NMAT by GMAC (NMAT by GMAC - 2014)

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Important Dates
Registration Date
Jul 03, 2014
Test Date
Oct 09, 2014
Result Date
Jan 15, 2015

How to Prepare for NMAT by GMAC 2014

Preparation Strategy

NMAT exam’s main objective to test speed and accuracy. Candidates need to attempt each question in less than 80 seconds. Selection is crucial here.

Aspirants should focus on core quant topics and theory. Try and finish all the topics in the next two months. Thereafter, do not touch new topics or comfortable areas. The chief strategy should be to attempt familiar questions and leave non-familiar/non-comfortable questions. Candidates should be able to decide this within 10 seconds.

Speed will be also very critical in NMAT exam. Apart question learning to select a question, candidates should also to reject a question in less than 10 seconds.

Expect some calculation-heavy problems. These questions are meant to be left alone. Give it a try only if are not very close.

So focus on CAT quant syllabus. Here are some core topics that you can expect:

Candidates can safely ignore Trigonometry & Statistics. This topic has a maximum of one to two questions, which are generally easy. Questions related to Data Sufficiency has not been observed so far.

Logical reasoning is comparatively easier than Quant and Data Interpretation in NMAT exam. We can expect a similar pattern in NMAT exam 2016. Questions in LR can range from Decision Making to Verbal Logic.

Verbal ability section usually consists of grammar, reading comprehension. There’s no different strategy for VA section. Candidates need to focus on an overall strategy for MBA exams while preparing for verbal sections, because all the exams have similar syllabus.

Finally, practicing past years' NMAT question papers as well as Mock Tests of various players are perhaps the best source for preparation. It provides opportunity to plug the loopholes in the preparation of NMAT entrance exam and one should give maximum importance to these question papers.

Tips –

NMAT is 120 minutes CBT test the most important thing is that one should ensure SPEED & ACCURACY

Starts from N.C.E.R.T books and clear your basics.

Do as much practice as you can by solving practice papers, sample papers etc.

Find out your weak areas and work upon them.