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How to Prepare for IBSAT 2021

Updated By Abhinav Chamoli on 28 Jun, 2021 11:14

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How to Prepare for IBSAT 2021

Candidates who want to appear in the IBSAT 2021 entrance should be aware of the preparation strategy which should be adopted by them in order to successfully ace the entrance. Going through this section will help them know about the various tips and tricks which can turn out to be very effective in chalking out a preparation strategy.

Experts advise that the first and foremost step for any preparation strategy is to know about the complete syllabus of IBSAT 2021. This includes knowledge about all the topics present in the various sections of the syllabus. It is only after then, that the candidates can draw a timetable or a preparation flow. The timetable scheduled by the candidates should justify the syllabus, no part of it should be left untouched.

Another major strategy of the preparation flow is knowledge about the marking scheme and exam pattern of IBSAT 2021. This will give them an idea about the structure of the entrance. Candidates should also be clear about which books to refer to while preparing for IBSAT 2021. They should also invest time in regular revisions. Appearing for mock tests and solving previous years question papers of IBSAT can be considered to be a unique way of revising the pre learnt topics.

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Section-wise Preparation Strategy for IBSAT 2021

The syllabus of IBSAT 2021 can be divided into three major sections i.e Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension and Data Interpretation & Data Adequacy. CollegeDekho has provided the candidates with section-wise tips which can turn out to be very effective if adopted in the preparation strategy.

IBSAT 2021 Preparation Strategy for Quantitative Aptitude

The problem-solving capabilities of the students are tested in this section. There are 30 questions that will be asked in this section of the question paper. The questions asked will be tricky, tips for Quantitative aptitude have been provided below:

  • It is necessary for aspiring candidates to brush up on their basics in order to answer the questions successfully.

  • It is to be remembered that “practice is the key to success”. Therefore, they should solve the problems at regular intervals.

  • Candidates are advised to not use calculators during self-study. This will help them to improve their calculative skills.

  • Management of time is considered to be a key element if the candidates are to do well in this section. They should keep track of time while solving each question. Using a timer might turn out to be of great help.

  • It is advisable for the candidates to have all the formals by heart.

  • They should be aware of all the shortcut methods that can be implemented in solving the problems.

IBSAT 2021 Preparation Strategy for Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

The Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension section in IBSAT 2021 is to test the speaking and writing English language capabilities of the candidates. The section of verbal ability and reading comprehension can be further classified into para jumbles, vocabulary usage, English grammar, punctuation & analogies, replacing the missing words. Some of the tips which can turn out to be helpful for candidates preparing for these sections are being provided below:

  • Candidates are advised to read newspapers on a daily basis. This will help them to be aware of the current events occurring all across the world. It can also enhance the vocabulary of the candidates.

  • It is advisable for the candidates to listen or watch speeches, movies or documentaries along with subtitles. This can be considered to be an effective step to work on the knowledge of spoken English.

  • They should also work on the basics of grammar which will help them to encounter problems based on sentence correction.

  • Candidates are advised to be familiar with new English words. They should also try to find out the synonyms and antonyms of the newly learned words.

  • Experts also advise communicating in English which helps the candidates to grow a feeling of self-confidence and accuracy.

  • Candidates should invest an ample amount of time to understand the gist of the comprehension passage.

  • They should organize the thoughts they have while reading the passage. It is necessary to give those thoughts a particular structure.

IBSAT 2021 Preparation Strategy for Data Interpretation & Data Adequacy

Data Interpretation & Data Adequacy section of the IBSAT 2021 question paper consists of 30 questions. The main aim of these questions is to test identify patterns, decision-making ability, understanding of logical links of the examinees. It is considered the most scoring section if compared with the other two. The tips for Data Interpretation & Data Adequacy are given in the pointers below:

  • Each question should be read carefully by the candidates. 

  • Candidates should only consider the information provided in the question to solve the problem.

  • Both the sentence completion instructions and the factual passage must be read carefully by the candidates. All of these instructions must be kept in mind while answering the questions.

  • Shortcut methods should be used in solving the questions.

  • Both the simple and the critical questions must be solved at regular intervals to have a strong grip over them.

  • Candidates can take notes while preparing for the various sections of Data Interpretation and Data Adequacy.

  • Few other ways to prepare for this section are solving crosswords, puzzles, riddles, sudoku etc.

IBSAT 2021 General Tips & Tricks for Preparation

Candidates should be well aware of the syllabus for the IBSAT 2021 entrance exam. The syllabus comprises all the topics from which the questions will be asked in the IBSAT 2021 entrance exam. No section of the exam should be left untouched by the candidates if they aspire to do well in the examination.

  • After getting aware of all topics included in the IBSAT 2021 syllabus, candidates should chalk out a strategy and a timetable. It is very important for them to stick to the timetable.

  • Candidates should take notes for several important sections of the syllabus. This turns out to be of great help at the time of revision.

  • Solving previous years question paper is another effective element of the examination strategy. It also helps the candidates to know about the trend of questions asked in the entrance exam.

  • Candidates should appear for mock tests at regular intervals. It helps them to generate a feeling of self-confidence which is the key to do well in the examination.

  • In case of confusion, candidates should seek help from experts.

IBSAT 2021 Last-Minute Preparation Tips

Check the following points to know some last-minute preparation tips for IBSAT 2021.

  • Practise a maximum number of mock test papers as well as sample papers of IBSAT.

  • Check the syllabus of IBSAT to know all the important topics of the exam.

  • Check the exam pattern of IBSAT to understand the marking scheme and exam structure.

  • Devote at least 3-4 hours a day for IBSAT preparation.

  • Learn shortcut techniques so that you can solve numerical problems quickly.

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FAQs about IBSAT Preparation Tips

What are the important exam day tips for IBSAT?

You are advised to answer the questions confidently. Apart from this, if you get stuck at any question then you can skip the question rather than waste time over it. You can answer that question later.

How to improve English for IBSAT examination?

You should add 3-4 new words daily in your vocabulary. Besides this, you can also try and use those words in sentences so that you can understand their usage and meaning. It is also advisable to develop a reading habit.

Is coaching necessary for IBSAT?

No, coaching is not necessary for IBSAT. You can clear the IBSAT examination with a good preparation plan and hard work.

How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude section of IBSAT exam?

You are advised to solve 4-5 questions of each type of problems. Besides this, you are advised to improve your calculation speed and problem-solving skills.

Can I prepare for IBSAT In four months?

Yes, you can prepare for IBSAT In four months. However, you are advised to be regular in your preparation so that you can score well in the exam.

What is the 3 month preparation strategy for IBSAT?

With just less than 3 months left the exam, you should focus on solving more number of mock test papers of IBSAT entrance exam. Besides this, you should also focus on improving your communication skills.

How important are mock test papers for IBSAT Preparation?

The mock test papers of IBSAT will help you to analyse your preparation and identify your weaknesses and strengths. You can utilise the mock test papers to know what sections of the exam need more preparation.

What are the preparation tips for IBSAT exam?

You are advised to solve previous years’ question paper of the exam to know what type of questions you can expect in the exam. Besides this, you are also advised to make notes during the preparation.

How to prepare for IBSAT exam?

You can start preparing for IBSAT exam by checking the exam pattern and syllabus. Besides this, you are also advised to prepare a study plan before starting the preparation.

Is there any last minute preparation tips to excel in IBSAT?

Visit "https://www.collegedekho.com/exam/ibsat/how-to-prepare" to prepare for IBSAT.

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