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How to Prepare for SSC CGL 2022

Updated By Priyanka on 03 Aug, 2022 16:07

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How to Prepare for SSC CGL 2022

 Every year, the SSC CGL exam is held to select candidates for various Grade "B" and "C" posts in several departments and ministries under the Government of India. The officials published the SSC CGL test curriculum and pattern in the official announcement. The anticipated SSC CGL test date for the Tier 1 exam has been released by the officials as April 2022. This post will inform you about SSC CGL 2022 and assist you in developing a plan that will give you the motivation you need to ace the test.

Before beginning their preparation for the SSC CGL test, candidates must review the SSC CGL Syllabus and download the SSC CGL previous year question questions. There are 4 stages in the SSC CGL selection process. The third tier is a descriptive pen and paper-based examination that will be given in both English and Hindi, while the fourth is a skill-based test. The first two tiers are computer-based objective exams. Depending on the chosen posts, Tier 4 comprises of either a DEST (Data Entry Skill Test) or a CPT (Computer Proficiency Test).

SSC CGL Tier 1 General Awareness Preparation tips

General awareness examines, as the name implies, applicants' knowledge of current events in the nation and society. The newspaper is the best resource for general awareness preparation. The two categories that make up general awareness are general knowledge and current affairs. The large category of general knowledge includes subjects like history, geography, economy, Indian politics, general science, environment, and miscellaneous. The terms Awards, Person/Place in News, Summit/Conference, Sports News, and similar expressions refer to these themes. It overlaps with the issues of current affairs.

  • This segment will save you time and has a high score. Questions on science and static general knowledge will be included in the general awareness portion.
  • Questions from the biology, physics, chemistry, and computer divisions are asked in the science section.
  • For a reference on science subjects, aspirants might look into NCERT textbooks. Arts and culture, Indian history, geography (India-World), the environment, science and technology, the economy, and politics are the key topics of static GK.
  • To remember facts, a timeline of historical events, and dates, avoid cramming and instead construct notes and mind maps.
  • Try answering at least 75 GA questions in a 30-minute period each day.
  • Revision is essential for success in General Awareness.
  • The candidates should get into the habit of regularly reading periodicals, blogs, and newspapers.
  • The applicants can take notes on the significant current affairs in order to memorise the facts and happenings.

Colleges Accepting Exam SSC CGL :

SSC CGL Tier 1 Reasoning Preparation tips

The Tier-1 Exam has 25 questions from this section. Your capacity for problem-solving, judgement, and analytical thought is put to the test through reasoning.

  • Solve SSC CGL Practice Set of last year's question papers as much as possible.
  • Every day, practise GI and reasoning test questions.
  • Topics that are highly scoring include puzzles, figure-based questions, analogies, coding-decoding, and series. After completing these, go on to questions that require more flexibility. If you routinely practise, you will see a noticeable improvement in your accuracy level within a few weeks.
  • You must use your visual imagination when solving non-verbal reasoning problems like image assembly and figure counting, among others. Even though they can initially seem time-consuming, do not skip or disregard these questions. The greatest method to make them take less time is to practise them.
  • When you are practising, try to answer at least 15-20 questions accurately in 20 minutes. Try to finish this component of the exam in no more than 20 minutes.
  • On the day of the exam, if you are having trouble answering a particular question or are taking a long time, it is advised that you move on to the next one. Don't waste your valuable time trying to answer a single question. Come back and answer the left question if time allowed.

SSC CGL Tier 1 English Preparation tips

Of all the sections, English is the most straightforward. In Tier-1 and Tier-2 exams, this component is worth 25 and 200 marks, respectively:

  • Aspirants must regularly read English-language newspapers. They will benefit from being more informed about daily news and current events, and at the same time, their vocabulary and reading comprehension will both increase.
  • Your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension are evaluated in the SSC CGL English Section.
  • The grammar section will include questions on the areas of Phrase Replacement, Active Passive Voice, Direct Indirect Speech, and Error Spotting.
  • While reading, use an English-to-English dictionary. You must improve your reading skills in order to handle the vocabulary and comprehension sections.
  • Solve daily test questions or papers from past years' exams. In order to create goals for passing the CGL Exam, aspirants can look at the Expected & Previous Years' SSC CGL Cut off.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Quantitative Aptitude Preparation tips

According to the SSC CGL past examinations, the Quantitative Aptitude portion is the hardest.

  • The SSC CGL test covers material up to the 10th grade, and it is significant since it has the highest weightage. It takes a lot of focus and extra time to prepare for SSC CGL Math. Here is a summary of the key areas that you should concentrate on.
  • In the Arithmetic part, aspirants should concentrate on quick calculations and concise procedures. This topic also calls for careful study of Algebra, Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, and Mensuration.
  • Number System - Since the number system is the most fundamental concept, you should start there when preparing.
  • Profit and Loss - Solving sums with large numbers will be very helpful in mastering this concept.
  • Similar to profit and loss, you can practise large quantities to get ready for the interest part.
  • Geometry includes subjects like circles and slopes. It will be beneficial for that if you brush up on your fundamental understanding of angles, congruence, and coordinate geometry.
  • Your math aptitude and problem-solving skills are assessed in this part. It's essential to practise regularly.

