UGC NET (December) 2019 Exam Analysis

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UGC NET (December 2019) Exam Analysis (All Shifts)

UGC NET (December) 2019 exam is currently being conducted from December 02, 2019, to December 06, 2019. As the exam is being conducted in online mode, candidates can check the day-wise analysis of the exam. The exam is being conducted shift wise. The candidates can check the detailed analysis of UGC NET Paper I and Paper II (subject wise) on CollegeDekho. According to the past trends, UGC NET paper I exam is going to be moderate in terms of difficulty level. 

UGC NET Exam Review for December 05, 2019 (Morning & Afternoon Shifts)

UGC NET shift 7 & 8 exam was conducted on December 05, 2019, and the candidates can check the detailed question paper review below -

  • The question paper in both the shifts was moderate to difficult in terms of difficulty.
  • There were questions on Higher Education.
  • There were questions on Positivism.
  • Shift 2 on December 05 was a bit difficult compared to shift 1.
  • Coding and De-Coding questions featured, and the digits or numbers that were given were 2, 6, 30, 60, 130, 210. The answer to the same is 350.
  • From Mathematics, there was a question from Simple Interest, Compound Interest and also there was a question on Surface Area. 
  • Questions based on Pipes and Cistern was also featured in the exam.
  • There were many questions on Logic.

UGC NET Shift 5 & 6 Analysis (Live Now) - December 04

UGC NET Shift 5 & 6 exam was conducted on December 04, 2019.  According to the response received from students, the shift 4 & 5 analysis of UGC NET December 2019 is as follows -

  • Compared to the previous shifts of the exam, Shift 5 & 6 turned out to be bit difficult for students. The question paper was a combination of both easy and tough questions.
  • There were questions on Higher Education. Fare justice is given to all the subjects. However, some questions turned out to be a shock for students.
  • In Data Interpretation, the questions were easy in Shift 5 & 6. Subjects were given in DI topic where students need to derive marks and percentage. This question was given in Shift 5. 
  • In shift 5, there was a question on years and production of a company from Data Interpretation. The students were asked to figure out percentages and values.
  • According to sources, one question did not have the right answer in the DI section of Paper I. 
  • From Teaching and Research, the questions in two shifts were simple. However, this section was lengthy. There was a question 'Who has the authority for Subject Monitoring', and the right answer is 'Teacher'.
  • Effective Teaching questions also featured in the exam.
  • From Research, there were questions on Steps of Research. 
  • There was also a question on Sampling Error.
  • Overall, Research and Teaching topics were easy in these two shifts.
  • Environment topic turned out to be difficult for students in Shift 5.
  • There were questions on National Parks (549) and the Number of Wildlife Sanctuaries (104) in India.
  • There was a question on Soli Size. The candidates need to arrange the Soil Size in an order. The options were Gravel, Sand Silt and Clay. 
  • There was also a question on the Montreal Protocol.

UGC NET Shift 3 Analysis 2019 (Live Now) - December 03

UGC NET Shift 3 exam is concluded, and according to the response received from students, the question paper was easy to moderate. Some topics in Paper I such as Data Interpretation turned to be easy for students, and there are some questions on contemporary topics like 4GL - 4th Generation Language. There were also questions about Classroom Communication and Effective Teaching. The highlights of Shift 3 are as follows-

  • There were questions on Ration, CI, Blood Relation and Number System
  • ICT was tough in Shift 3 but answerable. Candidates with good practice of mock test might have easily attempted these questions.
  • There is a question on Compound Interest also.
  • Under the 4GL question, Python is the right answer.
  • There was also a memory-based question.
  • There is a Match the following question from Environment topic.
  • Some students mentioned that the question paper in Shift 3 of UGC NET was moderate. 
  • There is a question on Decibels. The right answer may be 60-65 decibels. 
  • There are no questions on Goals and Millennium. 
  • Communication questions are easy in Shift 3.
  • LR is a tough section, and there were questions on Square Opposition, Fallacy, Pramman, Inductive Reasoning
  • DI is the easiest section, and there was a question on Laptop sales. 
  • From Research Aptitude, the number of questions was around 5.
  • Under Research, there was a question on Hypothesis, and there is one question on the post-positivism. 
  • There was also a question on NITI Aayog. Students appearing for next shifts may also expect questions on NITI Aayog. There will be questions on MHRD and Higher Education in the next shifts. 
  • There was also a question on Kothari commission, and it was an easy question.



