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TS LAWCET 2022 Preparation and Study Plan

Updated By Debanjalee Sen on 17 May, 2022 08:34

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How to Prepare for TS LAWCET 2022

Candidates must prepare for any exam in the smartest way. Preparing for TS LAWCET 2022 requires nothing but focus and clarity of action. Candidates can either join a coaching centre for the law entrance exam or study on their own. Aspirants require immense dedication and regular practice in order to score well in the TS LAWCET 2022.

The entrance is conducted to select a three-year and five-year LL.B course offered by the top law colleges in India. To be able to study effectively, applicants need a preparation strategy that bodes well in the end, the best study material and hard work. 

On this page, a number of preparation tips for TS LAWCET 2022 have been provided to help the aspirants score well in the exam.

How to Start TS LAWCET 2022 Preparation

Before beginning TS LAWCET 2022 preparation, applicants must thoroughly understand the TS LAWCET 2022 exam pattern. Knowing the test pattern and TS LAWCET 2022 syllabus will assist clarify the vital topics while also preventing applicants from wasting time reading unimportant issues that are not on the curriculum.

The TS LAWCET 2022 test pattern will assist the candidates in comprehending the exam structure. A welcome relief for students attempting TS LAWCET compared to exams like Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is the TS LAWCET test, as of now, does not deduct any marks for wrong answers. 

The test format also aids in understanding the distribution of marks in the TS LAWCET. This will assist applicants in prioritizing the area that has the most weightage.

How to Prepare for TS LAWCET 2022 at Home

Below are some of the breakthrough tips to help the applicants prepare for the TS LAWCET 2022 at home - 

  • They need to analyze their everyday schedule and try to build a study timetable based on their observations.
  • Religiously dedicate 8 - 9 hours of study each day and include extracurricular activities to keep the brain sharp.
  • They can follow the Pomodoro technique, where after every 25 minutes of focused study, they must take a short 5 minutes break. 
  • After completing four such sessions, the aspirants can take a little longer break of 15 - 20 minutes to refresh their minds.
  • Avoid mobile phones or tablets or any such gadgets that might distract.
  • Candidates need to plan their schedule carefully, breaking down which topics they need to cover first.
  • Set aside a month or two for purely revision and practice. 
  • Solve as many question papers, mock examinations, and practice papers from the previous year as possible. 
  • At home, it is pretty easy to become distracted. So they need to make sure they don’t take too many breaks, which will slow down the preparation and hamper their ultimate performance.

How to Prepare for TS LAWCET 2022

Candidates appearing and preparing for TS LAWCET 2022 are required to stay confident prior to and during the exam as it will reflect in the final result. Enlisted below are the tips and tricks that a law aspirant can consider when preparing for TS LAWCET 2022.

Make a Plan- Making a plan is extremely essential before starting with the preparation as it makes the process of implementation easy. Also, it provides with a clear vision to the students. Before chalking out the plan the candidate must know as what all topics require more attention and how much time needs to be devoted to each section.

Study Right- Picking up the correct study material is as important as knowing the syllabus of TS LAWCET 2022. The candidates are advised to read from the trusted and right books. It is also essential to select books keeping the latest pattern of TS LAWCET 2022 in mind. 

Practice- It is essential to practice regularly with the help of TS LAWCET 2022 mock tests, sample papers, TS LAWCET previous year's question papers as they play a crucial role in directing the candidate to the right path. Consistent practice clears the concept and doubt of the candidates regarding the syllabus and the exam pattern of TS LAWCET 2022. It also provides them with a rough idea of the type of questions that might appear in the final examination.

Sleep and Eat Timely- Sleeping and eating on time help the candidate in staying calm and confident. If an applicant skips meals or does not sleep for 6-7 hours daily, it can take a toll at their preparation and performance. 

Revise- Revision is the key. Candidates are advised to maintain a journal where he/she can jot down the important features that require more focus. An individual can go through the journal at the time of revision. Not only will it save a lot of time of the aspirant but it also helps the candidate in remembering the complicated topics.

