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How to Prepare for AP ICET 2022

Updated By Mahima Gupta on 22 Jul, 2022 17:30

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AP ICET Preparation Plan 2022

AP ICET exam 2022 comprises of total 3 sections, which test the mathematical skills, analytical abilities, and communication of a candidate. The AP ICET exam contains a total of 200 multiple-choice questions, which have to be answered in 2.5 hours. Here, you can find the best tips, tricks, and strategies which will help you to prepare for the AP ICET 2022 exam.

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Before starting preparation for the AP ICET 2022, candidates must first ensure that they go through the AP ICET 2022 syllabus. Plus, for the AP ICET 2022 preparation to be systematic and orderly, candidates must make a study plan for the AP ICET 2022 exam. Candidates must also go through the AP ICET 2022 preparation tips available on this page to ensure that they have a good strategy for preparing for the AP ICET 2022 exam.

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Candidates who register for the AP ICET 2022 exam have to appear for the AP ICET exam for admission to the top Top MBA colleges in Andhra Pradesh. To get a good rank in the AP ICET 2022 exam, candidates must ensure that they are busy in the AP ICET 2022 exam preparation. Since AP ICET is not a particularly difficult exam, it is comparatively easy and simple to prepare for the AP ICET 2022 exam.

AP ICET Exam Pattern 2022

Mode of AP ICET 2022Computer-Based (Online)
Exam Duration2.5 Hour
Marking scheme
  • One mark will be awarded for each correct answer

  • No negative marking will be done 

Total no. of questions200 MCQs
SectionsMathematical Ability, Communication Ability, and Analytical Ability

AP ICET Preparation Tips 2022

Know the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Having complete knowledge about the syllabus and exam pattern is the first step towards preparation for any entrance exam. You cannot begin with your exam preparation unless you do not have a proper understanding of its syllabus and exam pattern. While studying the exam pattern gives you complete insights into the important features of the entrance exam, the exam syllabus briefs you about the topics that you need to study to prepare well for the exam.

Make Study Plan for AP ICET 2022

Having a good study plan for the AP ICET 2022 exam will help you a lot during exam preparation. A study plan helps you keep track of your progress while also helping you maintain discipline while preparing for the AP ICET exam.

Focus on Your Fundamentals

For AP ICET 2022, having clear knowledge about the basics is necessary. While preparing for the entrance exam, you should first clear your concepts, and then move to the depths of a particular topic. In case you feel you do not understand a certain concept, you should not hesitate to ask your friends/mentors/teachers.

Take Notes While Studying

To score well in AP ICET 2022, you should prepare notes for different subjects from time to time. Notes will help you memorize the topics that you studied earlier. Additionally, notes will further help you find out what all topics you have covered already and what all topics are still left to be prepared. Therefore, preparing and reviewing your notes is important for the entrance exam.

Keep a Track of Time While Studying

Although it may sound like a tedious activity to do, keeping a track of time while practicing questions for the AP ICET exam will help you understand the sections or questions where you have to put in more effort. It may even help you identify questions that you should avoid wasting time on in the AP ICET exam so that your time is saved for another question where you can score.

Keep a Check on Your Overall Progress by Taking Sectional Tests

Sectional tests help you understand the level of your exam preparation. By taking section-wise tests, you can also manage your time better, and improve your performance by paying attention to your weak topics.

Avoid The Last Minute Rush

Do not keep any topic for the last day of exam preparation. If you have missed any topic by then, it is better to skip it as studying a new topic on the last day will not give you time for practice and revision and might also confuse you.

Check the Best Books for AP ICET Exam Preparation

To prepare for AP ICET 2022, one must refer and study from the best books. The below table lists some of the recommended books for APICET 2022.

  • Quantitative Aptitude by S. Chand Publication

  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning by A.K.Gupta

  • Analytical Reasoning by M.K. Pandey

  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R.S. Aggarwal

  • Objective Mathematics by R.D.Sharma

  • A Companion to Communication Skills in English by J K Mishra

  • Objective General English by R.S.Aggarwal

  • A New Approach to Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning by B.S. Sijwalii

  • Cracking The MBA Admissions Interview and GD by Dhruv Nath, published by Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Pvt. Ltd

  • Wren and Martin for English Grammar

  • General Knowledge by Manohar Pandey

  • Integrated Common Entrance Test (Complete Success Package) by Arihant Publications

Enhance Your Overall Awareness

Staying updated with the latest information on AP ICET 2022 is essential. While focusing merely on academics may help you get a good score in the AP ICET 2022 exam, having an overall knowledge of the AP ICET exam will help you form good preparation strategies even in a short amount of time and it will help you turn that good score into a great score.

Focus on Your Health

You mustn't compromise on your health and fitness during the exam preparation. Staying in good health and having good physical and mental fitness will help you better prepare and perform. Remember to take breaks when you are tired and get plenty of sleep at night.

