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How to Prepare for MHT-CET 2020

Still unsure regarding a suitable preparation plan to crack the MHT CET 2020 entrance test? A state-level entrance exam such as the MHT CET is always expected to cause a stir amongst the students due to its highly competitive nature. Thus, it is a must to have a proper MHT CET 2020 preparation strategy who are harbouring the dream of successfully clearing the 2020 MHT CET entrance exam. 

Assisted by the preparation tips and tricks for MHT CET 2020, the Engineering and Pharmacy aspirants in the state of Maharashtra can begin preparing for the entrance exam and with the right kind of dedication, they can score exceedingly well. 

The aspirants are suggested to carefully read everything that is given on this page to have a proper grip over what should be done to achieve the desired success. The students are also strongly recommended to read what the previous year MHT CET rank holders have to say regarding how to prepare for MHT CET. There are some expert suggestions to prepare for MHT CET 2020 entrance test as well which the aspirants must go through to crack the MHT CET 2020 entrance exam comfortably. 

Let us go ahead with the preparation tips and tricks for MHT CET 2020 entrance exam.

Make a Proper Time-Table:

The first and foremost step to prepare for the entrance examination is to make a time table and to ensure that you stick to it. Proper time table will give you an exact idea of what you are required to study and the time required for it, which will, in turn, help you stay focused & goal-oriented.

Get Your Basics Right:

During your preparation, you must ensure that your basics and fundamentals are in place. Brushing up the basic concepts of a subject will help you tackle difficult questions in that area with great aplomb. Moreover, you are evaluated in entrance examinations based on your understanding of these.

Get Yourself into Examination Mode:

Practice as many sample tests or mock tests as you can. Ask for suggestions from your lecturer/tutor on what to expect in the examination, or what course materials should one refer to, and how to prioritise study time for the syllabus.

Don’t Forget to Revise:

Revision is the key to stay confident during the preparation process. You must leave an ample amount of time to revise your subjects. As you finish preparing a topic, you must add to your schedule the day and time when it should be revised before you move on to the next topic.

Maintain your Physical and Mental balance:

It has been observed quite often that students neglect their health while preparing for examinations. Not staying physically fit can negatively impact your mental health and might even affect your performance on the exam day. Therefore, you must focus on your mental and physical health by eating well and exercising daily. You must also sleep on time every day so that your body clock works in sync with the time slot of your final examination.

MHT CET Preparation Time Table

We all know that a good preparation strategy is incomplete without a proper timetable and the case is no different with MHT CET 2020 preparation. CollegeDekho has prepared a timetable which can be either used as it is by the aspirants or they can use it as a reference to prepare their own timetable for MHT CET 2020.

Before the aspirants skip to the portion where it is shown how an ideal MHT CET 2020 timetable should look like, they must check the division of syllabus given in the table below:

MHT CET 2020 Division of Syllabus for B.Tech

Subject Name

Number of Topics (Class XIth & XIIth Combined)







Biology (for B.Pharm aspirants)

28 (combining Botany and Zoology)

Total Topics


MHT CET 2020 Time Table

The MHT CET entrance exam is expected to be conducted in the month of April. So, the time table for MHT CET 2020 given in the table below has been prepared by CollegeDekho as per the time left for the exam:

MHT CET 2020 6-Month Preparation Timetable


To Do’s

Session-I (Minimum of 3 Hours)

  • Choose a topic from any subject and go through the theoretical part properly

  • Refer to additional study materials for an in-depth understanding of the chosen topic

  • Jot down the important points

Session-II (Minimum of 2 Hours)

  • Quickly go through all the important points noted down in the previous session

  • Practise numerical/diagrams (Biology) thoroughly from both prescribed textbooks and additional study materials

MHT CET 2020 2-Month Preparation Timetable

With approximately 60 days to go for the MHT CET entrance examination, the aspirants must have a timetable similar to the one given below to successfully clear the MHT CET 2020 entrance exam:


To Do’s

Session-I (Minimum of 2 Hours)

  • Pick up one topic from each subject

  • Revise all the topics by carefully going through the self-made notes

Session-II (Minimum of 2 Hours)

  • Practise all the diagrams related to the topics revised in the previous session OR

  • Solve the maximum possible number of numericals related to the topics revised in the preceding session

Session-III (minimum of 3 Hours)

  • Revise all the topics from the first session again (complete topics if possible)

  • Pick up Mock test/previous year/sample test papers and solve questions related to the topics done in Session-I

MHT CET Preparation Tips: Toppers Speak

CollegeDekho spoke to some of the previous years MHT CET rank holders who shared their experience of taking the MHT CET entrance exam and how they prepared for the same. Check out the pointers below to know how they prepared for the MHT CET entrance exam:

  • More the students practise, higher the chances of qualifying the MHT CET entrance exam with appreciable marks 

  • The aspirants must never commit the mistake of overlooking their weaker areas. Instead, they should identify them at the earliest and work on them

  • “Shyness is the enemy of clarity”, i.e in case of any doubt, the aspirants must not act timid while taking suggestions from the experts or teachers

  • In-depth understanding of concepts is very important

  • Learning how to manage time during the exam is very crucial for the test-takers

  • Class XIth and XIIth prescribed textbooks comes first followed by additional or reference study materials

Important Instructions for Exam Day

  • Candidates will have to carry their valid admit card for taking the entrance exam.

  • Candidates must not create any disturbance in the exam hall.

  • Candidates must use black-ball point pen to mark/darken the appropriate circle in the OMR exam sheet.

  • Candidates should avoid overwriting and/or striking of once marked answers.

  • Rough work should be done only in the blank space provided in the Question Booklet. Rough work should not be done on the Answer Sheet.

  • Candidates will be not be allowed to leave the exam hall till the entrance exam is over.

  • Candidates are allowed to take Calculators, Mobile Phones, IT gadgets and any other communication device such as Bluetooth etc. inside the exam hall.


What is the best time to start preparing for MHT CET 2020?
Ans: Interested students must start preparing at least six months prior to the start of the MHT CET 2020 exam to score good marks and get selected for the next round of the admission process.
How should I prepare myself for MHT CET 2020 so that I can attempt all the questions within the given time limit?
Ans: Firstly, try to prepare a study time table to avoid missing out on any important topics followed by solving a good number of MHT CET previous year papers, sample test papers and mock test papers which will improve your speed of attempting questions. More such strategies could be found in the “How to Prepare for MHT CET 2020” page of CollegeDekho.
I saw a 2-month preparation strategy for MHT CET on your page. Is it possible to crack an exam like MHT CET in just two months?
Ans: The 2-month preparation strategy to crack MHT CET 2020 will only prove to be effective when the candidates have extensively prepared for the same. The chances of scoring good marks with only the help of MHT CET 2020 2-month preparation plan are very bleak. Thus, it is recommended that the candidates must start preparing for the entrance test with immediate effect to stand a chance of being selected for the next round of admission process.

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