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Best Books for CEED 2020

Books are considered to be the best source for attaining knowledge. For the preparation of CEED 2020, there are many books available in the market that provide relevant and sufficient knowledge that a candidate requires to score good marks. Apart from providing knowledge, they offer comprehensive learning and also help in better understanding of concepts. There are plenty of books available offline and online covering various important sections of the CEED 2020 syllabus. Therefore, it is very important to shortlist some of the best books for CEED 2020. Following are some of the popular books for CEED 2020.

However, before selecting the right set of books, there are some important factors have to be considered.  

How to Select the Best Books for CEED 2020

  • While selecting the books, make sure that you check the year of publication as the latest edition will have the updated content.
  • Opt for books by some of the renowned authors and publishers as they will have more credibility.
  • Candidates can also go for books containing sample papers. Such books can be found at some of the well-known coaching centers.
  • Books that are only available for the examination purpose of CEED 2020 can also be used for preparation.
  • For a good understanding of concepts, candidates can compare 2-3 books containing the same topics and theories, and on that basis, they can choose the best books for CEED 2020.

Best Books for CEED 2020

Candidates can refer to the following books for CEED 2020 preparation: 

McGraw Hill Education

NIFT Exam Guide by Verma

Concepts of Pattern Grading

NIFT Exam Guide by Dr. R. P. Datason

NIFT Entrance Exam - Self Study Guide

Popular Master Guide NIFT by R. Gupta

Bright Careers Guide NIFT Entrance Exam

Arihant NIFT Entrance Exam Self Study Guide

NIFT Entrance Examination (Guide) by D Mittal

NIFT Entrance Exams: Ultimate Success Series By Surendra

Prashant Kumar’s NIFT Entrance Examination Preparation Guide

NIFT: Previous Years’ Papers (Solved) by Ramesh Publishing House

Design Drawing by Francis DK Ching

Rendering With Pen and Ink by Robert W. Gill

Perspective drawing handbook by Joseph D’ Amelio

Art Perception by David Cycleback

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