UGC NET (December) 2019 Paper I Live Analysis (Shift 2) - December 2nd

The second shift of the UGC NET 2019 was conducted between 14:30 HRS and 17:30 HRS. As per the feedback received from the students who appeared for the second shift of the UGC NET 2019 exam on 02nd December, the question paper was moderately difficult. Check out the table below for a detailed subject-wise analysis of UGC NET 2019 paper shift-II conducted between the aforementioned hours on December 2nd. 

Topic Difficulty Level
Maths & Reasoning     Moderate
Data Interpretation     Easy
Logical Reasoning Difficult
Research Aptitude     Difficult
People & Environment Moderate
Communication Easy to Moderate
Higher Education System Easy
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)     Moderate
Reading Comprehension Easy
  • Candidates expecting more than 35 are expected to be in a better position compared to the others

UGC NET (December) 2019 Paper I Live Analysis (Shift 1) - (Live Now)

The shift 1 exam of UGC NET December 2019 concluded by 12:30 PM, and the detailed analysis of Shift 1 has been updated below. According to the response received from students, the Paper I of UGC NET Shift 1 (December 2019) is as follows -

  • The difficulty level of the UGC NET (December) 2019 Paper I on Day 1 (Shift 1) is moderate to difficult, and the candidates did not face any difficulty in answering questions.
  • The topic wise Paper I analysis of UGC NET December 2019 (Shift 1) exam 2019 can be checked below -
Topic Total No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Teaching Aptitude 11-13 Difficult
Reading Comprehension 05 Easy
Research Aptitude 09 Difficult
Mathematics 4-5 Easy to Moderate
Communication 5 Moderate
Maths 5 Moderate
Logical Reasoning 7-8 Easy
Data Interpretation 05 Moderate
People & Environment 3-4 Difficult
Higher Education System 3-4 Difficult

UGC NET (December) Paper II Live Analysis (Subject Wise) - Available from December 02 to 06, 2019

UGC NET Slot Wise Exam Schedule December 2019 - Click Here to Check

UGC NET 2019 Exam Analysis (June 2019, 2018)

UGC-NET 2019 paper analysis is now available at CollegeDekho for the UGC-NET 2019 examination which is being conducted between 20 June 2019 and 28 June 2019. Paper I and Paper II are the two papers for which the UGC-NET 2019 examination is being currently conducted. Candidates seeking eligibility for Assistant Professor or both Assistant Professor and JRF have to appear for both the Paper I and Paper II of UGC-NET 2019.

The UGC-NET 2019 Paper I consists of 50 questions in total and each question carries 2 marks. The maximum mark for the UGC-NET 2019 Paper I is 100 whereas the Paper II of UGC-NET 2019 consists of 100 questions and likewise, each question carries 2 marks. The test is being conducted in online mode or in other words it is called Computer-Based Test (CBT).

National Testing Agency (NTA) is conducting the UGC-NET 2019 Paper I and Paper II in two shifts where Paper I is compulsory for all the candidates and Paper II is based on the subjects chosen by the candidates. 20 minutes extra time is being alloted to those candidates belonging to PwD category. There is no negative marking in this year’s UGC-NET examination. Detailed analysis of Paper I and Paper II of UGC-NET 2019 is given below.

UGC-NET 2019 Paper I Detailed Analysis (Conducted on 20 June 2019)

The UGC-NET 2019 Paper I, which was conducted on 20 June 2019 during the first shift, was moderately difficult according to the candidates. If the candidates are to be believed, then the UGC-NET 2019 Paper I was based on the UGC-NET previous year question papers. They also feel that the difficulty level of this year’s paper saw a marginal dip compared to the previous year. The students found the Mathematical and Analytical Reasoning section to be the most difficult amongst all the sections. Some students also found the Computer Knowledge section a tad more difficult. Overall, the Paper I of UGC-NET 2019 examination was doable and anybody who has solved enough number of mock test papers and previous year papers will fare well in the exam.

