of knowledge.

In your effort to ace the  XAT 2024, you must solve as many XAT previous year papers as possible. Each question you answer brings you one step closer to success. So, let's delve deeper into why these past papers are indispensable for your XAT 2024 exam preparation and where you can easily access them. Stay tuned and ace your XAT journey.

XAT 2024 Question Paper Pattern

The overall XAT question papers' pattern structure for the year 2024 has been provided below. 

XAT Question Papers Structure

XAT Question Papers Details

XAT 2024 Number of sections


  • Decision Making
  • Verbal & Logical Ability
  • Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation
  • General Knowledge
  • Essay Writing
  • Mock Keyboard Testing

Duration of XAT 2024 exam

210 minutes (3 hours and 30 minutes)

  • Part 1- Decision Making, Verbal & Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation - 175 minutes
  • Part 2- Mock key board testing - 5 minutes
  • Part 3 - GK and Essay Writing - 30 minutes

Sectional Time Limit

No sectional time limit

Total Number of Questions


Type of Questions

MCQ+ Essay + Mock Keyboard Testing

Language of paper


Number of answer choices


Mode of XAT 2024 examination


XAT marking scheme

  • +1 mark for correct answer
  • - 0.25 marks for incorrect answer
  • - 0.10 marks for more than 8 un-attempted consecutive questions
  • No negative marking in GK section

XAT Sections Considered for Percentile Calculation

3 Sections

  • Decision Making
  • Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation
  • Verbal & Logical Ability

(GK is not included in percentile calculation)

XAT 2023 Question Paper

XAT 2023 was conducted on January 8, 2023, by XLRI Jamshedpur in online mode for a duration of 3 hours. XAT question paper 2023 has 101 questions in MCQ format. Candidates preparing for the XAT 2024 exam can download the XAT previous year question paper 2023 by clicking on the link provided below.

Exam Date

Question Paper - Direct Link

January 8, 2023

XAT 2023 Question Paper

Similar Exams :

XAT 2022 Question Paper

Candidates can access and download the XAT 2022 question paper by clicking on the link mentioned in the table below:

Exam Date

Question Paper - Direct Link

January 2, 2022

XAT 2022 Question Paper

XAT 2021 Question Paper PDF Download

Candidates can access and download the XAT 2021 question paper by clicking on the link mentioned in the table below:

Exam DateQuestion Paper - Direct Link

January 3, 2021

XAT 2021 Question Paper

XAT 2020 Question Paper With Solutions

Click on the link given below to access the previous year question papers of XAT 2020.


Question Paper

January 5, 2020

XAT 2020 Question Paper

XAT 2019 Question Paper

You can use the link given below to download the 2019 question paper of XAT.

Exam Date

Question Paper

January 6, 2019

Download XAT 2019 Question Paper

XAT 2018 Question Paper PDF Download

Download the XAT question paper for 2018 using the link given below.


Question Paper

January 7, 2018

XAT 2018 Question Paper

XAT 2017 Question Paper Download

The XAT Question Paper for 2017 is available for download with the link below.


Question Paper

January 8, 2017

XAT 2017 Question Paper

XAT 2016 Question Paper Download

You can use the link given below to download the question paper for XAT 2016.


Question Paper

January 3, 2016

XAT 2016 Question Paper

XAT 2015 Question Paper

Here is the link to download the XAT previous year paper for 2015.


Question Paper

January 4, 2021

XAT 2015 Question Paper

XAT 2014 Question Paper PDF Download

Following is the link to download the question paper for XAT 2014.


Question Paper

January 5, 2014

XAT 2014 Question Paper

XAT 2013 Question Paper

Following is the link to download the XAT question paper for 2013.


Question Paper

January 6, 2013

XAT 2013 Question Paper

XAT 2012 Question Paper Download

The XAT question paper 2012 can be downloaded by clicking on the link given below.


Question Paper

January 8, 2012

XAT 2012 Question Paper

XAT 2011 Question Paper

You can download the XAT Question Paper 2011 will the link available below.


Question Paper

January 2, 2011

XAT 2011 Question Paper

XAT 2010 Question Paper Download

Following is the link to download the previous year paper for XAT 2010.


Question Paper

January 3, 2010

XAT 2010 Question Paper

How to Download XAT Previous Year Question Papers

To download XAT previous year question papers, candidates have to follow the given steps.

  • Click on the above-mentioned link – Download XAT (choose the year).

  • A new page will open with the question paper in the PDF format.

  • Candidates can download the PDF/s and take a printout of it.

  • Once the candidates have the XAT question paper/s they can start practising it.

Advantages of Solving XAT Previous Year Question Papers

Solving XAT previous year question papers has a lot of advantages, some of which are mentioned below.

  • There are a number of proven advantages of solving previous year question papers. One such advantage is to know the details of the pattern and structure of XAT examination. Since these are questions that have already been attempted by candidates, therefore the candidates appearing this year will be able to understand the structure and pattern of XAT easily.

  • It also helps in guessing the questions for the upcoming exam as there are probabilities that some question might get repeated this year as well.

