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How to Prepare for IIMC Entrance Exam 2020

Wondering How to Prepare for IIMC Entrance Exam 2020? Well, IIMC Entrance Exam is the examination that has tough competition. It is an examination that every mass communication aspirant aspires to compete for. The aim of the examination is to churn out candidates for the different mass communication courses offered by the institution. The exam has been scheduled to take place in the month of May 2020. Preparation for the same must start without any further delay. It is important for candidates to understand that with proper planning and strategies, the difficulty levels of the examination can be conquered. The following article will help aspirants in planning their strategies for the exam preparation and will also guide them through the pointers that they need to keep in mind while preparing for the examination.  
When it comes to pursuing mass communication in India, Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) is one of the popular names that students contemplate for admission. This government-funded institute was established in 1965 and it has been moulding the raw talent into stalwarts of the media industry ever since. From 36 weeks Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Journalism, Digital Marketing, Public Relation and Advertising to 12 weeks short term courses in Media Crisis, Media Management, Interpersonal Communication, Creativity, Communication Research, etc., Indian Institute of Mass Communication covers almost every field of mass media. 

The courses provided by IIMC have a rigorous entrance process and comprise of two steps: an entrance exam and interview/GD. The IIMC entrance exam is an offline written test of 2 hours. It generally consists of subjective as well as descriptive questions. The maximum marks are 85 and each descriptive question carries 15-20 marks and subjective question carries 1 mark. After clearing the entrance exam, the candidates have to go through interview/GD that carries a weightage of 15 marks, making the entrance process a total sum of 100 marks. The candidates are tested on General awareness, Analytical & Comprehension skills, Aptitude & mental make-up, Language capability, Understanding of social dynamics and Brand awareness & recall.

Preparation Strategy for IIMC Entrance Exam 2020

To get a good command over the language of medium (Hindi, English, Odia, Urdu, Marathi and Malayalam) and the topics asked, one needs to start preparing for the Entrance Exam of IIMC well in advance. Listed below are some ways that will help you prepare for IIMC Entrance Exam.

General Awareness
For Journalism

To begin with, being aware of the syllabus for IIMC Entrance Exam preparation (that is available on the IIMC official portal) is of the utmost priority. The aspirant must also have a general knowledge of social and media history; polity; economy; international developments and India’s relationship with the world. Focus more on the cultural aspects of the topics from the Freedom Movement. It is also required to learn about the Indian Constitution to answer questions based on the rights of citizens as these kinds of questions are generally asked either directly or indirectly in the Entrance Exam conducted by IIMC.

For Advertising & PR

In the preparation of the IIMC Entrance Exam for advertising and public relations, the general awareness part focuses on developmental and public issues. The topics of social consciousness and marketing strategy are the ones from which direct questions are asked. Brand awareness is also a very important part of the IIMC Entrance Exam preparation. Once you know what exactly this means, assume 10 per cent marks are in your pocket. 

Current Affairs

Almost 70% of the IIMC Entrance Exam contains questions that are based on current affairs as it is the key area. So, being updated with what is happening around is a crucial step for the preparation of IIMC Entrance Exam. Not only do the questions related to what’s happening in the country are asked in the exam, but also what’s happening around the globe (if it gathered the attention of the global media) and how it affects India. A journalist should have sound knowledge of issues outside the country.

Values and Ethics

While preparing for IIMC Entrance Exam, one should keep this thing in mind that ethics and values are the two most important characteristics of a journalist. This is the first thing that is taught to journalism students. At any time, no matter how adverse the situation is, a journalist must not lose his/her ethics. Hence, questions based on ethics and values and media laws are asked in the Entrance Exam that IIMC conducts.

Develop a Reading Habit

Good writing comes from good reading. A habit of reading various magazines and newspapers will definitely help your answers sound smart. Don’t just stick to only one type of newspaper or magazine. Going through the articles from different newspapers helps to explore all the aspects of a topic and gives you a thorough understanding of it. While preparing for the IIMC Entrance Exam, one doesn’t need to stick only to newspapers or monthly magazines on general knowledge. aspirants should also prefer reading novels as not only does this help you build your vocabulary but also gives a break to your mind.

Read Opinions and Editorials

Having thorough information on a topic is important but the aspirants must also have an opinion about it as opinion-oriented questions are frequently asked in IIMC Entrance Exam. To prepare for such questions, one should prefer reading editorials from various newspapers that are present in the market and popular personal blogs on the same topic. 

Command Over Language

IIMC provides journalism in Hindi, English, Odia, Urdu, Marathi and Malayalam. Aspirants preparing for the entrance exam of IIMC in any of the above-mentioned languages should have proficiency over it. One must also be very well aware of the grammatical rules. questions on words that often confuse (especially during exams) like homophones or homonyms are asked in the exam.

