How to Prepare for TS POLYCET 2020

Sakunth Kumar Updated On: 20 Jul, 2019 15:09 IST

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How to Prepare for TS POLYCET 2020

Confused about how to prepare for TS POLYCET 2020? This is one of the most common questions asked by the candidates preparing for TS POLYCET 2020. We have provided all the tips and tricks which can be adopted by the candidates in order to ace the entrance examination. The TS POLYCET is a state-level entrance conducted by the State Board of Technical Education and Training, Telangana. The aim of the examination conducting body is to provide admission to the candidates who aspire to pursue Diploma courses in engineering from various Private and Government colleges in the State of Telangana.

In spite of being a state-level entrance examination, thousands of candidates appear in TS POLYCET every year. To ace such an entrance examination, candidates are required to plan a proper strategy. The tips provided to the candidates in this section can be of immense help. The first and foremost step of any preparation strategies of entrance examination is to gain proper knowledge about the particular examination. To draw an inference, candidates should be well aware of the syllabus, exam pattern, marking scheme and structure of TS POLYCET 2019. Candidates should also be aware of the books which they should refer to while preparing for the entrance examination. The questions that are asked in the TS POLYCET exam are from the three major subjects i.e Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

CollegeDekho has provided the candidates with subject-wise tips and tricks which can be adopted by them while preparing for the entrance examination.

Subject-wise Preparation Tips for TS POLYCET 2020

The questions in TS POLYCET will be asked from three major subjects. Candidates can adopt these subject-wise tips for TS POLYCET 2020 to crack the exam:


  • Regular practice of the questions turns out to be very effective for the candidates.

  • Concentration is the key for the candidates while they prepare this section.

  • Many a time, candidates find it difficult to figure out where they have made the mistake. To avoid such circumstances, they are advised to work through the problems backwards after solving them.

  • It is necessary to have clarity on the concept. Candidates can take help from their seniors, teachers etc to gain clarity.

  • Candidates should allot time for regular revision sessions to have a proper grip on the formulae.


  • Candidates should have clarity when it comes to the concept.

  • Candidates should allot time for regular revisions.

  • Theories and derivations play a vital role in this section. Therefore, candidates should invest both time and concentration in coping up with the difficulties.

  • The difficult chapters should be dealt with and not be ignored.

  • Candidates should have a basic understanding of the subject matter.

  • They should be thorough with the syllabus so that it becomes easy to revise for the entrance examination.


  • Candidates should be aware of the equations related to the different chapters of the AP POLYCET syllabus.

  • The importance should be given on chapters such as chemical bonding, carbon chemistry and chemical metals.

  • Chemistry is a subject that is based on concepts. Therefore, an extra effort should be given by the candidates to have a grip on it.

  • Candidates should allot time for regular revision sessions.

  • Candidates should also have a knowledge of the periodic table. This will help them to solve difficult problems with ease.

General Tips and Tricks for TS POLYCET 2020

  • Apart from the subject-wise tips for TS POLYCET 2020, we have also provided the candidates with general tricks which can turn out to be very effective, if executed properly.

  • Candidates should practice the problems which can be asked from the subjects mentioned above regularly. It has to be noted that practice is considered to be the key behind any success, and preparing for an entrance examination is no exception.

  • Knowing about the syllabus of TS POLYCET 2020 is a must. This will help the candidates to know about the topics which have included in the syllabus of TS POLYCET 2020.

  • Candidates should chalk out a  time table to prepare for the entrance exam. It should be remembered that the time table should justify the syllabus of the entrance.

  • Candidates should allot time for regular revisions. Many times, candidates forget the pre-learnt portions of the syllabus. To avoid such circumstances they are advised to revise regularly.

  • Candidates should take notes for different sections of the syllabus. These notes can turn out to be very effective in the preparation strategy.

  • They are advised to be well aware of the marking scheme of TS POLYCET 2020. This will help the candidates to gauge the priority of the different sections and answer accordingly.

  • Candidates should refer to books and study materials in order to prepare for AP POLYCET.

  • They are also advised to solve the previous years’ question papers of AP POLYCET. This will help the candidates to gauge the trend of the questions asked in the entrance. It can be considered to be a unique way of revising the pre learnt topics.

  • Mock tests can turn out to be very effective in the preparation strategy. Solving the mock tests give the candidates the required confidence to do well in the final examination.

Exam Day Tricks for TS POLYCET 2020

Exam days are considered to be very stressful for the candidates. Candidates mostly lose their calm by thinking about what may happen in the final exam. It is very necessary to be composed when appearing for the entrance examination. These exam day tips can be of great use if adopted by the candidates:

  • Candidates should carry all the important documents to the examination hall. These documents include admit card, ID proof etc. It is advisable to sort all the required documents a day before the final exam.

  • To avoid circumstances, candidates are advised to reach the venue half an hour before the declared time. This will help them to avoid the time wasted in checking id card, seat allocations, admit cards etc.

  • Reading the instructions given on the question paper is a must for the candidates. Hence, they are advised to allot time for reading the question paper before starting to solve it.

  • Questions to which the candidates are familiar with should be solved in the beginning. This will give them the confidence to solve tougher problems.

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