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Best Books for GATE 2023 Preparation (All Papers) & Study Material

Updated By Puja Ravi on 17 Mar, 2023 14:08

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Best Books for GATE 2023

While preparing for GATE 2023, referring to the best books for GATE 2023 will be very important. Books are an important source for exam preparation, and it, therefore, makes complete sense to gather all the study material beforehand.

There are plenty of books available in the market for GATE 2023 preparation. Those who are preparing for GATE should search for the best GATE 2023 books that not just cover a particular section of the exam but include all the other sections as well. You can basically choose books that cover everything you need to study as part of your preparation. You may also select the books based on authors' names that are renowned in the field of education.

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Books for GATE 2023- CE (Civil Engineering)

Look at the table below to find out the highly recommended and best books for GATE 2023 civil engineering: 


Books Name

For Engineering Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications by Kenneth Rosen

Higher Engineering mathematics by B.S. Grewal

Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig

For Structural Engineering

Theory of Structure by CK Wang, S. Rammamrutham, L.S. Negi & Jangit

Theory of Elasticity by Timoshenko & Gere

Theory of Structure by Wilbur & Norris

Strength of Materials/Mechanics of Structure by Gare & Timoshenko,

E. Popove, L. Singer,

B.C. Punamia, Rammamrutham

For Geotechnical Engineering

Soil Mechanics by Gopal Ranjan & Rao, Venkat Ramaiha, S. K. Garg,

B.C. Punamia, V N S Murthy

For Water Resources Engineering

Water Resources by S K Garg

Water and Waste Water by SK Garg 1 and 2

Fluid Mechanics- RK Bansal and Fox and Richard

For Transportation Engineering

Transportation by Justo Khanna

For Environmental

Environmental Engineering by S. K. Garg Part I & Part II

Waste Water Engineering by B. C. Punamia Part I & Part II

For Geomatics Engineering

Surveying (vol. 1,2,3)  by B.C.Punia, Ashok Jain, Arun Jain

Colleges Accepting Exam GATE :

Best Books for GATE 2023 - ME (Mechanical Engineering)

GATE 2023 mechanical engineering best books are as follows - 



For Design of Machine Elements

Machine design - V.B. Bhandari

For Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics by Bhavikatti

Engineering Mechanics by Beer and Johnston,

Engineering Mechanics by R K Rajput

For Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics by R K Bansal

Fluid & Hydraulics- Modi and seth

For Heat Transfer

Heat and Mass Transfer by J P Hollman and R C Sachdeva

Heat Transfer by Cengel and Holman

For Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering by O P Khanna, Buffa and Sarin

For Manufacturing Engineering

Production Technology: Manufacturing Processes, Technology and Automation by R.K. Jain

For Strength of Materials

Strength of Materials - Gere & Timoshenko, B C Unamia, Sadhu Singh, Ramamrutham

For Thermal Science

Engineering Thermodynamics by P.K. Nag

For Thermo Dynamics

Engineering Thermodynamics by P K Nag and Rajput

Thermodynamics by Cengel.

For the Theory of Machines

Theory of machines by Ratan

For Vibrations

Mechanical Vibration by Grover

Best Books for GATE 2023- EE (Electrical Engineering)

GATE 2023 electrical engineering best study materials/best books are as follows - 



For Engineering Mathematics

Advanced Engineering Mathematics by E.Kreyszig

For Electric Circuits

Transient Analysis Of Electric Power Circuits by Arieh L Shenkmann

Circuit Theory: Analysis & Synthesis by Abhijit Chakrabarti

For Electromagnetic Fields

Elements of Electromagnetics by Mathew N. O. SADIKU

Engineering Electromagnetics by William H. Hayt

For Signals and Systems

Signals and Systems by Oppenheim and Wilsky

Signals and Systems by Nagoor Kani

For Electrical Machines

Electrical Machinery by P.S Bimbhra

For Power Systems

Power Systems Engineering by Nagrath and Kothari

Power Systems by JB Guptha & CL Wadhwa

For Control Systems

Control Systems Engineering by Nagrath and Gopal

For Electrical and Electronic Measurements

Electrical and Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation by AK Sawhney