AP ICET Section-Wise Preparation Tips 2022

The AP ICET 2022 exam contains a total of their sections. Each section contains a limited number of multiple-choice questions. Given below is the number of questions in each section of the AP ICET 2022 exam.

1Analytical Ability75
2Mathematical Ability75
3Communication Skills50

  • Analytical Ability 

This category will include 75 questions split into data adequacy (20 questions) and problem-solving ability (55 questions).To do well in this section, practise questions from sequences and series, relation problems, seating structures, symbol understandings, omitted figures, data analysis, and related topics.

  • Communication Ability

This section's questions will be divided into different categories, each with ten questions. Vocabulary, Industry, and Software Definitions will each have ten questions, while Grammar and RCs will each have fifteen questions. Candidates must practice questions that require making conclusions from texts.

  • Mathematical Ability

Learn the fundamental mathematical formulas. Practice Mathematical Ability, Algebraical Skill, Various geometric Ability, and Statistical Ability questions.

English and Telugu is the language of questions in the Analytical Ability and Mathematical Skills sections of the AP ICET exam. The Communication Skills questions only appear in the English language. Here are some important tips that will help you prepare for each section of the AP ICET exam.

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AP ICET Mathematical Skills Preparation Tips 2022

The Mathematical Skills section of the AP ICET exam is not just about testing how good of a Mathematician a person is. It is also about checking whether a candidate is comfortable with using numbers. Broadly speaking, this section has questions that may seem complex in the beginning but can be broken down using simple mathematical concepts as well as basic observations that can only be gained when one practices a lot of questions.

The Mathematical Skills section contains questions from a wide range of topics including Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, etc. Here are some preparation tips for the AP ICET Mathematical Skills section.

  • Do not practice solving the questions of this section by traditional mathematical methods. No matter how much you increase your speed and accuracy, that will not help you.
  • It is very important to have a collection of tips, tricks, and shortcuts to attempt the Mathematical Skills section. Many of these shortcuts minimize or completely remove the need for any numerical calculation in this section. This not only helps shorten the time taken to solve the question but also removes the chances of mistakes since there is less or no calculation involved.

  • No matter how many tips and tricks you know, they will not be of any use until you know the basic concepts. So even if you do not practice using traditional methods, having a good knowledge of those methods will help you take a long way.

  • Practice as many questions as you can. Time yourself while practicing and track your accuracy level.

AP ICET Communication Skills Preparation Tips 2022

The Communication Skills of the AP ICET exam tests a candidate's ability to communicate in day-to-day English language. The section tests the vocabulary, grammar and comprehension, and English usage skills of a candidate through several different types of questions.

If you have prepared well for this section, solving it should not take you very long and it can prove to be less hectic than the other two sections. However, you mustn't take any questions lightly. Carefully read the questions and pay special attention to grammar and any tricky options. Here are some preparation tips for the Communication Skills questions of the AP ICET exam.

  • Practice new words daily. Instead of trying to cram up the meaning, it is better to understand how the word is used by using it in a sentence. Do not go overboard while practicing for the vocabulary section. Stick to the vocabulary that is relevant to the examination.\
  • This section can be especially rewarding and can help increase your score in the AP ICET exam. It is important to not take it lightly while practicing.

  • While studying grammar, take note of the exceptions to the grammatical rules as questions based on exceptions are often included to confuse a candidate.

  • Practicing reading will improve your reading speed and help you go through the Reading Comprehension questions quickly and easily

AP ICET Analytical Ability Preparation Tips 2022

The Analytical Ability section of the AP ICET exam is meant to test a candidate's ability to spot, analyze and solve a problem. This section focuses on the critical thinking and problem-solving ability of a candidate. Two types of questions appear in the Analytical Ability section of the AP ICET exam: Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving.

In the Data Sufficiency questions, candidates are required to read two statements labeled (i) and (ii) in the exam. Based on these two statements, candidates have to select the correct options given below. Candidates usually find this section tricky as the questions are sometimes not easy to understand at first glance and the answer options are also quite similar.

Here are some tips to prepare for the Analytical Ability section of the AP ICET 2022 exam.

  • When you start practising, read each question slowly and carefully to ensure that you do not miss out on any important information given in the question. It is very important to train yourself to take all of the given information into account before building up speed.

  • If you do not understand a question on the first go, read it again while keeping a calm and steady head.
  • Practising for this section is very important as it is based more on your skills than on formulas and tricks. So, solve as many questions as you can.

  • Practising will also help you quickly identify the difficult questions in this section. By doing so, you will know which questions to skip and come back to later while appearing for the exam.

