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GPAT Preparation Tips 2023: Preparation Strategy, Time Table

Updated By Samiksha Rautela on 20 Apr, 2023 12:38

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How to Prepare for GPAT 2023

GPAT 2023 Exam is scheduled to be held on May 22, 2023. In order to ace the exam, candidates must prepare a proper GPAT 2023 Preparation strategy. The Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test is taken up by thousands of students every year for the purpose of admission to several Pharmaceutical degree courses at the postgraduate level. Though the GPAT 2023 question paper pattern is not hard, but the exam is competitive. Candidates appearing for the exam need to focus on preparation strategies to secure a good score on GPAT.

Apart from thoroughly following the GPAT 2023 Syllabus and understanding the GPAT 2023 Exam Pattern, candidates should build a proper GPAT preparation plan 2023 or timetable. Mentioned below are a few experts suggested tips for GPAT 2023 preparation.

Quick Tips & Tricks to Prepare for GPAT

Many students usually get nervous when it comes to approaching an entrance exam like GPAT. But they can over their anxiety if they skillfully deal with the preparation part.

  • While going through each chapter, make notes of all the important points so that they come handy at the time of quick revision in the last phase of GPAT preparation.

  • A lot of questions in the examination are based on medicines and drugs, so try to gain maximum knowledge related to the medicines. 

  • Candidates can easily remember the topics if they deal with the preparation part in a smart way. They can create charts, graphs, tables and put them in front of the study table. Studies have shown that it easier to retain information, which is visually appealing instead of information that is available in the form of text.

  • Take some idea of the exam pattern from GPAT Question papers of previous years. Analyse them and you can come up with your own set of questions that you feel have been asked frequently in the paper over the years.

  • The main key to ace any entrance exam is practice. Practising questions on a daily basis not only help you in becoming familiar with the exam pattern but it also boosts your confidence to take the exam. The more you practice, the more questions you can solve within the stipulated time.

GPAT 2023 30-Days Preparation Plan

At times candidates do not have enough time for GPAT preparation. In such cases, they can go through the simple tips mentioned below explaining how to prepare for GPAT in 30 days. With only a month left to prepare aspirants must remember that cracking GPAT would be tough but it would not be impossible:

  • The first & foremost requirement is to chalk out a day by day preparation plan.

  • Candidates should not keep thinking about the number of days remaining and pressurise themselves. They should instead put their time, focus & energy into making the most of every day.

  • Applicants must through the syllabus and prioritise topics & subjects as per the weightage and their knowledge about them.

  • With just 30 days, there is no time left to dive deep and understand the depths of various concepts. In such cases, the main focus of applicants should be to simply cover as many topics as possible and practice their questions regularly.

  • Candidates must keep aside some time to practice at least 50-100 MCQs daily.

  • Regularly solve mock tests, sample papers and previous year's test papers. They would not only provide an idea about the nature/ type of questions that might appear in the exam but would also help in building the exam stamina.

  • Since Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology and Chemistry are important subjects in GPAT, aspirants must devote as much time as they can in understanding the concepts and topics related to them.

  • While solving questions, candidates must take note of all the errors and incorrect attempts. They must go through those topics after the practice session is over.

  • Before the exam, leave at least 3-4 days for just revising the syllabus.

GPAT 2023 Four-Months Preparation Plan

What if now you have only four months to prepare for GPAT 2023 examination? How would you prepare? Here’s how.

Preparation Time

Four Months/ 16 Weeks

Total Subjects/ Major Topics/ Chapters to Prepare


Total Sub-Topics

Over 100

Studying Hours Per Day 

6 Hours - 6.5 Hours

Number of Days Required to Prepare Each Subject/ Major Topic

5 Days

Number of subjects/ Major Topics Completed in a Month

5.5 Subjects/ Topics

Break Days or Extra Days Each Month

2 - 4 Days

Time Taken to Complete Entire Syllabus 

3.5 Months

Remaining Time

15 Days

Days to Solve Sample Papers/ Model Papers/ Mock Tests

8 Days

Days Left for Final Revision

7 Days

GPAT 2023 Six-Months Preparation Plan

Sometimes not being able to manage time properly becomes the greatest problem for candidates while preparing for an examination. So, if you have good six months in your hands for GPAT preparation, here’s the preparation plan you can follow.  

Preparation Time

Six Months/ 24 Weeks

Total Subjects/ Major Topics/ Chapters to Prepare


Total Sub-Topics

Over 100

Studying Hours Per Day 

4 Hours - 4.5 Hours

Number of Days Required to Prepare Each Subject/ Major Topic

8 Days

Number of subjects/ Major Topics Completed in a Month

3.5 Subjects/ Topics

Break Days or Extra Days Each Month

2 Days

Time Taken to Complete Entire Syllabus 

5 Months and 6 Days

Remaining Time

24 Days

Days to Solve Sample Papers/ Model Papers/ Mock Tests

12 Days

Days Left for Final Revision

12 Days

GPAT 2023 7 Days Preparation Plan

The week before the exam is always the most important and hectic for the aspirants. It is essential to effectively manage the remaining time and go through the syllabus one last time. Revising the important topics should be the main priority for the students a week before the GPAT 2023 exam. Here, we have curated a 7 days preparation strategy for GPAT 2023 exam. 

