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Preparation Strategy for KEAM 2020 and Study Plan

It is a truth universally acknowledged that half the battle is already won if the aspirants preparing for an entrance exam have a preparation strategy and study plan properly laid out in front of them. The scenario is no different for KEAM exam as the previous year KEAM rank holders have admitted to the fact that they had spent hours in charting out a preparation strategy and study plan suitable for them before beginning their preparation for the same. CollegeDekho’s initiative of providing the KEAM 2020 aspirants with a ready-to-use KEAM 2020 preparation strategy and study plan will definitely help them achieve their desired result. Check out the following sections for the detailed preparation strategy and study plan for KEAM 2020.

Detailed Preparation Strategy and Study Plan for KEAM 2020

The 16th President of the United States of America Abraham Lincoln, who is renowned for the Emancipation Proclamation, once highlighted the importance of preparation through his quote - Give me six hours to chop a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. Nothing can stop the candidates from achieving their desired score in the KEAM 2020 exam if they have a well-laid out study plan and preparation strategy. Here goes the detailed KEAM 2020 preparation strategy and study plan which can be used as a reference by the KEAM aspirants:

  • Clear Cut Understanding of the KEAM Syllabus: The first step towards preparing a strategy for KEAM 2020 is knowing the KEAM 2020 syllabus. It has been noted on many previous occasions that the aspirants during the primary stages of preparation tend to ignore the syllabus completely mainly because they think they know enough about it already. But this is a wrong approach. The candidates must go through the entire syllabus of KEAM 2020 in a detailed manner and segregate the high-priority topics from the less-priority topics which will assist them to chalk out a good preparation strategy. 

  • Strong Base is the Key: The candidates are suggested to spare a good number of hours to solidify their hold over the concepts. A strong conceptual base will mean that the candidates will have more time for the other aspects of preparation like solving sample test papers, numericals etc.

  • Make Notes of what you Study: It is foolish to re-read the theoretical part again and again in an adverse situation where the need of the hour is to be fully prepared for the KEAM entrance exam while the clock is ticking away. To prevent from getting stuck in this kind of situation, the candidates must prepare short notes after having successfully completed a topic. The short notes must also include formulas which can be quickly scanned through during the final leg of revision.

  • Question Papers are also Important: No amount of preparation and study plan can fetch the candidates good marks if they do not solve a comprehensive number of previous year/sample/mock test papers before taking the exam. By solving a question papers, the candidates do not have to work separately on their accuracy and speed of attempting the questions. Solving previous year papers will also help the candidates in gauging their preparations for the exam.

KEAM Preparation 2020: Time Table and Syllabus Breakdown

Take a look at the KEAM 2020 syllabus breakdown given in the table below:

KEAM 2020 Subject

Total Number of Topics

Number of Days to be Spent Ideally

Number of Days for Each Topic















195 (6 Months approx)

The KEAM 2020 aspirants may check out the following time table when they get down to prepare a suitable time table for KEAM 2020 of their own:


To Do’s

Session-I (At least 2 Hours)

  • Choose a topic in Physics

  • Read it thoroughly and make short notes 

  • Revise numericals related to the topic

Session-II (At least 2 Hours)

  • Choose a topic in Chemistry

  • Read it thoroughly and make short notes 

  • Revise numericals related to the topic

Session-III (At least 1 Hour)

  • Choose a topic in Mathematics

  • Note down all the important formulas related to the topic

  • Revise numericals related to the topic

KEAM Study Plan 2020: Important Instructions

Kerala Engineering Agriculture Medical (KEAM) will be conducted on April 2020. While the official dates have not been announced by Kerala CEE, it's always advisable that you start your preparation for the KEAM 2020 exam well ahead in advance. The preparation strategy for 2020 KEAM should be in accordance with the two papers - Paper I & Paper II. 

Paper 1 on the first day will be conducted for Physics and Chemistry while Paper 2 on the second day will be conducted for Mathematics. Students preparing for this examination must be under immense pressure to perform and we have, therefore, listed down certain things that they can do to feel more confident about their preparation.

  • In the last few days before the exam, candidates should focus more on preparing as per the exam pattern.
  • Apart from giving importance to the exam pattern, aspirants should spend more time on preparing topics that carry more weightage.
  • During your preparation, you must also come up with a test-taking strategy where you have a proper plan to attempt the question paper.
  • It is also important for candidates to know how much time duration should be given to every section of the exam.
  • Candidates must also try to solve as many sample/model/previous year question papers as possible in a stipulated time.

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