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How to Prepare for AME CET 2020

Abhik DasUpdated On: 03 Jan, 2020 15:45 IST

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How to Prepare for AME CET 2020

Planning how to prepare for AME CET 2020 and thinking of how to start with it? Well, here we are with a solution to your problem. The best way to start with the preparation is to first plan out a strategy and then start implementing the strategies as planned. It is not really easy to get a chance in the AME CET 2020. Candidates need to work really hard for qualifying this exam. However, the AME CET examination for this year is over, candidates aspiring for the upcoming AME CET can go through the section and plan their preparation accordingly. The AME CET 2020 will be conducted on 5th May 2020 across the nation.

AME CET that is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Test is an entrance for the AME Institute. If the candidates prepare in a strategic and well-planned manner then they would easily be able to crack the AME CET 2020 exam.

Applicants must know, preparation must be done rigorously and with focus on the days before the exam. In order to do well, candidates can either take a mock test or maybe solve some previous years’ question papers. The more the candidate practices, the better the candidate becomes until the final exam days.

When candidates don’t really know how to prepare, they must talk to their mentors to get an idea about it. Candidates must know that the expert's advice the students to follow the best books for AME CET 2020. The best books contain the right amount of information for the candidates to prepare for the exam.

The examination is quite tough and tricky so the candidates should carefully plan how to prepare for the exam. Candidates can also solve the previous years' question papers in order to do well in the exam. Candidates must know the steps to prepare well for the exam. This article would give a good insight to the candidates to prepare well for the exam and do well in the exam. Here are some of the pointers and tips to help the AME CET applicants do well in the exam.

Section-wise Preparation for AME CET 2020

All applicants of AME CET must know how to prepare well in a section-wise manner. In order to do well in the AME CET 2020, candidates must know what are the sections in the exam. AME CET 2020 syllabus must be very clear with the applicants of the AME CET 2020. This section of the article caters to the students with a section-wise preparation. Section-wise preparation is an easier way to cover the entire syllabus considering proper time division.

Preparation Strategy for General Knowledge Section of AME CET

  • There are 15 questions in the section of General Knowledge and itis of 60 marks. 60 marks for one section is not less, candidates must target to get the entire or maximum score.

  • One must know that general knowledge cannot be done if the person tries to mug up from the book.

  • Candidates must complete 15 questions in preferably 10 mins and keep 5 minutes for revising the paper well and attempt the unattempted questions.

  • To know the sections the general awareness covers, one must know the syllabus. The syllabus of general knowledge includes all the sectors, such as business, economy, commerce, geography, history, etc. It also includes current affairs and recent news.

  • If the candidates are up-to-date with the news happening around them then they would be able to cover the general awareness syllabus properly.

  • Candidates must follow good general knowledge books or can also scroll the internet for the same.

Preparation Strategy For English Section of AME CET

  • The number of question and marks division for this section is also the same. There will be 15 questions and 60 marks. Scoring in English is comparatively easier if the candidates know how to go about the paper.

  • Most section of the English comprises of Grammar and syntax, hence if candidates are excellent in grammar basics, then they can easily score well in English. There are of course comprehensions in this section that has to be practised more in order to do well in that section and score maximum marks.

  • The test takers can calculatingly do well in the English section of the paper. To be able to qualify in this section, candidates must know the best books for this section. Since English is a universally accepted language, candidates would get a number of options in the market. But they must choose books very carefully. Mostly candidates must practice more of grammar to do well in the section as the maximum number of questions cover the grammar part. Apart from following just books, for the ones who lack behind in English can regularly make a habit of reading newspaper and magazines or can also read English story books by good authors.

  • In English, the sections which the applicants must focus more are Synonyms and Antonyms, Phrases and Idioms, and one-word substitution.

Preparation Strategy For Mathematics Section of AME CET

  • This section carries more marks in the AME CET examination. The candidates will face 20 questions in this section compiling of 80 marks.

  • Mathematics is all about formulae and equation, so candidates must know all the possible formulae and required digits.

  • With regular and rigorous practice, candidates can attain perfection. More the candidate's practice, more marks would they secure in the examination.

  • Candidates must try solving the paper with a timer or a stopwatch, to improve the time management for this section. Candidates usually waste time while doing rough work for mathematics this can be avoided by regular practice and gaining command over the steps of calculation.

  • Some of the sections, the students have to cover in mathematics are Relations, Sets, Quadratic Equations, Permutations and Combinations, Geometry, Vector Algebra, Probability, Mensuration, Trigonometry, Mathematical reasoning, Calculus, Integrity.

  • The chapters which seem easy to the candidate must be practised in a way so that the candidate is able to do anything and everything. The candidate should practise in a way that they are able to attend any question asked from those chapters.

Preparation Strategy For Physics Section of AME CET

  • Like Mathematics, Physics also has 20 questions in this section that covers 80 marks.

  • Physics has a lot of theories to remember. Candidates must know how to attend these theories and overcome the tricky questions that it compiles.

  • In Physics, candidates must have a clear concept about everything, so that if there are any applied question, the candidate can answer it easily.

  • Aspirants can follow NCERT Books in order to understand the concepts well. Physics is a subject of understanding. In order to do well, the candidate must have a clear concept of the subject.

  • Candidates must cover chapters like Laws of motion, Work, Kinematics, Energy and Power, Gravitation, Rotational Motion, Properties of solids and liquids, Kinetic theory of gases, Thermodynamics topics.

Preparation Tips For Chemistry Section of AME CET

  • This section also has 20 question and 80 marks. So candidates who will appear for the exam must know the sections to be covered.

  • Candidates must know the best books required to learn chemistry. They must know the JEE Main syllabus, to make preparation easier.

  • All applicants must know the syllabus first and then do the preparation. Divide the sections first and then study well.

  • Keep in mind the periodical table, and the elements of the chemical reaction. Candidates must choose the best books for chemistry from the market.

General Tips and Tricks for AME CET 2020

  • Candidates must prioritise the subjects, they have to study.

  • Applicants for the exam must know the syllabus first.

  • Candidates must make a study plan.

  • While preparing for the exam, candidates must focus on each subject with full concentration.

  • Candidates must make short notes, and do proper time management in the exam.

  • Take self-test regularly to understand where they stand with respect to their preparation.

  • Candidates must take help of experts.

  • Aspirants must choose the best book from the market.

  • Go through the pointers before the exam.

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