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Best Coaching Institutes for MAH MBA CET 2023

Updated By Subhashri Roy on 22 Mar, 2023 13:08

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MAH MBA CET Coaching Institutes

MAH MBA CET coaching institutes ensure that students of their institute have complete knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Apart from providing proper study materials, these coaching institutes take different types of tests (weekly tests, monthly tests, topic-wise tests, full chapter tests, etc) and have discussion classes with the students.

Candidates willing to appear and crack MAH MBA CET 2023 should join coaching institutes for an advanced level of MBA preparation. Maharashtra Common Entrance Test or MAH MBA CET is a management entrance test conducted by the State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra, for admission to MBA courses in various institutes in the state of Maharashtra. 

By taking coaching classes, students get the benefit of getting all assistance under one roof from the exam experts as they do not have to run for extra classes. Also, many types of tests and extra classes are held for the students in the coaching centres to help them prepare well for the entrance exam.

Why are MAH MBA CET Coaching Institutes Important?

MAH MBA CET is an MBA/MMS/PGDM Entrance Examination and it requires solid preparations and practice. As per the new exam pattern, a score of 60 to 80 or a 99 or 98 percentile will be required to get admission in an MBA or MMS college in Maharashtra. Candidates also need a strong determination to continue with the preparations. MAH CET exam is of moderate difficulty level. Since there is no negative marking in the exam, candidates can prepare for the exam well in about six months. With the help of experienced mentors, aspirants can put the right effort in the right way. Nowadays, there are numerous coaching centres for MAH MBA CET preparation. Most of these institutes use modern teaching methods to train students for the MAH MBA CET Exam.

Candidates need to be clear whether they want to join coaching classes or not, very well in advance. This is another hurdle faced by most of the students. To make the right decision, candidates need to first be self-aware. If candidates think they can be consistent with their practice and stick to every study plan that they make, then classroom or online coaching is unnecessary. But if they feel the need to have a set system with experts who can guide them with the preparation for MAH MBA CET, then joining a coaching class is of utmost importance. Candidates can also join MAH MBA CET Coaching Institutes to enhance their pace and accuracy during their preparation, because these are the two most important determinants of the MAH MBA CET exam.

Advantages of MAH MBA CET Coaching Institutes

Candidates must first determine if they should join an offline coaching or an online coaching. The advantages of both types of MAH MBA CET Coaching Institutes must be taken into consideration in this case. 

Offline Coaching

  • Offline coaching programs allow the candidates to interact and learn from MAH MBA CET experts. So, they get a hang of all the tricks and shortcuts that can help increase speed and accuracy, from the experts themselves.

  • Offline coaching programs increase the candidates’ speed and accuracy with loads of practice. They also give you an insight into which type of questions are most expected in the MAH MBA CET exam. Hence, candidates get an idea as to which topics to concentrate on.

  • The various coaching institutions well-known for MAH MBA CET coaching programs are T.I.M.E., IMS, Career Launcher, etc.  

Online Coaching

Since the emergence of the pandemic, online coaching for MAH MBA CET is booming. It has a lot of perks like candidates can watch lectures at their own convenience, save traveling time, invest more time in study plans and practice more mock tests.

  • Online coaching saves a lot of time. Candidates are saved from a lot of hassles including travelling to coaching centres. In other way, it helps them gain more knowledge in lesser time.

  • Online coaching provides flexibility and convenience of learning. Candidates have the privilege to learn at their own speed, any place and any time. As for the live classes, candidates can even select the preferred time slot. Candidates also get to learn advanced strategy and shortcuts for various types of MAH MBA CET questions.

  • The complete study material is available to the candidates at all times and at their comfort zone. Moreover, there is no limit on the number of times they can get access to their online lessons. The courses include preparatory material in the form of e-lectures, tests, ebooks, assignments, etc. for every chapter. Candidates can revise the e-lectures any number of times. 

  • Online coaching has a wide-ranging peer learning. It provides an opportunity to the students to have discussions with aspirants from different regions of the country that helps to boost their morale as well as keep you abreast of the competition level.

  • Online courses cost much less than the offline classroom courses.

  • Online coaching institutes conduct interactive live classes on the important topics of MAH MBA CET that provide a good conceptual clarity on all the chapters. Candidates have the privilege to choose the class timings. Apart from the concept classes, doubt sessions are also conducted for different sections of MAH MBA CET.

  • Candidates can join the national level test series to evaluate their performance and preparation level. The greatest advantage of online test series is that aspirants can also take sectional and chapterwise tests to ensure effective preparation of specific topics. Each test is followed by a detailed analysis that lets the aspirants know their strengths, weaknesses as well as comparative rank.

  • Online coaching institutes have introduced 24X7 discussion groups where candidates can post queries and interact with the faculty and their fellow competitors. Aspirants can also enroll in their online GD/PI courses and groups for further guidance.

