CEED 2024 Preparation Strategy: Toppers Tips, Exam Strategy, Crack Exam in 1 Month!

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CEED 2024 Preparation Strategy

CEED 2024 Preparation: IIT Bombay will conduct the CEED 2024 exam on January 21, 2024, from 9 am to 12 noon. It is important to note that the syllabus for CEED 2024 has been updated. Therefore, when preparing for the CEED 2024 exam, be mindful of this fact to avoid spending time on irrelevant topics. To excel in this national-level design entrance exam, a well-planned CEED preparation strategy for 2024 is essential. The CEED question paper assesses candidates' general aptitude and creativity. Successful candidates need to demonstrate creative thinking, along with enhanced drawing, rendering, and visualization skills. Additionally, focus on improving aptitude and knowledge in areas such as Logical Reasoning, English Language, and Environmental and Social Awareness. Here, we guide you through a step-by-step CEED 2024 preparation strategy.

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Step-by-Step CEED 2024 Preparation Plan

Preparing for the CEED, a highly desirable design entrance exam, requires careful planning. Here are essential tips to keep in mind:

Step 1: Know the CEED 2024 Pattern - Understand the exam pattern and marking scheme to strategize your preparation effectively.

Step 2: Follow the CEED 2024 Syllabus - Stick closely to the prescribed syllabus for CEED 2024 during your exam preparation.

Step 3: Create a Timetable - Develop a timetable that spans monthly, weekly, and daily goals, providing a structured approach to your preparation.

Step 4: Practice with Past Papers - Enhance your readiness by solving previous years' CEED question papers, sample papers, and mock tests.

CEED 2024 Exam Overview

The CEED 2024 exam will be divided into two parts: Part A will include questions on Mathematics, Reasoning, and General Aptitude, while Part B will include questions on Visual Perception, Drawing, and Design Aptitude. The exam is highly competitive, with a high cutoff for admission. Candidates should strive to achieve the highest possible CEED score to earn a place at their selected institute.



Name of the Exam

Common Entrance Examination for Design

Commonly Known As


Conducting Body

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Mode of the Registration


Level of the Examination


Category of the Examination


Duration of the Examination

Three hours

Top CEED 2024 Preparation Tips

Students often feel confused about how to prepare for CEED. To clear your doubts, CollegeDekho presents an effective preparation strategy for CEED 2024. IIT Bombay grants admission to design students based on merit and preference to participating institutes for those who crack CEED 2024. Follow these tips to excel in the design entrance exam:

  • Innovative Thinking Matters: To succeed in CEED 2024, think outside the conventional. Your unique and innovative designs can impress. Remember, creativity and problem-solving skills are key attributes evaluated by examiners.
  • Enhance Creativity through Observation: Sharpen your creativity by observing the world around you. Innovative ideas often stem from keen observation. Your ability to visualize and observe is crucial for problem-solving.
  • Grasp the Exam Pattern: Before diving into preparation, understand the CEED 2024 exam pattern. Familiarize yourself with the marking scheme, mode of the exam, question formats, maximum marks, duration, and other essential details.
  • Master the Syllabus: Thoroughly grasp the CEED 2024 syllabus. Understanding the concepts covered is vital for effective preparation.
  • Efficient Time Management: Create a well-defined timetable for CEED 2024 preparation and stick to it. Time management is critical not only for the exam but also for success in general. Do not dwell too long on one question; efficient time use is key.
  • Boost General Knowledge: Read newspapers, and magazines, and explore various sources to enhance your general knowledge. Stay informed about fine arts history and current affairs.
  • Solve Past Year's Papers: Practice with CEED previous years’ question papers to understand question types and difficulty levels. Regular practice helps gauge the time needed for each question.
  • Build a Strong Portfolio: Once you pass the written test, a compelling portfolio is essential for the personal interview. Include your best work to stand out from competitors.
  • Choose the Right Books: Select the best books for CEED 2024 preparation to gain in-depth knowledge of the syllabus concepts. Quality study materials are crucial.
  • Hone 3D Drawing Skills: Improve your sketching skills, especially in 3D drawing. Practice regularly and consider joining a drawing class if needed to enhance your abilities.

