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How to Prepare for UPSC NDA & NA 2022

Updated By Nikkil Visha on 30 Aug, 2022 11:59

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How to Prepare for UPSC NDA & NA 2022

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the NDA & NA examination twice in a year. Candidates who aspire to serve the country and become an officer in the Indian Armed Forces (The Army, The Air Force, The Navy), have to appear for this exam. NDA is considered to be one of the most competitive examination now-a-days as it provides an adventurous carrer and a lot of people are prone to it.

NDA is not just an exam, it is a whole different subject in itself. The examination is divided into two papers and has got a comprehensive syllabus. Students are advised to check the UPSC NDA & NA 2022 Syllabus before starting their preparations for written examination.  After qualifying the written examination, what follows is the SSB. The SSB or Personality and Intelligence Test for UPSC NDA & NA consist of two stages of the selection process. The full syllabus for SSB is given here in PDF format.  SSB not only tests the smartness of a candidate but it also examines the individual attitude and character. So, it gets extremely important for candidates taking the exam to ensure that their preparation strategy is headed in the right direction.

We have put together our sincere efforts to bring before you a good strategy to ace the UPSC NDA & NA 2022 examination. Students can follow this plan and help themselves to fulfill their dream to serve as an officer in the Tri- Forces of India. Read the complete article to know the solid strategy to clear the UPSC NDA & NA (II) exam 2022.

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    Subject Wise Preparation Strategy for UPSC NDA & NA 2022

    As mentioned earlier, the UPSC NDA & NA 2022 is divided into two papers. The first paper tests the Mathematical abilty of the candidates while Paper II tests the General Ability of the candidates. The syllabus for both papers has been comprehensively described in the syllabus section. In this part, we will discuss the strategy to prepare both these subjects, making you potentially able to clear the exam.

    Preparation Strategy for UPSC NDA & NA Mathematics Paper

    1. The paper is generally based upon the Class 11 and 12 Mathematics. So, the aspiring students are directed to build their concepts well while they are in their senior secondary classes. This will give them an edge.
    2. The exam is UPSC NDA & NA Mathematics Paper is believed to be applicative. So, focus more on application and trick based questions.
    3. Focus on your strong topics. There are a total of 120 questions asked in the UPSC NDA & NA Mathematics Paper. This does not mean that a candidate is supposed to answer every question right to clear the exam. Scoring 50% marks in the paper is consisdered to be a good score. Therefore, Candidates are advised to practice for the exam accordingly.
    4. Topics having the maximum weightage should be taken into consideration first.
    5.  UPSC NDA & NA Mathematics Paper is quite a lengthy and thus a time bounded paper. Managing the time is the key to clear this exam.

     Preparation Strategy for UPSC NDA & NA General Ability Test

    1. This paper tests the general knowledge of the candidates. Having a vast syllabus, this paper requires a balanced strategy to be aced.
    2. Paper II is quite diverse in its own perspective. It is broadly divided in two parts: English and General Knowledge. The General Knowledge part is further divided into subsections like Science, Social Studies, Economics, Current affairs, etc. So, this requies the ability to manage time so that proper focus can be be given to each subject.
    3. The english portion can be covered by reading the genral vocabulary regularly as 15-20 questions are asked regarding the Antonyms-Synonyms, Idioms Phrases.
    4. Reading Comprehension part is a practice of reading, analysing and interpreting. Students are advised to read as much as possible to develop this ability.
    5. For the General Knowledge part, reading the newspaper is the must-do activity. Not only it will help you to score well in the Current affairs part but also it will provide a supportive hand to deal with the economics, geography as well as with the polity subjects.
    6. Basic NCERT books are enough to prepare for the general ability section. However, some reference books can be taken into consideration for better preparations.

    UPSC NDA & NA 2022 Books & Study Material

    Said to have a vast syllabus, UPSC NDA & NA  paper instigates one to read a number of books to ace the examination. Given below is the list of books one must refer to, while preparing for the UPSC NDA & NA(II) 2022 Examination.

    For Mathematics

    • Mathematics for NDA & NA by R S Aggarwal
    • Quantitative Aptitude for competitive examinations by R.S. Aggarwal

    For General Ability Test

    • Manorama Yearbook by Mathew M
    • Objective General Knowledge and Current Affairs: Level 1
    • Objective General Knowledge and Current Affairs: Level 2

    Combined Preparation and Test Papers

    • Pathfinder for NDA & NA Entrance Examination
    • NDA INA Practice Papers by Sachchida Nand Jha
    • Chapterwise- Sectionwise Solved Papers NDA & NA by Arihant Experts

    General Tips to Crack the Exam

    Given below are few tips that can help candidates to clear the NDA/NA exam 2022:

    1. Understanding the syllabus can help to get rid off the dumb driven behaviour. Once you are well aware of the syllabus, you will have a clear idea about the efforts you need to put in to excell in the examination.
    2. As the UPSC NDA & NA is a +2 level examination, Students who aspire to become officers in the defence forces, should be serious in their +2 itself. This will definitely make it easy for them to clear the NDA exam.
    3. Reading the newspaper is must for a student who is preparing for any UPSC aspirant. Adding newspaper reading in your daily routine will certainly help you not only in the written examination but also in the SSB.
    4. Selective Study can also help a candidate to get the desired results. So prepare accordingly.
    5. It is always better to study less material than reading a lot of books. Just make sure whatever you read, you should retain it.
    6. Don’t panic: One of the biggest reasons why candidates are unable to crack the NDA exam in the first attempt is due to the panic and anxiety among them. They should try and remain calm to get the best results.
    7. A smart approach is better than a harsh approach. Candidates are advised to use a smart approach while solving the questions. It is believed that the NDA paper is more an application based. So candidates are required to solve the simple and less time consuming questions first. This wuld increase their chances of clearing the exam.

      Following these tips and adjusting accordingly to one's own strength is the key to success.  Best of Luck with your Preparations!

      Last Minute Preparation Tips for UPSC NDA and NA

      Some of the Last Minute Preparation Tips are highlighted below:


      • Candidates must review their prior knowledge in the days leading up to the exam. Write down all the key formulas for each topic in math, physics, and chemistry so you can review them in your spare time. Calculations are based on formulas, which also make it simple to answer problems. There is no more room for any uncertainties at this point, so forget all of your doubts. Candidates must focus on their prior knowledge and education in order to ace these areas.

      Manage time

      • The most important component about the exam is time management. Be aware that there will be 120 questions in Mathematics and 150 in the GAT. Each phase is given a total of 2 12 hours. To finish all the questions in the allotted time, candidates must have a plan. Candidates who prepare mock exams find it easier to control their time throughout the exam. To be able to organise your time effectively, complete as many practise tests as you can.

      Prepare for exam day.

      • Candidates should prepare their schedule for the NDA exam centre. Create a strategy blueprint for the exam day and practise in accordance with it going forward. As soon as applicants receive their NDA question paper on exam day, for the Mathematics part, they should screen it to determine which problems to tackle first. To attempt all the questions, use this method or one similar to it.

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