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IIFT Study Plan with Timetable

Updated By Soham Roy on 29 Nov, 2021 17:48

6 days Remaining for the exam

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IIFT 2022 Preparation Strategy & Study Plan

Getting admission in the MBA International Business programme of the prestigious Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) is not a cakewalk. The IIFT entrance exam is a big hurdle that one needs to cross before actually making it to the other side of the gates of IIFT. IIFT 2022 is expected to be conducted in the third week of December 2021 and candidates must have a solid study plan to succeed.

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Candidates have to ensure that they do proper preparation for IIFT 2022 before sitting for the examination. No changes have been announced in the IIFT 2022 exam pattern and hence candidates can rely on previous-year data to guide their preparation.

It is also important to have a good preparation strategy to ace in IIFT 2022. Planning of studies and focusing on weak areas while practising strong points will ensure that a candidate is successful. First, take note of some of the important highlights of IIFT 2022.

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IIFT 2022 Entrance Exam Highlights

  • IIFT entrance exam was conducted in the pen-and-paper mode till 2019 but it was switched to the online mode (Computer-Based) from 2020 when NTA took over.
  • There are 6 sections in IIFT 2022 - English Grammar, General Knowledge & Current Affairs, Vocabulary and Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, and Quantitative Analysis.
  • The total time duration of IIFT 2022 is 120 minutes.

For those who are preparing for IIFT 2022, we've listed preparation strategies that can help candidates achieve high scores. By religiously following a well-structured study plan for cracking IIFT 2022, one can take his/her preparation to the next level. Also, you should check out the IIFT 2022 Exam day tips and instructions.

IIFT 2022 Preparation Tips

It is always advisable to check the preparation tips from toppers when preparing for IIFT 2022. Some of the best tips to crack the exam have been listed below.

  • Find out your strong and weak areas and work on them accordingly.
  • Include regular practice and solving questions daily in your study plan.
  • Developing a proper understanding of the basic concepts will help you in advanced tricks.
  • It is important to establish a balance between speed and accuracy. Neither should be too low.
  • Read as much as you can to improve your language and reading comprehension skills.
  • Reading newspaper has multiple benefits. It improves your grammar as well as your general awareness.
  • Make a schedule and stick to it. Leave enough time to relax and unwind.

Section-wise Preparation Strategy for IIFT 2022

All of the sections in IIFT 2022, except for GK have equal weightage in the exam and hence must be given equal attention. Take out time to prepare and practice questions from each section and establish a balance based on your strengths and weaknesses. Given below are some of the best section-wise preparation tips for IIFT 2022.

IIFT 2022 VARC Preparation Tips

  • VARC requires a long=term preparation plan.
  • Work on improving your reading skills while also working on your technical aspects such as grammar.
  • It is important to develop the ability to focus and retain information as reading long passages is required.
  • The questions can get confusing and hence one should develop an understanding of the rules of grammar.
  • Read the business-related section in newspapers, books and blogs to increase your vocabulary and skill.
  • Studying from school books is a good strategy to prepare for the section.

IIFT 2022 QA Preparation Tips

  • Work actively to improve the speed and accuracy of your calculations.
  • Study and practice tips and tricks to solve questions in as few steps as possible.
  • Improving mental maths will not only make your calculations faster but also help you reduce the number of steps taken to solve a question.
    Check the Best Vedic Maths Tricks for CAT.
  • Practice as many questions as possible. Start from the basic level to improve questions and confidence and work your way up.
  • This is a section where guesswork should be avoided as much as possible. However, proper practice can help you develop the skill to make calculated guesses.
  • Use school books to develop your basics but don't spend excess time on them. Move on to higher concepts quickly.

IIFT 2022 DILR Preparation Tips

  • DILR tests your skills of logical and analytical reasoning
  • While working on your problem-solving skills in this section, it is important to look at the questions from different perspectives.
  • Practice a lot of questions. Spending time to crack difficult questions will build your mental stamina and approach.
  • Tips and tricks for this section are limited and hence a candidate often has to rely on their raw skill.
  • DI questions are generally set such that calculations that be minimised or entirely eliminated. Develop the skill to spot this while practising.

IIFT 2022 GA Preparation Tips

  • General Awareness holds the least weightage but the section is still important to improve the merit of a candidate.
  • Regular reading of newspapers, magazines or listening to related podcasts will help you gain success.
  • Many books are available in the market to prepare for Static GK. Make sure you are using the latest editions only for current affairs.