10 Tips to Crack CEED 2024 in 1 Month

Preparing for CEED in one month or 30 days is possible if certain tips and tricks are followed ardently. Here are 10 pointers to help you ace the exam.

  • #1 Chalk out a clear timetable for the CEED 2024. Each day is important so it is crucial to have a definite plan in front of you so that you can stick to it for maximum efficiency.
  • #2 Check out the entire CEED 2024 syllabus and CEED 2024 exam pattern. Doing so will ease up the preparation process as both of the aforementioned elements carry the important parameters of the entrance test.
  • #3 Solve as many CEED 2024 sample papers and CEED previous year’s question papers 2024 as possible. Practising regularly from the mock papers and last year’s question papers as they provide a clear understanding of the type of questions and format of the CEED exam.
  • #4 Scan through the work of your favourite designer or creator. Observe the key details and try to enhance your visualisation and creative skills as they are the key factors that decide the final selection of the candidate.
  • #5 Do not bury your nose in the stack of books! Always focus on quality more than quantity. Try to be aware of everything that is happening in the nation as plenty of questions will be based on that.
  • #6 Read magazines and newspapers regularly. It would help in improving communication skills and also would provide a good idea of what is happening around you.
  • #7 Take notice of the banners, posts, and cartoons. You can also check out the daily comic strips. It would provide innovative ideas and deepen visualisation skills.
  • #8 Appear for mock tests as they would help in enhancing your speed as well as accuracy. Speed without accuracy and vice versa leads to poor performance in the exam. Aspirants will have to work on both aspects simultaneously. They can set a timer for as long as the exam duration and must aim at completing the exam within the fixed period.
  • #9 Keep the last few days for revision and observation. Keep the preparation books aside in the last few days to give a break to your brain as well as the body.
  • #10 Fix your sleeping cycle and eating pattern. It would remove any nervousness and keep your mind fresh before the exam.

CEED 2024 Preparation Tips by Toppers

CEED preparation tips by toppers can be a useful tool for this year’s CEED aspirants. Some preparation tips by CEED toppers have been given below:

  1. Preparation Strategy: Being thorough with the question types and pattern of the CEED question paper. Also, regular drawing practice will ensure not much time is wasted in drawing during the exam.

  2. Coaching Assistance: For those appearing for CEED for the first time, joining a best CEED coaching institute will be helpful. The applicants can choose to prepare for CEED 2024 entrance exam on their own as well.

  3. Important Topics: In part A, general knowledge regarding design is a very important topic whereas, in part B, the major focus should be on perspective drawing.

  4. Things to Avoid: Do not get overexcited and try to finish each question within the given time frame.

  5. The “3 P” Rule: Emulate the “3 P” rule of the toppers, which is, Practice Practice and Practice. CEED previous year question papers hold the key to success.

CEED 2024 Preparation Strategy for Part A

Here are some important preparation or study tips for Part A of the CEED 2024 exam, based on experts' and students' reviews:

  • Understand the Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme: Make sure you fully grasp the CEED 2024 Part A exam pattern. Understanding the format, the types of questions, and how time is allocated will contribute to effective preparation.
  • Stay Updated on Current Affairs and Design Trends: CEED frequently includes questions about current affairs and modern design trends. Stay updated on recent developments in design, technology, and cultural influences to handle these questions effectively.
  • Develop a Strong Foundation in General Ability: Boost your general knowledge in subjects like history, geography, current affairs, and science. Work on vocabulary exercises to improve your word skills and comprehension. Solve reasoning questions to enhance your logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Emphasize on Sketching and Drawing Skills: Since visual communication is crucial in design, concentrate on improving your sketching and drawing skills. Practice regularly to strengthen your capacity to convey ideas visually.
  • Enhance Visual Perception and Spatial Reasoning Skills: Regularly practice exercises that involve 2D and 3D visualization, pattern recognition, object manipulation, and spatial reasoning. These activities will enhance your ability to perceive and analyze spatial relationships effectively, which is crucial for success in Part A of the CEED 2024 exam.
  • Regularly Solve Previous Years' Papers: Make it a habit to regularly practice with previous year's question papers and mock tests. This helps you get comfortable with the exam format of Part A of the exam, understand effective time management strategies, and familiarize yourself with the various types of questions. After each practice session, take some time to analyze your performance. This helps you pinpoint areas that need more attention and improvement.

