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CMAT Mock Test 2024

CMAT Mock Test 2024: To assess your level of preparation for the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) 2024, you must practice CMAT mock tests 2024 on a regular basis. The National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct the CMAT 2024 exam in the second week of April2024. Candidates who are appearing for the CMAT 2024 exam are advised to solve the maximum number of CMAT free mock tests to be thorough with the syllabus and important topics.

CMAT mock test 2024 will help you improve the speed and accuracy of solving different kinds of questions, but they will also help in identifying the right type of questions to attempt first on the day of the actual exam. In order to boost your level of preparation for the entrance exam, you must try and take as many CMAT mock test 2024 as possible.

By practicing the CMAT mock test 2024 on a regular basis, candidates will get familiar with the topics covered in the CMAT 2024 syllabus so that they can stick to the topics on which questions are set, instead of wasting time on irrelevant ones. Also, by attempting the mock test, candidates will be able to decide which topics need extra polishing and which topics need a simple revision.​​ Candidates appearing for CMAT 2024 can access free mock tests from the links provided below.

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CMAT Mock Test Papers (Direct Link)

Candidates can solidify their preparation for the exam by practicing the CMAT free mock test 2024 by clicking on the links given below.

CMAT 2024 Mock Test - 1

Click Here to Attempt (To be updated)

CMAT 2024 Mock Test - 2

Click Here to Attempt (To be updated)

CMAT 2024 Mock Test - 3

Click Here to Attempt (To be updated)

Following are the mock tests for the CMAT 2023 exam: 

CMAT Mock Test - 1

Click Here to Attempt

CMAT Mock Test - 2

Click Here to Attempt

CMAT Mock Test - 3

Click Here to Attempt

How to Access CMAT Mock Test with Solutions

The steps to access the CMAT mock test series 2024 are mentioned below:

  • For taking mock tests, create a Login account at CollegeDekho.

  • After successful login, you can start taking the exam.

  • Click on the 'Submit’ tab after completing your exam.

  • Once you submit the exam, your exam score will appear on the screen.

Importance of CMAT Mock Test 2024

Regular CMAT mock test practice is the optimal method for test preparation. Increased practice leads to enhanced proficiency in swiftly and accurately solving questions. For those gearing up for CMAT 2024, it is recommended to commence mock test practice at least two months before the exam date.

  • Thorough Exam Understanding: CMAT mock tests provide a comprehensive understanding of the actual exam pattern, distribution of topic-wise question weightage, historical difficulty levels, and evolving trends in question types. This insight is invaluable for candidates planning to appear for CMAT 2024.
  • Targeting Weak Areas: Through CMAT mock tests, candidates can assess their weak areas within the syllabus and formulate effective strategies for improvement. This targeted approach contributes significantly to a more robust preparation.
  • Time Management: Practicing CMAT mock tests enables candidates to identify the time required to solve specific question types, facilitating informed decision-making during the CMAT 2023 exam. Effective time management is a key determinant of success in the CMAT exam.
  • Speed and Accuracy: The greatest benefit of CMAT mock test practice lies in developing speed and accuracy in solving questions, crucial for success in the CMAT exam. Consistent practice refines the ability to navigate through questions with efficiency.
  •  Application of Theorems and Formulas: Repeated attempts at CMAT mock tests contribute to an improved application of theorems and formulas in problem-solving. This iterative process enhances the candidate's ability to apply mathematical concepts effectively.
  • Creating Tricks and Shortcuts: Candidates discover valuable tricks and shortcuts for expediting the process of answering CMAT questions while engaging in mock test series. These insights gained through practice can prove advantageous in the actual exam.

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CMAT Mock Test 2024: Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme

If you are preparing for CMAT 2024, then you must know the exam pattern and marking scheme of the entrance exam. Given below is a snapshot of the CMAT exam pattern and marking scheme.

  • CMAT consists of multiple types of questions (MCQ). There are five options for each question in the exam.

  • The total exam duration of CMAT is 180 minutes/ 3 hours.

  • The total number of sections in the CMAT question paper is 5 which includes Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, Language Comprehension & General Awareness, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

  • According to the marking scheme of CMAT 2024, for each correct answer, four marks are allotted to the candidates.

  • There is negative marking in the exam. For each wrong answer, one mark will be deducted.

Key Considerations for CMAT Mock Tests

Preparing for the CMAT exam involves a strategic and reflective approach. In this context, the following key points are essential for candidates to remember while practicing in CMAT mock tests.

