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IILET 2022 Syllabus

Updated By Disha Assawa on 15 Mar, 2022 16:57

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IILET 2022 Syllabus

The Indore Institute of Law releases the guide and syllabus of IILET 2022 before the entrance exam. Students are expected to go through all the important topics and study them from the IILET Best Books 2022. The syllabus issued by the conducting body comprises subjects such as English Language, Current Affairs and General Knowledge, Logical Reasoning, Legal Reasoning and Quantitative Techniques. Before picking up the study material, it is important to formulate a plan and strategise how to prepare for IILET 2022

Covering the IILET syllabus 2022 requires lots of hard work and patience. Aspirants are advised to do their research thoroughly and from trusted sources before indulging in the preparation. With dozens of study materials and recommendations available on the market, it becomes difficult to tell right from wrong. To settle this dilemma for once and all scroll through the page and gather the apt syllabus of IILET 2022.

Subject-Wise IILET 2022 Syllabus

The syllabus that must be considered for each subject is as follows.

IILET Syllabus 2022: For the English Language

  • For the English Language section, vivid passages are provided of 450 words each. Each passage will be followed by a set of questions that aims at scrutinizing the language and comprehension skills of an applicant.
  • The essence of the passages would be captured from historical or contemporary non-fiction and fiction writing.
  • The level of the passage would be such that a student in 12th standard would be able to read it in around 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Work on enhancing sentence structure, sentence formation, vocabulary, phrases, synonyms, antonyms etc. All of these would come in handy while dissecting the passage and drawing inferences.
  • Students will be asked to compare and contrast different viewpoints and arguments set out in the passage.

IILET Syllabus 2022: For Current Affairs & General Knowledge

  • The passages would be of around 450 words and will be derived from journalistic sources, news and other non-fiction writing.
  • The questions based on the passage will encapsulate an examination of knowledge or legal information.
  • Answering the questions would not require any additional knowledge of the law beyond the passage.
  • Candidates have to elucidate their awareness of various aspects of both general knowledge and current affairs.
  • The questions might comprise contemporary events of significance from all across the globe, international affairs, culture and arts, historical events of continuing significance etc.

IILET Syllabus 2022: For Legal Reasoning

  • Candidates are expected to go through a series of passages containing 450 words each. 
  • The passages may relate to scenarios, facts and situations involving public policy questions, legal matters or moral philosophical inquiries.
  • Candidates must have a knowledge of general awareness of contemporary moral and legal issues to perform better in this subject.
  • Prior knowledge of the law is not required.
  • General propositions or principles need to be practised and applied in the answer pertaining to the given factual scenario.
  • Basic principles and their application need to be studied thoroughly.

IILET Syllabus 2022: For Logical Reasoning

  • Aspirants are likely to read passages of about 300 words and answer one or more questions based on it.
  • Applicants are required to identify the argument, its premises, essence and conclusion.
  • Practise by reading and solving arguments mentioned in the passage.
  • Patterns of reasoning require analysis and interpretation plus evidence are needed to be incorporated in the answer.
  • Comprehend analogies and relationships, circle out equivalence and contradictions and weigh the effectiveness of arguments.

IILET Syllabus 2022: For Quantitative Techniques

  • The question might include short sets of graphs, propositions or facts, textual, diagrammatic or pictorial representations of numerical information.
  • Aspirants must know how to apply mathematical operations on the information provided through graphical, pictorial or textual information.

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