10 Last Minute Tips to Crack CEED 2024

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Updated On: June 11, 2024 06:06 pm IST | CEED

Looking for last-minute tips to crack CEED 2024? Here's a complete list of things you can do to maximise your chances of scoring high in the exam.
CEED Last Minute Tips

Last Minute Tips to Crack CEED 2024: To ace the CEED entrance exam with a high score, students must have a plan of action, including a well-structured study routine and some useful last-minute preparation tips. The CEED question paper is designed to assess applicants' overall ability as well as their creative thinking. In addition to having improved sketching, rendering, and visualisation abilities, applicants entering CEED must be able to think creatively. Furthermore, students ought to concentrate on honing their skills and understanding in areas like logical reasoning, English language proficiency, and environmental and social awareness.

On January 21, 2024, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay will conduct CEED 2024 in 27 distinct cities around the country. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 last-minute tips to crack CEED 2024 which students can utilise to obtain maximum marks on the exam day.

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10 Last-Minute Tips to Crack CEED 2024

As stated in a quote from Benjamin Franklin, "You may delay but time will not". Thus, even if you have a week left, make the most of it! Furthermore, the candidates are bound to feel time constraints while taking the entrance exam as some questions can be tricky or the overall question paper may be lengthy. So, first of all, all candidates need to work on their time management skills. Within one minute, students will be required to understand the questions and answer correctly. Thus, here these important tips to crack CEED 2024 come into play! To clear the CEED exam in its first attempt, quick thinking and time management are just as crucial as knowing the correct answers. The following is a discussion about the top 10 last-minute tips to crack CEED 2024 which students can use as a reference.

Tip #1 Refine Your Imagination Power

Develop your knack for creativity and visualisation. Put your pencil on the paper after mentally visualising the picture you wish to sketch.

Tip #2 Know the CEED Exam Pattern

It is essential to comprehend the CEED exam pattern in its entirety. It covers every aspect of the entrance exam and will serve as a guide for candidates as they start preparing.

Tip #3 Give Yourself Some Space

To make sure applicants are both physically and psychologically prepared for the entrance test, they must give their minds some breathing room. Candidates should not fret at the very last minute. Before taking the test, leave your books aside for a few hours, calm yourself, and rest.

Tip #4 Solve CEED Previous Year’s Question Papers

Make a habit of trying your hand at as many CEED sample papers as you can. You can gain insight into the structure of the questions and the degree of difficulty of the entrance exam by looking at CEED previous year's question papers .

Tip #5 Be Updated with Design-related Events

Peruse magazines and newspapers, and explore the artwork of your preferred designer. It is imperative to be aware of your dynamic surroundings. To be an effective communicator, improve the way you interact. Your design will not be finished unless it is sent via the appropriate channel.

Tip #6 Be a Good Problem Solver

The exam authorities anticipate that candidates need to be both problem solvers and problem makers. In addition to sketching, one of a designer's most crucial tools is the identification of problems. Improving your observational skills will assist you in recognising issues and potential solutions.

Tip #7 Improve Time-Management Skills

Formulating a precise CEED preparation strategy and maintaining your hectic schedule is a prerequisite to acing the exam. The ability to manage their time well is the most crucial requirement for students sitting for the entrance exam. Candidates must prioritise the completion of the CEED syllabus in addition to taking mock tests and sample papers.

Tip #8 Practise Free-Hand Sketching

Try drawing by hand instead of using an instrument, as using one to draw on the CEED exam may usually be prohibited. Adopt the proper tools while sketching, such as two grades of pencil: H for light and rough work and B for quick drawing and shading.

Tip #9 Be Observant of Advertisements

For creative ideas that you may utilise in the examination, consider reading daily comic strips, watching cartoons, and advertisements or banners. As absurd as it may seem, the finest storyboards are those found in comic strips.

Tip #10 Maintain Your Speed and Accuracy

Maintain a balance between the answer's correctness and speed when solving the previous year’s question papers or any set of CEED sample papers . Before the test, brush up on every major subject covered in the syllabus.


A career in design is the most suitable choice if you are passionate about learning design and find it in everything that surrounds you. Getting into a prestigious design school is a stepping stone to feed the ambitions of becoming a successful designer. To begin this journey, students have to face the first step of sitting for entrance exams like CEED.

When the time for the CEED 2024 exam approaches, applicants are filled with a wave of worry and trepidation. Still, they must prepare for it with calmness and determination. During the next few months, candidates should concentrate on formulating a time management strategy that takes into account both their strengths and weaknesses. Students are less likely to make mistakes on the test if they know and follow these above-discussed 10 last-minute tips to crack CEED 2024.

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How should I prepare for CEED 2024?

Students can prepare for CEED 2024 by utilising the pointers below:

  • Make a proper study timetable.

  • Get acquainted with the syllabus and exam pattern.

  • Practice making sketches and drawings.

  • Consult with professionals for advice (if required).

  • Complete the previous year's question papers and take practice tests.

  • Keep yourself informed of current affairs.

What is the best last-minute tip to crack CEED 2024?

The best last-minute tip to crack CEED 2024 is to maintain their level of confidence right from the start of the exam to its completion. Maintaining calmness and coolness is essential for the brain to function at its peak performance in the absence of stress. The only tool applicants can bring to their exam centres is confidence.

What are the top 10 last-minute tips to crack CEED 2024?

The 10 last-minute tips to crack CEED 2024 are briefly mentioned below:

  • #1 Refine Your Imagination Power

  • #2 Know the CEED Exam Pattern

  • #3 Give Yourself Some Space

  • #4 Solve CEED Previous Year’s Question Papers

  • #5 Be Updated with Design-related Events

  • #6 Be a Good Problem Solver

  • #7 Improve Your Time-Management Skills

  • #8 Practise Free-Hand Sketching

  • #9 Be Observant of Advertisements

  • #10 Maintain Your Speed and Accuracy

What are the important topics to crack CEED 2024?

No such important topics to crack CEED 2024 are recommended by its administrating body. However, applicants must concentrate on gaining knowledge about subjects such as the English Language, Logical Reasoning, Environmental and Social Awareness, etc. In addition to having improved sketching, rendering, and visualisation abilities, applicants taking CEED must be able to think creatively.

What is the best preparation strategy to crack the CEED 2024 exam?

The step-wise best preparation strategy to crack the CEED 2024 exam is mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Comprehend the marking scheme and CEED exam pattern 2024.

  • Step 2: Prepare for the test by strictly adhering to the syllabus.

  • Step 3: Develop and follow a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule.

  • Step 4: Complete the CEED sample papers, practice exams, and CEED previous year's question papers.


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