How to Prepare for IIFT 2019

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How to Prepare for IIFT 2019

Exam preparation for IIFT is essential for all the candidates who are aiming to crack the examination this year. Conducted by the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), IIFT entrance exam is a gateway for all the MBA aspirants to get admission in its flagship course in Masters of Business Administration-International Business (MBA-IB) offered at two campuses - IIFT Delhi and IIFT Kolkata.

In order to get good scores in IIFT exam, candidates must start their exam preparation well in advance and must make sure to cover maximum topics mentioned in the IIFT syllabus. Conducted in paper and pencil mode, IIFT entrance exam involves differential marking, therefore, while preparing for IIFT exam, candidates must plan their exam strategy accordingly to increase the overall scores in the exam.

Read further to know more about IIFT Preparation Tips and Tricks.

General Tips and Tricks to Crack IIFT 2019

Create a Proper Study Plan for IIFT Exam:

While preparing for IIFT entrance exam, candidates must first formulate a proper study plan for themselves which they can follow easily till the exam date. It is often observed that candidates usually make a study plan, but fail to execute it. Execution of the plan is equally important as creating one. So, candidates must try to create a plan which can be successfully executed by them.

Read IIFT Exam Questions Cautiously:

As per the exam pattern of IIFT, the question paper of the entrance test will be in multiple-choice (MCQ) format, wherein candidates will have to choose one appropriate answer. In such cases, certain questions will have twisted options to confuse the candidates in the exam, however, candidates are advised to read the questions carefully and with a great concentration to make an appropriate choice out of the multiple options available.

Plan Your IIFT Exam Strategy:

Planning your IIFT exam strategy is one of a major factor while doing exam preparation. Candidates must plan their IIFT exam strategy in such a way that it proves beneficial for them during exam time. One of the best ways to make IIFT exam strategy is to focus more on the topics having maximum weightage of marks, as IIFT follows a different marking scheme for every section. By following this exam strategy, candidates may increase their chances to get maximum scores in the IIFT exam.

Brush Up Your General Knowledge:

Candidates preparing for IIFT must target to improve their General Knowledge and Awareness. IIFT question paper comprises of General Knowledge section which aims to test candidates overall knowledge of current affairs. Questions related to business, books, and authors, science, economic news and corporate news, brand taglines, world records, history, etc. are asked, therefore, candidates must view news channels and read newspapers to keep themselves updated every now and then.

Increase Your Speed and Accuracy:

Working on speed and accuracy is important for all the entrance exams. During exam preparation, candidates must focus to improve their speed as well as their accuracy to solve the MCQs. To build up the speed, candidates are advised to solve as many mock tests as they can. Mock tests will help the candidates to monitor their progress in every attempt. Along with the speed, candidates must also focus on maintaining their accuracy to the solve questions. Accuracy will ultimately add up the total scores of the candidates in IIFT exam.

Never Forget to Revise:

Revision is an important factor, which requires a lot of attention during exam preparation. Candidates studying for IIFT must always keep on revising the topics of their study. The continuous revision will not only brush up the key concepts but will also sharpen the memory of the candidates. So, to perform better and score more in IIFT, candidates must not forget to revise their subjects of study properly.

Cracking the IIFT exam will be a gateway to admissions in one of the top MBA colleges in the country. Not only do IIFT placements and salary packages are known to get better year after year, but also the experience of studying at a b-school as recognized as IIFT is a unique one!

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Subject-Wise Preparation for IIFT 2019

Preparation for the different subjects of IIFT 2019 must be done in different manners considering the fact that all subjects are different and require different pattern for studying each topic. Let’s check out few points that must be kept in mind while preparing these subjects for IIFT 2019.

English Grammar and Comprehension

Attempting and answering questions of this section must not take more than 35 minutes. It is advisable to keep at least 5 minutes for revision. Preparation for English Grammar and Comprehension can be mastered with a good knowledge of this subject. All you need to do is to know the Grammatical portions well. The first step to mark a strong hold on this subject is to go through good grammar books that help you to understand the roots of the English language in a better and precise manner. Books of junior classes like 6th or 7th standard will help you in strengthening the roots of English. These grammar books also consist of dedicated portions of Synonyms and Antonyms that covers sectional marks as a sub-topic in IIFT 2019.