  • Performance Analysis: After each CMAT mock test, candidates should critically analyze their performance. The primary objective is to enhance scores with every subsequent mock attempt, identifying areas that require improvement.
  • Focusing on Improvement: It is crucial for candidates not to be disheartened by lower scores in CMAT mock tests. Improvement is a gradual process, and resilience is essential for learning from mistakes and evolving with each consecutive mock test.
  • Avoid Overconfidence: Even if candidates perform well in mock tests, overconfidence should be avoided. Instead, the focus should shift to assessing the types of questions mastered. This approach ensures a balanced preparation strategy.
  • Engage in Extensive Mock Test Practice: Candidates should include their CMAT mock test practice by tackling various question types. This comprehensive approach ensures preparedness for unexpected questions, whether they are lengthy or tricky, that may arise in the actual exam.
  • Time Management: To master time management in the exam section-wise, candidates must engage in sectional mock tests. This targeted practice aids in understanding how to allocate time effectively within each section, enhancing overall time management skills for the CMAT exam.

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FAQs about CMAT Mock Test

What is the ideal time to start solving the CMAT mock test 2024?

As such, there is no ideal time to start solving the CMAT mock test 2024. Candidates can start attempting mock tests as soon as their preparation is adequately done. However, it is recommended that candidates begin practising CMAT mock tests 2023 at least two months before the exam. To get sufficient time to practise all types of questions enough times before the actual CMAT exam in the last week of January, applicants should begin taking CMAT mock tests 2024 in the last week of October or in the first week of November.

Is a CMAT mock test 2024 exactly the same as the actual exam?

Yes, a CMAT mock test 2024 is exactly the same as the actual exam. These mock exams are specifically designed as per the actual exam pattern, time limit, structure and marketing scheme, etc. To familiarise students with the exact format of the CMAT exam, the NTA provides the previous year's question paper as well as CMAT mock tests. Each CMAT mock test consists of 100 questions and has a three-hour time limit. While attempting the test, a timer on the screen displays the remaining amount of time.

What are the benefits of attempting the CMAT mock test 2024?

One of the key benefits of attempting the CMAT mock test 2024 is that it directly affects the overall final score of the candidate. For optimal results, it is indeed imperative to take CMAT mock tests that mirror the format of the actual test. Aspirants can become more comfortable with the CMAT's format, structure, and grading structure by performing practice exams. The CMAT syllabus also helps students determine their areas of strength and weakness.

Does NTA provide any free CMAT mock test 2024?

Yes, NTA provides some free CMAT mock tests 2024 to help students prepare for the exams effectively. To attempt these tests, students must visit the official NTA-CMAT website and select the exam and paper set they would like to appear for. On the other hand, you can also access the CMAT mock test 2024 links provided in the article above and start attempting the tests provided by NTA for free.   

Are CMAT mock tests 2024 available at CMAT coaching institutes?

Yes, CMAT mock tests 2024 are available at coaching institutes, online study groups on platforms like Telegram, educational websites like CollegeDekho, etc. Further, CMAT coaching institutes include several mock tests in the tuition fee itself. They are either made available through the computers at the coaching centre itself or students are provided access through an online portal created by the institute.

Are offline CMAT mock tests 2024 available?

No, offline CMAT mock tests 2024 are not available. Candidates only have to attempt CMAT mock tests online since the actual exam is conducted online. As they become more familiar with the online computer-based mode of examination, students come to know about random errors (either technical or personal) and ways to deal with them. However, if a student wants to attempt free CMAT mock tests 2024, they can access the links provided in the article above.

Does solving CMAT mock tests 2024 help you prepare for the exam effectively?

Yes, it can be said that solving CMAT mock tests 2024 helps candidates prepare for the exam effectively. As they solve more papers, they become better at time management and gain exposure to more diversity of questions. For better preparation, experts suggest that students should solve both the previous year's papers and CMAT mock tests 2024.

Do CMAT mock tests 2024 have a sectional time limit?

No, CMAT mock tests 2024 do not have a sectional time limit. In the same way that the actual CMAT exam does not have a sectional time limit, the mock tests do not either. The CMAT is an objective test meant to evaluate candidates' overall aptitude and knowledge. Given that the CMAT does not have a specific sectional time limit, it is completely up to the test-taker to maintain a balance across all the sections of the test.

How many CMAT mock tests should I solve before the exam?

Experts suggest that a student should solve at least 25 to 30 CMAT mock tests before attempting the actual exam. They must analyse their performance after they take the test to know what gaps are necessary for them to fill during their CMAT exam preparation. Further, it is recommended that candidates begin practising CMAT mock tests 2023 at least two months before the exam.

What can be the side effects of solving too many CMAT mock tests 2024?

One of the main side effects of solving too many CMAT mock tests 2024 is that it may create many confusions for the test taker. This is because it is possible that you would not be able to read through the in-depth explanations of the tests you have signed up for. In the end, you would not have enough time to revise if you perform more CMAT mock tests 2024. Therefore, it is advisable that a candidate should only solve one mock test in a day and a maximum of three to four mock tests per week.

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