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AFCAT Preparation Tips 2024: Study Plan, Important Topics, How to Prepare

Updated By Aarushi Jain on 04 Nov, 2023 13:49

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How to Prepare for AFCAT 2024?

AFCAT Preparation Tips 2024: AFCAT Preparation Tips are a valuable resource to help you prepare effectively for the exam. Getting ready for the Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) requires a well-organized and systematic approach. The AFCAT 2024 exam will evaluate your skills in various subjects like English, General Awareness, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning. To perform well in AFCAT, it is essential to build a strong foundation in these subjects. Additionally, you should give special attention to topics such as Current Affairs, Aviation-related Knowledge, and Logical Reasoning.

Time management is important because the AFCAT 2024 exam is a time-bound exam. To enhance your speed and accuracy, regular practice through AFCAT mock tests and reviewing previous years’ AFCAT question papers is highly beneficial. Moreover, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying physically fit play a significant role in your overall performance. By following the tips and strategies outlined below, all aspiring AFCAT candidates can improve their chances of success.

AFCAT 2024 Exam Highlights

Before we dive into the AFCAT 2024 preparation tips, let us quickly have a look at the exam highlights of AFCAT 2024:



Exam Name

Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT 2024)

Conducted by

Indian Air Force (IAF)

Exam Level

National Level

Mode of Exam


Time Duration

2 hours for AFCAT & 45 minutes for EKT

Marking Scheme

3 marks for every correct answer

Negative Marking Scheme

1 mark for every incorrect answer

AFCAT Selection Process

  • Written Exam
  • AFSB Interview
  • Medical Examination

Official Website

AFCAT Exam Pattern 2024

The AFCAT exam pattern for the upcoming AFCAT 1 2024 exam is outlined below:



EKT (Only for Technical)

Mode of Exam



No. of Questions



Maximum Marks



Duration of Exam

2 hours (120 minutes)

45 minutes

Sections in Paper

General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability and Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test

Mechanical, Computer Science and Electrical & Electronics

Negative Marking

1 mark

1 mark

Preparation Tips for AFCAT 2024

Candidates must come up with a strategy and tips to crack AFCAT 2024 exam. For this, they can refer to the AFCAT 2024 preparation tips given below:

  • Candidates should prepare notes for all the topics so that they can revise all the topics and formulae before appearing for the exam.

  • Students looking for AFCAT preparation tips, they should focus on solving previous years' questions papers of AFCAT.

  • All the candidates are advised to take proper rest while preparing for the exam.

  • They should prepare the plan in such a way that all the topics are covered.

  • Candidates will have to answer 100 questions in 120 minutes. Although it is not a difficult task, they should develop their time management skills.

  • It is important to go through the type of questions which were asked in the previous year of the exam so that one knows what to expect.

  • All candidates should analyse their performance to know their strong and weak points.

  • They can go through the ebooks of current affairs published monthly while preparing for the general awareness section. 

  • Apart from this, candidates should keep themselves updated with the latest news regarding the Indian Air force or Indian Army. 

AFCAT Preparation 2024: Best Tips to Ace the Exam in One Go

As the exam dates are near, candidates begin wondering, “how to prepare for AFCAT 2024?” While there’s no set structure for this answer, there are some best practices that one can follow. Many aspirants create a customized AFCAT preparation structure based on their strengths and weaknesses. Others follow the best practices they can learn. As long as candidates can score high, feel free to refer to any AFCAT preparation tips. Mentioned below are 3 best practices that will help you master your exam preparation tips for AFCAT 2024:

Remember the Formulae

The AFCAT 2024 syllabus consists of subject numerical ability that covers topics like:

  • Percentage

  • Ratio & Proportion

  • Average

  • Profit & Loss

  • Time and Work

  • Simple Interest & Compound Interest

  • Decimal and Fraction

  • Time & Distance (Trains/Boats & Streams)

Remembering all of these formulae is crucial to ace the AFCAT exam. Moreover, it will strengthen your preparation for AFCAT 2024. You can remember the formulae by creating pneumonics, creating sticky notes to revise at night before sleep, learning and revising formulas 4 times a day for 10 minutes each, or by creating a chart of all important formulas and pasting it near the study table. This way you can learn all the formulas by heart and tips to crack AFCAT 2024.

