How to Prepare for NATA 2020

Deepika Narwal Updated On: 27 Sep, 2019 14:42 IST

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How to Prepare for NATA 2020

Candidates wanting to appear for NATA 2020 often have the question of how to prepare the entrance in their minds. To draw an end to such confusions we have provided the aspirants with various tips and tricks which can be adopted by them in order to ace the examination. National Aptitude Test in Architecture is considered to be one of the most popular entrances in the country. Hence, the level of competition is the examination is pretty high. Having a proper preparation flow gives the candidates an opportunity to encounter any sort of difficulties with ease.

The first step of the preparation strategy should be relevant knowledge about the examination pattern and marking scheme of the entrance. This enables the candidates to know about the detailed structure of the examination. It is to be remembered that the most important element while preparing for an entrance exam is to put all your efforts in the right direction. Nextly the aspirants should be aware of all the topics in the syllabus of NATA 2020. It is only after then that the candidates can prepare a time table for the entrance. No portion of the syllabus should be left out or ignored if the aim is to ace the examination. Appearing for mock tests and going through the previous years question papers is considered to be a must step in the preparation process. Apart from being a unique way to revise, this will help the candidates to gauge the trend of questions that have been asked in NATA over the years. It generates self-confidence in the candidates which can turn out to be extremely beneficial and effective.

To know more about the topic, candidates are advised to give the sections below a thorough read.

Section-wise Preparation for NATA 2020

The entrance exam basically has two parts. Part A comprises of Maths and Aptitude with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that have to be answered online. While Part B is a Drawing-based test that you have to take on A4 size sheet. The best thing about NATA is that there is no negative marking. Therefore, you can attempt all the questions without any fear of marks deduction.

NATA 2020 Part A

Aptitude: You should keep your general knowledge updated and you should have information on various topics such as Buildings in India and the World, speed distance and time, Important Architects of India and the World, Logical and Reasoning Ability questions, General Maths questions like area, volume Mirror Images, Building Materials and Terminology, Common Architectural Terminology, 2D and 3D objects and their plans and elevations, etc.

Maths: For Maths practice, it is advisable to go through CBSE books. The math portion is usually easy and you can score well in this section if you've studied your CBSE Maths books properly.

NATA 2020 Part B

Drawing: In this paper, you have to attempt two drawing questions in 90 minutes. You are judged on the following basis:

  • Drawing from day to day experiences;

  • Understanding of scale and balance;

  • Creating visual harmony using colours in a given proportion;

  • Creating an interesting 2-D composition using given shapes and forms;

  • Combining and composing given 3-D elements to form a building or structural form;

  • Sense of perspective drawing.

Quick Tips & Tricks to Prepare for NATA 2020

Focus on the syllabus: One of the most important things while preparing for NATA 2020 is to know the NATA exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly. When you prepare a study schedule, be sure that you cover everything and pay attention to the key topics.

Be creative: As we talk about NATA, you should know that creativity is the key. If you want to get into a good college, you must practice drawing, because sketching is the key to this entrance test. Start with the simple ones and then move towards the harder one.

Keep track of your time: If you don’t complete your exam because of poor time management, you will regret it later. Therefore, you should find out different ways to manage your time well on the day of the exam. One of the best ways to do the same is to take mock tests on a regular basis as practising will enhance your test-taking speed.

Practice with mock tests: When you practice with the sample papers, you get an idea of the exam pattern, time management and also the type of questions that would come in the examination. If you want to be more confident about taking the exam, then you must take mock tests as they can give you an insight into your understanding of the basic concepts.

Previous year exam papers: Do not forget to go through the previous year exam papers as they give you an idea of what all to expect in the exam, that too with speed. Speed is also very important otherwise you will lose both-time and marks.

Focus on the online test: Other than drawing or sketching, one should also be prepared for taking the online test, which includes aptitude and maths. One must also prepare for it as it is equally important.

Important Instructions for Exam Day

  • Follow the time schedule as mentioned in the NATA Brochure and Admit Card.

  • Do not forget to get your admit card on the day of examination.

  • Use your own pencils and coloured pencils for drawing.

  • The candidates should follow the time schedule as follows:

    • Be present at the exam centre by 8.00 am

    • The examination hall will open at 8.30 am and close at 9.30 AM

    • The examination will be conducted between 10 AM to 01:15 PM.

  • Candidates must bring along with them:

    • Hard copy of NATA 2020 admit card.

    • Photocopy of Identity proofs -Aadhar/ Passport/ Driving License/ Voter ID.

    • Things like pen, pencils, eraser are not allowed in the exam hall.

  • Candidates must show the NATA 2020 admit card (on demand) for entry to the exam hall. It is mandatory for a candidate to bring the print out of the downloaded admit card and valid photo identity to the test venue.

  • Candidates must also carry a photograph to the examination hall. Without the photograph, the seat will not be allocated to the candidate.

  • Calculators are not permitted inside the exam hall.

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