  • Solving previous year question paper will also help in calculating the time taken to solve the entire paper which in a way will help in improving the time span.

  • Time management in terms of solving papers within the specified time slot and preparing for the same in the time span left can be regulated and corrected by solving the papers. It is an art that can be mastered only by practicing these questions papers on a regular basis.

  • Rigorous practice will help in solving tricky and time taking questions with ease.

  • Most importantly solving previous year papers helps in gaining self-confidence and reduces the fear of examination.  

XAT 2024 Preparation Tips

Here are five effective tips and strategies to help you make the most of your preparation:

  • Before diving into your preparation, thoroughly comprehend the XAT exam pattern and syllabus. XAT typically consists of sections like Verbal and Logical Ability, Decision Making, Quantitative Ability, and General Awareness. Understand the number of questions, time duration, and marking scheme for each section.
  • XAT is known for its time constraints, so efficient time management is essential. Practice solving questions within the allocated time for each section. Use mock tests to refine your time management skills and understand which sections need more attention. Develop a strategy for attempting different sections based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Rather than relying solely on shortcuts and tricks, focus on building a strong foundation of concepts. Understand the underlying principles in quantitative topics, critical reasoning, and decision-making. This will help you tackle a wide range of questions with confidence.
  • Regularly solve mock tests and previous years' question papers. This helps you become familiar with the exam's format, enhances your problem-solving speed, and provides insights into your progress. Analyze your performance in mock tests to identify areas where improvement is needed.
  • The Decision Making section in XAT requires a unique approach. Practice solving ethical, managerial, and logical dilemmas. Focus on your decision-making process and the ability to arrive at the most reasonable and justifiable solution.
  • XAT places significant emphasis on reading comprehension and verbal ability. Read newspapers, magazines, and high-quality literature to enhance your reading speed and comprehension. Improve your vocabulary by learning new words and practicing sentence correction.
  • The General Awareness section evaluates your knowledge of current affairs. Stay updated with national and international news, economic trends, and social developments. Regularly read newspapers, watch news channels, and follow relevant online sources.
  • Regular revision is crucial to retain what you've learned. Create concise notes summarizing important concepts, formulas, and strategies. Alongside, analyze your mock test performances to identify weak areas and work on them.

It is important that candidates indulge in a regular practice session in order to revise the subject matter well. To do so candidates can practice previous years’ question papers at regular intervals. Solving XAT previous years’ question papers will help candidates in strengthening weaker sections and mastering easy topics. Apart from these preparation tips, candidates can look for more tips and tricks for good preparation. Candidates can click on the section How to Prepare for XAT for a more detailed description.

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FAQs about XAT Question Papers

Where can I find the previous year question papers for XAT?

The previous year question papers of XAT can be found on various online sources including the official website. You can download them and use them for your reference while preparing. Frequently practising with them will also serve helpful. 

Is there any advantage of solving XAT Previous Year Question Papers?

Yes, solving the previous year question papers of XAT provides a candidate with an idea of the exam pattern and the type of questions asked. It will also help them analyse their readiness before the examination. If there is any weak spot, they can revise the topic again. 

How many previous year question papers of XAT should I solve?

You should solve as many previous year question papers of XAT as possible. Practising at least eight to ten previous year XAT papers will suffice. Ideally, solving one paper a week for 2-2.5 months is enough to prepare well for the exam.

Are the XAT Previous Year Question Papers same as the XAT Mock Test?

No, while XAT Mock Test is only a replication of the test, previous year question papers are actual papers that were asked for admissions in the previous years. Students should practice both types of papers before the XAT exam to solidify their preparation levels. 

Is the exam pattern of XAT previous year question papers same as that of the current year?

Yes, since the XAT exam pattern has remained unchanged over the years, you will find that the previous year question papers are set according to the same pattern. Therefore, you can prepare for the exam following the previous year question papers. 

Are solved previous year papers of XAT available?

No, solved previous year question papers are not available for XAT. You will have to solve them on your own and in case of difficulty you can take the help of other candidates preparing for the examination or from professional experts. 

What are the tips one should follow when solving XAT Previous Year Question Papers?

When solving previous year papers of XAT, time yourself and try to complete the entire paper in one go. This will serve as good practice for the real exam. One should also note his/her weak areas and work on them during study time. 

Is solving previous year papers of XAT a good strategy?

Yes, solving previous year question papers of XAT is an excellent strategy as it provides the candidate with a good idea of how to deal with the actual exam. They will know the test structure, curriculum and the types of questions that are frequently repeated in the exams. 

In which format are the previous year question papers of XAT available?

The previous year question papers of XAT are generally available in the PDF format in the online mode. Candidates can download the files to their system and take a print out if needed. One can also purchase books that contain previous year question papers from the market or online websites.

Are questions from XAT Previous Year Question Papers repeated?

Questions from previous year papers of XAT are generally not repeated in subsequent tests. Candidates will find questions similar to previous year questions in the test. However, it is always a good idea to practice previous year XAT papers to understand the XAT exam pattern and the types of questions that can be asked.

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