  • An MAH MBA CET coaching program enables a well-qualified teacher/expert to always be there to correct the candidates at any given point in time. They inculcate in the aspirants the approach and technique that can help you crack MAH MBA CET.

  • Apart from the daily sessions, MAH MBA CET coaching institutes hold Mock CETs and surprise tests which give you an idea of the actual test. These tests follow the same pattern as the actual MAH MBA CET exam. Candidates get an idea of the kind of questions to expect. It makes them comfortable about the actual MAH MBA CET exam.

  • Online coaching platforms include Learning Roots, Career Launcher Online, etc.

Disadvantages of Online MAH MBA CET Coaching Institutes

  • One thing that candidates will be left bereft of with Online MAH MBA CET Coaching Institutes is- the ability to ask doubts and get your queries resolved. 

  • Secondly, if the content and the style in which it is delivered do not sit well with you, it would just be an unnecessary waste of time watching videos that bring no learning to you. 

  • Personal in-person attention from a tutor can help better grasp concepts and topics, and it also helps hold your attention for a long time.

  • MAH MBA CET coaching classes fees are way too expensive and unsubsidized. This makes it difficult for a middle-class student to leverage the benefit of learning from experts.

How To Choose Best Coaching Institute for MAH MBA CET?

MAH MBA CET aspirants must consider the following factors before joining MAH MBA CET coaching institute:

  • Candidates should know about the success rate of the coaching institute.

  • To avoid wasting a lot of time travelling, candidates should opt for a coaching institute that is near to the place where they are residing. Also, the timings of the coaching institute must be considered while making a choice between coaching centres.

  • Fee structure and refund system of the coaching institute should also be taken into account before choosing a coaching institute.

  • Candidates should know how the institute evaluates candidates performance. Whether it evaluates weekly or monthly as without evaluation is teaching and learning process remains incomplete.

  • Teachers and faculty members play an important role for the students preparing for any competitive exam. They have the advantage of knowing the tips and strategies required to crack the exam. So, while choosing a coaching institute, candidates must take feedback from ex-coaching students regarding the teachers and faculty members.

  • Study material comprises of the sample papers, mock tests, question banks and previous year question papers. To prepare for any entrance exam, good and comprehensive study material is indeed important. Therefore, before selecting a coaching institute, candidates must check for the study material provided by the coaching institute.

Top Coaching Institutes in India for MAH MBA CET Preparation

Some of the top coaching institutes in India that prepare the students for MAH MBA CET entrance exams are listed in the below table:

Career Launcher

Byju’s Classes


Prudence Academy

Bulls Eye

PT Education


Endeavour Careers





Self-Study vs MAH MBA CET Coaching Institutes

The primary differences between self-study and joining MAH MBA CET Coaching Institutes have been tabulated below:

Point of Difference


MAH MBA CET Coaching Institutes

Plan a proper timetable

This step usually goes ignored.

Classes are conducted following a proper timetable and candidates stick to it till the date of the actual MAH CET exam.

Pick the right study material

Candidates tend to get perplexed because of the plethora of study material available on the internet. 

Coaching institutes provide study material in the form of e-lectures, tests, ebooks, assignments, etc. for every chapter. Candidates can revise the e-lectures any number of times. 

Cost and convenience

If you belong to a middle class or a poor family, you surely cannot afford the expensive MAH CET coaching fees, hence self-study would be the most suitable option for you.

MAH MBA CET coaching classes fees are way too expensive and unsubsidized. This makes it difficult for a middle-class student to leverage the benefit of learning from experts.

Addressing queries

All queries go unresolved in this case. In the middle of solving MAH MBA CET questions, if candidates come across a doubt, they will have no one to turn to, with that doubt. The internet can help only to a certain extent, after that extent, it can confuse you.

An MAH MBA CET coaching program enables a well-qualified teacher/expert to always be there to correct the candidates at any given point in time.

Expert guidance

There will be no teacher around you to correct your mistakes and guide you in the proper way for preparing for your MAH CET exam. No guide can lend you some tricks and shortcuts up his sleeve that can help crack the MAH CET exam.

Well-qualified teachers/mentors inculcate in the aspirants the approach and technique that can help you crack MAH MBA CET.


It becomes difficult for the candidates to find full-length mock tests and solve them within a stipulated time.

Candidates can join the test series offered by the institutes to evaluate their preparation level. Aspirants can also take sectional and chapterwise tests to ensure effective preparation of specific topics.

MAH MBA CET Training Program Offered by T.I.M.E

  1. Study material: Every year, T.I.M.E. revises its study material and guides its students to take the right approach to succeed in the Exam. The Research and Development team at T.I.M.E which has top class faculty members with more than 25 years of experience prepares the study material. The study material consists of the following:
  • Study Material Booklets: In these booklets the basic concepts of each topic of the subject are given with examples. These are followed by exercises.