Easy strategies for AP ICET 2022

Candidates need to go through the AP ICET Syllabus before beginning the preparation for the exam. A clear strategy would help them in attaining better marks and hence colleges. Given below are the list of some major strategies you can opt for better preparation of AP ICET Exam. 

  • Analyze and Understand

Before beginning to plan and developing any kind of AP ICET 2022 exam preparation tips, applicants should analyse and comprehend the entire curriculum and exam structure. Examine the range of questions in each category and its divisions. Try to identify topics that require more time and energy, and then plan your strategies accordingly.

  • Time Management

Applicants will have 2.5 hours to solve a total of 200 questions, which equates to 1.33 minutes per question. As a result, one of the most important tips for preparing for the AP ICET 2022 is to organise time and make sure that all questions are attempted with comfort and without stress. Applicants can distribute their 24 hours into separate time segments for achieving a more focus strategy. Allow 2 hours for each category in the initial stage, with a 15-30 minute break in between. Do not overburden yourself with one section because all three are essential.

  • Goal Setting and Accomplishment

Once you've completed the analysis and comprehension portion, devise a strategy that takes into account the time constraint and proceed with the themes one by one. Create a strategy that focuses on your strengths while also addressing your weaknesses. Applicants can dedicate more time to subjects that are tough or entail more focus because they have a lot of time to prepare. They can steadily progress from weak areas to areas of strength over time

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-AnonymousUpdated on February 15, 2022 12:14 PM
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Abhinav Chamoli, CollegeDekho Expert

Dear Jeeviha.

Congratulations on your success in AP ICET 2020. With a rank of 403 in the exam, you will be able to take admission in some of the top AP ICET Participating Colleges. You can check the AP ICET Marks vs Rank Analysis to find out the best colleges as per your rank.

Fill the Common Application Form (CAF) for help with admission to MBA colleges in Andhra Pradesh. Call our student helpline number 18005729877 for any queries.

Thank you.


Do SVU provide placements?if yes, what should be the cutoff rank?

-D.JanviUpdated on August 18, 2021 02:52 PM
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Abhinav Chamoli, CollegeDekho Expert

Dear Studnet,

Yes, Sri Venkateswara University (SVU) Tirupati does offer placement services to its students. The average salary package and highest salary package offered in the placements is Rs. 6 LPA and Rs. 12 LPA respectively.

SVU is one of the top colleges accepting AP ICET 2020 and the top-ranking candidates are preferred for admission. Usually, the AP ICET closing rank for SVU is around 2,000, depending on your category. Check the AP ICET Marks vs Rank Analysis for more information.

Thank you.


when will be the AP ICET counselling dates be notified?

-AnonymousUpdated on January 15, 2021 01:16 PM
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Yash Dhamija, Student / Alumni

Dear Student

The counselling of AP ICET 2020 will begin soon. The final dates of AP ICET 2020 counselling process are not yet uploaded on the official website of AP ICET 2020. You are advised to visit the official website of AP ICET 2020 at regular intervals to check notifications regarding AP ICET 2020 counselling. 

If you have any other doubts regarding the AP ICET 2020 entrance exam, you can write back to us.

Thank You


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FAQs about AP ICET Preparation Tips

What types of questions are asked in the Analytical Ability section of the AP ICET exam?

Two types of questions are asked in the Analytical Ability section of the AP ICET exam i.e Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency.

How important are previous years’ question paper for AP ICET preparation?

The previous years’ question paper of AP ICET will help you to know what type of questions to expect in the exam.

Is it easy to clear AP ICET?

Clearing the AP ICET exam will depend on your preparation level. If you have prepared well for the AP ICET exam then you will not face any difficulty in clearing the exam.

How can I improve my English for AP ICET?

You are advised to learn at least 3-4 new words daily and then try to use them in sentences. Besides, you are further advised to read magazines and newspapers to improve your communication skills.

What is the best preparation time for AP ICET?

You are advised to start AP ICET preparation as soon as possible. The time needed for the preparation is not fixed as every candidate will have a different preparation strategy.

What are the best books for AP ICET Mathematical Skills preparation?

Some of the best books for AP ICET Mathematical Skills preparation are Quantitative Aptitude by S. Chand Publication and Objective Mathematics by R.D.Sharma.

What is the 3-month preparation strategy for AP ICET?

You should try to solve the maximum number of mock tests and previous years' question paper to crack the AP ICET exam.

What is the difficulty level of AP ICET?

The difficulty level of AP ICET is not very high. You can crack it in a single attempt.

What are the important tips for AP ICET preparation?

Some of the important tips for AP ICET preparation are making notes alongside your preparation, reading newspaper daily, making a study plan for the preparation and selecting best books.

How can I prepare for AP ICET?

You can start your AP ICET preparation by preparing a plan for all the sections. You are advised to read all the important topics mentioned in the syllabus of AP ICET before starting the preparation.

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