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How to Prepare for IEM JEE 2021

Updated By Diksha Nautiyal on 17 Feb, 2021 19:19

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How to prepare for IEM JEE 2021

The ones aiming to crack the exam must know how to prepare for the IEM JEE 2021 examination. University of Engineering and Management conducts  IEM JEE every year for the selection of candidates for the purpose of admission in various fields such as BBA / B.Tech / BCA / BPT / MCA / MBA / MSc, etc. So applicants who would apply for admission to the Institute of Engineering and Management will have to keep in mind that even if it is a University level exam, one has to prepare well for this exam.

IEM JEE has a similar syllabus as the JEE has. IEM JEE is to be held from 17th Feb to 14th March 2021. IEMJEE is a difficult exam, which needs rigorous preparation. Candidates must know the IEM JEE syllabus well before preparing for it. There are certain pointers to be kept in mind while preparing for the exam. This section of this page says about how to prepare for IEMJEE 2021.

Although it is a University level exam, candidates must know that this exam needs hard work and dedication, to be able to be cracked. Candidates must be careful while they start preparing for the exam. Since it has a huge syllabus, it has to be attended in a section-wise manner. All candidates might not be good at all the subjects, so one has to identify the subjects they are good at first and then start bifurcating the syllabus as per the syllabus of each subject. In the time left the candidates must clearly identify the subjects and start with the preparation at the earliest. Hence applicants can go through the pointers given here which would help them to prepare.

Section-wise Preparation for IEM JEE 2021

There are several sections of preparation, one can start preparation in a subject-wise and section-wise manner.

For Mathematics:

  • For mathematics, candidates must know all the possible formulas.

  • Candidates can follow NCERT Books for basics of Maths. Following class 12 syllabus would also help them to have a good basic concept.

  • Consider books entitled for top engineering entrance exams including JEE Main or JEE Advanced. Practising from these books will give a clear picture of the Mathematical sections.

  • Candidates must practise more and more previous years’ question papers or sample papers to be quick in Mathematics. More they practise, better would they be.  

  • To learn the formulas aspirants are advised to write down all the formula and revise the same at regular intervals. This will automatically get registered in the mind of the candidate. This process must be repeated every day by the aspirants.

  • For this paper of maths, one has to know Sets and Relation Function, Matrices and Determinants, Permutation and Combination, Binomial Theorem and its Simple Application, Vector Algebra, Trigonometry, Limit Continuity and differentiability also Mathematical Reasoning.

For Physics and Chemistry:

  • Chemistry is a subject which has to be remembered with the chemical equations and reactions. There will be a combined section of Physics and Chemistry. The total number of question in this section will be 30. But the ratio of the number of questions in each of the section varies.

  • There are 45 mins allotted to this section, candidates can give 1.5 minutes for each question. But with this candidates will not be left with time for revision. Therefore aspirants are advised to utilize 40 minutes for answering the questions and keep 5 minutes for revision.

  • Chemistry can be done easily if candidates concentrate more on the chemical reaction and equation and then go with the difficult chapters.

  • Candidates must know that the JEE Chemistry syllabus which is also appropriate and applicable to IEM JEE.

  • Experts advise following the best books for IEM JEE. Few among these include  University Chemistry by Bruce Mahan, Numerical Chemistry by P.Bahadur, Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D Lee, Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry for JEE/ISEET by O.P Tandon, etc.

  • Physics also needs to be done trickily, there are several theories the candidate has to remember. For this, the aspirants can make short notes of the theories and revise them at regular intervals.

  • Candidates must know how to attend tricky questions and handle them quickly.

  • Aspirants can take up NCERT books to clear the basic understandings of Physics.

  • Candidates must cover the sections like Thermodynamics, Work, Kinematics, Rotational Motion, Properties of solids and liquids, Energy and Power.

  • Applicants must follow a few books like Concepts of Physics (Both vol1 and 2) by HC Verma, Mechanics Part 1 and part 2 by DC Pandey, Understanding Physics Electronics and Magnetism S.L Loney, University Physics by Freeman and Young. The entire page is of 360 marks. The mathematics section is of 240 marks and the rest120 marks are allotted for Physics and Chemistry section. The entire paper would be entitled to 75 mins in total.

General Tips for the Day of Examination

  • Candidates who would be appearing for the exam must have had a good sleep the previous night.

  • Candidates must go through the pointers a day before the exam.

  • Candidates must carefully go through the entire syllabus the exam pattern to avoid missing out any section of the main paper.

  • Candidates must be aware of all the rules and regulation of the exam.

  • All the subjects must have been covered while preparing for the exam. Best is to prepare in a section-wise manner.

  • The aspirants must not panic if they notice a section remained untouched for preparation. They can instead check the section and give a glance to the important pointers.

  • It is very important to relax a day before the examination. This improves confidence and decreases the fear of examination. For this, candidates must eat properly and take good sleep. Listening to music can also serve the purpose.

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