3 Month Preparation Strategy for IIFT

It is possible to prepare for IIFT 2022 in just 3 months if you have the will and a proper study plan. Check the month-wise study plan you should follow given below.

IIFT Preparation Strategy for First Month

  • Go through the IIFT 2022 syllabus, and solve a mock test or sample paper to check your level of preparedness.

  • You must evaluate whether or not you have gained a good clarity of your basic concepts and fundamentals.

  • In the entrance exam, one needs to attempt the objective type questions in 120 minutes duration. So, time management is a key requirement to perform well in the entrance exam.

  • Practising the mock tests helps in analysing the overall difficulty level of the entrance exam and helps in deciding how much time should be invested in each section. Candidates should focus on solving the most scoring questions first and deal with the remaining ones later.

IIFT Preparation Strategy for Second Month

  • Taking the section-wise approach can be really helpful. Candidates may prepare for Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability in 10 days, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation in 10 days, Quantitative Analysis and General Knowledge in 10 days.

  • Candidates must solve at least one mock test paper every day and work on maximising their attempts.

  • Identifying the type of questions that they have appeared in previous years' exams and practising them on a regular basis can be very helpful.

  • Candidates must also work on their calculation speed and accuracy of solving questions.

  • Join a coaching institute and referring to some popular books and study materials are some other options that can be taken up as part of the preparation process. 

IIFT Preparation Strategy for Third Month 

  • In the last month before the exam, starting from scratch is not an option. Hence, candidates should focus on revising the subjects and topics that carry the maximum marks.

  • During this time, candidates should also have a clear exam-taking strategy, which can be planned by solving the maximum number of mock tests.

  • Revision is the key if one intends to score high in the IIFT entrance exam. All the topics must be revised throughly days before taking the exam.

  • Self-preparation is another important element in achieving success in an exam like IIFT. 

IIFT 2022 Section-Wise Study Plan

IIFT 2022 consists of six sections, namely Logical Reasoning, English Grammar, Data Interpretation, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, Quantitative Analysis, and Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary. The total number of questions varies from year to year and the marking scheme of IIFT 2022 also differs for each section.  

IIFT 2022 Strategy for Quantitative Ability

Name  of the Subject

Quantitative Ability

Number of Units (Topics)


No. of Sub-Topics that Can be Covered Per Day 


No. of Sub Topics that can be covered in a Week (Five Days - Monday to Friday)

2*5 = 10

Sixth Day, i.e., Saturday

Revision of the Topics

Seventh Day, i.e. Sunday

Take Practice Test for One Complete Topic

 IIFT 2022 Strategy for Verbal Ability 

Name of the Subject

Verbal Ability

Number of Units (Topics)

12 or 15

No. of Sub-Topics that Can be Covered Per Day

Two or Three

No. of Sub Topics that can be covered in a Week (Five Days - Monday to Friday)


Sixth Day, i.e., Saturday

Revision of the Topics

Seventh Day, i.e. Sunday

Take Practice Test for One Complete Topic

 IIFT 2022 Strategy for Logical Reasoning (LR)

Name of the Subject

    Logical Reasoning (LR)

Number of Units (Topics)

11 to 12

Number of Sub-Topics that can be Covered Per Day

Two or Three

No. of Sub Topics that can be covered in a Week (Five Days - Monday to Friday)


Sixth Day, i.e., Saturday

Revision of the Topics

Seventh Day, i.e. Sunday

Take Practice Test for One Complete Topic

 IIFT 2022 Strategy for Data Interpretation 

Name of the Subject

Data Interpretation

Number of Units (Topics)


No. of Sub-Topics that Can be Covered Per Day


No. of Sub Topics that can be covered in a Week (Five Days - Monday to Friday)


Sixth Day, i.e., Saturday

Revision of the Topics

Seventh Day, i.e. Sunday

Take Practice Test for One Complete Topic

 IIFT 2022 Strategy for General Awareness (GK)

Name of the Subject

General Awareness (GK)

Number of Units (Topics)


No. of Sub-Topics that Can be Covered Per Day


No. of Sub Topics that can be covered in a Week (Five Days - Monday to Friday)


Sixth Day, i.e,  Saturday

Revision of the Topics

Seventh Day, i.e. Sunday

Take Practice Test for One Complete Topic

To begin with IIFT 2022 preparation, candidates must be aware of the section-wise list of topics that must be covered from IIFT 2022 syllabus. Here, we’ve provided a detailed list of topics to be prepared for appearing in the entrance examination.

