How to Prepare for Assam CEE 2019

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How to Prepare for Assam CEE 2019

Candidates not only need to take into account the time left for the exam before starting the preparation for Assam CEE 2019 but they must also know How to Prepare for Assam CEE 2019. Assam CEE is a state-level Combined Entrance Examination conducted by Assam Science and Technology University for candidates seeking admission in various B.Tech courses offered by Assam B.Tech. Colleges. Knowledge of important books, topics and having a strategy in place are some of the things that students can do as they begin their preparation journey.

If one has started preparing for the exam well in advance, then she/he has enough time but if not then the study/preparation plan should be formed accordingly. We’ve mentioned below numerous ways that will help candidates crack the exam, although they should keep in mind that one preparation plan may or may not be fit for everyone.

Section-Wise Assam CEE 2019 Preparation Tips

There are three sections in Assam CEE 2019, according to the exam pattern of Assam CEE 2019. The sections are divided into Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. It is important for candidates to prepare for Assam CEE 2019 section-wise as it makes the preparation easier and productive. We have listed below section-wise preparation tips for Assam CEE 2019 to give you a better understanding of the examination.

Assam CEE 2019 Preparation Tips for Physics

  • The Physics section of Assam CEE consists of 40 questions carrying 4 marks each. The Physics section of the exam needs to be solved in 60 minutes.

  • Aspirants should try to solve the section at least 5-10 minutes before an hour so that they have time to recheck the answers and attempt the unsolved questions.

  • It is important to have a good command over formulas and derivations as these are the areas that will help a lot in solving problems.

  • Mentioning the importance of fast calculation would be stating the obvious but aspirants should learn easy tricks to calculate faster and mug up some common log values, square roots, cubes, etc.

  • Take practice sessions regularly. This will help you attain confidence and accuracy while solving the questions.

  • It is very important to understand the questions well before you begin solving them. 1.5 minutes for an objective type question should be enough.

  • There is never just one way to solve a numerical. By practising mock-tests and previous years’ question papers, aspirants can come up with ways to solve problems that are less time-consuming.

  • Always take help from mentors in case of any doubt.

  • There are certain topics that are asked repeatedly and carry weightage such as Wave Motion, Electrostatics, Heat and Thermodynamics, Current Electricity, Rotational Motions and Laws of Motion.

Assam CEE 2019 Preparation Tips for Chemistry

  • The Chemistry section of Assam CEE carries 40 questions. This section needs to be solved in 60 hours, which means ideally a question should be solved in 1.5 minutes.

  • If an examinee is able to solve the whole section at least 5 or 10 minutes prior to one hour then she/he will have a few extra minutes to recheck the solved questions and attempt unsolved ones.

  • The Physical Chemistry part is considered to be easy so candidates should prepare it well.

  • Give time to Organic Chemistry.

  • Make sure to prepare notes as you study.

  • The notes should be precise and in brief as longer the notes, the harder it gets to revise them.

  • Make a habit of looking at the complicated chemical structures of compounds so that you remember them correctly.

  • Focus on “Why questions” from d, f and s-Block chapters. These questions could be asked as trick questions.

  • It would be very useful to candidates if they memorise the Periodic Table along with atomic numbers and mass of the elements as it will help in saving time.

  • In order to memorise a chemical reaction and equation, it is important to understand its break-up. This will help in remembering chemical equations that examinee often tend to forget under exam pressure.

  • The important topics that candidates need to focus on for this section are s Block Elements, Transition Elements - d & f block, Chemical Bonding, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives, Chemical Equilibrium and Chemical Thermodynamics.

Assam CEE 2019 Preparation Tips for Mathematics

  • Just like the other two sections, the Mathematics section of Assam CEE also consists of 40 questions that should be solved in 60 minutes.

  • Each question gets 1.5 minutes to solve and with proper time management, the examinee can save a few minutes to recheck the questions.

  • While practising, learn to visualise the problems related to 3D Geometry.

  • Clearing the basic concepts by revising topics that one finds difficult will make it easier to solve problems in Assam CEE 2019.

  • For saving time, learn formulas by heart.

  • Learn to calculate either verbally or on the tips of your fingers.

  • First, give every question a thorough reading and understand it properly and then start solving it.

  • In every step of calculation, make sure that it is correct because checking it after completing the whole calculation and then doing it again would consume more time.

  • Solving Assam CEE previous years’ question papers and mock tests is definitely going to help a lot as practising is indispensable for Assam CEE 2019 preparation.

  • The important topics to ace this section are Vectors, 3D Geometry, Probability, Permutation & Combination, Matrics Determinants, Definite Integration and Complex Numbers.

General Tips and Tricks for Assam CEE 2019

Know the Assam CEE 2019 Syllabus Well

Knowing the syllabus is the most crucial thing to know before one begins with the preparation. If one doesn’t know the syllabus then preparation will become difficult and time-consuming. The syllabus of Assam CEE 2019 is prepared as per the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC). Knowing the syllabus well helps in segregating difficult topics from the easy ones and then making a preparation plan.

Understanding the Assam CEE 2019 Exam Pattern Well

Along with knowing syllabus, knowing the exam pattern is also very important. The Assam CEE 2019 Exam Pattern will help you understand the structure of the exam. This helps in getting a grip on the kind of questions that will be asked in the exam, weightage that each question carries and time management.  

Create a Study Plan

Aspirants should start preparing as per the study plan they have created. In order to cover every topic, it is important for aspirants to plan out the vast syllabus of Assam CEE 2019. Having a study plan will help candidates prepare for the exam in a smooth and easy way. With the help of a study plan, candidates would know how much time should be given to each subject or section for preparation.

Make Notes

Keep making notes along with covering each topic. Make sure that the notes are brief and precise. Use phrases instead of complete sentences as this will save time at the time of revision.

Take Tests Regularly

Aspirants should solve Assam CEE previous years’ question papers and practice mock tests regularly. This gives a good idea about what kind of questions are asked in the examination and how time should be managed in order to attempt every question.

Seek Guidance From Experts

Take help from experts to prepare for Assam CEE 2019. You can take help from friends, seniors, parents, teachers or the ones who have already given the exam. Don’t let hesitation come in your way. These people can even give guide you on how to solve certain types of questions.

Stay Healthy

Preparation plan is of no use if one is not healthy enough to concentrate. Take care of your health and give time to recreational activities as well. Eat healthy as one can only concentrate on studies if she/he is physically and psychologically relaxed.

Last Minute Tips for Assam CEE 2019

  • Remember to carry the documents such as  Assam CEE 2019 Admit Card and ID Card.

  • It will be more helpful if candidates assemble the documents a night before the exam.

  • Candidates should always check the examination centre before the examination day to make sure that they reach the correct place at the correct time.

  • Don’t panic and start mugging up stuff right before entering the examination hall as not only it gets harder to remember things but also plants a seed of confusion in your brain for the things you’ve already known.

  • Calm your mind either by listening to songs or anything that works for you.

  • Read the instructions written on the question paper well and then follow them.

  • Don’t get indulged in discouraging conversations before the exam.

  • Take good care of your health and eat well in the morning.

  • Sleep well at night before the exam as sleeplessness would make you feel exhausted while writing the exam and can create problems in concentrating.

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