UGC-NET 2019 Paper II Detailed Analysis (Conducted on 20 June 2019)

Over 1000 candidates appeared for the UGC-NET 2019 Paper II exam out of which majority of the candidates appeared for the History, Linguistic Subjects and Mass Communication. Speaking to the test takers, CollegeDekho deduced that the Paper II of UGC-NET 2019 exam was moderately tough. Although there were some unexpected and uncertain questions, the candidates seemed quite confident of cracking the exam with ease.

Paper II History Analysis

Students who appeared for the UGC-NET 2019 Paper II History subject found the exam to be easier than the previous year. The students, however, could identify some minor changes that NTA made to this year’s Paper II exam. Despite the inclusion of subjective questions, this year’s UGC-NET Paper II History subject was easy.

Paper II Mass Communication Analysis

The Mass Communication subject of UGC-NET 2019 Paper II was moderately difficult, opined the test takers. Except for some questions related to old topics such as names of Authors, Books, Movies etc, the Mass Communication subject was easier as compared with the previous year’s Mass Communication paper.

Paper II Linguistics Analysis

UGC-NET 2019 Paper II for Linguistics was also moderately difficult as per the students who appeared for the same. Some questions, however, that were based on Syntax, for eg, Generative Syntax, Traditional and Structural Syntax were the ones which the test takers found to be difficult. Historical Linguistics based questions were, however, easy in the opinion of the candidates. Overall, the candidates felt that Paper II for UGC-NET 2019 exam was on the easier side compared to the previous year.

UGC NET 2018 Exam Analysis

UGC NET 2018 was conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for the first time on 18th December 2018. The exam was taken by candidates across 260 cities in India in two shifts – 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM and 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM. UGC NET 2018 will be conducted every day for five days in two shifts until 22nd December 2018.

The candidates had to appear for two different papers, where paper-I was common for all candidates and paper-II comprised of subject-related questions.

Both the papers were held in a computer-based format and consisted of objective-type multiple choice questions. The duration of paper-I was one hour (morning shift 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM and afternoon shift 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM) whereas the time limit of paper-II was two hours (morning shift11:00 AM – 1:00 PM and afternoon shift 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM).

A majority of test takers who shared their feedback said that the exam was of moderate difficulty level and they faced issues while answering questions in online mode. Now, we bring to you a detailed insight into students’ reactions and the difficulty level of UGC NET 2018 conducted on December 18.

Highlights of UGC NET Exam Analysis 2018

  • NTA, for the very first time, conducted UGC NET, which used to be organised by CBSE.

  • For the first time, the exam was conducted in a computer-based format.

  • Attempting both Paper I and Paper II was mandatory.

  • No major changes were seen in the exam pattern.

  • It was compulsory to attempt all questions in the exam.

  • The difficulty level of both the papers was moderate.

  • Each question in UGC NET 2018 had a weightage of two marks.

  • Negative marking was not applicable in the exam.

  • The papers had questions in both English and Hindi languages. Candidates answered the paper in the language opted by them prior to the exam.

  • This year, Paper-I had a majority of questions based on Teaching Aptitude and Reasoning.

UGC NET 2018 Exam Analysis for Paper I

The paper I of UGC NET comprised of generic questions that were meant to evaluate candidates' teaching/research aptitude. This paper has been designed in such a manner that it tests candidates' reasoning ability, comprehension, divergent thinking as well as general awareness. Paper I has a total of 50 questions carrying 100 marks. The Teaching Aptitude and Reasoning sections had more questions as compared to other sections, which was not the case in previous years. This year, Teaching Aptitude section had about 10-12 questions whereas 6-8 questions were asked in the Reasoning section.


No. of Questions


Level of Difficulty

Teaching Aptitude

10 to 12



Research Aptitude

3 to 5



Reading Comprehension



Easy to Medium


2 to 4


Easy to Medium

Reasoning (including Maths)

6 to 8


Easy to Medium

Logical Reasoning



Easy to Medium

Data Interpretation



Easy to Medium

Information & Communication Technology (ICT)



Easy to Medium

People & Environment




Higher Education System: Governance, Polity & Administration

3 to 4


Easy to Medium





UGC NET 2018 Exam Analysis for Paper-II

The paper II of UGC NET 2018 comprised of multiple-choice questions specific to a candidate's preferred subject. This paper was also found to be of a moderate difficulty level. Every year, UGC NET is held for about 100 subjects.  

No. of Questions

Total Marks

Level of Difficulty




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