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Pearl Academy Entrance Exam Preparation Tips 2022

Updated By Shreya Sareen on 25 Nov, 2021 13:45

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How to Prepare for Pearl Academy Entrance Exam 2022

When it comes to preparing for Pearl Academy Entrance Exam, candidates must always have a well-defined strategy in order to score high in the exam. Aspirants who start their preparation early get a head start. 

Pearl Academy is one of the most prominent and leading design, fashion, new media and business institutes that admit candidates seeking admission to courses in these fields. Before you get into How to prepare for Pearl Academy Entrance Exam, it is best to know what the exam is all about along with having a holistic idea of its important dates, syllabus, eligibility criteria and selection process. 

After getting an idea of the Pearl Academy Entrance Exams 2022 like MAT/DAT and GPT, candidates will be able to comprehend how and what they really need to be prepared for. CollegeDekho has curated a list of section and exam-wise preparation tips for Pearl Academy Entrance Exam 2022. 

Pearl Academy Entrance Exam 2022 Preparation Tips

Make a Study Schedule

The first thing that you must do is make a strategy to decide on how much time you need to allocate to each of the topics involved in the entrance exam. Keep a calendar right in front of you while you are making the plan. If you have some other priorities to handle, manage your time accordingly. Mark all the days and dates you plan to study on. If you want to give yourself a break during that week/month of preparation, plan it beforehand. Sometimes, these breaks tend to motivate you to be on the right track. Also, do not stretch your hours. Plan on the amount of time you want to devote every day on preparation. 

Review the Study Material

Buy a test preparation book that will help you focus only on the topics that you need to study for the exam. You can also check the online mock tests (if available). If you have taken any classes, then make sure that you have the required study material along with the previous year question papers/sample papers in place.

Keep other Materials Ready

It is not just the study material that you require while preparing for an entrance exam, especially for the Pearl Academy Design Aptitude Test 2022. Things like colours, highlighters, pencils, a computer (if necessary), eatables, etc.

Understand How you Want to Study

Some like to remember notes by turning them into graphical or tabular information. Some feel comfortable participating in a study group or reading out the study material aloud. All in all, the point is - Do it your way.

Find a Fun Way to Study

It is always easy to remember something if you are enjoying the topic. Even if you do not like the topic, consider using a fun way to understand the grasp the same. 

Pearl Academy Entrance Exam 2022 Paper-Wise Preparation Tips

Pearl Academy conducts separate exams for different streams like media and communication, business and design, and fashion. While General Proficiency Test (GPT) is conducted for all the streams, Media Aptitude Test (MAT) and Design Aptitude Test (DAT) are conducted for admissions into the UG and PG programmes in streams of media and design respectively.

Preparation Tips for General Proficiency Test (GPT)

Sections that will be included in the General Proficiency Test (GPT) are mentioned below:


No. of Questions

English Comprehension


English Language Ability


Quantitative Ability


Logical Reasoning


Data Interpretation


For English Comprehension:

  • Focus on the opening and closing paragraphs: The focus while attempting comprehension should lie on the opening and closing paragraphs of the passage because that is where the answers to most of the questions are. 
  • Read the questions of the given passage before reading the passage. that will you will know what to focus on. 
  • Practice a number of comprehensions, only with practice can you ace this section. 
  • Do not waste your time on comprehensions that you do not understand. Instead, move on to the next one. 

For English Language Ability:

  • Buy the most basic English language book like Wren and Martin and read through all the important topics.
  • Work on your vocabulary.
  • Learn all the rules of English Grammar. 
  • Read English newspapers. 

For Quantitative Ability:

  • Find all the relevant and most important topics.
  • Accuracy is the key to ace this section. 
  • Make notes of the formulae. Make it handy for revision. 

For Logical Reasoning:

  • Have a mental checklist of strategies that may help you solve the logical reasoning questions based on shape, size, number, etc, 
  • Understand the assumption first and have a clear idea of the same. 
  • Look for clues in the options given. This shall help you find the point to concentrate on in the question. 

For Data Interpretation:

  • Practice a lot of tables, bar graphs, line graphs, case lets, data sufficiency. 
  • Check if the given data is absolute or relative. While absolute data comprise figures in meters, seconds, kg, etc., comparative data involve percentages, per thousand, ratios, etc.
  • If you are not able to find your answer in the given options, go with the closest option. 

Preparation Tips for Pearl Academy Entrance Exam 2022 Design Aptitude Test (DAT)

Skills and Knowledge

25 Marks

Analytical and Design Sensibility

25 Marks

Observation and Lateral Thinking

25 Marks

General Awareness and Perception

25 Marks

Aesthetics and Creativity

25 Marks


150 Marks

Preparation Tips for Skills and Knowledge

This section will ask you to execute something to test your skills and knowledge to compose one form or the other. 

Preparation Tips for Analytical and Design Sensibility

The section shall assess the ability of the candidate to analyse a given scenario along with the mentioned details and analysing the reasoning and information given in the question. 

Preparation Tips for Observation and Lateral Thinking

This section looks at the candidate's ability to visualise and conceptualise an idea within the mentioned pointers/parameters. 

Preparation Tips for General Awareness and Perception

This section of the DAT paper judges the candidate's general awareness of the most relevant topics or happenings across the world.

Preparation Tips for Aesthetics and Creativity 

Along with the imagination skills of the candidates, this section shall look at the candidate's creative skills including the fundamentals of art, design, object study, visualisation of 3D objects, lateral thinking, scale, and proportion, etc. 

Preparation Tips for Pearl Academy Entrance Exam 2022 Media Aptitude Test (DAT)

Five questions to be answered out of 'n' number of questions, each carrying 20 marks. The type of questions should be as under:

Situation-Based Question

20 Marks

PR-Based Question

20 Marks

Visual Ads/Documentary

20 Marks

Short Report Writing

20 Marks


20 Marks


100 Marks

Situation-Based Questions:

No special training is required for this type of question. For instance, there could be a question asking "If you are appointed as the Public Relations Officer of UNICEF in India, what do you think will be your job profile? Explain.” 
While answering, always remember that what you will be judged on is the way you draw your general knowledge and life experience. That said, you can get familiar with these questions only by practicing similar questions.

Interview-Based Questions:

Under this section, questions on self will be asked that are usually asked in interviews. These questions are going to be generic which also do not require any prior training. Here, they are only looking at the suitability of the candidate for the course. 

Visual Ads/Documentary:

In this section, candidates will be tested on the basis of their advertising skills and techniques. One thing to keep in mind while attempting the question is the target market. 

Short Report Writing:

For this, candidates have to be well-aware of the recent happenings across India and the world. It will be a 200 words blog that would be based on current affairs. 
In order to prepare for this, candidates must make sure that they make a habit of reading the newspaper daily. 

Script Writing:

To have an idea of scripts, watch a lot of shows and note down the important pointers. Outline the plot and have a strong start in order to capture the examiner's attention. Make sure you are ready with the overall goal of the story.

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