Important Topics in IIFT 2022 Vocabulary and Comprehension Section

Odd word out

Figures of speech 


        Matching word meanings






Fill in the blanks

Para Formation Questions

Reading Comprehension

Topics Covered in IIFT 2022 GK & Current Affairs















International  Affairs


Topics Covered in IIFT 2022 Data Interpretation

Bar Graph



Line Graph

Pie Chart


Topics Covered in IIFT 2022 Logical Reasoning (LR)




Linear word formation


Series  & Analysis

Input  & Output


Family  tree problem

Seating Arrangements

Symbol Based problems


Topics Covered in IIFT 2022 Quantitative Ability






Time, Distance, Work and Heights


Permutation and Combination

SI and CI




Daily Study Timetable for IIFT 2022

As IIFT 2022 exam is approaching, MBA aspirants must make it a point to plan their per-day preparation strategy so that they can have a track of time and their routine. Take a look at the table below that displays the number of hours and topics that one must cover per day until the day of the entrance examination.

Total Number of Hours to be spent for Exam Preparation (Per Day)

10 Hours

(7:00 AM to 9:00 AM)

Choose a sub-topic from IIFT syllabus and start reading and understanding it. List down and highlight the important points that you must prepare

(9:00 AM to 10:00 AM)

Take a Break/Daily Routine Activities

       (10:00 AM to 12:00 AM)

Choose another sub-topic from IIFT syllabus and start reading and understanding it. Note down and highlight the important points that you must prepare

(12:00 AM to 2:00 PM)

Take a Break/Daily Routine Activities

(2:00 PM to 5:00 PM)

Revise the topics that you have studied during the day time and start with another sub-topic from IIFT syllabus and try to understand it completely. Note down and highlight the important points that you must prepare

(5:00 PM to 7:00 PM)

Take a Break/Go for a walk/ Daily Routine Activities

 (7:00 PM to 10:00 PM)

  Review whatever you’ve learnt so far from the topics, make notes side by side and then proceed with another sub-topic

(10:00 PM)

Go to Sleep 

IIFT 2022 - Best Tips for Exam Day

While every candidate will have his/her own strategy for the exam day, we are providing some basic tips that IIFT aspirants should definitely keep in mind to increase their chances of scoring high in the exam. 

1. Don’t spend too much time on one question. If you have doubts about a question and if you think it's taking away your precious time, move to the next question.

2. While writing the exam, keep a track of time.

3. Handle your OMR sheet with care and avoid causing any damage to it.

4. Try not to panic on the day of the exam. It will negatively impact your performance. 

5. Be careful when you are going through the Comprehension passage.

6. Things you should carry to the exam hall -

7. Things you should not carry to the exam hall - 

  • Bags or valuable items are not allowed inside the exam hall as there will be no lockers available at the exam center.
  • No mobile phone, pager, tablets, or any device with a radio transmitter are allowed.
  • Avoid carrying any piece of paper to the exam hall.
  • Nothing should be printed on your stationery box.

IIFT 2022 Coaching Institutes vs Preparation at Home

It has been observed that candidates often get confused when it comes to deciding whether to join a coaching institute or prepare at home to crack the IIFT entrance. We have provided some insights on both - preparation at coaching institutes and preparation at home, which can put an end to this very prominent dilemma. 

If the candidates are to join a coaching institute for IIFT 2022` entrance, they have to first find the best among the lot. There are many institutes that offer coaching classes to prepare for IIFT entrance, and candidates must keep a few important pointers in mind while choosing one. The coaching institutes have a very different appreach while preparing the candidates for an entrance examination. The study material provided by these institutes comprise of important notes on all the topics present in the IIFT 2022 syllabus. Apart from this, they conduct mock tests in regular intervals that help the candidates work on their weakness. Taking mock tests also help in boosting their confidence, which is a key element in finding success. Eminent and experienced academic experts deliver lectures to the candidates who enroll for coaching programmes. In a nutshell, joining a coaching institute means students can expect to achieve comprehensive preparation for IIFT 2022.

However, those who choose not join any coaching institute can also do well in the exam. They must prepare a strategy in advance and stick to the same in order to complete the syllabus on time. The next step is to find the right set of books for preparation. There are many toppers who have achieved success without any help from coaching institutes. The two most important elements to do well in any examinations are hard work and perseverance. Diligent and strategic self-study will make the candidates competent enough to deal with any sort of challenge during the preparation process as well as during the examination. 

