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UPSC IFS Exam Preparation Tips 2022 - How to Prepare, Section Wise Preparation Strategy

Updated By Diksha Sharma on 14 Jan, 2022 12:22

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How to Prepare for UPSC IFS 2022 Exam

Organised by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), the UPSC IFS Exam is conducted for the aspirants interested in working for the Forestry Department of Government of India. This national-level examination is conducted for lakhs of applicants every year. Candidates who successfully clear the first round become eligible for the next round of the UPSC IFS Selection Process, which is the Mains Exam. Therefore, preparation for such a competitive examination should be well planned and strategised. To do so, the applicants first need to go through the Syllabus and Exam Pattern of the UPSC IFS exam and then start with chalking out a preparation plan.

Candidates must also be aware of the important pointers related to the examination and selection procedure, in order to avoid any kind of confusion and hassle at the time of examination. While planning the study schedule chart, it is advised that the candidates keep certain points in mind that must be covered well so that they score more numbers in the examination. Time management is one such thing that must be kept in mind during exam preparation. Apart from these, candidates must also go through the General Tips and Tricks as well as Sectional Tips described below and enhance their probabilities of getting a higher score than before.​

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General Tips and Tricks for UPSC IFS 2022

Preparing well for UPSC IFS 2022 should be the topmost priority for the candidates. In order to ace the entrance exam, candidates may follow the tips listed below to score better and prepare better.

Know Your Exam Syllabus

This is a very important step that every test taker must adopt and must keep as a first priority in the list of the preparation plan for the UPSC IFS exam. If you are not aware of the syllabus then you will not be able to prepare for the examination in the best way. So, experts advise to first go through the entire Syllabus of UPSC IFS 2022 first and then plan the preparation strategy accordingly. If you are aware of the syllabus then you will be able to identify the weak and strong sections according to your calibre and interest level.

Create a Study Plan

As a test taker, you must first create a study plan so that all the important sections and topics of the subjects are covered well and are given equal space and weight in the plan. Making a study plan is a must but what’s even more important is to follow the study plan word to word. It’s only then, that, you can see a change in your preparation during the last few days left for the examination. Do not try to cheat your study plan and dodge the portions that you don’t feel like studying.

Prepare a Timetable

Time-table is associated with the study plan you make. It will help you in deciding your time as per the portion of your study materials. An effective time-table will also help you in dividing your daily routine in a systematic and structured way making a path for the subjects to be covered. What you can do with your time-table is that you can devote the first half of your time-table to subjects with more things to be memorized than understood and reverse the same with the second half of your timetable. Other ways of making an effective timetable can also be adopted keeping in mind the important subjects and their sub-sections.

Study Consistently

One of the best ways to crack the UPSC IFS 2022 entrance exam is to study in a consistent manner. Being steady and consistent will sharpen your memory as you will not easily forget the things that you study. A rigorous effort and practice session involving the Previous Year’s Question Paper of UPSC IFS can be adopted for maintaining a determined consistency for the exam preparation. In order to enrich this consistency, you must keep a section or time slot for revision. This will help you in summarizing your study portion of the day. It is also advised not to take big gaps during your preparation. Remember that consistent efforts yield the best results.

Always Understand Your Mistakes

For entrance exam preparation, keeping a check on your mistakes is vital. If you take out time to understand your mistakes, as to why you made a particular mistake, and what you should do to avoid it in the future, then, you’re virtually guaranteed a good score in the exam. You can take UPSC IFS Mock Tests to learn about your problem areas and sections where you are more likely to make mistakes. This will help you not only in identifying your mistakes but will also highlight your weaker sections that are to be given more attention. Your mistakes will also help you in combating the difficulty level of the examination. Therefore, experts advise you to identify your mistakes and work rigorously on them.

Don’t Be Stressed Out:

When it comes to getting ready for an entrance exam such as UPSC IFS, you should try and avoid taking stress about the exam. Keep yourself healthy and fit during exam time. This will help you in being stress-free and relaxed. Meditation is a good practice to calm your self and sense the essence of examination as a mark of productivity instead of a stress bag. Study hard and do your best to ace the entrance exam and this is only possible if you are free from all kind of stress, nervousness and anxiety. An effective way to be stress-free other than meditation is by listening to your favourite songs. Try these tricks and remain fit and fine until you get selected for the post and serve your term in the best possible way.​

Section-wise Preparation Plan for UPSC IFS 2022 Exam

Check out the section-wise preparation strategy for the UPSC IFS 2022 exam - 

General Studies/General Knowledge

  • The section is to be covered in two hours but test takers must divide the entire paper into equal time so that the maximum number of questions can be attempted.

  • In order to attempt more number of questions candidates need to be quick with the questions. This can be done if the sections are dealt with in detail.

  • Taking help from books best for the preparation of UPSC exams will serve the purpose. There are a number of journals and magazines that might also prove to be a plus point in this respect.

  • Reading a newspaper and being aware of the current affair is a must for UPSC candidates. Candidates can select their favourite newspaper and read it on a daily basis without missing even a single day.

  • For the purpose of gaining knowledge on current affairs, candidates can also switch to their desired news channel and follow it on a regular basis. The prime-time shows are considered to be the best for current issues and important topics. Candidates must try not to miss the Prime Time shows and note done pointers that can affect their knowledge and preparation.

  • For Paper – I, candidates must deliver a special focus on India and its Geography, India and its History, Indian Polity and Governance and Environmental Science. For Paper – II, candidates must focus more on Decision Making and Problem Solving, Logical Reasoning and Interpersonal Skills.

  • Solving Previous Years’ Question Papers can also help candidates in their preparation as it will not only help in identifying the different types of questions but will also help in knowing the exam pattern in a detailed manner.

General English

  • The different sections of this part of the examination need attention in different manners.

  • It is important that the candidates are aware of the current issues and affairs associated with their subject matter. This information can be utilized while writing the essay on the topic/s provided.

  • While writing the essay, test takers must try not to portray a negative image or the bad side of the topic given. This negativity can hamper the marks for this section.

  • Also, it must be remembered by the test takers to conclude the essay on a positive note instead of depicting the wrong side of the topic. Siting relevant and related examples can serve to be a plus point for the essay section.

  • Other sections of this paper can be handled well if the candidates are well versed with the English language and know the grammar well.

  • For this candidates must take help from good books that explain the grammar portion well with suitable examples, so that, understanding the topics may become simple and easy.

  • Solving sample papers on a regular basis can help candidates in knowing the type and style of question. The practice session will also improve the quality of preparation for the section.

  • Candidates can also manage and calculate their time taken to solve the question paper or sample paper and improve their speed with each section or topic.

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