CEED 2024 Preparation Strategy for Part B

The Part B of CEED tests the candidate's ability to identify the problems which might be faced by the users, the generation of several unique concepts to solve the problems, their creativity in generating these solutions and finally it tests the candidate's ability to express the solution through sketching. Here are some important preparation tips for CEED 2024 Part B.

  • Practice sketching objects: While sketching, you must pay close attention to your pencil strokes and even closer attention to the proportions of the parts. Express your concept with as much detail as possible practice sketching realistically instead of artistically. It is always a good idea to draw a faint sketch and erase it before finalising it. Spend time on shading and learn how to depict materials like wood, glass, steel, plastic, etc. using simple pencil shading. Avoid using non-erasable media such as ball pens in case you want to change your sketch later.
  • Exhibit your designs as used by people: It is important for you to show how the product you designed is used in day-to-day life. You will have to brush up on your human anatomy sketching skills for this. Sketching human figures also gives an idea of how big or how small your product is.
  • Showcase your creativity: In some questions of CEED Part B, it is mentioned that bonus marks are awarded for creativity. However, it goes without saying that creativity is a must while appearing for a design entrance exam such as CEED. Hone your creative skills with the help of books and websites dedicated to this topic. Based on the experience of several students, techniques such as SCAMPER, Five W’s, and Six Thinking Hats, (Edward de Bono) seem to work better than the rest.
  • Read the instructions carefully: Make sure that as soon as you get the paper, you read all the instructions carefully and understand each question. No extra time will be allocated for this so ensure that you do not miss out on any important instructions before starting with the exam.
  • Time management is the key: Once you understand the instructions and know which questions are compulsory and which are optional, figure out how much time is to be spent on each question. You will have to attempt both Part A and B in the same 3 hours slot. On average it takes about one hour to complete Part A, therefore, you have to plan the remaining time for Part B.
  • Sketch in perspective view: In order to induce a sense of realism in your design, you must practice sketching in perspective. The idea is to make sketches as close to real life as possible.

CEED Exam Pattern 2024

The CEED 2024 exam comprises two sections: Part A and Part B. Part A, conducted online, has a duration of 1 hour. In contrast, Part B is an offline section lasting 2 hours. Part A features various question types, including NAT, MCQ, and MSQ. On the other hand, Part B exclusively consists of drawing-based questions.

CEED 2024 Exam Pattern: Part A

Here is the exam pattern for the CEED 2024 Part A exam in the table provided below:

CEED Part A Sections

Number of Questions 


Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions



Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)



Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)



Total Number of Questions



CEED 2024 Exam Pattern: Part B

Candidates can explore the exam pattern for the CEED 2024 Part B exam in the table provided below:

CEED Part B Sections

Number of Questions








Form Sensitivity



Visual Sensitivity



Problem Identification



Total Number of Questions



CEED 2024 Marking Scheme

In 2020, IIT Bombay modified the marking scheme for the CEED exam. To understand the marking scheme for the CEED 2024 Part A exam, aspirants can refer to the table below:

CEED Part A Sections

Marks for Each Correct Answer

Marks Deducted for Each Wrong Answer










Total Marks


Important Instructions for CEED 2024

Check out some crucial instructions related to CEED 2024:

Reporting Time:

  • Candidates must be present at the examination centre at 8:00 am on the day of the CEED 2023 exam along with a coloured printout of the CEED admit card.
  • This is necessary to record candidates' Biometric information before they sit for the examination. 

Identity proof:

  • Candidate should bring a valid identity proof with photograph (original) to the examination centre.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination centre without a valid identity proof (college issued identity card, driving license, Voter ID, passport, PAN card or Aadhaar card).


  • Every candidate must carry his/her own sketch pens, pencils, poster colours and other drawing materials for the CEED examination. 
  • Candidates are not allowed to take drawing sheets to the examination hall.
  • Electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, calculators, smart or digital watches etc. are strictly not allowed in the CEED examination hall. 
  • Use of any electronic gadget will result in disqualification of the candidate.
  • The seating arrangement will be displayed on the notice board of the examination centre.