Daily Reading

While preparing for AFCAT 2024, candidates must read credible information from the right sources daily. Primarily, because the AFCAT 2024 syllabus comprises the General Knowledge subject that has quite a high weightage in the exam. Moreover, aspirants can use technological advancements to their advantage and read news online (only from credible and established websites). Apart from reading newspapers and magazines, aspirants need to focus on the latest books, important (National and International) news, winners in sports, etc. No information is irrelevant when it comes to preparing for AFCAT 2024. Aspirants need to add new words to their vocabulary every day. This will significantly help you in mastering the AFCAT 2024 preparation.

Keep a Check on your Physical and Medical Fitness

To clear the AFCAT 2024, candidates need to maintain their physical and medical fitness along with their studies. This will strengthen your AFCAT 2024 preparation level. Aspirants are requested to follow through the below-mentoned to clear the physical and medical tests for the Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) Testing:

  • Maintain the standard weight and height in accordance with the standards specified by the conducting authority. 

  • Increase your endurance by walking and jogging daily

  • Start working out several times at least 28 weeks before you are scheduled to take the physical fitness test

  • Manage your time effectively to balance your studies and physical fitness properly

These tips will help you prepare for the AFCAT 2024 exam comprehensively.

How To Prepare For AFCAT In 30 Days?

Given below is a monthly AFCAT 2024 preparation plan for the candidates who want to know "how to prepare for AFCAT 2024":



Day 1 – Day 30

  • Read newspaper daily for at least 1 hour. 
  • Check out the current affairs.

Day 1 – Day 10

  • Practise maths questions for at least 5-6 hours daily.
  • Prepare notes for all important formulae and concepts.

Day 11 – Day 15

  • Solve reasoning questions for at least 5-6 hours daily
  • Practise a variety of questions related to reasoning.

Day 15 – Day 20

  • Learn antonyms and synonyms
  • Try to learn new words
  • Solve a variety of questions

Day 20 – 30

  • At last, practise all type of questions.
  • Solve at least 2-3 previous years question papers.

AFCAT Preparation Strategy: Quick Tips to Crack AFCAT

When candidates have access to the right books and a preparation plan in place, they can easily clear AFCAT. Here are some curated subject-wise preparation tips for the AFCAT exam that will help candidates easily ace the AFCAT exam.

Tips for AFCAT 2024 English preparation

  • To build a good vocabulary, keep a note of all the new words you come across when reading different books and materials. Try to understand their meaning and apply those words when speaking in English or practising writing. 

  • Watch the spellings along with the words’ synonyms and antonyms. Keep one to two hours aside each week for learning and 30 minutes for revision. 15 minutes can be spent on the weekend for a comprehensive revision session.

  • Make a habit of reading newspapers and journals, which will help you build a strong vocabulary keep you updated about current events and increase your general awareness.

  • Other important topics that will require practice are antonyms and synonyms, filling in the blanks, error detection, tenses, and basic grammar. Once candidates are thorough with these topics, the English section for AFCAT will become easier to crack. 

Tips for AFCAT 2 2024 General Awareness Preparation

  • One of the best sources for local, regional, national and global news are magazines and newspapers. They will keep candidates informed about several topics such as politics, food, fashion, sports, and a wide range of different interests.

  • Different audiobooks and news broadcasts are also good sources of information and general knowledge. Listening to podcasts can retain more information and save time than reading newspapers.

  • The internet also serves as a great source of information as one can use various search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing to find answers to any questions within a matter of seconds. By making use of these websites on a routine basis, one can learn about several topics, discover current trends and news, and develop new topics of interest.

Tips for AFCAT 2024 Numerical Ability Preparation

  • When preparing for the numerical ability section of the AFCAT, there are a few topics that candidates need to pay attention to and tips to crack the AFCAT. These topics are time and work, simple and compound interest, profit and loss, percentage, series completion, Venn diagram, etc.

  • By understanding the logic behind the formulas for these different topics, candidates will be able to arrive quickly at the solution to any problem presented.  

  • One of the best ways to remember formulas is to write them on sticky notes and paste them on a board above the study table or in the room, so whenever one is present in any of those spaces, one can take a glance at those formulas.

Tips for AFCAT 2024 Reasoning and Military Aptitude Preparation

  • There are some important parts in the reasoning section- Venn diagrams, pattern completion, the odd one out, missing figures, blood relations, embedded figures, sequencing, etc.

  • Candidates also need to practise questions based on 2D and 3D figures in order to gain a better understanding of the spatial ability test. It is mostly because the candidates’ visualisation plays a key role in passing the test with a good score.

