Best Books for JEST Preparation 2020

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JEST 2020 Best Books

Aspirants who are aiming to crack JEST 2020, should refer to JEST best books for a thorough understanding of the topics mentioned in the JEST syllabus. Although, there is no shortage of reference/ preparation books in the market, however, selecting the right set of books for JEST 2020 exam preparation can prove to be a tough task for the candidates.

JEST 2020 will be conducted on 16 February 2020 by Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB) in offline mode for the all the aspirants willing to take admission in any one of the participating institutes accepting JEST score. With the help of JEST 2020 best books and study material, candidates who will be appearing for the entrance exam will get a clear idea about JEST 2020 exam pattern and will build a strong command over the fundamental concepts given in the preparation books. Therefore, it is always suggested to refer to the best JEST books, which can help the candidates for an advanced level of entrance exam preparation.

How to Select the Best Books for JEST 2020

Before selecting the right set of books, candidates must keep the following points in mind so that they can prepare effectively for JEST 2020:

  • Candidates should choose a book that covers the whole syllabus of JEST 2020 which includes all the topics and sub-topics of the JEST 2020 syllabus.

  • While choosing a book, keep in mind that you select a book that has an ample number of sample papers or question banks with solutions. This will assist you to understand the exam pattern and structure and you can practice well by solving these papers.

  • While selecting the best books for JEST 2020, candidates should check the year of publication of the book which will help you to be familiar with the changed syllabus and pattern of questions and topics.

  • Candidates should choose a book that is easy to read and is written in comprehensible language so that you can understand the contents of the books easily.

  • Ensure that the details that are mentioned in the book which you have selected are precise so that you don’t have to refer to other books for the same topic.

For those of you preparing for JEST 2020, we've listed down some of the best books that can help you excel in the entrance examination.

Recommended Books for JEST Physics Preparation

Best Books for Classical Mechanics

Introduction to Classical Mechanics by R.G.Takawale and P.S. Puranik

Classical Mechanics by J.C.Upadhyaya

Classical Mechanics by H.Goldstein

Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems by Marion and Thomtron

Classical Mechanics by P.V. Pant

Classical Mechanics by N.C. Rana and P.S.Joag

Best Books for Electronics

Op-amps and Linear Integrated circuits by Gayakwad (Prentice Hall)

Power Electronics by P.C. Sen

Operational Amplifiers Applications by G.B.Clayton

Electronic Principles by Malvino

Integrated circuits by Botkar

Operational Amplifiers by Subrahmanyam

SMPS Inverters Converters by Gottlieb

Linear Integrated circuits by D.Roy Choudhury, Shail Jain

Digital Principles and Applications by Leach and Malvino


Best Books for Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics by L.I.Schiff

Quantum Physics by R. Eisberg and R.Resnick

Modern Quantum mechanics by J.J.Sakurai

Quantum mechanics by A.Ghatak and S.Lokanathan

Introductory Quantum mechanics by Granier

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by David J.Griffiths

Best Books for Atomic & Molecular Physics Spectroscopy

Introduction to Molecular Spectroscopy by G.M. Barrow

Elements of Spectroscopy by Gupta, Kumar, Sharma

Introduction to Atomic Spectra by H.E. White

Spectroscopy Vol. I, II, III by Walker and Straughen

Fundamentals of Molecular Spectroscopy by C.B. Banwell


Best Books for Statistical Mechanics

Statistical Mechanics, by K.Huang

Statistical Mechanics by R.K.Pathria, Bufferworgh Heinemann

Statistical Mechanics by Loknathan and Gambhir

Statistical Mechanics, by Satya Prakash

Best Books for Electrodynamics

Special Theory of Relativity by Robert Resnick

Matrices and Tensors in Physics by A. W. Joshi

Introductory Quantum Mechanics by Li boff

Classical electricity & Magnetism, by Panofsky and Phillips

Electromagnetics by B.B. Laud

Classical Electrodynamics, by J.D. Jackson

Foundations of Electromagnetic theory by Reitz & Milford


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