SSC CGL Tier 2 Preparation Tips for English and Comprehension

  • Each of the 200 questions in the Tier-2 exam is worth one mark. The test will last for two hours.
  • For each incorrect response, 0.25 marks will be deducted, therefore answer the questions truthfully.
  • The Tier-1 paper format will be followed, however the questions will be of a higher standard.
  • Since about 4 to 50 percent of the questions will be based on grammar, read newspapers carefully and practise your grammar.
  • Examine the exam questions from last year as well.

SSC CGL Tier 2 Preparation Tips for Statistics

  • There will be 100 questions on the SSC CGL Tier 2 Statistics Paper. The exam will last two hours and each question is worth one mark.
  • For each incorrect answer, half a mark will be deducted.
  • We suggest that the candidates complete as many problems in the Statistics Practice Book as they can. It is founded on the updated exam format.
  • Concentrate on the areas that affect score, including time series, skewness and kurtosis, probability, correlation, and regression, etc.

Preparation Tips for SSC CGL Tier 2 General Studies (Finance and Economics)

  • Paper 4 has been added to the CGL Tier 2 exam as a result of the creation of the new position of Assistant Audit Officer (AAO). This essay should be finished in 120 minutes. There will be 100 questions total, for 2 points each. An inaccurate response will result in a deduction of 0.5 marks.
  • This paper does not require the use of time-consuming formulas, techniques, or language cramming. Accurately learning and testing in Economics and Finance is simple.
  • Create comprehensive definitions and concepts for the Indian and global economies. Just a few seconds are needed to respond to questions based on them.
  • The candidates should be familiar with the fundamental concepts covered in classes XI and XII, such as national income and aggregates, foreign exchange demand and supply, economic development, the balance of payments, and national and international financial institutions.
  • The general awareness part gives this paper the most weight. Three to five questions are drawn from this chapter. You must study the following subjects because the SSC exam is known to contain 7–10 questions on each of them:

Five Year Plans
Indian Tax Structure
Money and Banking
Economic Terms
Economic Reforms in India

Last Minute Preparation Tips for Tier-2

Assuring selection for the Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam requires a solid SSC CGL Tier 2 preparation strategy in 2022. SSC CGL 2022 Tier 1 test was successfully administered. Making a solid SSC CGL Tier 2 Preparation approach is the first step for those who passed the first level of the exam.

  • For the SSC CGL Tier II exam, going through the solved papers from previous years will be beneficial as it will acquaint you with the paper's overall difficulty level and help you feel more at ease. It will also assist in lowering your anxiety as the exam day draws near.
  • Give some mock tests and sectional exams, but focus more on how you did on them. You can adjust your plan using this, which will help you do better on the test.
  • It is advised that you concentrate on reviewing the subjects and questions that you missed or misunderstood during all of your practise mock examinations right now rather than trying to learn anything new.
  • Use the last few days to review any often discussed and high-frequency material, like idioms and phrases. You will gain valuable exam time by doing this.
  • Everybody's mind is active at various moments during the day. Take practise exams during your exam period to train your mind to remain aware during the exam. This will help to ensure that your mind is engaged during the test.
  • You will be in the ideal state of mind to solve problems faster and better if your mind is active and fresh. Avoid studying excessively in the days preceding up to your exam to achieve this. Sleep for at least 8 hours the night before your test. People frequently underestimate the benefit that a new perspective may offer.

SSC CGL Preparation Tips for Tier 3 (Descriptive) Exam 2022

  • The purpose of this paper is to evaluate candidates' writing abilities. Practice is the best approach for this paper. You get better at writing as you write more.
  • To create an essay or letter, it's important to have solid material and the skill to format that topic properly. Both of these abilities can be enhanced with practise.
  • The exam will require you to write an essay, letter, application, or precise. Therefore, practise essay writing because it will boost your confidence.
  • Read the newspaper every day to understand the effective writing style and stay up to date on the most important events. Examine how the paragraphs are related to one another and the editor's strategy. The following list of helpful English newspapers—some of which are crucial for SSC CGL preparation for 2022—is emphasised.
    • The Hindu
    • The Telegraph
    • The Hindustan Times
    • The Indian Express
  • Read the editorial section of an established newspaper and try to contrive your own arguments pertaining to the topics.
  • Purchase a decent book that includes a number of essays because it will give you quality information on crucial subjects and improve your vocabulary.

SSC CGL Exam Preparation Tips for Tier 4

It consists of two test types: the Data Entry Speed Test and the Computer Proficiency Test (CPT) (DEST). Depending on the position they have applied for, the candidates must show up for any one of them. The goal is to assess candidates' proficiency with core office software programmes like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint as well as their ability to perform simple tasks like typing accurately and quickly.