  • Go through the syllabus once and try to find the areas that you need to work on. Give extra emphasis on those topics for better preparation.
  • Retake mock tests and solve all the exercises once again. There are many online platforms that provide mock tests for the GPAT exam. Try to solve GPAT previous year's question papers as many times as possible for better revision. 
  • Schedule at least 4 to 5 hours of study time daily in your everyday routine. Maintaining consistency will help in revising the whole syllabus. 
  • Stay away from all kinds of distractions that may cause hindrances in your study. 
  • Keep all your study materials well organized and in a proper place so that you can find them easily when needed. An organized study place will decrease the chances of important notes getting lost at the last moment.
  • Segregate the chapters into small sections and make short notes for the important topics from each section. This will help you not miss out on anything crucial for the GPAT exam. 
  • One of the best ways to study is by teaching someone else. Try to teach the concepts to someone else or explain the concepts to yourself for better understanding and memorization. 
  • Use study materials like compare/contrast cards, flashcards, charts, and timelines. Evaluate all the review sheets. 

General Preparation Tips to Crack GPAT 2023

Captured below are the general preparation tips to ace the GPAT 2023 exam:

  • Aspirants must be aware of the detailed exam pattern and syllabus of GPAT 2023 before starting their exam preparation.

  • It is vital to make a strategy and come up with a plan before commencing with the preparation.

  • The preparation timetable should be reasonable and doable. Candidates should not add infeasible tasks.

  • Applicants must find out which chapter and topics have the most weightage. They must devote their time accordingly to those areas.

  • Solving last year's question papers, mock tests & sample papers is as important as studying for the exam. Practice enhances the accuracy and understanding of the candidates.

  • While preparing for GPAT, the aspirant must keep jotting down important points and concepts in a notebook so that it becomes easy to revise important topics in the last few days.

  • Candidates must make sure that the books they are referring to for preparation are not outdated or from unreliable publishers/ authors.

  • Applicants must always refer to a maximum of 2 books for each subject. Too many books can create confusion and spoil the preparation game for them.

  • Aspirants must keep taking short breaks between study hours to give their minds a breather. They should not study continuously as it may make their mind tired and unfocsued.

  • It is important to take at least 6-7 hours of sleep every day. Candidates must never compromise with their sleeping time as it would leave their body and mind exhausted.

GPAT 2023: Subject-Wise Preparation Plan

The GPAT 2023 syllabus is comprehensive and includes plenty of details on several important topics. But, in order to score good marks, one must remember that it is crucial to solve previous years’ question papers as many times as the questions are repeated. 

Subject-wise preparation is one of the things that candidates need to do in order to thoroughly complete the syllabus. The subject wise important topics that candidates should cover without fail are given below:

Important Topics from Pharmacognosy

Some of the most important topics from Pharmacognosy for the GPAT 2023 exam are



Herbal drugs

Tissue culture




Volatile Oils

Important Topics from Pharmacology

Pharmacology is one of the main subjects from the GPAT 2023 Syllabus. Major topics from this paper include

Semisynthetic derivatives

Cardiovascular and Blood products

Neuropharmacology and rare diseases

Quaternary compounds

Oncology (drugs for chemotherapy, upcoming technologies, etc.)

Important Topics from Pharmaceutical Analysis

This section mostly contains numerical problems and is one of the easiest sections in the GPAT 2023 exam. The important topics are

Polarography and Polarimetry

Mass Spectroscopy





Flame Photometer

UV, IR, and NMR

Important Topics from Pharmaceutical Chemistry

In order to score well in this section, candidates are advised to go through their understanding of organic chemistry. Some of the most common topics from this section for the GPAT 2023 exam are mentioned below

Study electrophilic

SAR of steroids

Nomenclature and a chemical moiety of the medicinal drugs

Nucleophilic reactions (substitution and addition)

Important Topics from Pharmaceutics

It is one of the most important topics for the GPAT exam 2023. Candidates need to solve numerical problems and learn about the formulation of tables in this section. The important topics from this section include

Kinetics and Drug Stability

Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics


Surface and Interfacial Phenomena

Pharmaceutical jurisprudence & ethics

GPAT 2023 Preparation Tips by Toppers

Here are some of the GPAT 2023 Preparation tips that are suggested by the toppers of the GPAT exam

  • Starting with the portions that are difficult is a good plan. In this way, students can return to the easier chapters later on. 
  • Candidates should refer to the proper reference materials while preparing for the GPAT 2023 Exam. They must choose books that have sufficient exercises with MCQs. Also, the language of the books must be lucid in order to avoid doubts.
  • One of the major step in order to take a perfect GPAT 2023 Preparation is to solve all the doubts before the exam
  • Appearing for as many GPAT 2023 Mock tests as possible and solving the GPAT Previous year question papers and GPAT 2023 Sample papers are great ways to access the preparation level of the candidate
  • Due attention should be paid to time management

Best Books for GPAT Preparation 2023

For those of you preparing for the exam, we've listed down some of the best books that can help you excel in the examination. Check out the following list of highly recommended books for GPAT preparation!

