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AILET Syllabus 2022

Updated By Samiksha Rautela on 10 Nov, 2021 12:00

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AILET 2022 Syllabus

AILET 2022 syllabus is based on the different sections of the exam - English, Elementary Mathematics, GK, Reasoning and Legal Aptitude. The syllabus gives a fair idea of what law aspirants need to cover under the different subjects and topics in order to be well prepared for the exam. Once candidates have a good understanding of what all they have to study for the exam, they will have to be able to prioritise the topics. Basically, AILET syllabus covers the outline of all the subjects that candidates will eventually study in law courses offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

Following is the detailed AILET syllabus including the different topics that candidates can study in order to be prepared for the exam

AILET 2022 Syllabus for B.A.LL.B (Hons.)

AILET 2022 Syllabus of English

This section is meant to judge the candidates’ proficiency in English. It basically aims at assessing their language skills, presence of mind mental alertness, quick-thinking power, as well as the judgement.

Topics to be covered in this section are as follows:

  • Comprehension Passage

  • Sentence Correction

  • Fill in the Blanks

  • Synonyms

  • Antonyms

  • Para Jumble

AILET 2022 Syllabus of General Knowledge

This is basically designed to test the general awareness of the test-takers in diverse fields such as geography, history, politics, environmental science and so on.

Topics to be covered while preparing for this section include:

  • Static GK

  • Current Affairs

  • Economy, Science

  • History

  • International events

  • Major developments in the areas of sports, geopolitics and important environmental agreements

  • UN bodies

  • Current affairs

  • Sports

  • Awards and honours

  • Eminent personalities

AILET 2022 Syllabus of Elementary Mathematics (Numerical Ability) 

This category deals in seven elementary sections which primarily deals with 10th standard mathematics.

 These sections are as under:

  • Ration and Proportion

  • Percentages and Averages

  • Profit and Loss

  • Time and Work

  • Simple and Compound Interest

  • Number System

  • Speed Distance and Time

AILET 2022 Syllabus of Legal Aptitude

For this section, candidates must have a general awareness of the latest legal issues and landmark judgements that affect the legal scenario in India. Topics that need to be covered for this section are given below:

  • Legal Principles

  • Constitution

  • Current Legal News

  • Environmental Law

  • Family Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Corporate Law

AILET 2022 Syllabus of Reasoning

This section under AILET will test a candidate's ability to think critically and interpret patterns, relationships, number sequences and more.

There are nine topics in this section which include the following:

  • Blood Relations

  • Critical Reasoning

  • Statements and Conclusion

  • Statement and Assumption

  • Directions, Number and Letter Series

  • Coding

  • Syllogisms

  • Word Formation

Colleges Accepting Exam AILET :

AILET 2022 Syllabus for LL.M

All of the topics that need to be covered for a thorough preparation to crack AILET 2022 for LL.M are given below:  

  • Constitutional Law: ​Constitutional law states the role, powers and structure of the executive, the parliament or legislature, and the judiciary. It further deals with the basic rights and duties of the citizens of the country. 

  • Administrative Law: Administrative Law is another body of law based on which public administration works or operates. In simple words, it is the exercise of power by the Indian executive. 

  • Family Law: Family law revolves around family disputes, divorces, marriages, judicial separation, pre and post-nuptial agreements, surrogacy and adoption, civil partnership, etc.

  • Property Law: An area of law, property law regulates the different forms of ownership and the property rights in India include control over the property, right to transfer or sell the property, right to exclude others from the property and so on. 

  • Company Law: All the companies in India are regulated by the Indian Companies Act, 2013 wherein aspects like company institutions, governance of the board, employee rights, duties of the Director, CSR, etc. come into play.

  • Tax Law: It is based on the role of public authority on taxpayers and how the governments have the right to impose taxes on citizens. 

  • Environmental Law: It is a legal area that focuses on management of the available natural resources, regulatory bodies for the protection of the same and how the non-human world requires to be treated by human beings.

  • Labour Law: This area of law deals with the relationship between employment entities, workers/labours, trade unions and the government in order to safeguard the right of the workers.

  • Industrial Law: This deals with the laws that govern the industries and areas such as industrial relations, work safety regulations, environmental concerns and duty towards it, etc. 

  • Jurisprudence: It is nothing but the science of law and the reasoning being the written law.

  • Law of Contracts: This refers to the agreements between entities and the law that protects and governs the concerned parties to the agreement.

  • Criminal Law: It deals with crime and the punishments for people who have committed a crime according to the Indian Constitution.

  • International Law: The area of law refers to the relationship and dealings along with the treaties and agreements between nations. It also states the legal responsibilities of a country towards another country.

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Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

Dear Student,

Since the syllabus of AILET and CLAT are almost the same, you can study from the same books for both exams. However, while preparing make sure to solve the last year's question papers, sample papers and mock tests for both the exams separately. It would strengthen your preparation and make you understand both the exams better. Go through the link below to make your preparation easy.



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FAQs about AILET Syllabus

Who releases the Syllabus of AILET?

The AILET Syllabus is released by NLU, Delhi.

Is it important to cover the entire AILET Syllabus?

Yes, all the topics prescribed in the AILET Syllabus are important. Candidates are advised to cover the entire syllabus in order to crack the law entrance exam.

Is the AILET Syllabus tough?

In around 5 months with 5 to 6 hours of preparation day, anyone can cover the entire AILET Syllabus.

What should I study in the AILET Reasoning Section?

In the AILET Reasoning section, a candidate must study Blood Relations, Statements and Conclusion, Critical Reasoning, Statement and Assumption, Directions, Number and Letter Series, Syllogisms, Coding and Word Formation.

What are the crucial topics for LLM courses at AILET?

The crucial topics that are a part of the LLM Syllabus in AILET are Constitutional Law, Family Law, Administrative Law, Company Law, Property Law, Environmental Law, Tax Law, Jurisprudence, Industrial Law, Labour Law, Criminal Law, Law of Contracts and International Law.

What topics should I practise under Numerical Ability of AILET?

Under the Numerical Ability of AILET, an individual must study Ratio and Proportion, Percentages and Averages, Time and Work, Profit and Loss, Simple and Compound Interest, Speed Distance and Time and Number System.

What level of Maths questions are asked in the AILET?

In AILET, the Maths questions are of class 10th level.

What should I cover in the General Knowledge Section of AILET?

The general awareness of a candidate is analysed through the General Knowledge section of AILET. Some of the vital topics that must be studied are Static GK, Economy, Science, Current Affairs, History, Major developments in the areas of sports, geopolitics and important environmental agreements, UN bodies, International events, Current affairs, Sports, Eminent personalities and Awards and honours.

What are some important topics under the English Section of AILET?

Some important topics that must be studied in the English Section of AILET are Comprehension Passage, Fill in the Blanks, Sentence Correction, Synonyms, Para Jumble and Antonyms.

What subjects are covered in the AILET Undergraduate Courses?

The subjects that are covered in the Undergraduate Syllabus of AILET are General Knowledge, Mathematics, Legal Aptitude, Reasoning and English.

What is the syllabus for AILET 2020?

NLU Delhi does not release any official syllabus for AILET but we have curated the topics on the basis of previous year question papers. Check them out here: https://www.collegedekho.com/exam/ailet/syllabus

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