  • Always solve previous years’ question papers to gain better insight into the kinds of questions that appear in the exams. It will also help you with time management during practice.

How to Prepare for AFCAT EKT?

The AFCAT EKT (Engineering Knowledge Test) preparation process demands strategic planning and laser-like attention. Here are some AFCAT preparation tips to ace the EKT exam:

  • Understand the Exam: To organise your preparation successfully, familiarise yourself with the AFCAT EKT syllabus, exam structure, and marking system.
  • Syllabus Analysis: Examine the complete syllabus and prioritise topics depending on their weightage and your proficiency. Concentrate on fundamental engineering courses including electrical, electronics, mechanical, and computer science.
  • Use Only Authentic Study Materials: Gather trustworthy study materials such as textbooks, reference books, and internet resources to thoroughly cover the complete syllabus.
  • Time Management: Make a study plan that allows you to devote enough time to each course and topic. Give tough subjects additional time while guaranteeing frequent revisions.
  • Solve Previous Year Question Papers: Solving these question papers and mock exams to better grasp the exam format, identify weak areas, and enhance your time management.
  • Conceptual Clarity: Rather than relying primarily on rote learning, develop a deep conceptual comprehension of the material. Clear out any confusion by consulting established textbooks or subject matter specialists.
  • Numerical Difficulties: Engineering disciplines sometimes entail numerical difficulties. To improve your problem-solving abilities and speed, practice answering a range of numerical questions.
  • Online Resources: Make use of online platforms, educational websites, and mobile applications that include AFCAT EKT-specific study materials, quizzes, and practice examinations.
  • Take Timed Mock Tests: Take mock exams regularly to measure your level of preparation, identify weak areas, and increase your speed and accuracy. Analyse your performance and focus on areas that need to be improved.
  • Keep Up to Date: Keep up to speed on current events, technological advancements, and developments in the area of engineering, as these subjects may be covered in the test.
  • Maintain a Positive Attitude: Maintain a positive attitude throughout your preparation and take care of your physical and mental well-being. Get enough sleep, consume a nutritious diet, and indulge in regular exercise or relaxation activities.

AFCAT Preparation 2024: Best Books to Refer

Candidates will find a lot of study material in the market. Many would get constant suggestions and references from fellow candidates as well as teachers for AFCAT 2024 preparation tips. Aspirants should rather focus on researching and finding the best AFCAT preparation books that will strengthen their AFCAT 2024 preparation level. Refer below to find some of the best books for AFCAT 2024:

AFCAT 2024 Book Name

Author Name 

Published By

High School English Grammar and Composition

Rao N, D, V, Prasada

S.Chand Publishing

Popular Master Guide, AFCAT 


Ramesh Publishing

AFCAT- The first step DDE



Word Power Made Easy

Norman Lewis

Goyal Publishing

SSB Interview: The Complete Guide

NK Natarajan


AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) 

Arihant Experts

Arihant Publication

Manorama Yearbook 

Philip Mathew

Malayala Manorama

Preparation Tips for AFSB Interview

Preparing for the AFSB interview is crucial to passing the AFCAT 2024 exam. Candidates will be asked challenging questions and you’ll be judged on how fast and correct you answer the questions. Refer to the preparation tips mentioned below to ace the AFCAT exam:

  • Gain knowledge on basic aspects about Indian Air Force such as commands, ranks, missiles, and aircraft

  • Practice writing stories because, during the Picture Perception Test, aspirants will be asked to write a story from scratch of at least 70 words in just 4 minutes

  • Aspirants should try to solve the maximum no. of confident-building exercises in order to perform well in the AFCAT AFSB interview

Last Minute Preparation Tips for AFCAT

Here are a few last minutes tips for candidates preparing for the AFCAT exam:

  • Revise the Fundamentals: The days leading up to the test are not the time to study new ideas. Instead, concentrate on reviewing the foundations of all the topics that will most likely be addressed in the test.
  • Mock Exams: Taking mock exams will allow you to evaluate your level of preparation and discover your strengths and limitations. It will also give you an idea of what kind of questions to expect on the actual exam.
  • Time Management: It is critical to manage your time well throughout the exam. Practice answering questions in a timed environment to improve your speed and accuracy.
  • Focus on Your Weaknesses: Identify your weak points and attempt to improve them. Increase your confidence by spending more time revising these concepts and practising more questions.
  • Keep Yourself Calm and Relaxed: Exam tension might have a detrimental impact on your performance. Take pauses, remain hydrated, and get enough sleep to be calm and relaxed.
  • Read the Following Instructions Carefully: Make sure you thoroughly read the directions for each component of the test. This will ensure that you do not miss any important information.
  • Carry the Following Items: On the day of the exam, make sure you have everything you need, including your AFCAT admit card, ID evidence, and stationery.

