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AFCAT 2023 Sample/Practice Papers: FREE Download PDF here

Updated By Srishti Chatterjee on 10 Aug, 2023 14:32

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AFCAT Sample Paper

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AFCAT 2023 Sample Papers

AFCAT 2023 Sample Papers will help the candidates a lot in acing the exam.AFCAT or Air Force Common Admission Test is a national level exam conducted for selecting officers in various branches of the Indian Air Force. The AFCAT 2 notification 2023 has been released on the official website at by the Indian Air Force (IAF). IAF released the AFCAT 2 application form on June 1st, 2023 along with the notification. AFCAT 2 exam will be conducted from August 25 to 27, 2023. The Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) will conduct an SSB interview in addition to the online test as part of the AFCAT 2023 exam. Candidates applying for Ground Duty (Technical branch) must take an additional Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT). 

The exam is conducted in online mode and it contains 100 questions. Candidates who are appearing for the examination should prepare well in order to crack the examination. They can solve the sample papers of AFCAT to strengthen their concepts. The structure of AFCAT sample papers is similar to the actual AFCAT question paper. On his page, Collegedekho has provided all of the instructions for the AFCAT 2023 sample papers, including how to download the AFCAT sample papers and the importance of solving them.

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AFCAT Question Paper 2023

How to Prepare for AFCAT 2023

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Importance of AFCAT 2023 Sample Papers

Provided below are some of the importance of solving AFCAT 2023 sample papers

  • AFCAT sample papers will help the candidates in identifying their strengths & weaknesses

  • AFCAT sample paper will allow candidates to practice more types of questions from each topic provided in the syllabus of AFCAT.

  • The AFCAT sample papers 2023 to know the expected difficulty level of the examination. 

  • The AFCAT sample papers or AFCAT practice papers help the candidates to get familiar with the types of questions they will face in the final examination.

How to Download AFCAT 2023 Sample Papers

Candidates can download the AFCAT 2023 sample papers using the link provided above. They can click on the link and fill in all the required details. Once all the details are submitted, candidates can download the AFCAT sample papers 2023. Those who are facing any difficulty while downloading the AFCAT sample papers can ask questions on the Collegedekho QnA zone.

Want to know more about AFCAT

FAQs about AFCAT

What are normalized marks in AFCAT?

Normalised scores in AFCAT are a method of accounting for the difficulty level of the shift by correcting the raw marks achieved by students in different shifts of the test. This guarantees that all applicants, regardless of shift, are on a fair playing field. Normalised marks are calculated as follows: Normalized Marks = (Raw Marks - Mean of Top 0.1% of Candidates) / Standard Deviation of All Candidates. The normalised scores are then used to rank the candidates and determine who advances to the next step of the selection process.

How many times can I solve the AFCAT sample paper?

You have no limit on the number of attempts to complete the AFCAT sample paper. There is no limit to how many times you may try it. However, it is important to emphasise, that you should not simply solve the paper for the sake of doing it. After each effort, you should evaluate your performance and determine your strengths and faults. This will assist you in improving your preparation and scoring well on the actual test.

Do the AFCAT sample papers cover the same syllabus?

Yes, the AFCAT sample papers cover the same material as the actual test. General Knowledge, Verbal Ability and Comprehension, Quantitative Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning are all included in the curriculum.

What is the importance of AFCAT sample papers for aspirants?

FCAT sample papers are useful for candidates because they allow them to: 
- Familiarise themselves with the curriculum and the kind of questions that they may expect on the actual test.
- To improve their preparation and identify their strengths or weaknesses.
- Get a sense of the exam's scheduling and how to manage their time wisely.

Is relying on AFCAT sample papers enough the crack the exam?

No, depending just on AFCAT sample papers will not get you through the exam. You should also extensively read the syllabus, know the exam pattern and practice answering various types of questions. Candidates must read general knowledge, current events, and history books and articles; they must take online or offline courses on verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, and logical reasoning; they must join a study group or find a mentor who can help them prepare for the exam; and they must practice answering questions under timed conditions.

Where can I find AFCAT sample papers?

Here are some resources for finding AFCAT example papers:
- The AFCSB website has a section where you can download sample papers for the AFCAT exam.
- Several online tutoring sources provide sample papers for the AFCAT test.
- There are many books available online and offline that contain sample papers for the AFCAT exam.
- There are several free internet resources that give sample papers for the AFCAT test.

Do the questions from AFCAT sample papers repeat in the main AFCAT exam?

While questions from AFCAT sample papers may appear in the main AFCAT exam, this is not guaranteed. The questions on the main test are normally fresh, however, they may be similar to the problems in the practice papers in nature. This is because the sample papers are meant to give you a solid sense of the kind of questions you may anticipate facing in the actual test.

How many AFCAT sample papers should I solve to pass the AFCAT exam?

There is no specified number of AFCAT sample papers that you must solve to pass the main AFCAT exam. However, you must complete as many as possible to have a solid understanding of the test style and the kind of questions to expect. It is a good idea to solve at least 5 sets of AFCAT sample papers. This will provide you with enough practice to feel secure on test day.

Are solving AFACT sample papers important to pass the exam?

Yes, solving AFCAT sample papers is necessary for passing the exam because it allows you to become acquainted with the exam format and the types of questions that you can expect to see, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and improve your preparation, as well as get a feel for the timing of the exam and how to manage your time effectively.

Is the AFCAT exam tough?

The AFCAT test is not difficult, but it might be difficult for applicants who are not sufficiently ready or prepared well. The exam's difficulty level varies based on the candidate's aptitude and skills. However, with adequate preparation, it is feasible to achieve a high score on the AFCAT test.

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