For Analog and Digital Electronics

Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory by Boylestad

Digital Design by M.Morris Mano

Integrated Electronics : Analog And Digital Circuits And Systems by Christos C. Halkias, Chetan D. Parikh Jacob Millman

For Power Electronics

Power Electronics by MH Rashid

Power Electronics by P.S.Bimbhra

Best Books for GATE 2023 -EC (Electronics & Communication)

GATE 2023 Electrical and communication engineering best books are as follows - 

For Engineering Mathematics

Higher Engineering Mathematics – Dr. BS Grewal

Engineering Mathematics – Erwin Kreyszig­

Advanced Engineering Mathematics – Dr. HK Dass

Advanced Engineering Mathematics by R. K. Jain, S. R. K. Iyengar

For General Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude – R. S. Agarwal

Logical Reasoning – R. S. Agarwal

Objective English – Hari Mohan Prasad

Quantitative Aptitude by CAT by Arun Sharma

For Network Theory

Network Theory by Alexander Sadiku

Circuit Theory by A.Chakraborty

Network Analysis by Van Valkenburg

Engineering Circuit Analysis – Hayt & Kammerly

Linear Circuit Analysis- De Carlo/Lin

For Electronic Devices

Integrated Electronics:- Jacob Millman & Christos C. Halkias

Solid State electronic Devices- Ben Streetman and Sanjay Banerjee

Semiconductor devices – David Neamen

Semiconductor devices-S. M. Sze

DC Analysis of MOS Transistor-Tsivid

For Analog Circuits

Micro Electronics circuit – Sedra & Smith

Linear ICs – Gaekwad

Analog Electronics,  Electronics devices, and circuits – Donald A Neaman

Electronic Devices and Circuit   Theory by Robert L Boylestad & Nashelsky      

Pulse and Digital Electronics by Millman and Taub

For Digital Circuits

Digital Electronics – Morris Mano

Microprocessor Architecture, Programming and Application with the 8085 – Ramesh Gaonker

Digital Electronic Principles and applications by Ronald J. Toccii, Pearson Publications

Digital circuits and design by Salivahanan

Fundamentals of digital systems by Anandkumar

Digital Logic and Computer Design by M.Morris Mano

For System & Signal

Signals & Systems By Alan V. Oppenheim

Modern digital and analog Communications system by BP Lathi

Digital Signal Processing by S.K Mitra

Signals & System – Oppenheim & Schafer

Signals & System – Proakis

Signals & System – Schaum Series-H.P. Hsu

For Control System

Automatic Control Systems – Benjamin C Kuo

Modern Control System – Katsuhiko Ogata

Control Systems Engineering by Norman Nise

Control Systems by Nagarath and Gopal

NPTEL Video lectures by M. Gopal

For Communications

Analog and Digital Communication System by Simon Haykin

Principle of Communication System by Taub& Schillings

Modern digital and analog Communications system by BP Lathi

Electronic Communication Systems by Kennedy and Davis (just the Noise chapter)

For Electro-Magnetics

Elements of Electromagnetics by Matthew N.O. Sadiku

Network lines and fields by J.D Ryder (Transmission lines part)

Electromagnetic waves and Radiating Systems by Jordon and Balmain

Antenna Theory by Balanis

NPTEL Lectures by Prof. R. Shevgaonkar

Engineering Electromagnetics-William Hayt

Schaum’s Outline of Electromagnetics -Joseph A Edminister

Antenna And Wave Propagation-KD Prasad

Best books for GATE 2023 – CS (Computer Science)