Preparation for IIFT 2022 in 6 months

Here is the preparation strategy that can be adopted to prepare for IIFT 2022 in 6 months:

  • Six months is a lot of time for preparation of IIFT 2022. Therefore, candidates are at first advised to go through the detailed exam pattern of the entrance. 

  • Next, the candidates should be aware of the IIFT syllabus. Without knowing the syllabus, they won't know what topics and subjects need preparation.

  • After going through the syllabus, candidates can focus on identifying their weak and strong areas.

  • Clarity is the key to do well in an examination. Candidates should act on building their fundamentals to gain conceptual clarity.

  • Candidates are advised to not waste a lot of time in preparing the theoretical portions. Once the concepts are clear, candidates should take part in the IIFT quiz.

  • Implementing theoretical knowledge is a must. Therefore, candidates should appear for more and more mock tests to get an idea about the types of questions asked in the exam.

  • Candidates should find out the best study materials to prepare for the entrance examination. And the first steo is to get hands on the right set of books.

  • Candidates should maintain their confidence level throughout the preparation journey.

  • Time management is an important element in the preparation strategy. Candidates should allot equal time to prepare all the sections of the IIFT syllabus. 

Preparation for IIFT 2022 in 3 months

Candidates should keep these pointers in mind and adapt them in their preparation strategy:

  • Aspirants should have a good grasp over the fundamentals in order to strengthen their basic concepts.

  • Candidates should look for effective study materials on the internet along with books.

  • It is high time for them to appear in mock tests to understand the type of questions that can be asked in the entrance. This will also help the candidates to evaluate their capabilities.

  • Due to the scarcity of time candidates should not go through the theory again and again. Instead of that, they should pay more heed to clarify fundamental concepts and work on their weaker sections. 

  • Candidates should also start considering solving previous years’ question papers of IIFT.

Preparation for IIFT 2022 in 2 months

It might sound surprising but many candidates who top the IIFT entrance exam prepare for it in two months. We have provided certain pointers that should be kept in mind while preparing for the entrance exam:

  • Candidates should put more focus on IIFT Exam Quiz, IIFT Mock tests and various types of questions that have been already asked in the IIFT entrance over the years.

  • Taking mock tests without analysis is an effort gone waste. Hence, candidates should evaluate their performance after every mock test.

  • Candidates should go through the study materials for IIFT 2022 entrance and mark the important areas.

  • Instead of being worried about the weaknesses, candidates should focus on their strengths. They should not invest too much time in thinking about what they don't know. They can, in fact, think about what all can be done to maximise the scores on the day of the exam.

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FAQs about IIFT Preparation Tips

How do I prepare for Verbal Skills in IIFT?

It is best to consult school-level books to learn grammar skills and develop a reading habit to prepare for the VARC section in IIFT.

Are NCERT books good for IIFT preparation?

NCERT books are good for candidates who want to build basic knowledge for IIFT. However, it is necessary to consult other books for learning advanced concepts and practising questions.

Is IIFT preparation easier for Commerce students?

IIFT has a diverse syllabus covering a wide range of subjects and hence it offers no significant advantage to students from any particular background. Students from any background can prepare for the exam.

Is it possible to prepare for IIFT in 1 month?

A 1 month study plan can only work if a candidate is already preparing for other exams and just requires revision of topics or practising question papers to adjust themselves to IIFT exam. However, for every other candidate, at least 3 month study plan is recommended.

How much time should I daily in IIFT preparation?

Around 8-10 hours of preparation daily is recommended for candidates who can afford to spend that much time in preparation. However, it is recommended to study in 2-3 hour batches instead of trying to stretch it in one go.

Can a working professionals prepare for IIFT?

Yes, IIFT preparation can be done by a working professional if they follow a healthy study routine and establish a good balance between their work, studies and life.

Is GA preparation for IIFT difficult?

No, preparing for the GA section in IIFT is not that difficult as only moderate level of questions are asked in the exam. You can prepare for the section easily by reading newspaper daily and referring to some good books.

Is IIFT more difficult or CAT?

Overall, CAT is the more difficult exam as compared to IIFT but some sections of IIFT can get tougher than CAT.

What is the ideal time to prepare for IIFT?

The ideal time required to prepare for IIFT entrance exam is 6 months but the preparation can be completed in 3 months with a good study plan.

How do I prepare for IIFT entrance exam?

IIFT is a moderately difficult exam and will require good preparation skills. Use the best books, analyse the previous year exam patterns and solve sample papers and mock test to prepare.

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