Computer Proficiency Test (CPT)

CPT includes the following three modules:

Word processing: You will be given an English passage, and you have 15 minutes to press 2000 keys. If you regularly practise typing, this is not difficult.
In a spreadsheet The basic mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division will be asked of the students in this lesson on the Microsoft Excel sheet. They should have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel for this.
The pupils will be required to produce slides using Microsoft Powerpoint. Understanding header, footer, entering date and time, and the fundamentals of Microsoft Powerpoint are must for success.

Test of Data Entry Speed (DEST)

DEST consists only of a typing test in which students must hit 2000 keys in 15 minutes. With consistent practise, the speed exam can be passed without issue.

The best tools for exam preparation are books. It enables applicants to get comprehensive knowledge prior to taking the exam. The SSC CGL exam candidates should choose the best books for the exam if they want to pass it in one sitting. The applicants must also complete practise exams and use the SSC CGL answer keys to assess their preparation. The SSC CGL results may also include the publication of the solution keys for each tier of the exam.

Preparation Tips for Last month before Exams

The following tips and tricks will aid candidates to accelerate their last month preparation for SSC CGL 2022.

Rememorize the basic concepts

It is very much obvious that the candidates who have qualified the SSC CGL Tier 1 exam are well versed with the basic concepts. But the tier 2 exam is a test of best of the best. The best people in the business will be shortlisted. So this makes it important for you to recollect the basic concepts by reading and studying from your own notes. 

Study from your own Notes

All the candidates who will be appearing for the SSC CGL Tier 2 exam are advised to refer to their own notes as this will help them to reduce time slag in searching for the concepts from the books or from the internet. Secondly, studying from your own notes is easy as it was prepared by you yourself. This will also help the students to save time and get a strong grip over the concepts. 

Join Online Test Series and Solve as many Mock Tests as possible:

One month is not very much optimum time to start from the scratch. Every second needs to be utilised fruitfully. Opening the books and going through them requires time. It is advised that the candidate should give the mock test regularly. As this will help them to analyse their strenghts and weaknesses. The weakness, once acknowledged, should be corrected by multiple revisions. This proves to be a good strategy to score more. Online mock tests give you a real feel of the exam, which is indeed important to boost your overall confidence.

Solve Previous Years' Question Papers:

You must solve the previous years' question papers along with the mock tests. It has been noticed that SSC tries to keep the basic structure of the Tier 2 exam constant. So solving the previous year question papers will about the kind of questions that will be asked in the exam. Additionally, practising the previous years papers and sample papers will increase your speed of solving the paper on the actual exam day.

Start writing comprehensively

Every government exam deals with question solving speed because they are mostly MCQ based. So this creates an inherent ability to cut short the writing ability. But this may prove to be a flaw in the SSC Tier 3 exam. Candidates must note that passing the Tier 3 exam is as important as passing Tier 2, to get into the final selection list of SSC CGL 2022. So to prepare for SSC CGL tier 3 exam, candidates must write an eassy and a letter at least once in week till the dates of Tier 2 exam. And once they are done with their tier 2 exam, candidates should make sure to read about the social topics and important government policies. The topics asked in the SSC CGL tier 3 exam are based upon the current topics only. The candidates will get approx 10 days after their Tier 2 exam to prepare for the Tier 3. In these 10 days, candidates should write about 30 essays and letters i.e 3 essays & 3 letters per day. This will help the candidates to maintain the time mangement and improve their writing skills.

Stay Confident and Motivated

SSC CGL Selection Process is long and tiring. In addition to that, the competition today, in the SSC field is beyond description. In such a scenario, there might arrive some situations when candidates might feel of giving and get succumbed to pressure. It is advised that candidates who have qualified SSC CGL Tier 1 have the potential to crack the exam so they should not let themselves down and stay focused to crack the exam. Well, someone great said, "He, who is  reserved, calm and detached from everything else other than his work, wins at the end."

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FAQs about SSC CGL Preparation Tips

How can I keep myself updated on current affairs?

You need to read the newspaper every day if you want to stay current on current events. Any monthly GK magazine is also available for subscription.

Which sources offer the best study materials for the SSC CGL exam?

The suggested reading lists for the SSC CGL test include works by SP Bakshi (Arihant), RS Aggarwal & Vikas Aggarwal, and Neetu Singh. Check out the entire list of suggested SSC CGL books to determine which ones are ideal for you.

Should I enrol in a coaching programme to learn SSC CGL preparation strategies?

You can enrol in any coaching programme to receive advice on how to study for the exam. Many candidates, however, have passed the exam without receiving any guidance from a school. Examine the syllabus, exam format, and previous year's test questions to determine your best course of action.

Where can I obtain the SSC CGL exam's comprehensive syllabus?

The SSC official website is where candidates may access the SSC CGL exam syllabus. It is made public in the official notification that the government issues for each round of hiring.

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