GATE 2023 best books for computer science are as follows - 



Computer Science

Operating System by Galvin

Algorithm by Cormen

Architecture by Hamacher

TOC- Theory of Computation by Ullman

Best books for GATE 2023 – AG (Agricultural Engineering)

GATE 2023 agricultural engineering best books list is as follows - 



Agricultural Engineering

Concept of Agricultural Engineering by Mohanty Das

Soil & Water Conservation by VVN Murty

Farm Machinery by Three Authors

Best books for GATE 2023 – CH (Chemical Engineering)

GATE 2023 chemical engineering best books are as follows - 



Chemical Engineering

Heat Transfer

Mc Cabe -FPM and MO by Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering

Principles of Mass Transfer and Separation Processes

Essentials of Chemical Reaction Engineering

JM Smith - Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Ram Prasad - Chemical Engineering For Gate Principles Solved Problems & Objective Type Questions

M.Subbu - An Insight into Chemical Engineering

Best books for GATE 2023 – GG (Geology and Geophysics)

Best geology and geophysics study materials for GATE 2023 are here - 



Geology and Geophysics

Complete Master Guide GATE by Amresh Singh

Geophysics by Telford

Best books for GATE 2023 – PI (Production and Industrial)

GATE 2023 production and industrial best books are as follows - 



Production and Industrial

Thermodynamics by P.K Nag

Heat Transfer by Made Easy Class Notes

Production by Swadesh Sing, S K Mondal Notes

Material Science by Made Easy Class Notes & Swadesh Singh

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery by Modi & Seth

Machine Design by VB Bhandari

Strength of Material by Sadhu Singh

Refrigeration by Made Easy Class Notes

IC engine by Mathur Sharma

Theory of Machine by SS Rattan

GATE Sample Papers 2023

In order to secure good marks in GATE 2023 exam, candidates are advised to solve the sample papers of GATE. Practicing the sample papers of GATE will enable candidates to understand the type of questions asked in the exam along with the topic-wise weightage. Candidates will be able to understand their time management skills by practicing the GATE sample papers and work on their speed accordingly.

GATE 2023 Preparation Strategy

Since a huge number of candidates appear for GATE every year, it becomes imperative for candidates to walk an extra mile in order to crack the GATE exam. The competition level for GATE is extremely high and candidates must prepare themselves well in advance to be ahead in the race. Candidates should study the syllabus of GATE 2023 exam thoroughly before coming up with a preparation strategy of GATE 2023 exam.

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GATE Previous Year Question Papers

Going through GATE previous year question paper gives an insight into the important topics from the syllabus and the types of questions asked in the exam. Candidates can get a clear idea regarding how to go about their preprations for GATE 2023 once they practice the GATE previous year question papers.

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FAQs about GATE Books

How can one select the best GATE 2023 Books?

The students are encouraged to thoroughly research GATE 2023 Books before buying them. They must examine their index to determine whether it is consistent with the course requirements for the subject they wish to pursue. We have compiled a list of best books for the GATE exam for candidates to refer to. 


Which is the best book for studying Machine Design?

You can refer to Machine design by V.B. Bhandari, Mechanical Design by Shigley and Machine Design by Sharma & Agarwal. 


How many GATE Preparation books should I refer to for each subject?

Maximum two or three books are sufficient for each subject. You can start with one book and then if you have doubts you can move on to some other book. Moreover, you can also watch some online videos and lectures also.


Should I take proper GATE coaching or self-study with GATE 2023 Books will help?

It completely depends on the ability and the clarity of different concepts you have. If you feel the requirement of joining coaching, you can. But if you feel that you can do well on your own, go ahead and follow your study schedule and the GATE 2023 Best Books. Just start your preparation well in advance.

Which GATE 2023 books should I refer to study Mathematics?

You can refer to Higher Engineering Mathematics by Dr. BS Grewal Advance, Advanced Engineering Mathematics by R. K. Jain, S. R. K. Iyengar, Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig and Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Dr. HK Dass. 


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