Best Books for CEED 2024

Here is a list of some of the best books for CEED 2024 preparation, based on their popularity among students and reviews from experts:

  • CEED & NID M.Des Entrance Books and Test Series by Ashish Popli, Pradosh Swain, and Rishabh Rhode
  • Design Drawing by Francis DK Ching
  • Cracking CEED and UCEED by Ashok Goel and Arjun Kamal
  • CEED (M. Des) Test Series by TRENDZ ACADEMY
  • Study Notes Material on IIFT + NID + NIFT by Sourav Sir's Classes
  • Comprehensive English for NID, NIFT, UCEED, CEED, NATA, B.Arch & Other Design Entrance Exams by Designologue
  • Perspective Drawing Handbook by Joseph D'Amelio
  • Art Perception by David Cycleback
  • CEED + NID by AFA
  • CEED Guide by the Institute of Creative Sciences

CEED Syllabus 2024

Understanding the CEED syllabus is essential for applicants to understand all of the major areas. The CEED 2024 syllabus comprises the key topics that students must study for the entrance test. The CEED 2024 syllabus is provided below.



Part A

  • Observation and Design Sensitivity
  • Visualization and spatial ability
  • Environmental and Social Awareness
  • Language and Creativity
  • Analytical and logical reasoning
  • Design Thinking and Problem-solving

Part B

  • Drawing

Want to know more about CEED

FAQs about CEED Preparation Tips

Is it important to improve my drawing skills for CEED preparation?

Yes, it is important to develop your sketching skills to prepare for the CEED. Visual perception, drawing, and design aptitude questions are included in CEED Exam Part B. Your capacity to see and depict objects in two and three dimensions will be put to the test by these questions.

Is solving previous year question papers helpful for CEED preparation?

CEED previous year question papers will give you an idea of the difficulty level of the paper, exam pattern, types of questions asked and so on. Hence, sample papers or previous year question papers play an important role in acing the exam.

How can I manage time for CEED?

- Establish a study schedule and follow it. You can stay on task and prevent procrastination by doing this.
- Dividing up difficult work into smaller, more manageable pieces. The chores will appear less difficult and more doable as a result.
- Set yourself some reasonable objectives. Avoid attempting to cram everything into the final weeks before the exam.
- Gratify yourself. Reward yourself with something you like when you reach a goal. You will be more motivated as a result.

What are the last-minute tips for CEED?

In your last minute CEED preparation, you should focus on revising rather than studying any new topic. 24 hours before the exam, you must keep calm and stay focused. Get sufficient sleep so that you are well-rested for the exam.

How long should I study in a day for CEED preparation?

It usually depends on the overall time you are left with. However, 4-5 hours of effective study every day should be sufficient to score well in CEED.

When should I start preparing for CEED?

It is recommended to begin your CEED preparation as soon as possible. You will have ample time to finish the full curriculum and become accustomed to the exam structure. Even if you are still in your second year of graduation, you can begin preparing for the CEED.

Can I prepare for CEED in six months?

If you are prepared to work hard and dedicate yourself, you may prepare for the CEED in six months. The following advice will help you become ready for the CEED in six months:
- Early preparation is key.
- Make a study schedule and follow it.
- Take frequent practice exams.
- If you require assistance, ask a tutor or mentor for it.
- On the exam day, maintain your composure and attention.

What is the difficulty level of CEED?

The level of difficulty for CEED is moderate. The purpose of the exam is to gauge a candidate's aptitude for a profession in design. The exam's Part A gauges a candidate's aptitude for maths, logical thinking, and general knowledge. The exam's Part B gauges a candidate's aptitude for drawing, design, and visual perception.

Can I prepare for CEED without coaching?

It is quite feasible to prepare for CEED 2024 without the assistance of a coaching institute. But, before you start studying on your own, you must be convinced that you can accomplish it. The path may be challenging if you are not convinced and just decide to forego coaching on the advice of others.

How can I prepare for CEED?

In order to prepare for CEED, you must know the syllabus, be aware of changes in the exam pattern (if any), make a plan, complete the syllabus, practise previous year question papers, mock tests and so on.

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