How to Prepare for AMUEEE 2021

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How to Prepare for AMUEEE 2021

Candidates aspiring to crack AMUEEE 2021 need a lot of hard work and dedication. If you are preparing for JEE Main, AMUEEE exam preparation is not a difficult task. If you are aspiring for only AMUEEE 2021, you should begin your exam preparation as early as possible. You must devote at least three to four months for AMUEEE exam preparation besides preparing for Class 12 board exams. It is easy to revise the syllabus of AMUEEE while preparing for board exams. Therefore, students need not worry or panic about exam preparation.

Before starting your exam preparation for AMUEEE 2021 exam, it is better to understand the AMUEEE syllabus and AMUEEE exam pattern. Awareness of syllabus and exam pattern will give an idea of ‘what to study’ and ‘how to study’. On the other hand, solving previous years' AMUEEE question papers will enlighten you on the exam pattern, nature of questions and weightage. Similarly, previous year question papers of AMUEEE will help you evaluate your strong and weak areas in terms of the syllabus.

In order to help the AMUEEE aspirants with the exam preparation, we've listed some useful preparation tips for AMUEEE 2021 exam along with subject-wise important topics, preparation timetable, and instructions to be followed on the exam day. Have a Look!

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AMUEEE Timetable for Exam Preparation

AMUEEE Syllabus for B.Tech and B.Arch courses is almost similar to other popular engineering entrance exams like JEE Main, GUJCET, LPUNEST, Amity JEE, SRMEEE, AP EAMCET, TS EAMCET etc. On the other hand, students might not need specific books for exam preparation, as the majority of the syllabus is covered in Class 11 and Class 12 Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Therefore, students need a sensible preparation strategy and timetable to cover Class 11 syllabus first. Here is the monthly schedule for AMUEEE exam preparation. Students must note that the below timetable is just for reference purpose, and you can make changes as per your feasibility.

AMUEEE Long-Term Preparation Strategy

Long-term preparation strategy applies if you start preparing six months before the exam:

Month 1

Day 1 to 15

Revise Class 11 Mathematics Syllabus (at least 10 Chapters as per AMUEEE syllabus)

Day 16 & 17

Practice mock tests

Day 18 to 28

Revise Class 11 Mathematics Syllabus (Remaining Chapters as per (AMUEEE syllabus)

Day 29 & 30

Practice mock tests

Month 2

Day 1 to 15

Revise Class 11 Physics Syllabus (at least 10 Chapters as per AMUEEE syllabus)

Day 16 & 17

Practice Mock Tests

Day 18 to 28

Revise Class 11 Physics Syllabus (Remaining Chapters as per (AMUEEE syllabus)

Day 29 & 30

Practice Mock Tests

Month 3

Day 1 to 15

Revise Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus (at least 10 Chapters as per AMUEEE syllabus)

Day 16 & 17

Practice Mock Tests

Day 18 to 28

Revise Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus (Remaining Chapters as per (AMUEEE syllabus)

Day 29 & 30

Practice Mock Tests

Month 4

Prepare for Board Exams

Prepare for Board Exams

Month 5

Revise Class 12 Syllabus

Revise Class 12 Syllabus

How to Prepare for AMUEEE in One Month?

Short-term preparation strategy is applicable to students who are very good at the subjects relevant to the examination. These students need to practice a maximum number of mock tests besides revising syllabus regularly. It is mandatory to focus on all the three subjects regularly for effective preparation. Students need to allocate at least six hours a day to AMUEEE exam preparation (2 hours for each subject).

Section-wise Important Topics for AMUEEE

All the topics prescribed in AMUEEE syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are important. However, there are specific topics, which need maximum attention during the exam preparation. There is more weightage for these topics in the AMUEEE exam. The section-wise important topics can be checked below:

Physics: Give importance to topics such as Electromagnetic Induction & AC, Electrostatics, Oscillations and Waves, Thermodynamics and Wave Optics. Firstly, revise these topics, and then proceed with other topics.

Mathematics: Give importance to topics such as Sequence and Series, Binomial Theorem, Permutations and Combinations, Differential Equations, Matrices & Determinants, Vectors, Conic Sections and Calculus. Firstly, revise these topics, and then proceed with other topics.

Chemistry: Give importance to topics such as Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. Firstly, revise these topics, and then proceed with other topics.

General Tips & Tricks for AMUEEE Preparation

Revision of Class XI and XII Concepts:

While studying for AMUEEE, make sure that you revise all the basic concepts from class XI and XII syllabus before starting anything new as most of the engineering exams are based on class XI and XII chapters.

Create a Study Plan for Yourself, Execute it, and Stick to it:

It has been observed quite often that many students spend more time on planning rather than actually executing those plans. Therefore, candidates should not just focus on creating a study plan but they should also look at the effective ways of executing such plans as well as maintaining it successfully.

Plan Your Exam-Taking Strategy:

Apart from making the preparation strategy for an exam, one must also focus on making an exam-taking strategy before actually appearing for the exam. A candidate can achieve and excel in this area by practicing questions on a regular basis.

Practice Previous Year Papers:

Solving Sample papers/Previous year papers regularly can improve candidates' time management skills, enhance their problem-solving skills, improve their test-taking speed as well as boost their confidence.

Revision is the Key:

Revision plays an important role when it comes to memorizing facts and formulas. You might have studied the topics and syllabus long back, but memory deteriorates with time, so without revision, the process of learning remains incomplete.

Time Management:

It is important for the candidates preparing for AMUEEE, to formulate a time management strategy for themselves. The art of time management can only be learnt through thorough practice on a regular basis. While answering the questions in the exam hall, you should not do not devote too much time thinking about the tough questions. On the contrary, attempt those questions which you are sure of. 

Important Instructions for Exam Day

AMUEEE applicants must follow the below instructions on the day of the exam:

  • It is advisable to reach the AMUEEE exam centre at least one hour before the exam to avoid last minute rush.

  • Do not prepare, learn, or revise anything on the exam day, as it creates unnecessary pressure.

  • Since AMUEEE is an offline exam, you must carry Ball Point Pen, Pencil, Eraser etc.

  • It is mandatory to carry AMUEEE admit card so that you will be permitted into the exam hall.

  • Refrain from talking to co-examinees during the exam.

  • Follow the instructions of invigilator carefully.

  • Try to answer all the questions by managing time.

  • Time management is very important to answer all the questions.

  • Do the bubbling on the OMR sheet carefully.

We hope that the above preparation tips for AMUEEE 2021 exam were helpful to you. Stay tuned to CollegeDekho for the latest AMUEEE news and updates.

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