1. The Pearson Guide to GPAT and Other Entrance Examination in Pharmacy

2. GPAT: A Companion

3. COMPLETE PHARMA (A Guide For Preparation Of GPAT/NIPER/BITS/CEEB/CET And Other Pharma Competitive Exams

4. GPAT Cracker

5. Synopsis for GPAT



Last Minute CPAT 2023 Preparation Tips

Aspirants wishing to appear for GPAT 2023 must be well acquainted with the basic concepts as mentioned in the exam syllabus for securing a high score. In case a candidate finds it difficult to prepare for the upcoming examination, they can follow these last-minute GPAT 2023 preparation tips to boost up their performance and motivation, enhancing their overall zeal to secure their desired score. 

Mentioned below are a few last-minute GPAT 2023 preparation tips to help the candidates prepare better:

  • It is important to keep away from learning new concepts at the eleventh hour before the GPAT 2023 examination.
  • One must be sure to work on their doubts and solve every query about all topics, before examination commences.
  • Do not forget to set up self-attaining goals in terms of studying each and every topic covering the GPAT 2023 Syllabus.
  • Candidates must be wise with curating a productive timetable as per their individual goals, and must not fail to follow it everyday.
  • It is highly advised to always solve online mock tests for the upcoming examinations to analyze or test one's preparation. 
  • Candidates must not forget to go through the previous year's question papers for gaining a better insight of the question pattern and marking scheme of GPAT 2023.

Mistakes to Avoid During GPAT 2023 Preparation

To ace the GPAT 2023 examination, all candidates must look at certain strategies to help boost their preparation. Some of the common mistakes to avoid while preparing for GPAT 2023 are mentioned below:

  • Last minute preparations must be strictly avoided to eliminate any risk of mugging up the GPAT 2023 Syllabus. Candidates preparing for important topics at the eleventh hour are often greeted with a blank mind while sitting inside the examination hall. Therefore, all candidates should prepare for the crucial subjects at least a few days before the examination, and gain a proper understanding of the concepts.
  • Hard work is the key to success. While candidates are advised to work smarter for a better outcome, it alone cannot produce good results. To ace the upcoming examination, all candidates must prepare a productive strategy and devote adequate time in GPAT 2023 Preparation. 
  • All candidates must clear or address their doubts before appearing for the examination. In case a query arises in one chapter, a candidate must seek to resolve it before jumping to the next. This practice will not only improve the quality of preparation but also help in gaining a clear perspective on the same.
  • All candidates should dedicate enough time to solving sample questions before the examination. Solving mock papers based on each topic will not only test the level of one's preparation but also guide them through the idea of the GPAT 2023 examination. 
  • No candidate should exempt any topic from the GPAT 2023 Syllabus. All topics as mentioned in the syllabus hold equal importance in the GPAT 2023 examination. 

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FAQs about GPAT Preparation Tips

How long does it take to prepare for the GPAT?

There is no specific timing that can be advised for GPAT preparation as it totally depends on the caliber of the candidate. However, aspirants must start preparing for the exam at least 3 months prior to the exam date.

Is it difficult to clear the GPAT exam?

According to the experts and previous year's trends, the GPAT is not a very difficult exam to qualify. The difficulty level of the entrance test is easy to moderate.

Is it possible to prepare for the GPAT without any external coaching?

Yes, candidates can study on their own and with proper strategy easily crack the GPAT exam.

How much time should I invest in solving sample papers & last year's question papers of GPAT?

Candidates must always solve the mock test, sample papers & previous year's question paper after completing the preparation for GPAT. They should not invest more than 2 weeks to solve these practice tests.

How many days should I keep aside for the final revision of the GPAT?

For the final revision of GPAT syllabus candidates must keep aside the last 2 weeks before the exam.

In which section should I focus most while preparing for the GPAT?

All sections of GPAT are important and candidates must not skip on any while preparing for the exam. However, all the chapters from the Pharmacology section have the most weightage so students should try to ace them.

Is it possible to prepare for the GPAT in a month?

Without proper dedication, hardwork and practice, candidates can prepare for the GPAT in a month.

How many hours in a day should I invest in preparing for the GPAT?

In a day, around 4 hours are enough to prepare for the GPAT.

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