Mock Tests

Mock tests serve chiefly as practice for future exams. It gives a clear idea of how the actual exam would be like. Sometimes aspirants get confused as to what the question demands as an answer which makes the answer sound deviated but going through several mock tests would definitely help to develop a clear vision and idea and prepare you well for the Entrance Exam conducted by Indian Institute of Mass Communication.

IIMC 2020 Preparation Time Table/ Preparation Strategy

In order to crack IIMC entrance examination that is scheduled to be conducted in the month of May 2020, one surely requires a good preparation strategy and a proper timetable for an effective exam preparation. Before IIMC aspirants begin with their IIMC entrance examination preparation, it is indeed ideal for them to take a look at the IIMC entrance examination 2020 timetable and preparation strategy. 

Here on this page, candidates will find all the details regarding the study plan and preparation schedule which can be helpful for the candidates who are preparing for the entrance examination. Candidates can take a look at the below study plan and time-table and can use it as a reference to prepare their own timetable for the IIMC entrance examination 2020.

Day-Wise/ Per Day IIMC Entrance Exam 2020 Study Plan and Time Table

Candidates can check out the detailed day-wise study plan and time-table of IIMC entrance exam 2020 prepared by the College Dekho experts. Take a look!

Total Number of Hours for Exam Preparation (Per Day)

8 to 10 Hours

Morning Session (3 Hours)

  • Candidates should choose a topic or subtopic to start their  IIMC 2020 entrance examination preparation.

  • Candidates must read and understand the topics thoroughly and note down the important points to be prepared for the entrance examination.

  • Candidates must refer to the best books or study materials for an advanced level of examination preparation.

1 Hour Break/ Daily Routine Activities

Afternoon Session (3 Hours)

  • Candidates should first revise the topics that they have studied in the morning session. 

  • Candidates should also choose the next topic or subtopics from the IIMC syllabus.

  • Candidates should highlight the important points that require to be prepared and note them down.

  • Candidates must also start solving various IIMC practice papers for revision purposes.


1.5 Hour Break/ Daily Routine Activities

Evening Session (2 Hours)

  • Candidates should take up the next topic or subtopic and understand it thoroughly. 

  • Candidates should cover all the aspects related to the topics or sub-topics they are studying for the entrance examination. 

  • Candidates must also start solving the practice papers to revise whatever they have studied or prepared for the entrance examination. 

Take Rest/ Sleep


General Tips & Tricks for IIMC Entrance Exam 2020

If you are one of those who plan to appear for the exam, then, you may include the following tips and tricks in your preparation plan.

Set Up a Study Plan

Having a comprehensive study plan for IIMC exam preparation will help you manage your time and attain your targets. While preparing the schedule, you must ensure that your timetable is in tune with your schedule and daily needs. Therefore, set up a study plan for yourself that will help you crack the entrance exam.

Plan Your Exam Strategy

Having a good preparation strategy is important to structure and manage your preparation time. A good exam strategy is to have a study schedule which is in accordance with the subjects you have to study and the time available for it.

Get the Right Study Material

It is crucial for you to get the right study material when it comes to entrance exam preparation. In order to prepare well for the IIMC entrance exam, you should have good books that help you understand the fundamental concepts of the subject-matter so that you can prepare easily and effectively.

Practice Through Mock Tests

Mock tests incorporate all the exam related information in a sequential manner. It exposes you to a large variety of questions, which give a brief idea about the level of difficulty of the actual exam. By taking mock tests, you can prepare for IIMC entrance exam in a better way. By practising mock tests, you will know your strong areas and weak areas that require more attention.

Stay Fit and Take Rest

It is of the utmost importance to stay fit and healthy when it comes to entrance exam preparation. Along with the exam preparation, it is suggested that you exercise daily and sleep well to keep your mind and body fresh on the day of the exam.

Exam Day Instructions for IIMC Entrance Exam 2020

Check the Required Documents

Prepare a file of the documents that are asked by the college authority to appear for the exam at least a night before it. Some common documents generally asked to bring along are admit card, at least one passport size photograph (just in case) and identity proof (preferably ADHAAR CARD). Apart from these documents, keep extra ball pens and a pencil with you.

Read the Instructions Carefully

Reading instructions on admit card as well as on the question paper is of utmost priority. If you don’t read the instructions carefully, you might miss out on something very important and regret later.

Calm Your Mind

Don’t rush to write and finish soon out of the fear of time. 120 minutes are enough and you might skip a point or two due to rushing. Don’t go on revising at the eleventh hour as it might confuse you. Calm your mind by listening to songs or anything that works for you.

Do Not Panic

Sometimes just one reading of a question isn’t enough for comprehending it. Don’t panic. Give it another reading and think calmly of all the points you can add. Once you start writing the answer, the ideas will keep coming to you and it will go smoothly. If there’s a question that you have no idea about, leave it for the last and work on the questions that you are very well aware of. Make sure you don’t skip any question because “Something Is Better Than Nothing”.

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