How to Prepare for AEEE 2020

Nupur Kaushik Updated On: 27 Aug, 2019 12:43 IST

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How to Prepare for AEEE 2020

The preparation tips for AEEE 2020 given below can be used by the AEEE 2020 aspirants during their preparation leg of the AEEE 2020 entrance exam:

Make Short Notes:

Short notes help a lot during exam preparation as they make revision fast and easy. By creating short notes, you can easily memorise all the important points that you need to study for the exam.

Solve Sample Papers and Mock Tests:

Mock tests not only help you analyse your level of preparation but also let you know the areas where you need improvement. Practising sample papers and mock tests on a regular basis gives you an overview of the type of questions asked in the exam, and helps in increasing your speed of solving questions. With every mock test you solve, you will most certainly notice an increase in your speed.

Never Forget to Revise:

Revision plays a key role during entrance exam preparation. Revision not only helps in memorising facts and formulas, but it also completes the process of learning. Therefore, while studying a topic/ chapter, you should always make it a point to come back and revise it later.

Rote Learning:

Rote learning of topics can only help you to some extent. However, it is not possible to remember each and every topic/sub-topic. Instead of rote learning, try to shift your focus more towards understanding the concepts. This way, you will be able to solve complex questions that require concept-clarity.

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