Apart from grammar books, you can also read good articles and English journals that will help you build good language and extract good words. Remember to check out the meanings of the new words that you read through these articles and journals. The editorial section of the English newspapers can also serve to be helpful in this context.

For Comprehension passages, you can rely on Sample Papers and Previous Years’ Question Papers which will give you an idea of the what exactly is to be done in these passages. Practising these papers will help you in comprehending the comprehension passage in the main exam with an ease. It will also help you to manage your time for this section.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

This section must be completed in not more than 20 minutes. It is a section that can be conquered with knowledge about what’s happening around you. You must read newspapers on a daily basis to be aware of the latest news. You can also take special edition papers that deals with the burning topics in a more clear and detailed way. Try not to miss the prime time news shows on your favourite news channel. While going through the newspaper or news channel remember to jot down the topics that are more discussed and judgment of which will affect a larger section of the society.

There are a number of Current Affairs and GK books available in the market. Reading these books will also serve the purpose of acquiring knowledge from different sections and strata of society. Get hold of few best books for GK and Current Affairs so that you may be able to read about every current situation around the globe.

You can also follow previous years’ question papers to know about the trend being followed in the questions. Look for the type of questions and type of section or sector the questions are coming from. Once you figure out this, you will be able to focus more on that particular section.

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation

20 minutes each can be devoted to Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation sections of IIFT 2019. Experts advise keeping a few minutes to cross-check the answers filled in before switching to the next section. To start working on this section you must first understand the meaning and scope of the subject matter and start with the problems. Understand the procedure involved in solving the questions in this section. Make a strong hold on the formulas and tricks used to procure right answers. Memorize these formulas and work on them after completing each chapter on a daily basis. Remember the more you work on the formulas, the quicker you will be with the questions.

For this, you take help from your teachers or seniors or the ones who have successfully passed IIFT with a good score. Apart from these you can also switch to some good and reputed Coaching Center of your surrounding. These coaching centres focus mainly on teaching the topics in detail so that grasping formulas becomes easy. These centres will also help you to understand the numeric terms and expressions used in the questions of Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation. The coaching centres will help you in gaining conceptual clarity of the Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation chapters.

Quantitative Analysis

Ideally not more than 20 minutes must be given to solve the questions of Quantitative Analysis. The best way to answer the maximum number questions of this section is to start with simple and easy questions first and then picking the hard ones. While preparing for Quantitative Analysis chapters, remember to memorize the Mathematical formulas that are required to solve the questions of Quant. Know your Maths well and you can master this section of IIFT 2019. Make a list of all the Mathematical formulas and revise them every day in order to memorize them and keep them handy at the time of problem-solving.

Practising Mock Test Papers will be a good support system for the preparation strategy of Quantitative Analysis. Solve as many Mock tests as you can and try to solve them without taking help from books. While attempting Mock test series remember to keep a stopwatch or timer, so that, you may keep a track of the time taken to solve the entire section or a particular part of the section. This will help you in managing your time and being quick with the questions at the main time of examination. It will also help you in identifying your weak areas of Quantitative Analysis. Once you figure out the weak section you can work more on it and make it strong so that you may attempt it on the main exam day.

Best Tips for Exam Day

While every candidate will have his/her own strategy for the exam day, we are providing some basic tips that IIFT aspirants should definitely keep in mind to increase their chances of scoring high in the exam. 

1. Don’t spend too much time on one question. If you have doubts about a question and if you think it's taking away your precious time, move to the next question.

2. While writing the exam, keep a track of time.

3. Handle your OMR sheet with care and avoid causing to damage it.

4. Try and not to panic on the day of the exam. It will negatively impact your performance. 

5. Be careful when you are going through the comprehension passage.

6. Things you should carry to the exam hall -

  • IIFT Admit Card 2017
  • A valid photo ID
  • Stationary items 

7. Things you should not carry to the exam hall - 

  • Bags or valuable items are not allowed inside the exam hall as there will be no lockers available at the exam center.
  • No mobile phone, pager, tablets, or any device with a radio transmitter are allowed.
  • Avoid carrying any piece of paper to the exam hall.
  • Nothing should be printed on your stationery box.
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