Do Not Overdo- Aspirants are advised not to study all day long as it might exhaust their mind and will not leave them with sufficient energy at the D-Day. Overdoing can lead to exhaustion of both, body and mind. It not only hampers the final performance of the candidate but also the intake of too much information has the possibility of creating chaos in the mind of the student.

Time Management- Managing the time aptly can do wonders. If aspirants are successful in managing their time correctly, it becomes easy for them to prepare and perform. 

TS LAWCET 2022 is conducted each year to enrol students to the popular law courses. With the correct preparation strategies and adequate preparation, nothing can stop an individual from acing the TS LAWCET 2022.

Section-Wise Preparation Tips for TS LAWCET 2022

To understand the section-wise preparation tips, students can first take note of the exam pattern given below to become more familiar with the TS LAWCET 2022 exam. 



No. of Questions


Part A

General Knowledge and Mental Ability


90 Minutes

Part B

Current Affairs


Part C

Aptitude for the Study of Law




Preparation Tips for TS LAWCET Current Affairs Section

  • Develop the habit of reading newspapers every day. 
  • Read the editorial section of newspapers. 
  • Discuss the trending topics with other aspirants, if possible. 
  • Make notes of the trending topics.
  • Rely only on authentic sources like Indian Express, Telangana Today, etc. 

Preparation Tips for TS LAWCET General Knowledge Section

  • There is enough general knowledge material available on the internet which can serve as the best source to ace this section. But make sure the candidates follow trusted online resources.
  • Make notes of the most important topics in this section. Make these notes handy for last-minute preparation.
  • Watch News Channels and Stay Updated
  • Participate in online quizzes

Preparation Tips for TS LAWCET Mental Ability Section

  • Jot down strategies to start with a mental ability question and solve the questions faster. 
  • Divide the available time appropriately among all the questions. 
  • Deduce the answer before referring to given choices.
  • Practice logical reasoning online tests to improve your speed.

Preparation Tips for TS LAWCET Aptitude for the Study of Law Section

  • Practice mock tests to be sure of the basics of the important topics under this section. 
  • Learn all the important words in the field of Law.
  • Practice previous year question papers
  • Read the best legal magazines available in the market. 

How to Prepare for TS LAWCET 2022 in a Month

Here we have shared the weekly breakup for TS LAWCET preparation within a month - 

1st Week

  • Make reading newspapers and watching the news a daily habit.
  • Discover and write down the fundamentals of each subject, especially when it comes to mental ability and aptitude sections.
  • Aspirants must try every day, to complete 2-3 practice papers or mock tests.

2nd Week

  • Highlight the weak areas through mock tests and practice papers. It will help them improve their weaknesses.
  • Solving 2-3 old question papers will familiarize the aspirants with the question type and exam style.

3rd Week

  • The students need to make an effort to solve as many mock tests, practice papers, and question papers from the previous year as possible.
  • They need to find out what simple mistakes they are making and work on correcting them so that they can do better on the test.
  • Maintain a routine of consulting the notebook with the essential themes and equations.
  • Without fail, one should keep up with the latest news and headlines every day. This is especially important for the General Knowledge and Current Affairs section.

4th Week

  • Resist panicking and concentrate on revision.
  • Revise the important concepts and formulas.
  • Crack as many previous years' test papers as possible.

Note: We strongly recommend the applicants to begin preparation from early on. A period of dedicated 6-8 months of study will bring more chances of success.

Exam Day Tips for TS LAWCET 2022

Here are some helpful exam day tips for TS LAWCET 2022 applicants-

  • Check the TS LAWCET admit card or hall ticket for the reporting time so that the candidate is not late for reporting.
  • We advise the candidates to arrive at the exam location 30 - 40 minutes before the exam begins.
  • Remember to bring essential papers such as the TS LAWCET 2022 Admit Card and identity evidence, which must be produced at the TS LAWCET 2022 exam centers on the exam date.
  • Before beginning to answer the TS LAWCET exam papers, carefully read the guidelines.
  • If the present question appears difficult, candidates must proceed to the following questions. Later on, they can try the unanswered questions.

