How to Prepare for Goa CET 2020

Abhik Das Updated On: 25 Nov, 2019 14:06 IST

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How to Prepare for GCET 2020

The biggest factor contributing to the success of the candidates in Goa CET 2020 entrance test is how they prepare for the same. It is very important for the GCET 2020 aspirants to quickly go through the eligibility criteria and start preparing for Goa CET 2020 because only then they will be able to score the desired marks. 

The term - Preparation is associated with multiple things like how much the candidates know about their strengths and weaknesses, do they know how to manage their time, how properly are the candidates executing their plans etc. 

A good preparation strategy also includes identification of the important topics, filtering out the best study materials and similar other things. 

The initial stages of the Goa CET 2020 preparation strategy for the candidates should be making a proper plan to initiate the GCET 2020 preparation process. Proper time management skill is a very important aspect of the 2020 preparation strategy for GCET which can only be attained with solving enough number of Goa CET previous year question papers and sample test papers for GCET 2020. 

The following sections will deal in details about how to prepare for the Goa Common Entrance Test (GCET) 2020, what factors play an important role in strategising a preparation plan and some important instructions regarding GCET 2020 preparation strategy.

Students preparing for the Goa Common Entrance Test 2020 should have a good hold on subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. For any examination, it is important for the student to study the subject matter well. Apart from knowing the subject well, there are few other pointers that can help in students’ preparation for GCET 2020. These are as follows. 

Detailed Preparation Strategy for Goa CET 2020

Time Management

To complete the exam syllabus timely, division of time as per subjects is necessary on a daily basis. It helps candidates cover a larger section of the syllabus, which in a way helps in scoring well in the examination.

Previous years’ exam papers 

Previous years’ exam papers are one of the most helpful tools in GCET 2020 preparation. Previous years' test papers for GCET are easily available on the Internet. Students can download these test papers and solve them. It is advised to solve them with the timer on, as this will help students manage time while taking the examination. Solving previous years’ papers helps in boosting students' confidence level as well.

Preparation through Mock test

There are Mock tests available on various online sites. It helps the students understand the types of question and GCET pattern of the exam. Candidates should keep practising the mock tests to improve logical thinking and build their confidence.

Choose Good Books & Study Material 

Selection of the right books and study material are always very important during any exam preparation. There are plenty of books available in the market for GCET exam. Candidates just need to choose the finest books for their exam preparation. Reading one or two books is sufficient for each subject. Always give first priority to reading from books rather than other resources. Candidates can also prepare from online tutorial lectures, online books, videos, course material, coaching notes, etc. 

Preparing Notes

It is very important to make summary notes or a comprehensive list of formulas on each covered topic and chapter, as this will help at the time of revision.


Candidates must revise their syllabus to improve the level of their understanding of each chapter. 

Stay Healthy

Candidates shouldn’t panic or get hyper in any situation during the preparation of the examination. A healthy mind and body is very important for better concentration during exam preparation. Take a healthy diet and eat fresh fruits and vegetables in your everyday routine. Avoid oily food and liquor consumption. Meditation and yoga are important for a stress-free mind.

Important Instructions

  • Candidates must produce ‘Photo Admit Cards’ for sitting in the test at the designated centre.

  • Candidates should reach the examination hall at least 15 minutes before the exam starts.

  • Candidates are not allowed to enter the examination hall after 30 minutes from the start of the test, and candidates are not permitted to leave the examination hall until the exam gets over.

  • Candidates should avoid carrying mobile phones, pagers, calculators and other electronic gadgets inside the examination hall.

  • Any use of unfair means and acts of indiscipline shall be severely punished.

  • Candidates should go through the instructions printed on the Objective Response Sheet (ORS) at the time of examination.

  • Each question has four choices, out of which only one is the correct answer.

  • Results are available on DTE official website and on Notice Board at DTE. No individual score card is issued. Any change in schedule is notified in designated newspapers.

  • There is no provision for verification/revaluation of ORS sheet. 

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