AFSB Books: Preparation Guide

There are several AFCAT preparation books available in the market that can help students prepare for AFCAT exam. But it is important to understand the features of different books prior to the investment of time and money in them. Take a look at this list of AFCAT preparation books that will help prepare for the AFCAT exam:

Name of the Book

Name of the Publishers


AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test)

Arihant Publishers

This book contains all the subjects covered in the AFCAT exam: GK, Maths, English, and Reasoning.

It also includes sample question papers for students to practice for the exam.

R. Gupta’s AFCAT Exam

Ramesh Publication

This book is quite helpful for students who are practising for the AFCAT exam.

AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) Workbook

Kiran Publication

Candidates can find a huge volume of practice questions along with previous years’ questions in the book.

It is also enriched with updated study material and questions on general awareness.

Analysis of the latest AFCAT 2024 Exam Pattern

To perform well in the AFCAT exam, it is crucial to go through the latest exam pattern of AFCAT 2024. Knowing the exam pattern is one of the most important AFCAT preparation tips.  Here are some pointers on the AFCAT exam pattern that will be beneficial for students:

  • The selection process for AFCAT exam involves an Online Exam/EKT for the technical branch along with an AFSB interview and medical test.

  • The EKT and AFCAT exam will be conducted via online mode and will consist only of objective-type questions.

  • The EKT exam is only meant for technical candidates.

  • Each question will consist of 3 marks and 1 mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer in both the AFCAT and EKT exams.

Important Points for AFCAT 2024

  • Applicants should arrive at the examination centre one hour before the time of the examination. They might not be permitted to appear for the exam if they reach late.

  • Candidates need to carry the admit card along with any one of the PAN card, Passport, Driving licence, Voter identity card or College identity card. 

  • Besides this, two passport size photographs and ballpoint pen are also required. 

  • Other materials such as calculators, mobile phones, Bluetooth are not allowed at the examination centre.

  • While answering the questions, candidates should focus on answering the easy ones first. After that, they can proceed to the questions having moderate and high difficulty level.

  • There is no time limit for any type of questions, candidates can answer any question any time. However, it is advisable to manage the time in such a way that they get enough time for all type of questions. 

Want to know more about AFCAT

FAQs about AFCAT Preparation Tips

How can I prepare for AFCAT?

You should come up with a preparation strategy while preparing for AFCAT. Besides this, you are advised to prepare notes so that you can revise them on the exam day.

How can I prepare for AFCAT in 3 months?

You should try to solve the maximum number of mock test papers and previous years papers. Besides this, you should go through general awareness questions from History, Geography, Civics, Politics and other subjects mentioned in the syllabus.

How can I prepare for AFCAT without coaching?

You can start the preparation for AFCAT by preparing your own schedule. Besides this, you are advised to check all the important topics mentioned in the syllabus and then try to solve at least 3-4 questions examples of each type of questions.

Do questions repeat in AFCAT?

Yes, sometimes questions get repeated in AFCAT exam. However, the values mentioned in the question will not be the same as in the previous exam.

How many months are enough to prepare for the current affairs section of AFCAT?

No one is sure about the total time required for preparation. You are advised to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings to score well in the section.

How can I prepare for the Non-Technical Branch of AFCAT?

You are advised to check the exam pattern of AFCAT before starting the preparation. Besides this, the previous years question paper will also help you to prepare well for the Non-Technical Branch of AFCAT.

Is coaching necessary for AFCAT?

No, coaching for AFCAT is not necessary. AFCAT will test your basics of reasoning, quants, English and general awareness to examine how well you fit in the defence forces.

How difficult is the AFSB interview?

No, AFSB interview is not hard. Candidates who answer all the questions without losing confidence will surely be able to clear the interview round.

How to improve the numerical ability for AFCAT?

You should try to solve a maximum number of numerical problems from each topic in order to perform well in the numerical ability section of AFCAT.

What are the easy preparation tips for AFCAT?

Aspirants need to possess tunnel vision with an incredible focus on studies. Persistence, hard work, proper time management, and go-getter attitude are some of the easy preparation tips to crack AFCAT exam and AFSB interview.

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