How to Prepare for TS LAWCET from Class 11

Many students begin their TS LAWCET preparation in 11th grade. Students can start preparing for TS LAWCET in class 11th and pass the exam with the right strategies.

  • Time management is critical when beginning the TS LAWCET preparation in class 11. While students have approximately two years to prepare for the law entrance exam, they must also balance their schoolwork and hobbies.
  • Weekends must be used wisely by candidates. If students do not stick to their schedule during the week, they must make up for it over the weekend so that the following week's study plan is not disrupted.
  • It is natural for students to devote little time to TS LAWCET preparation throughout school exams and tests because they are preoccupied with their 11th standard studies, schoolwork, tests, etc. They must, however, make it a point to continue their preparation once the class tests and special assignments are over.
  • They can start solving practice papers. 
  • These exams and sample papers will assist the applicant in becoming comfortable and familiar with the exam pattern and improving speed and accuracy.

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Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

Dear Student,

TS LAWCET mostly has only two phases of the counselling process. The second phase is generally the final phase. TS LAWCET 2020 also had only 2 phases of counselling processes. If more counselling phases are organised, they are notified by the conducting body.

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Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

Dear Student,

The TS LAWCET exam has been postponed indefinitely in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. As soon as the new dates will be announced, they will be updated at the TS LAWCET page of CollegeDekho. You are advised to bookmark the aforementioned link and keep visiting it from time to time in order to stay updated with the schedule of TS LAWCET 2020.

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Can i get admission in LLB 3 yrs course if I have not qualified the TS LAWCET Test

-Nagare RadhikaUpdated on October 12, 2020 08:22 PM
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If you have not qualified the TS LAWCET exam there are still plenty of law colleges that offer direct LLB admission either based on the institute level entrance exam or as per the marks acquired in the graduation. For example Bhai Gurdas Group Of Institutions (BGGI), SangrurTeerthanker Mahaveer University, Uttar PradeshDr. K.N. Modi University, Rajasthan, Sandip University, MaharashtraSage University, Indore etc.

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FAQs about TS LAWCET Preparation Tips

Are there any specific laws that must be studied for Aptitude for the Study of Law Section at TS LAWCET?

The Study of Law Section at TS LAWCET is very vast. However, applicants must study some common laws such as Mercantile Law, Labour Law, Public International Law, Intellectual Property Law etc.

How much time should I keep aside for revision of TS LAWCET syllabus?

A candidate must at least keep a month aside for the revision of TS LAWCET.

How many hours of sleep should I take while preparing for the TS LAWCET exam?

An applicant who is preparing for TS LAWCET must get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day to remain fresh and focused.

How should I prepare for the General Knowledge Section of TS LAWCET?

To prepare for the General Knowledge section of TS LAWCET, the applicant must constantly read newspapers, magazines, journals etc. Also, watching the news is highly beneficial.

Are coaching centres necessary to prepare for TS LAWCET?

It is not necessary to go to a coaching centre if an aspirant has the confidence of acing the TS LAWCET through self-study.

What newspaper should I consider to prepare for TS LAWCET?

National daily Newspapers such as Hindu or The Indian Express can be considered for TS LAWCET preparation. Candidates must also pay equal emphasis on the Pratiyogita Darpan Magazine.

What tips need to be considered to prepare for TS LAWCET Mental Ability Section?

To prepare for the Mental Ability Section at TS LAWCET, aspirants must constantly practice through sample papers, previous years' question papers and books to increase the speed and accuracy. Besides regular practice, it is important to be aware of shortcuts and strategies so that time can be saved in the final exam.

How many hours in a day should I study for the TS LAWCET exam?

Candidates must try studying for at least 6 to 8 hours every day in order to prepare for the TS LAWCET exam.

How many breaks must be taken while preparing for TS LAWCET?

While preparing for TS LAWCET, try taking short breaks of 5 minutes to 15 minutes every hour. While long breaks of 1 hour can be taken after every 2 to 4 hours.

When should I start preparing for TS LAWCET?

Students must start preparing 5-6 months before the exam date of TS LAWCET so that they have excessive time for revision in the end.

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