Best Books for MP PAT 2020

Abhik Das Updated On: 20 Nov, 2019 16:56 IST

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Best Books for MP PAT 2020

The candidates must find out the best books for MP PAT 2020 and study materials before they begin to prepare for the same. Good study materials for MP PAT will help the candidates prepare for the entrance exam with the right intensity. The sooner the candidates select the best books for MP PAT exam, the better they can prepare for the exam. Keeping this thing in mind, collegeDekho has dedicated an entire page related to best books for MP PAT 2020 exam. 

Success in the upcoming MP PAT entrance exam will be subject to the type of books and study materials the candidates will refer to. Thus while selecting the best MP PAT books, the candidates must be aware of certain things such as books with up-to-date syllabus etc. Usually, those books or study materials are considered as the best which covers the entire syllabus of the entrance exam, in this case, the entire MP PAT 2020 syllabus. 

To prepare for the MP PAT 2020 exam in an organised manner, it is advisable that the candidates refer to the best books for MP PAT listed below at the end of this page. Also, find out the steps that could be employed while selecting the best books for MP PAT 2020 and many more from the sections below.

How to Select Best Books for MP PAT

The following pointers regarding how to select best books for MP PAT 2020, if kept in mind, will help the candidates immensely during the process of digging up of books:

  • The candidates must not forget to check out the publication year of the book/s and edition before purchasing the book/s

  • The latest edition of the purchased books will take the candidates through to the updated syllabus and exam pattern

  • Those books can also be considered as MP PAT best books which have been suggested by previous year test-takers/coaching centres etc

  • The candidates, while choosing the best book/s for MP PAT, must compare two or more books with respect to their content, authors etc before finalising the best book

Best Books for MP PAT Preparation

Provided below is a list of highly preferred and best books for MP PAT which the candidates preparing for MP PAT 2020 can look to buy:

Name of Book

Author Name

MP PAT Solved Papers

S K Rajnikanth

Madhya Pradesh PAT Solved Papers 

Pravesh Pariskha (Arihant Experts)

MP PAT Test 

Arihant Experts

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