Crack GD-PI Selection Process of IBS Hyderabad (IBSAT) with These Tips!

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Crack GD-PI Selection Process of IBS Hyderabad (IBSAT) with These Tips!
  • The next step for IBS Admissions 2018 is the selection of candidates through the GDPI round which is scheduled to take place between 20th - 26th February 2018.
  • Check preparation tips to crack GDPI round at IBS here.

IBSAT exam is a sought-after entrance examination taken by a large number of MBA aspirants in India. IBSAT 2017 was conducted from 21st - 24th December 2017. The IBSAT 2017 exam analysis highlighted the fact that the question paper was a little difficult as compared to previous years. Within about 15 days after the conduct of the exam, IBSAT 2017 results were declared on 6th January 2018.

The candidates who have qualified in IBSAT 2017 will now have to appear for the next stage of IBS Admissions Process - i.e. IBSAT 2017 Selection through the Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds. The process is expected to be conducted from 20th - 26th February 2018.

Group Discussion (GD) Tips for IBS Admissions 2018:

In order to crack the IBSAT GDPI Selection Process, here are some tips for you that will come handy and help you crack IBS Admissions 2018. To be well prepared for these two rounds, one must be thorough with studies from the beginning itself. A few GDPI topics for MBA interviews can be easily covered up while studying for the test. Lets see the ways through which one can easily crack GD-PI of the IBSAT examination.

1. Basic Preparation for GDPI

Prepare well enough to crack the selection process of IBSAT. One must be prompt with current affairs, business, economics, among other relevant topics. Reading newspapers regularly helps in keeping one informed about the happenings around the world. For group discussions, one must brush up topics of concern, current affairs and shall go through a variety of discussion forums to know about different topics to study on.

2. Respect Different Views yet Stay Adamant

During Group Discussions, one must allow the other person to speak on the topic in question. Respect every opinion as you would want yours to be discussed and respected as well. It is not a good practice to interrupt somebody while he/she is speaking. Wait for your turn and either call out your group according to individual names or by numerical or alphabets.

3. Do Not Take Anything Personally

During a group discussion, there are various topics on which a debate may arise. But remember, it is a discussion and not a debate. So, never take comments or views personally. Be generous and polite towards other's views. You do not have to win in the eyes of others but yourself in front of the judges.

Personal Interview (PI) Tips for IBS Admissions 2018:

During the Interview, here are a few tips to stay alert and crack it in a single go.

1. Awareness of Current Affairs

Current awareness is a part of the examination. One must be alert and aware of the topics of concern. In an interview, one could be asked about any topic, so be thorough with the news and information.

2. Be Your Natural Self

During an interview, it is advised to remain calm and compose instead of trying to be over-confident or nervous. Try to showcase your knowledge only when and where it is required. Staying natural will definitely help you to the ace the interview.

3. Be Thorough with Your Resume

The interviewing panel may put across questions while assessing your resume. Hence, it is advisable to be thorough with your resume. Promptness while answering the questions will be an added advantage. Every academic project or assignment must be read thoroughly once before appearing for the interview.

We hope these tips will help you in some form or the other. Good luck for MBA Admissions!

Crack GD-PI Selection Process of IBS Hyderabad (IBSAT) with These Tips! | CollegeDekho