  • Handouts: The handouts are discussed in the classroom to impart the basic knowledge of the subject to the students.

  • Online & paper Based Test papers: The test papers are prepared with questions covering all the basic concepts. Tests are provided both in paper-based and online mode. Paper-based tests are conducted in the classroom, while online tests can be taken at home. The tests are useful to the students for practice

  • Online mock test papers: The Mock test papers consist of questions from all the test areas. These tests are prepared to give the students the real feel of the exam.

  1. Classroom coaching: The classroom coaching has three modules – Basic Module, Individual Test Papers, workshops and full-length Mock Test Papers.
  • Basic Module: In this module, the basic concepts are taught to the students. The classes are designed such that the teaching of the concepts progresses from the absolute basic level to the level of MAH-CET.

  • Individual Test Papers: Once the basic concepts are taught, individual test papers are conducted at the end of each chapter/topic. The tests are followed by discussions on the paper in the classroom. These sessions help to reinforce the concepts that have already been discussed.

  • Workshops: Workshops help students pay more attention to the recent models of questions and revision of basic concepts once again.

  • Full-Length Mock Papers: These tests are conducted on the completion of the entire syllabus. The test papers are followed by discussions with the faculty members. Various strategies and methods of successfully approaching the exam are discussed.

T.I.M.E. also provides Correspondence/online courses and Test Series with support to clarify doubts.

Want to know more about MAH MBA CET

FAQs about MAH MBA CET Coaching Institutes

Why coaching classes are necessary for MAH MBA CET 2023?

In today's competitive world, students must take many entrance examinations to gain admission to their preferred institutes. As a result, coaching sessions can assist students in better preparation for exams like the MAH MBA CET 2023.

What do you mean by entrance coaching?

They provide guidance and strategies for answering questions in the shortest amount of time. They provide a welcoming environment for your preparation. There are numerous coaching institutes in Maharashtra, with MAH MBA CET coaching being one of the most popular among MBA aspirants.

What are the key benefits of MAH MBA CET coaching?

The advantages can be considerably more extensive and tailored to an individual. Here are six advantages that coaching can provide to MAH MBA CET candidates:

  • Set goals and work toward obtaining them.
  • Increased level of participation.
  • A Secure Place to Gain Perspective.
  • A higher level of learning.
  • Increase your awareness.
  • Assistance in Improving Specific Skills.

What is the role of the coach for MAH MBA CET 2023 aspirants?

The coach's role is to use open questioning to assist the coachee in becoming aware of what is required and how to acquire information to get greater insight. The conversation generates cues for the individual being coached to examine fresh ideas, concepts, and fact-based observations that might assist applicants in better preparing for the MAH MBA CET 2023 exam.

How can coaching improve your MAH MBA CET exam performance?

A coach can assist a leader in identifying abilities that need to be developed, important strengths, and tactics for improving MAH MBA CET exam performance. Coaching can help a leader achieve goals within their present work or go into other areas. Coaching can help derail executives enhance their performance as well.

Does TIME provide exam coaching for MAH MBA CET 2023 entrance test?

Yes, T.I.M.E. offers exam preparation for the MAH MBA CET 2023 admission exam. Every year, T.I.M.E. revises its study material and instructs its students on how to approach the Exam in the best way possible. The study material is prepared by T.I.M.E's Research and Development team, which includes top-tier academic members with more than 25 years of expertise.

Does IMS provide exam coaching for MAH MBA CET 2023 entrance test?

Over the years, IMS has vastly expanded its product offerings to encompass all types of MBA coaching, covering tests such as NMAT, SNAP, CMAT, MAT, ATMA, TISSNET, CAT, XAT, IIFT and MAH MBA CET. IMS has been consistently ranked as one of the best MBA CET coaching institutes in Maharashtra.

Can I prepare for MAH MBA CET in 2 months?

Yes, you may pass the MAH MBA CET exam in two months. If you only have two months to prepare for the MAH MBA CET 2023, don't put off finishing the syllabus. Begin taking MAH MBA CET sample examinations at the same time. Every day, take a fake test and analyse it to discover how far you have come. 

How can I get 90+ percentile in MAH MBA CET 2023?

Begin providing full-length mocks at least twice a week, aiming to improve with each new mock. The goal is to analyse where you went wrong and to prevent making the same mistakes in the next mock. MAH MBA CET 2023 is about speed and accuracy. Develop the ability to answer as many pertinent inquiries as possible on a daily basis.

Can I pass MAH MBA CET 2023 without coaching?

Yes, it is true that you can ace any competitive examinations like MAH MBA CET 2023 without any coaching but with the help of self-study, the right study material, mock tests, previous year question papers, hard work, determination, etc. 

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